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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker cheat codes.


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Be Powerful at the Beginning of the Game!
So before so you even make your scout's prayer scout 2 slimes. After level 10 synthesize them to make a Slime +1. Make another Slime +1 and after they're both level 10 or higher synthesize them to make a powerful King Slime!!
Commissioner Rewards
Complete the indicated task to get the corresponding monster from the Commissioner's employees.

Empyrea: Get all monsters.
Grandpa Slime: Get 200 monsters.
Leopold: Get all skills.
Liquid Metal Slime: Get 100 monsters.
Metal Kaiser Slime: Get 150 skills.
Metal King Slime: Get 100 skills.
Robbin' Hood: Get all monsters and skills.
Easy Experience
The Metal Menagerie is a good place to level up, but since you only fight one metal slime, liquid metal slime, or a metal king slime at a time, and the time limit is seen like it became rather frustrating and complicating. Also, you have to kill certain amount of slime before entering, and the only way to cut this process is to buy a metal ticket which cost 10K.

Now, it have been approved that in the final dungeon there is a high percents that liquid metal slimes appears randomly. The good thing about this place is that you don't have to go through a challenge or anything like that. Also, note that after you have finish the Solitaire's Challenge there will be even a higher percents that Metal King Slimes will appear. Moreover, you will fight two LMS or MKS at a time or even three.

Good luck hunting for Metal Slimes!!

Happy leveling grind!
Easy Metal King Slime and Liquid Metal Slime
Go to the Solitare HQ and talk to the two people by the door. Make sure you have 100 monsters and 100 skills. You will get a metal king slime and a liquid metal slime.
How to complete a challenge on the island that's ranked f
go to the island ranked f go to the top of the hill go in the tent don't go up the actual stairs to get to the tent though. Go in the tent talk to the man in front of you complete all the challenges until you get to the one were you have to show him a jumping jackle you synthisis a michivios mole, you might have encountered one on the way up and a wax murderer,they are in the quicksand in the middle of the ring in the desert island
How to Easily Recruit Metal Slimes
This will take a pretty long time. It took me about 10 hours. it might take long but you can catch Metal monsters easily:

1.Go to Infern Isle at night and scout a Dark Slime Knight
2.Go to Infant Isle and scout a Slime
3.After both are level 10 or higher, synthesize them to make a King Cureslime
4.After the King Cureslime is level 10 or higher synthesize it with a monster(most work) to make a Jamirus
5.Go to Fert Isle and scout a Dingaling
6.After both are level 10 or higher synthesize them to make a Demon-at-Arms
7.Go to Celeste Isle and scout a Hunter Mech
8.After both are level 10 or higher equip the Demon-at-Arms with a Pheonix Scepter and synthesize them to make another Demon-at-Arms(Make sure to give it the anti-metal skill)!
9.Repeat steps 1-8 until you have 3 Demon-at-Arms

The reason you have three Demon at arms is that they have the tactic, Double Trouble, which allows it to attack twice in a row. When you complete the Anti-Metal skill you get a second tactic, Metal Beater. Now set the Demon-st-Arms tactics to "Mix it Up" and equip them with Metal King Swords. Now you're ready to go!

Icarnus forms
1. Wulfspade- Lightning(Xeroph Isle)
2. Hawkhart- Fire(Xeroph shrine)
3. Cluboon- Earth(Palaish shrine)
4. Diamagon- Water(Celeste shrine)
5. Wulfspade ace- Holy(Fert Shrine)
Wi-fi world cup prizes
1st round: Riptide
2nd round: King bubble slime
3rd round: Sledgehammer
4th round: Grandpa slime
5th round: Trode

Easter eggs

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When you beat the game wulfspade ace has the mark go into his head and fly off. If you go to the scout's pledge wulfspade ace appears behind you.


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jamirus and gigantes
You can get a gigantes with only 7% of scouting, get a notso macho,syntesyse it and get a easy jamirus. Easy, right?