Custom Robo Arena Cheats

Custom Robo Arena cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Custom Robo Arena cheat codes.


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Answers for the Two Tests
-- 1st Test Answers: --
1. C; Commander
2. B; Diving
3. C; Eye-scan registration
4. A; Holosseum
5. C; Hornet gun
6. B; 60 feet
7. A; Bubble gun
8. B; Robo cannon
9. A; Tap the buttons
10. C; Submarine bomb D
11. C; Down
12. B; Wall bomb
13. A; Robo cup
14. A; Submarine bomb D
15. B; 2060
16. B; Wall pod
17. A; Mason
18. C; Seeker pod F
19. B; Stealth
20. B; Shining Fighter

-- 2nd Test answers: --

1. B; Moving in slow motion
2. C; Quantum Brain
3. A; Pulled towards you
4. B; Ergo Corporation
5. C; Winder Bomb
6. A; 2054
7. C; 2064
8. B; Sattelite Pod
9. A; 4 years old
10. C; Formula legs
11. B; Damage to surroundings
12. C; Safety lock
13. C; Police Squad Special License
14. B; Holosseum destabilization
15. C; Touching magma
16. C; Super cloth
17. A; Overload
18. C; Sonic circuit
19. B; Robo Cannons
20. C; Robocenter
Easy Money
In Central, the'res three house in the upper left corner. Enter the house on the left and talk to the guy. He will ask you to help him. Just for clean robos for $3.00
Good arcade robos
To get gold trophies in the arcade, use either the Robin with Formula Legs and a Magnum Gun, or a Rock Hound with a Sniper Gun, depending on the enemy, and you will get gold trophies pretty easily. Satellite Pods are good with any robo.
Grudge Match Requirments and Locations of the People
--List of All Grudge Match Locations and their Requirements--

Where? Midheart School Courtyard
What? Collect 40 guns

Where? Neobrain 7th Floor
What? Collect 30 bombs

Mr. Stubbs
Where? Midheart School
What? You need to find his daughter. She's in the big park hidden
in flowers. As soon as you enter walk to the flowers on the right.
There will be a girl looking at flowers: stand on her left, face the
flowers, and press A to find Mr. Stubbs daughter.

Where? Midheart School
What? Collect 10 leg parts

Where? Robocenter
What? Collect 30 pods

Where? Robocenter
What? Collect 40 robos

Where? Forester School
What? Collect 30 dioramas

Where? Polly/Serene's House
What? Collect her coffee ingredients:
.....-Super sweet sugar: Go to Forester, there's a girl near the
bottom right corner, behind a tree.
.....-Coffee: In the large vase at Starks house.
.....-Milk: Midhart cafeteria, talk to the chef that's running back and
forth at the counter.

Where? Bayside School
What? Use 20 bombs

Where? Bayside School
What? Use 20 guns

Where? Bayside School
What? Use 20 pods

Where? Neobrain 1st Floor
What? Use 10 leg parts

Where? Midheart School Cafe
What? Beat the 10th level of arcade with Chick robo

Where? Midheart School Cafe
What? You need to win 7 gold trophies at the Arcade.

Where? Police Training Center
What? Pay her $500 as a donation.

Where? Police Training Center
What? Collect 30 stages

Where? Police Station
What? collect 15 videos

Where? Mt. Zephyr
What? Use 20 robos

Where? Mt. Zephyr
What? Complete 50 mission battles

Where? Mt. Zephyr
What? Attain the rank of Marquess

Where? Neobrain 2nd Floor
What? Beat all Limited Robo missions

...........Underground Matches............

Where? Main hall of underground
What? Get 15 or more illegal parts (not military)

Where? Right-most room
What? Use 10 or more illegal parts (not military)

Where? Left-most room
What? Use 15 or more illegal parts (not military)

Where? Middle, 2nd room
What? Own 20 or more illegal parts (not military)

Where? Middle, 3nd room, first holloseum
What? Defeat the four listed above

Dark You (2nd time)
Where? Middle, 3rd room, second holloseum
What? Defeat Hadron.

Where? Numeros Unos clubhouse
What? Beat everyone else.

Where? Numeros Unos clubhouse
What? Beat Eddy

if you keep doing a battle and losing without quitting, then after about four goes, they give you a handicap option at the beginning of the battle. if you select it, then your opponent has 25% less health at the beginning. after two more losses, you also get an option of 50%.
how to get hadron ray 2 dark and some other illeggal parts!
ok you have to get access to illegal parts before you can do this- ok get ten illeggal parts and fight the graybaum in the right room you will get hadron bomb then get fifteen and fight the one in the main room then get twenty and fight the guys in the shopping area and the left room then after defeating them all go to the room above the shopping area and defeat the graybaum there then challenge your copy who is standing righ above you and get five illegal parts including ray 2 dark.
this is no doubt worth some time

first you have to have the arcade token then get a really strong robo(not illegal) and beat all of the mission battles i got something between $7000 and $8000 and it really isnt too hard.
Really easy money
Play the grudge match against Mr.Stubbs with the Ray 01 and just press X continously. You will defeat him perfectly most of the time, and you will get $55 and 36 stars.
Reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllly Fast Legal Robo
Buy a Robin and equip Formula Legs to it and it'll go at 196 hm/s.
Sudden Death stage
After beating the Robo Cup, talk to the scientist facing the glass in one of the laboratories on the upper floor of NeoBrain. Beat him and purchase the stage.
Video Location Tip
Location of All Videos in Custom Robo Arena. Numbers in front of the video correspond to the list number.

#01.....Kid in your school cafeteria (bottom left corner)
#03.....Kid in your school cafeteria (bottom left corner)
#05.....Liv's house, in the computer.
#06.....Dennis' house, in the bookcase.
#07.....Tamara's room, left bookcase.
#09.....School Foyer, front of the bookcase on the top left.
#12.....School Foyer, front of the left locker in the middle row.
#14.....School board game room, glass case in the back right.
#15.....Mr. Stubbs' house, in the bookcase.
#24.....Tamara's room, right bookcase.
#26.....Numero Unos clubhouse, in the microwave.
#27.....Your house 2nd floor hall, in the phone.

#04.....Police station, talk to the guy on the bottom right.
#16.....Police Training area, locker right above the NPC.
#17.....Police station, First locker to the left of the dungeon arena.
#18.....Back of the clock tower.
#22.....Robo Center entrance, on the counter.

#08.....School courtyard, press A facing the fountain from under it.
#19.....Mount Zephyr, Starks house, front room, in the cupboard.
#20.....Forester school's training room, Locker on the left.
#23.....Serene's house, on the shelf on the right.

#02.....NeoBrain, 7th floor, right of your dad's lab, in front of holloseum
#10.....School courtyard, flowers in front of the statue.
#11.....NeoBrain, 7th floor, lounge, in the plant.
#13.....NeoBrain, 7th floor, dad's lab, in the front of the holloseum.
#21.....Tanya's house, in the computer.
#25.....NeoBrain, 7th floor, experimental environment room, left most keyboard.
#28.....NeoBrain, foyer, front of the Northeastern most holloseum.



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Dark Commander Band
Beat 11 grudge matches then go outside the numero uno clubhouse. You'll see a dark version of yourself, talk to him
Find a movie..!!
Go to the Robo Centre and press "A" on the computer NEXT to tanya. You'll get a movie of some random battle...!!!
get the illegal version of magma impact and goliath hazard as
in order to unlock magma impact (skull) and Goliath hazard (skull) you must beat all of the missions on the check list, also you will get a lot of money from the missions so it is well worth it.
Hide And Seek
The First time you play "Hide And Seek" will be when you learn the Soulboost.

Shipley, Winchell, and Kris.

Shipley you can find right beside the NeoBrain building. After you talk to him, he runs to the massive Clock Tower beside the Robocenter. He is behind it, so tap "A" right behind it. He then runs to the Large Park in Forester. You can battle him after you find him there.

Winchellin the Diorama shop down in the Harbor. If you give him one of the Dioramas he is looking for, and it is your last one, you don't have to fight him! But... you get quite a bit of money and experience if you do fight him. Take your choice.

Kris is in the Training Room of the Police Squad Building. She isn't hard to find, just walk behind in front of the Holloseum deck and tap "A".

The second time you play "Hide and Seek" is in the School Building.

Mr. Stubbs, Kindjal, and Polly. All three are in Midheart High School.

Mr. Stubbs is by far the hardest to find. He is in the Bathroom, in the bottom stall. Tap "A" and tell him "Yes".

Kindjal is hiding in the Main Hall, next to the Upper Deck of Library Books. You can see her Purple Hair. Just talk and fight.

Polly is in the Lunch Room, sitting at a table... you can't miss her.
The Underground
After you get the Wrist Band and learn about the Underground, you can gain access to it by going to the Harbor. The house you should enter is all the way on the left, on the bottom. Talk to the suspicious guy in the house.
Video Chips
In the game, you can get video chips, which contain videos of battles, certain combos, and storyline vids. To get them, press A on desks, drawers, tables, and other items.