Coraline (DS) Cheats

Coraline cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Cup of Tea
When you first visit Ms. Spink and Ms. Forcible and they offer to read your tea leaves, you have to blow away the steam in your tea cup... literally. Blow into the speaker of the DS to move the steam so they can read your tea leaves.
How to get back to the real world
After you open the blue gift on the dining room table and the mother intends to sew buttons over your eyes, you have to escape from the Other World. If you search the house and the yard all over, you'll find that there's no way out.
What you need to do is go into your room, stand next to your bed, and press the A button. You'll fall asleep and have a nightmare. Beat the mini-game, and when you wake, go to the living room to proceed.
For your second trip back to the door, it will be locked, so you need to find the key. Go into the kitchen and talk to your mom. She'll tell you it's in a box on the kitchen cabinet; go to the upper-right hand side of the kitchen and examine the box. Inside the box, move the 3 white colored keys in the top left hand corner. Beneath them, you'll find the black key.
Never-ending fog
When you are in the Other World and are trying to escape, if you enter the area where all the fog is, the cat will tell you that you should turn around and go back. Take this seriously. The fog really is never-ending... if you try to keep walking forward, you'll just end up right back at the beginning again where you started.
Search for the Parents: The Snowglobe
After you have found all three of the ghosts' eyes, you will still need to find your parents. To trigger this, go into the closet beneath the staircase where the toy parrot is. Speak to him, and he'll offer to help you if you pay him 10 buttons. Do so. Once you pay him, three treasure chests will appear. The first one on the left side by the parrot says "Bear Box". The one in the middle says "Button Box". The last one on the right says "Butterfly Box". Open the one that says Bear Box, and you will be rewarded with a snowglobe that has your parents inside of it. Take this to the living room. Your parents are actually on the other side of the door, in your real house, which is now locked away. Speak to the Beldam witch to trigger the scene where she will let you through the door, but not without a chase.
The Ghost's Eyes
These are the locations of the 3 ghosts's eyes:

One: In the garden beside the house, the same place where your Other Father hid the three gifts earlier on in the game. The orange eye is here, toward the left when you equip the candy. You'll have to complete a mini-game to recieve it.

Two: In Ms. Spink and Ms. Forcible's house downstairs. They are not at home when you knock on the door, but you are still able to look through the window in the door. This next, blue eye is toward the right.

Three: In Mr. Bobinsky's place upstairs. He is not home either, but when you equip the candy, you can see the pink light almost straight ahead. You'll have to complete a mini-game to receive this one too.