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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Cheats

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies cheat codes.


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Mini Medal Rewards
Captain Max Medlin' in Dorbridge will exchange mini medals for rewards.

Note that the ones only available after giving him 80 mini medals are like shop items you can buy numerous of.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Theif's KeyThis item will allow you to open the locked red treasure chests, such as the one in Port Laffan. Give him 4 Mini Medals to unlock.
Mercury's BandanaHeadwear that enhances defence and magical mending. Give him 8 Mini Medals to unlock.
Bunny SuitA suit that boosts your defence. Give him 13 Mini Medals to unlock.
Jolly Roger JumperA jumper that can only be obtained from Captain Max. It enhances defence. Give him 18 Mini Medals to unlock.
Tranparent TightsSee-through tights that greatly enhance defence. Another Captain only unlockable. Give him 25 Mini Medals to unlock.
Miracle SwordA sword that boosts your attack and doubles your critical-hit rate. Give him 32 Mini Medals to unlock.
Sacred ArmourArmour that boosts your defence and heals a max of 25 hp per turn. Give him 40 Mini Medals to unlock.
Meteorite BracerA rare alchemy item and accessorie that gives you a defence boost. Give him 50 Mini Medals to unlock.
Rusty HelmetAn ultra-rare helmet that gives a small defence boost. Give him 62 Mini Medals to unlock.
Dragon RobesAnother ultra-rare item, this helmet enhances your defence and magical might. Give him 80 Mini Medals to unlock.
Captain's CurtseyA party trick. Give him 80 Mini Medals to unlock.
Prayer RingCosts 3 medals. Available only after giving him 80 mini medals.
Elfin ExlirCosts 5 medals. Available only after giving him 80 mini medals.
Saint's AshesCosts 8 medals. Available only after giving him 80 mini medals.
Reset StoneCosts 10 medals. Available only after giving him 80 mini medals.
OrichalcumCosts 15 meals. Available only after giving him 80 mini medals.
Pixie BootsCosts 20 medals. Available only after giving him 80 mini medals.


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Beware The Falcon!
Potentially the most powerful weapon in the game is the amazing Über Falcon Blade. This blade has the potential to hit massive damage four times in one turn!

So, here's how you obtain it:

First, make sure you have a Gladiator who knows Falcon Slash- a move learnt very early on in the sword skill tree. You will also need the Ultimate Key, which you obtain once you have defeated Goreham-Hogg in the Gortress, towards the end of the game. Then go to bottom of the ship you acquired in Bloomingdale, and unlock the cage on the lowest floor. Open the treasure chest, and you will find a Falcon Blade! This will work fine, but if you don't have a Meteorite Bracer (they are a reward from Captin' Max Meddlin' for reaching a certain milestone of Mini Medals) to alchemise it into an Über Falcon Blade. If you do however, I strongly recommend you do alchemise it, because it becomes much more powerful.

So once you've equipped your Gladiator with it, find a tough battle, maybe a grotto boss. Egg On your Gladiator to maximum (100) tension (the hero learns it as a Minstrel quite early on) , and then get him to use Falcon Slash. It should hit four times in one turn. The damage will depend on your levels, but I can guarantee that it will be higher than normal. Rinse and repeat to send any enemy falling to the ground!

<font size=1>EXTRA TIP: For even more damage, get a Mage to use Oomph on your Gladiator. It will do up to 2x as much damage!</font>
Easy EXP. Grinding Spot
After slaying the Ragin' Contagion, go back into the Quarantomb and walk around for a bit. Sooner or later a Metal Slime will appear on the ground. These Slimes are worth 4096 experience points each.
Easy(ish) Gold
There is a place south of Gleeba (The desert place) were Gold golems are fairly common. Each golem is worth 505 gold. if you have a martial artist then this is a bit easier.
Infintite slime
To get alot exp while just mashing the a button you have to go to all the way to alltrades abbey. First you must be alone (your party will just hold you back) and find a slime that is alone (one slime). After you have find a single slime attack it and it will call another slime. Repeat and repeat until your fingers are dead.

Make sure that you are a slow class like warrior and have great strength so that you can kill the slimes in one hit.
Liquid Metal Slimes in Bowhole (Lots of Experience)
Once you reach Bowhole, you can take part in an excellent way to get lots of experience fast. It is the best way to level your characters for awhile (maybe even until post-storyline areas).

Make your way to the end of the B3 area of the level (where the staircase going down to B4 is. Stand in the corner to the northeast of the staircase, facing the wall/body of water.

Monsters will begin spawning one at a time in the southwest corner of the area you are in. They will spawn, walk to the right, and another monster will spawn. Stand where you are until Liquid Metal Slimes appear. Run at them soon after they spawn (before they run away).

Keep doing this as much as you want and rack up tons of experience very quickly. But be patient, because the Liquid Metal Slimes do not spawn every time a monster spawns.

The LMS's have 7-8 HP, and do not run away as easily as they did in past games (none have run away from me in battle so far). Some attacks to help take them down are Metal Slash (Warrior-types), Needle Shot (Ranger type), and Thunder Thrust (Spearman-types). If you do not have these attacks, just attack normally and hope for critical hits to take them out in one shot.
Mighty Metal Mayhem!
There are some Slimes out in the world made of Metal. Such as in the Quarantomb and The Bad Cave. These are the monsters that will boost your level so easily you'll be a level 100 way before the final boss.

If your a level from 10-20 then you should definetly go to the Quarantomb(Where you fought the Ragin' Contagion) and search for little silver Slimes on the ground. These Slimes are made of Metal and worth 4096 experience.

If you are from level 20-35 you should go to The Bad Cave(where you fought the Tyrantula) and look for Metal Slime Stacks. These are called Metal Medley`s and are worth 12288 experience.

And at the Tower of Nod, there are Metal King Slimes. They are great for players of any levels. Worth 1,200,000 experience.

PS: I do not recommend searching the Tower of Nod for Metal Kind Slimes. They are extremely rare and you would be better off searching Treasure Grotto`s.
It's easy enough to gather a good amount of recipes. Just check every book case you come across and you may even find ones that are quite rare.
Reviving Inn Girls
If you get Erinn, Patty and Sellma in your party through quests, you can revive them for free by entering the Quester's Rest when they're dead.
soloing the final boss
if you want to solo the final boss get this equips:

dragon warrior set and the light shield (go to the academy after you get the fyg, and seek one of the blond guys with the blue bubble, his name is buckler, get his quest and finish it, he gives as a reward the shield) now with that a dragon bane weapon and a paladin class (revocation is optional), that is at level 99, you also should have gone trough the warrior, martial artist and mage classes, and max them, their skills will prove usefull later on.

the paladin is a tank, it will allow you to hold on most of the end boss attacks with little damage, unless he criticals, in that case you will want a medicine in bag

all you need to do is hack away with falcon slash, until he falls, in case you get damaged badly use any of your healing spells

Easter eggs

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Birthday Boost
On your hero's birthday -- which you set at the beginning of the game -- the drop rate for items is increased. Change the DS's internal clock to match the birthday you set to take advantage of this Birthday Boost at any time.
Dragon Quest VII Characters
When you connect to wi-fi and download data head to lift in Stornway inn. You should see long list of characters rooms. If you search carefully, you can find Angelo, Yangus and King Trode. No other confirmed (yet...)
Slime Attire
Available for creation through alchemy are: Snood (a blue slime helmet); Gooey Gear (a red and green slime torso piece); and slime earrings (which don't affect your appearance at all but go with the set). They are all made out of simple ingredients as well (slime drops, which are item drops from slimes). Wearing the Snood and Gooey Gear together make the character resemble a Slime Stack, especially if no weapons are equipped.