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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Cheats

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia cheat codes.


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Boss Medals
If you can go through a boss fight without getting hit once, then you receive a boss medal. Once the fight is finished, a treasure chest will appear with the medal from the boss you just defeated. Each boss has their own medal.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Judgement Connection
Must have Order of Ecclesia and Judgment games and respective consoles. Select connect to Wii or DS and follow the prompts.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Courses 1,2,3Connect to Judgement
Increased Level CapConnect to Judgement
Practice ModeConnect to Judgement
Queen of HeartsConnect to Judgement
RecordConnect to Judgement
Royal CrownConnect to Judgement
Wireless RaceConnect to Judgement
New Modes
UnlockableHow to unlock
Albus ModeComplete the Game after saving all villagers.
Boss Rush ModeComplete the Game after saving all villagers.
Hard DifficultyBeat the game once.
Hard Mode Level 255Complete Hard Mode Level 1.
Sound ModeComplete the Game after saving all villagers.
Queen Of HeartsBeat hard mode on any level cap.


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Boss Rush (Albus) The Castle Bosses
I bet your having trouble with the bosses in Dracula's castle with Albus, right? Well, two out of the those bosses are quite easy to beat. You know Albus Flame Kick? Use it. Both Blackmoor and Death hate this because not only are you invincible while doing this, you deal quite a lot of damage.
Easy Money
This trick requires two Gold Rings (found in rare chests in Kalidus Channel), Double Jump, and the Inire Penicula glyph (Tristis Pass). Equip both Gold Rings and the Inire Pecunia glyph. Go to the map location in the Tymeo Mountains. Double jump over the candle on the post at the right side of the bridge, hold Down and press B to kick it, then mid-air jump off the top of the screen. Do another kick off the bottom of the screen. You will drop back down into the candle. After it is hit, you will get 1,000 gold. Double jump back off the screen, and repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy XP!
Do you want to get easy XP without putting efforts on your castlevania?

1)Here are the requirements:
-[Glyph]Fidelis Aranea
-Access to Dracula's Castle
-[Equip]Hierophant Ring
-Battery from your Nintendo DS <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Once in Dracula's Castle, go all the way to the east (right), and find a save point. Then go all the way to north (up), and turn right. go this way and go the first south (down). Kill the Black Cats and stay on the plataform. Use the Fidelis Aranea glyph and let it does the work.

2)Here are the requirements:
-[Glyph]Arma Felix
-Access to Dracula's Castle
-[Equip]Hierophant Ring
-Battery from your Nintendo DS <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

The same way as shown in the last paragraph, but this time you don't have to kill the Black Cats, and it will do the work for you. It's faster XP, but once I did this, in 10 minutes the black cats just went to the other side of the map.

Good luck!
Falling Blocks
Want that Glyph in the Monastery, but the blocks keep falling so you can get it? Well, the following strategy will take a few tries, but it works. Equip a sword glyph and the glyph you get from the beam skeleton in Dracula Castle, and keep attacking with the special. Try to be quick enough to press up on the pad to get the glyph.
Quick Boss Playthrough Tips
Need quick help with bosses, look here!

HP: 700
EXP: 300

Well, since the only two glyphs you could have now is the Sword and the Rapier glyph, not much I can say but use the Rapier one, since that's his weakness.

Giant Skeleton
HP: 800
EXP: 350

If you found the Hammer glyph, USE IT. This guys weakness is that.

HP: 1800
EXP: 1000

This fight...is annoying. He has two weaknesses. Use the Hammer, since that will do damage, and try to use Fulgur or Vol Fulgur.

HP: 2500
EXP: 1500

I found this boss pretty easy. Use any Fire, Strike, or Light based glyph you have. He's pretty slow, so he takes reptitive attacks fast.

HP: 2800
EXP: 2000

Strike and Lightning based glyphs are a must here. Back dash to avoid most of her attacks.

HP: 4200
EXP: 2500

He only has one weakness, and that Strike glyphs. Just keep attacks, and back dash when needed.

HP: 3600
EXP: 3000

Holy crap! A sand fish. Okay, he has two weaknesses, and no resistances. Use the Hammer glyph is possible, and use any Ice based glyph you have.

HP: 4000
EXP: 0

Only two weaknesses. Use a strike based, or a darkness based glyph to hurt him badly. He's pretty easy.

HP: 4000
EXP: 0

Strike and Light. Only two glyphs that he takes large damage from. Use them. His attacks are fast, so be careful.

HP: 9999
EXP: 3500

Okay, just absorb his glyph when he tries to go in the wall. He dies instantly.

HP: 5000
EXP: 4300

Hard boss here. I suggest you use the Globus glyph if you have it. Since it bounces around, and Blackmoore is a very big boss, it should hurt him a lot.

HP: 3000
EXP: 4300

He has two weakness. Use the hammer glyph or use a lightning based glyph to do lots of damage. His weak spot the eye on the back of the head.

HP: 4444
EXP: 4444

Hard fight here. Only ONE weakness. Use Light based glyphs like crazy. He'll go down fast if you do.

HP: 9999
EXP: 0

Not much I can say here. Light's his only weakness. Have fun!