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Cheat: Unlock all combos & upgrades, plus max money, health and power rejuvenation

In the 3D game section, press START to enter the pause menu enter the following button-tap cheat: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START
Verified by: joenoth12 Submitted by: FusionWeapons on July 18, 2007

No Damage

Have the monsters been continuously killing you? An easy way to stop that is this! First, you need to have bought the Defense Upgrade for your character. Then, when you ar in a battle, defend yourself until a monster's beam hits you, and it will reflect back. Once that has happened, keep defending yourself, but attack at the same time. The defense will be in effect, meaning the enemeies won't hurt you, but you'll be attcking and hurting them!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Mr Charmed One on June 10, 2007

Super Combo!

OK, gathering up tons of blue bits to buy all the combos can be such a drag, so why do it? You can use this cheat to get all the combos, a Life Pack and a Lyoko Power pack, and full health and Lyoko Power!

All you do is press "START" while in Lyoko, and then press "UP", "UP", "DOWN", "DOWN", "LEFT", "RIGHT", "LEFT", "RIGHT", "B", "A", "START" and there you are! You can do this whenever you want, and everytime you do, all your life and Lyoko Power will be restored back to 150 points!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Mr Charmed One on June 10, 2007

XANA Ulrich

The Evil Ulrich you fight in one of the levels is actually playable. How can you be him? Simple!

At the "Load Profile" screen, hold the "R" and "L" buttons, and press "UP", "LEFT", "RIGHT", "Y", and then "X" and select your data. Once in Lyoko, select Ulrich, and you will have joined the darkside!

If you want the old Ulrich back, just return to the "Load Profile" screen and input the code once more.
Verified by: Hikaru no Kite Submitted by: Mr Charmed One on June 10, 2007