Diddy Kong Racing DS Cheats

Diddy Kong Racing DS cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Diddy Kong Racing DS cheat codes.


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Extra Gold Balloon!
You know about the area with the winter-like level? Well, in that area, right outside the door with the number "2" on it, there's a ramp. When you go up it, there's a balloon inside of an ice cube. Use your stylus to touch the balloon, and try to guide the balloon down the ramp. Once it's down, guide it to the river. Now, go back to the main area, the one with the elephant and the tent. The balloon should be there, and the ice should have thawed!
Faster Speed Boost
When you are about to hit a turbo strip or about to use a blue balloon, let go of the acceleration button. When you hit the boost or use the balloon, you will boost for longer and the boost will be faster.
More easy coins.
To get easy coins, just go up to any tree (except for those coconut ones) and make sure you are as close to it as you possibly can. The tap your stylus on the tree and hold. Now shake the tree as much as you can. Not only will leave/snow/coconuts will fall but a coin will too!
more missiles
nab 2 missiles in a row do not use them and instead of 2 missiles you will have 5 missiles and will have rapid fire action
the wizpig wall
in the big log, you will see a wall with wizpig on it.tap the hand and trace wizpig's outline with your stylus.
Unlock Adventure 2
Successfully complete everything in Adventure 1 and after the second Wizpig race in space and the credits you will be able to unlock Adventure 2.
Unlock Super Boost
Let go of the acceleration button just before landing on a zipper or using a blue balloon to get a much stronger and longer lasting boost than you would normally.
Weird creaking noises
Use you'r stylus and tap near or at at tree and it will make a weird creaking noise. I dont know what it does, but i do know you can grab the palm trees on the beach and fling coconuts at the wall to get coins.


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coins from trees
If touch a tree with the styles you will hear a weird crackling noise, and you may notice that you a can bend the tree by sliding the styles, but what you probably missed if you bothered to stop and read this, is that if you quickly slide the styles back and forth while touching a tree, coins will fall from may fall out of it and you can pick them up before the disappear.


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Coins out of the wall!
You know how by the lighthouse there are palm trees with coconuts, right? Well, if you touch the tree with the stylus, and pull it back, then let go, it'll hit the wall and make a crack there. Out comes spilling coin city! Careful, though, you only have a little bit of time to get them!


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Location of the 4 keys
You'll be needing 4 Keys in Adventure mode, to fully complete it. Here is where you can find them:

1st: At the start of the Ancient Lake level, there will be a ramp on the right. Collect a blue balloon and boost up the ramp to get the key.

2nd: At Boulder Canyon, go across the drawbridge and hit the blue balloon and the little bell. You should now have a boost. Turn around and wait until the drawbridge is fully raised. Boost up it and you should now be on a ledge with the key.

3rd: Start the Crescent Island level and pass by by the big river on your left. After this river, there will be a little lagoon. The key is in the middle of the lagoon.

4th: After passing through the igloo in Snowball Valley, go as left as you can. Keep moving forward and staying on the left, and you will go in this, tiny area. In the area there will be a tunnel with the key in it.
Out of Bounds in Spaceport Alpha
Use the car. Now, get three blue balloons. Stop in front of the blue, glowing tunnel at the end of the lap. Go as far to the right at the turn, and you will see an edge that looks like it has been cut off. Do the better boost (don't press A) RIGHT IN FRONT of the YELLOW LINE. Turn left as soon as you boost. Now, you should merge with the wall or fall through into space. If you merge, keep turning left and hold A. You'll fall out of bounds and soon reappear in the middle of the tunnel. This works easier with a fast character (T.T. or Taj or Wizpig).
Sand pit
Draw a pentagon in the sand to get a scratchcard, a balloon for a golden balloon, or a circle for coins. get them quick or they will disapear!

Good luck!!
Scratch And Win
you know after the driving lesson you can can do what you want. well after you get the golden balloon don't do the first driving level. go around the course but before you enter out the cave you will probably notice you can go another way but there is a wizpig face. you can draw on it. draw the outline of the wizpig face. it should then let you go through. keep on going until you see a card. go up to the card there you can scratch the card and win tokens. Trust me it works
Turning Invisible
You can use any character you want. If your person gets hurt by another racer and you have a forcefield, use it when your character is blinking, and your character will turn invisible.
Unlock Taj
Complete Adventure 1 by getting gold in all trophies, getting all 47 Balloons, and beating Wizpig for the second time.
Unlockable Characters
There are four characters to unlock in Diidy Kong Racing DS. Here is the list along with how to unlock them:

Taj: Complete Adventure 1

Wizpig: Complete Adventure 2

T.T: Beat all of his ghosts in Single Player Race. Note: This does not include the unlockable stages.

Drumstick: Fling a frog up to the green silhouette shaped frog picture in the world map (To the left of Wizpigs face). Stomp on the frog that comes out
Unlocking T.T
To unlock T.T, after getting all the T.T amulets in Adventure Mode, you can go to Single Race and do the T.T races, when you race T.T himself. Beat him on every track, with every vehicle to unlock him.