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Dinosaur King Cheats

Dinosaur King cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Dinosaur King cheat codes.


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Unlockable Dinosaurs
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mega RaptorUse Wi-fi 50 times
Black TyrranosaurusUse Wi-fi 100 times
EX Terry(Chibi Tyrannosaurus)Fire Lightning Wind Wind Water Fire Fire Earth - circle stone
IsisaurusTalk to the guy wearing black in Euro Plains and accept the request to find the giant head, body and legs. Then talk to Reese at the D-Lab and she will give Isisaurus to you.


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Awaken Parasaurolophus!
To Awaken this Dinosaur You must trade it to a person on your friend list then it will awaken.
Blabbermouth Scientist.
After beating the game you can visit the D-Lab, and Stone Circle. In the D-Lab talk to the scientist next to the teleporter, he will give you the stone circle codes!
Go to Africa and go to Kalimba Desert first you need a an ultimate radar and a master's drill then go to the plateau like you can find some red spots there it might be spinosaurus if not keep trying to if it's spinosaurus or you can get spiny on stone circle and the code is:Spiny - Water, Earth, Fire, Water, Fire, Grass, Wind, Earth.

Easter eggs

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The quest for T. Rex!
Everyone Talks about the infamous Tyrannosaurus quest and I will actually tell you how to do it!

1st: Go to North America and fly *Pteranadon* across the lake.
2nd: Go directly down and do not turn until there is no space to go down!
3rd: Turn left and go down.
4th: Head up river to see a man, Talk to him and he will give you a fossil photo.
5th: Walk or Teleport to the D-Lab, There select Talk and Minmi will identify it as a T.Rex fossil!
6th: Return to the man *Redo steps 1-4* talk to him.
7th: He will give you the old note which has the coordinates to the fossil after telling you T.Rex isn't exciting.
8th: Follow the coordinantes!

P.S. The coordinantes take you to the area near the begining of west dust hills where the rock blocks you off. Dig by the stump!