Digimon World: Dawn Cheats

Digimon World: Dawn cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Digimon World: Dawn cheat codes.


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Add Your Tamer Rank
You Probally don't need to raise you rank, But HERE is how to up your rank:


Beat Several Digimon in the Areana

Legend Tamer:

Defeat the Dark Fang Representive On Dawn, Beat the Light Claw Representive on Dusk

Then Fight 3 Tamers Called "Next-Gen Tamers". Defeat their:


Then, you Get To fight the DATS Representives! (Ikuto For the Win)

Round One Against Dats Represenatives:

Rosemon Burst Mode (Yoshino)
Ravemon Burst Mode (Ikuto)

Round Two:

ShineGreymon Burst Mode (Masaru)
MirageGaoGamon Burst Mode (Touma)

Final Test:

(Rainbow Element) Chronomon HM (Has no Weakess To Dark unlike usual)

Congrats, You Now have Legend Tamer! Your the Best of the Best!
Burst Modes!!! (and one BlastMode and one Ruin mode )
ShineGreymon Burst Mode
- ShineGreymon + Gallantmon
- ShineGreymon + ImperialdramonFM
(Lv68+, Friendship 100%, must have befriended ShineGreymon Ruin Mode)

ShineGreymon Ruin Mode
- ShineGreymon + Darkdramon
(Lv59+, Dark EXP24000+, Attack 335+)

MirageGaogamon Burst Mode
- MirageGaogamon + Vikemon
- MirgaeGaogamon + PrinceMamemon
(Lv67+, Beast EXP40000+, Friendship 100%

Ravemon Burst Mode
- Ravemon + Valkyriemon
- Ravemon + Valdurmon
(Lv66+, Bird EXP40000+, Friendship 100%)

Rosemon Burst Mode
- Rosemon + Ophanimon
- Rosemon + Babamon
(Lv64+, Insect/Plant EXP40000+, Friendship 100%)

Beelzemon BM
- Beelzemon + BanchouLeomon
(LV68+ Spirit 410+ Friendship 100%)
Digimon World: Dawn Passwords
Send these following passwords to Valkyrimon inside the DigiColiseum:

19970628 - Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotAgumon
70307991 - Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotShineGreymon
82607991 - Obtain 100% Scan Data for Numemon
02619020 - Obtain Legend Sword, Legend Robe, and Legend Ring
Get Paildramon!
Make sure you have an ExVeemon level 36, with an attack of 230+, and a friendship level of 80%, and a Stingmon of any level, stats, or friendship.

To get Paildramon, go to the "special digivolve" option in your Digimon PC. Choose your ExVeemon with the requirements listed above, and then choose the Stingmon. Soon you will have a Paildramon level 1!
Get Ultimate Equipment
With enough tamer points, you can get the ultimate weapons. Talk to darkdramon in the colosseum to get them.

5000 TP - Ultimate Ring
7500 TP - Ultimate Helm
9999 TP - Ultimate Sword

Tamer points can be gotten through quest completion, however after all the quests, you still won't have enough TP for the sword. In order to get the remaining TP, you have to do some battles(either wireless or wifi).
How to get Gallantmon Crimson mode without scan
Gallantmon + Seraphimon
(LV68+, Spirit 440+, Friendship 100%)
How To Get Some Special Digimon:


Defeat all Members of The Gaia Orgin To Get 100% Scan Data
more special digimon!
chicchimon: complete legend tamer quest
calumon: complete the legend tamer quest and talk to calumon on the bridge
Some awesome digimon, plus a small guide
for starters, you should keep the 3 digimon that you start out with in your party.
Mine were

Some awesome digimon worth training if you like any of these:
Imperialdramon PM

Okay and a guide to go with it: (Requires Gaia Origin Quest to be started)
ok so you have a nooby digimon? you do! great let's go get it to lvl 99 with 999 everything.
1)Pick a digimon! In this case i will use Sunmon-Apollomon
2)Go to Transfield!
3)Run around and battle (after about 1-2 it should be able to digivolve)
4)Sunmon is now Coronamon! Now repeat 3 and digivolve until you get Flaremon(ultimate)
~ok by now you should have an ultimate with some horrible stats (150-300) am i right ok your probably like "what the heck" well i am not done yet!
5)ok now what you need to do is degenerate back to Sunmon(In-Training)
~"what! why?... oh wow an in training with 60-70 apt/ 100+ stats!"
6)ok now repeat step 3-5 until you have 99apt with 850-900+stats then just stay at Flaremon(ultimate) okay the stats managed to go over 900+ ok now just train to 99, when you get that "SWEET 999 in all stats!!!!!!!"
~"whoa is he done?" NO! i am not so stop interrupting!
7)Repeat 1-6 for all digimon and you will have all of your digimon at lvl 99 with 999stats.

Just one more thing, SGreymonRM is worth training!

Where to farm
Before the Gaia Origin, train in the last area of Transfield. Be sure to be as far away as possible from the Gaia Origin or you won't get more than 3 Digimon enemies (that's my personal experience anyways..)

After the Gaia Origin, depending on your version, you can find really rare (and hard) Digimon in certain areas.

After you beat the Gaia Origin, go to the very last area of Access Glacier and you will find Darkdramon at Level 70. Bring Digimon with 500+ stats if you want the upper hand. They give 4000 EXP.

Go to the "dark" part of Thriller Ruins to find Anubismon at Level 80, awaiting your arrival. Bring Digimon with 600+ stats if you want the upper hand. They give 6000 EXP.

Go to the very last area of Task Canyon to find ImperialDramonFM at Level 90. They're tough but they have many weaknesses including Water and Earth. Bring Digimon with 750+ stats if you want the upper hand. They give 8000 EXP.

Dusk (it's a bit harder):
Go to the last area of Proxy Island where you met the base of Kowloon Co. SaberLeomon will appear (usually in large amounts) at Level 71. They are fast and strong so watch out. Bring Digimon with 550+ stats if you want the upper hand. They give 4000 EXP.

Go to the part where you would've met Anubismon in Dawn, and you may find Argomon Ultimate at Level 78. These are a bit easier so you don't need tremendous amounts of stats to beat them, but are very rare and might cause you to rip your hair out finding them in bunches. They give 6000 EXP.

Go to the last area of Magnet Mine to find ARMAGEDDEMON AT LEVEL 93. Unlike ImperialDramonFM, it does not have any weaknesses. The only kind of moves that even do regular damage to them are Holy moves and they don't really stand out in Dusk. To top it off it has Fire and Dark attacks that will annihilate any Earth and Holy types that might stand against it. You get 8000 EXP from them. Be sure to bring lots of Digimon with 850+ stats if you absolutely need to farm with them.

I personally use an Omnimon to K.O. Armageddemon with its signature move when they're close together, and Royal Slash when they're seperate.

Happy farming!


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Farm Island Tips!
Here are some tips for making a great farm island!

Tip 1: Buying the right Terrain Board
When you buy a terrain board, your going to want to make sure it's suitable for the type(s) of Digimon you want to raise. to see this, select a terrain board, and look at the top screen. you can see how it will affect the different species. by affecting, it means there growth (Exp/Level) rate per day.

160%=That species will have Excellent growth rate.
0%= That species will have no growth rate.
-?%= That species will be bad on this farm.

Tip 2: Goods
Goods are what boosts certain species exp on the farm. they are also used for training, and go into a certain training pen. They can be used as "species exp". when placed on the farm, you can train your digimon by pressing digimon>training.


All Digimon have a Training Bar. Every time you train a digimon,regardless of failure or sucsess, it will gain some fatigue. when the bar turns red, you have to wait another day untill you can train that digimon again.

This exp also adds as a bonus towards a digimon's exp it gains at the end of the day.
Tip 3: Raising Eggs
After making a match up, you obtain an egg. the only way to raise it is to meet its hatching conditions, on the island. Each egg can hatch into 1 of 4 Digimon. Once the hatching requirements are met, your egg will hatch if you use the talk command on it. The higher the eggs level at hatching, the better the digimon.

Eggs do not need food on the island, and they have training bars like any other Digimon.
Tip 4: Uprgading your island
At first, you can only hold 4 digimon and 2 training pens on your island. you can upgrade your islands DPU and GHZ at the Farm Modifying store. Maximum 34 GHZ and 8 DPU per farm. It is wise to fully upgrade one farm before buying another.
Tip 5: Digimon Personality
Your Digimon's personality can affect how it trains. If a Digimons personality is lazy, most likely you will only get one sucsesfull training session a day. If it's Wild, you might get more then scared, but less then Gracefull.
Tip 6: Small Finds
Ocasionally, while your adventuring, A Digimon in the Farm Island might find something. the digimon will send it to your digivice.
Tip 7: Talking: More than what you think:
Talking every day to each and every digimon on your island(s) is a good idea. not only does it increase your friendship, but sometimes a Digimon might of found something during the day that didn't appear on the top screen, and it will give it to you. also, Digimon will ask you for advice on certain things. answering how it thinks is right will get you free items. also, they might ask you a question. answer it correctly to get a free item.

Thats all the tips for now.