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Disgaea DS cheats, Codes, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Disgaea DS cheat codes.

Command codes

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Play Etna's story
At the main menu, highlight start and press XYBXYBA and you should here Etna speak, meaning you entered the code right.

Shadow of Death's note: This code will unlock the option to play a weaker version of Etna Mode, selectable from the main menu, but would require a new game.


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
PleinairOn New Game+, talk to Pleinair and select the *blank* option. She will join your party.
ZettaPass "Make Enemies Stronger" Bill 20 times. Go to the Dimensional Guide and go to Primordial Soup in tellar Graveyard (you have to beat Gordon if you want to do this)
Adell & Rozalin.After you've beaten all 5 stages of the cave of ordeal, a new stage will appear there called demonhall mirror. Each time you go there, there's a different fight, with about 7 fights in total. After a few fights, there's a battle with Adell. After that, there's one last fight with both Rozalin and Adell. After you defeat them, both of them will join your team.
Unlockable Classes
In order to unlock the additional 15 fighter classes you must have a:
UnlockableHow to unlock
AngelFemale Cleric (Lv 100+), Knight (Lv 100+), Archer (Lv 100+)
ArcherCharacter with Bow Weapon Mastery (Lv 3+)
EDF SoldierCharacter with Gun Weapon Mastery (Lv 30+)
Galaxy MagePrism Mage (Lv 50+)
Galaxy SkullPrism Skull (Lv 50+)
KnightFemale Warrior (Lv 10+), Female Mage (Lv 10+)
MajinMale Warrior (Lv 200+), Brawler (Lv 200+), Ninja (Lv 200+), Scout (Lv 200+), Thief (Lv 200+)
NinjaMale Warrior and Male Brawler with a combined level of 10+
Prism MageStar Mage (Lv 35+)
Prism SkullStar Skull (Lv 35+)
RoninFemale Warrior and Female Brawler with a combined level of 10+
Scout2 Brawlers, or 2 Warriors, or 1 Brawler and 1 Warrior. Both at level 5+
Star MageFire Mage (Lv 5+), Ice Mage (Lv 5+), Wind Mage (Lv 5+)
Star SkullFire Skull (Lv 5+), Ice Skull (Lv 5+), Wind Skull (Lv 5+)
Thief/RogueBrawler (Lv 5+), Warrior (Lv 5+)


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Easily pass bills through force
Just throw the hostile senators onto a higher level friendly senator. The hostile senator will now be part of the friendly senator. Rinse and repeat until the bill is passed.
How to unlock Etna Mode
Press the switch behind the throne and the skull on the shop counter. Go to the room where the music vendor is. Examine the wall behind the prinny and read Etna's diary there. Read each entry for every episode, and you will be able to play as Etna in New Game +.

Note: This will not work if you miss an entry on the episode it was written. So remember to check up on her diary for every episode.
Zetta Tip
After you've passed 20 stronger enemy bills and talked to the gatekeeper, which unlocks the stage Zetta is on, you can then pass 20 weaker enemy bills and fight a level 3200 Zetta instead of a level 9999 one.