Digimon World DS Cheats

Digimon World DS cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Digimon World DS cheat codes.


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awesome team!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Digi Arenabecome a platinum tamer and talk to Leomon at Central
Core Fieldbeat all tamers at the Digi Arena and enter the gate to core field at Union
New Digifarmstalk to Falcomon at Central and buy a new digifarm(you can have up to 4 digifarms)
the medal of honorget 999999 TP (tamer points) and go to Dr Gure
Unlockable Characters
Fulfill the listed tasks to unlock the relevant Digimon.
UnlockableHow to unlock
AntylamonDefeat Kimeramon
Chronomon HMReturn to Chronomon's lair after completing the game and defeat Chronomon HM
BeelzemonDefeat Belphemon
CalumonDefeat Belphemon
Gallantmon CMBreed two Digimon at level 99
OmnimonBreed Wargreymon level60+ with Metalgarurumon level 60+
MarineAngemonbeat MarineAngemon at Undersea Drive and get 100% scan data
Angewomonif you already have MarineAngemon, degenerate it to Angewomon
Angemondegenerate MarineAngemon
Gatomonget a Salamon and digivolve it
Salamondegenerate a Gatomon
veemoncan find at data forest
omnimon can find at core field
granlocomonat junk factory
frigimon can be found at hard mountians
belfamoncan be found at angiant canyon
beelzamontraining peak


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a few digi eggs
heres a list of a few digieggs and how to get them:

Blue DE= match any digimon

Gray DE= match any digimon

Peach DE= match any digimon

Sea DE= 2 Aquan Digimon

Dragon DE= 120+ attack digimon and a Dragon Digimon

Animal DE= 400+ Hp Digimon and a Beast digimon

Water DE= 350+ mp digimon and an aquan digimon

Bird DE= 120+ speed digimon and a Bird digimon

Insect DE= 30+ level digimon and a insect or plant digimon

Dark DE= 120+ spirit digimon and a dark digimon

Normal Egg= 2 same nickname digimons

Pile Egg= Exveemon and a Stingmon

A Really Good Digimon to have with you
1 of the best digimon to have in the game is Rosemon. She gets the moves Needle Spray and Rose Rapier which are freakishly good attacks to use on bosses(especially Rose Rapier). You need Tanemon to get her but don't choose Tanemon as a starter becxuse you can degenerate Renamon later to get Tanemon.
beating Galanttmon
here is a tips you must have 3 mega digimon lvl 45-50 buy as many reviver d and hp chip and don't forget to bring your digivolution disk they are effectives it's the best to have rosemon and darkdramon don't use any ultimate in this battle they can be galanttmon target cause they are easy to kill
Can't open chests! Help!
Some chests can only be open when you've achieved a certain rank:

Blue chests - Silver Tamer
Purple chests - Platinum Tamer
ChronomonDM final boss
Is the final boss too hard for you? Here's a great tip!
Use your starter digimon, and digivolve it to Ultimate or Mega if possible. I used a Rosemon, which is a Mega. It made everything super easy! If you are planning on using a Rosemon too, make sure it knows Rose Rapier(best power in the game). If you use the others, the only easy way is to have 10 or more revives and have digimons that are higher than level
40. Hope this helps!
Decreasing Friendship
You can decrease a digimon's friendship in the following way:

- Don't talk/train Digimon in farms.
- Not enough Digifood when Farm report is announced.
- Digimon's HP is reduced to 0 during battles.
Decreasing Stress
You can decrease stress by:

- Talk to Digimon in the farms.
- Place Digimon in the farms.
- Digivolve/Degenerate Digimon.
- Feed Digimon food.
- Use certain Farm Goods.
Digimon Found in Ancient Canyon
Apemon, Babamon, Growlmon, Jijimon, Leomon, Minotarumon, Reptiledramon, Seasarmon, Triceramon
Digimon Found in Chrome Mine
Bakemon, PawnChessmonBlack, Impmon, Vilemon, DemiDevimon, Darklizardmon, Meteormon, Myotismon, Wizardmon
Digimon Found in Core Field
Yatakaramon, Ghoulmon (Grey), HiAndromon, Diaboromon, Parasimon, BlackWargreymon, Kuzuhamon
Digimon Found in Data Forest
(Rookie form of your starter), Betamon, Goburimon, (Your starter), Ogremon, Poyomon
Digimon Found in Destroyed Belt
MetalEtemon, VenomMyotismon, BlackMegaGargomon, Darkdramon, Ghouldmon (Black), GranKuwagamon
Digimon Found in Drain Tunnel
Devimon, Dragomon, Gizamon, Hagurumon, Hookmon, Ikkakumon, Otamamon, PlatinumSukamon, Seadramon, Sukamon, Raremon
Digimon Found in Hard Mountains
Icemon, MetalMamemon, Andromon, Zudomon, Machinedramon
Digimon Found in Junk Factory
Megadramon, ToyAgumonBlack, Sorcerymon, Garbagemon, SuperStarmon, Mamemon, Puppetmon, PrinceMamemon
Digimon Found in Lava River
LadyDevimon, Cyberdramon, Mummymon, BlackRapidmon, BlackWargrowlmon, Piedmon, Creepymon
Digimon Found in Mangrove Woods
Deramon, Kiwimon, Kokatorimon, Parrotmon, Penguinmon, Kamemon, Birdramon, MegaSeadramon
Digimon Found in Packet Swamp
Blossomon, Crabmon, Gekomon, Stingmon, Veggiemon, Togemon, Okuwamon
Digimon Found in Sheer Valley
Dinohumon, Guilmon, Monzaemon, Renamon, Tyrannomon, Airdramon, Starmon, Cannondramon
Digimon Found in Sky Palace
Unimon, Diatrymon, Piximon, Angewomon, Taomon, Phoenixmon
Digimon Found in Steamy Jungle
Arukenimon, Floramon, Grizzmon, Kuwagamon, Lopmon, Roachmon, Terriermon, Weregarurumon Black, Wormon
Digimon Found in Training Peak
BlackAgumon, DarkTyrannomon, Gotsumon, Guardromon, Kotemon, Patamon, Tapirmon, Tokomon, Aquilamon
Digimon Found in Tropical Isles
Etemon, Silphymon, SaberLeomon, Rapidmon, Eaglemon
Digimon Found in Undersea Drive
Divermon, Whamon, MarineAngemon, Gigaseadramon, Plesiomon, MetalSeadramon
Digimon Included in the Game
There are 239 Digimon included in the game:

* Agumon
* Airdramon
* Akatorimon
* Andromon
* Angemon
* Angewomon
* Ankylomon
* Antylamon
* Apemon
* Aquilamon
* Armadillomon
* Arukenimon
* Aruraumon
* Babamon
* Bakemon
* BantyoLeomon
* Beelzemon
* Betamon
* Birdramon
* Biyomon
* BlackAgumon
* BlackImperialdramon
* BlackMegaGargomon
* BlackRapidmon
* BlackWarGreymon
* BlackWarGrowlmon
* Blossomon
* Calumon
* Cannondramon
* ChaosGallantmon
* Cherubimon (both versions)
* Chibomon
* Chronomon Holy Mode
* Chrysalimon
* Crabmon
* Creepymon
* Cyberdramon
* Darkdramon
* DarkLizardmon
* DarkTyrannomon
* DemiDevimon
* Deramon
* Devimon
* Diaboromon
* Diatrymon
* Digitamamon
* DinoBeemon
* Dinohumon
* Divermon
* Dorimon
* Dorugamon
* DoruGreymon
* Dorugoramon
* Dorumon
* DotAgumon
* DotFalcomon
* Dracmon
* Dragomon
* Etemon
* ExVeemon
* Falcomon
* Flamedramon
* Flarerizamon
* Floramon
* Gabumon
* Gallantmon
* Gallantmon Crimson Mode
* Gaomon
* Gaogamon
* Garbagemon
* Gargomon
* Garudamon
* Garurumon
* Gatomon
* Gawappamon
* Gekomon
* GeoGreymon
* Ghoulmon (both versions)
* Gigadramon
* GigaSeadramon
* Gizamon
* Goburimon
* Gomamon
* Gotsumon
* GranKuwagamon
* Greymon
* Grizzmon
* Growlmon
* Guilmon
* GuardiAngemon
* Guardromon
* Hagurumon
* Hawkmon
* HerculesKabuterimon
* HiAndromon
* Hookmon
* Icemon
* Ikkakumon
* Imperialdramon
* Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
* Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
* Impmon
* Infermon
* Jijimon
* Justimon
* Kabuterimon
* Kamemon
* Kapurimon
* Kenkimon
* Keramon
* Kiwimon
* Kokatorimon
* Kongoumon
* Koromon
* Kotemon
* Kudamon
* Kumamon
* Kuramon
* Kuwagamon
* Kuzuhamon
* Kyubimon
* Kyukimon
* LadyDevimon
* Lalamon
* Leomon
* Lilamon
* Lillymon
* Lopmon
* MachGaogamon
* Machinedramon
* MagnaAngemon
* Magnamon
* Mamemon
* MaloMyotismon
* MarineAngemon
* Matadormon
* Megadramon
* MegaGargomon
* MegaKabuterimon (both versions)
* MegaSeadramon
* MetalEtemon
* MetalGarurumon
* MetalGreymon
* MetalMamemon
* MetalSeadramon
* Meteormon
* Minotarumon
* Monzaemon
* Muchomon
* Mummymon
* Myotismon
* Neptunmon
* Numemon
* Ogremon
* Okuwamon
* Omnimon
* Otamamon
* Pagumon
* Paildramon
* Palmon
* Parasimon
* Parrotmon
* Patamon
* PawnChessmon (both versions)
* Peckmon
* Penguinmon
* Phoenixmon
* Piedmon
* Piximon
* PlatinumSukamon
* Ponchomon
* Poyomon
* Prairiemon
* Preciomon
* PrinceMamemon
* Puppetmon
* Puttomon
* Qilinmon
* Rapidmon
* Raremon
* Renamon
* Reppamon
* Reptiledramon
* RiseGreymon
* Roachmon
* Rosemon
* SaberLeomon
* Sakuyamon
* Salamon
* Sangloupmon
* Seadramon
* Seahomon
* Seasarmon
* Seraphimon
* ShadowToyAgumon
* ShadowWereGarurumon
* Shurimon
* Silphymon
* Sleipmon
* SnowAgumon
* Sorcerymon
* Starmon
* Stingmon
* Sukamon
* Sunflowmon
* SuperStarmon
* Tanemon
* Taomon
* Tapirmon
* Tentomon
* Terriermon
* Togemon
* Tokomon
* ToyAgumon
* Triceramon
* Tsukaimon
* Tsunomon
* Tyrannomon
* Unimon
* Valkyrimon
* Veemon
* Vegiemon
* Vilemon
* Valdurmon
* VenomMyotismon
* Vikemon
* WarGreymon
* WarGrowlmon
* WereGarurumon
* Whamon
* Wizardmon
* Wormmon
* Yatagaramon
* Zudomon

The following 17 Digimon are Bosses in the game that are unobtainable:

* Armageddemon
* Azulongmon
* Baihumon
* Barbamon
* Belphemon
* Chronomon Destroyer Mode
* Ebonwumon
* GranLocomon
* Kimeramon
* Leviamon
* Lilithmon
* Lucemon Chaos Mode
* ShogunGekomon
* SkullGreymon
* Zhuqiaomon

The following 10 Digimon are NPCs in the game:

* Alphamon
* Bokomon
* ClavisAngemon
* KingEtemon
* Neemon
* Ophanimon
* Pandamon
* Susanoomon
* WaruMonzaemon
Digimon that are only available through matching
  • SnowAgumon
  • Paildramon
  • Omnimo
  • ChaosGallantmon
  • GallantmonCM
  • Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode)
  • Numemon
  • Digitamamon
  • Four Imperialdramon?
    In this game, there are 4 types of Imperialdramon. The following are how you can obtain all 4 of them:

  • Imperialdramon DM (Dragon): Digivolve Paildramon (Dragon EXP)
  • Imperialdramon FM (Fighter): Digivolve Paildramon (Holy EXP)
  • Imperialdramon DM (Dark): Digivolve Digitamamon (Dark EXP)
  • Imperialdramon PM (Paladin): Match Imperialdramon FM and Omnimon
  • Friendship DE
    How to obtain: Found in Hard Mountains (purple chest).
    Get a Digitamamon
    Get a Normal DE and leave it in your farm until its health is 450+ and then you can hatch the egg to a digitamamon
    Get a Kapurimon early in the game
    Get 100 scan data for either pwnchessmnB,Hagurumon,or kotemon then create the digimon then degenerate it to its in training form

    How to evolve DemiDevimon into a Devimon
    The easiest way to do this is to first delete your DemiDevimon and the digicovert it again. This'll cause the friendship level to revert to 1 heart.

    Then put DemiDevimon in your party along with 2 other weak digimon in your MAIN team. Put your strong digimon in your reserve team. Then go into battles and let the 3 weak digimon (including DemiDevimon) be killed. This will lower their friendship level. Once all 3 are killed, pull out your strong digimon to end the battles. Rinse and repeat until you get the desired friendship level.
    how to get all three starters
    there is a way to get all three starters and that is in steps.
    1. chosee the horn guy as your starter.
    2. later in the game get renamon and degenerrate her in to the grass guy/girl.
    3. put in dotagumon code and degenerate him and later in the game get superstarmon and degenerate him all the way to get the little pink guy.
    that is how you get all the starters..
    How To Get Kudamon
    Go to Sky Palace, and there you can find Angewomon if you have gotten far enough. Get 100% of her data. Now degenerate her into Puttimon, and you should already have ovr 105 Spirit, then train her to level 10, and you can get Kudamon.
    How to get online
    Follow these steps if it's your first time using Wi-Fi and to obtain your FC:

    1. Insert your game into the DS (turned off)

    2. Turn on your DS

    3. Choose Digimon World DS

    4. At Wifi Settings, go to Wifi Connection Settings

    5. Go to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings. Then press Connection 1-2-3 . Choose Search Access Point.

    6. Choose an access point and your done. Go back to the title screen.

    7. Load your game (Continue or New Game).

    8. Go to DigiCentral, and then to Accel Room. Talk to Gatomon and choose Matching via WFC.

    9. Choose to Save the game when prompted. DO NOT turn off your DS when saving. Once the game is saved, turn off your DS.

    10. Turn you DS back on , choose Digimon World DS, go to Wifi Settings and choose Confirm Friend Code to obtain your Friend Code. Write these numbers down so you down have to do this every time someone asks you for your FC.
    How to obtain Beelzemon
    Finish the 7 Demon Lords Quest - Favor Quest #60. After you've beaten the final Demon Lords, Beelzemon will somehow be revived and join you.
    How to obtain Calumon
    Finish the 7 Demon Lords Quest - Favor Quest #60. After you've beaten the final Demon Lord, go straight to your farm and Calumon will talk to you.
    How to obtain ChronomonHM
    Once you've beaten the game at least 1 time, go back to where you fought ChronomonDM. ChronomonHM will be there instead. Beat it in a fight and it'll offer to join you.
    How to unlock Destroyed Belt
    Destroyed Belt only appears once you've unlocked the 7 Demon Lord quest (favor quest #60) and have beaten the first 6 demon lords. After you've beaten the 6th Demon Lord, the 7th will contact you and say that a new area - Destroyed Belt - has opened.
    Increasing Friendship
    You can increase a digimon's friendship in the following way:

    - Talk to Digimon.
    - Complete favor quests.
    - Win battles.
    Light DE
    How to obtain: Favor Quest (Ankylomon).
    Miracle DE
    How to obtain: Found through story progression.
    music easter egg
    in the arena where you fight the agumon, armour and mega trainers, the music before you fight the tamers, while you're all talking, is the same music as when you fight wild digimon on digimon world 3.
    New Digimon
    While playing, you usually will see a new digimon that you would like to add to your team, but a lot of the time you don't get enough Scan Data while playing through a dungeon the first time. Always go back and get some Scan Data for that New Digimon you want, since it is a great way to train.
    New Digimon Included
    The Following are Digimon making their first ever appearance:

    *Chronomon Destroyer Mode
    *Chronomon Holy Mode

    only way to get veemon
    the olny way to geta veemon is to bread it with one level digimon with over 200 atk then a digimon with a obediant person nality glad to help.
    Enter these In the Password thing for Digimon Data.

    For DotAgumon - 2 0 0 0 0 630

    For DotFalcomon - 1 0 4 0 7 0 0 2

    For the Ultimate Sword, Ultimate Brrand and Ultimate Ring - 4 2 0 1 6 0 0 2

    Sincerity DE
    How to obtain: Favor Quest (Aquillamon), have befriended 60+ digimon.
    Stress? How do I increase it?
    Stress signifies how tired your digimon is.

    Stress increases due to the following:
    - Train Digimon in the Farm.
    - Not enough Digifood when Farm report is announced.
    Tamer Points rewards
    200 tamer points: Tooth Scmt

    600 tamer points: 100% Dorimon Scan data

    1200 tamer points: Ice Robe Beta

    2300 tamer points: Holy Bell

    4400 tamer points: 5000 bits

    6400 tamer points: Courage Digi-Egg

    11000 tamer points: Irataka Sword

    18000 tamer points: Huge Tree

    25000 tamer points: 100% Scan data for MegaKabuterimon

    41000 tamer points: Goddess Statue

    68000 tamer points: Rose Rapier, Rose Flower, Tiphereth

    84000 tamer points: Digimon lab

    137000 tamer points: Dramonkillr, Dramon Armor, and Dramon Ring
    Tamer Ranking
    Bronze: Complete the areas for the first digimon god

    Silver: Complete the areas for the second digimon god

    Gold: Complete the areas for the third digimon god

    Platinum: Complete the areas for the forth digimon god

    Tamer King: Complete the game once
    Terrirermon Pwns
    Some of you may know that Gargomon (Terriermon's Champion form) has to be dedigivolved 5 times to get to Rapidmon because the max lv Gargoman has at first is lv27 and has to be lv37 to become Rapidmon (Ultimate form) then once more to get to MegaGargomon(Mega form) because Rapidmon the first time has 54 Apt and MegaGargomon needs 58 Apt+ so by the time you manage to get to MegaGargomon you will have around 1800hp+, 900mp+, 300attack+, 170defence+, 330 spirit+, and 200 speed+

    Status may vary depending on whether you used farm goods or not or just trained him differently than me but either way you will do some serious damage and have some awesome defense and will often be the first to attack
    Train Low Level Digimon More Easily
    After you get your first digifarm, go to the purple portal and get dotagumon or dotfalcumon. Now go to your farm and digiconvert them and put them in your party along with weak digimon that you want to train. Since they are lv.35, the early game should be pretty easy, but i suggest you to stop using them when you reach silver rank since they can't digivolve.


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    obtain dotagumons scan data
    Enter the password at the purple portal inside Digimon Central's Accel Room.

    20000630 Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotAgumon

    obtain DotFalcomons scan data
    Enter the password at the purple portal inside Digimon Central's Accel Room.

    10407002 Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotFalcomon

    Ultimate equipment pieces
    Enter the password at the purple portal inside Digimon Central's Accel Room.

    42016002 Obtain Ultimate Swd, Ultimate Brr, and Ultimate Ring