Catz (DS) Cheats

Catz cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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When you first start off, you will get a few messages 1 will have coinz in, save them because a mail will come from brandon (i think)and it is simple. take a pic of his cat and you will get coinz. Add these on to your test coinz.
Flying ball
To make a ball fly around the room,get a ball[best ball flies itself],continuously tap the screen with your stylus/stick, and the ball should appear to fly!This will also give your cat a lot of exercise!
Rolling Ball
If you want your kitten to play more take out a ball (except the jumping one) and give it a good throw, while it is still in the air catch it and set it down on the floor so that it wont roll away and leave it. It will start rolling in place and your cat will go crazy over it.
Starting off
To start with, you should recieve a message from your aunt saying that she will give you coinz every month/week. You will also recieve an email from Brandon and the other one (sorry, forgot her name).After that take a picture of your cat using the L/R button, it doesnt have to be good. Soon Brandon will email you and ask you to take Ceasar's picture. If you complete the task then you will either get Coinz or Cardz. You will get more emails like this from both of them, each time with a harder task.


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Guaranteed more allowance and magazine cover pictures
to get more weekly allowance, simply change the date on the nintendo ds to 7 days later

change this date to 7 days later after you submit a picture to the magazine and it will be the cover
Quiqer PDA Messages
Somtimes, if you save your game, you will hear the beep-beep-beep of the PDA. You have more chance of this if you had just turned the game on.