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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Cheats

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow cheat codes.


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Boss rush mode prizes
BackPanther(Guardian)Is the inportant soul Because If your done fighting a boss,You go faster to the boss door.If your done fighting Rahab,Jump more than 2 times or high jump to the boss door.These are the prizes:
UnlockableHow to unlock
RocketLauncher(RPG)Less than 5 minutes
DeathRobeLess than 6 minutes
NunchakusLess than 7 minutes
Potion7 and more than 7 minutes


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2 souls in 1
If you have skull archer (guardian or, blue, soul) and amalrich (or whatever) sniper (red or bullet soul) attached together and you press and hold R for about 2 seconds, amalrich sniper will shoot along with the skull archer, only using skull archers amount of MP.
NOTE: Great to use on Big enemys who move a small amount.
Attack Faster
If you have a heavy weapon like a great sword, slow attacks can be a problem. To hit an enemy twice quickly, stand very close to them and attack. Then just as it connects, press L to dash backwards. As soon as it stops, you can attack again; if you are still close enough it should hit. This is quicker than just attacking twice normally.
Best Ending
Before you go to fight Dario II go to the passage in the room before him and there is a secret door around there, go into it and it takes you to a secret area of the Demon Guest House, once there go to the top left door and there are 3 walls, whatever picture is on the walls get the souls of those monsters then use it on the walls to bring them down, then you fight Paranoia,then the Cult tells you to go to the center of the castle then you see her kill a Mina clone releasing your darkness, equip Mina's Talismen to not get the medium ending, the Talismen Brings the darkness back so then She talks blah blah blah then go to the dark barrier thing and you open it then fight Abbadon, then Menace and you beat the game.
Boss Rush Unlockables
Potion(Restores 100 hp) = Finish Boss Rush Mode with any time

Nunchakus(nunchuks) = Finish Boss Rush Mode under 8 minutes

Terror Bear(really funny) = Finish Boss Rush Mode under 7 minutes

Death's Robe(GOOD) = Finish Boss Rush Mode under 6 minutes

RPG(Bazooka) = Finish Boss Rush Mode under 5 minutes
easy abbadon boss battle
First equip the buer (or something like that) as your gaurdian and make sure that you have lots of mind ups as you equip a weapon or bullet type soul that uses light attribute. Use weapons on occasion and you won't take a single hit. even with the locust swarming at you.
Easy ghoul kill
If you want to get something to sell or just get easy rotten meat, go to a room with ghouls, kill any other monster, equip joyeuse, 777 armor, rare ring, ghost dancer, and medusa head. go next to thew door, and jump into the air. Right before you land hold the r button to activate medusa heads soul. Now press down+right+b to make soma do a mid air slide kick. The medusa head soul will keep him in the air, and when the ghouls, zombies what ever, come at you, you will deal a whoping over 50 points of damage. (do not use in boss fights)
Easy life regain
When your health is low, equip the Succubus soul. If you don't want to risk losing more health, simply use it on candle sticks. When you do this you gain health and the candles drop hearts that replenish magic.
Flying Humanoid soul
Everybody THINKS the Flying Humanoid soul does nothing but it does. To make the soul work, you have to hold the R button and if you look at your stats on the top screen, your INT and LCK rapidly grow. Your INT goes to a maximum of +75 and your LCK goes to a maximum of +18. The longer you hold R, the higher your INT and Lck are raised. Be careful though, this drains magic quickly. Best use the Chaos Ring to help you.
Hard Mode
Beat the game with the good ending (beat Menace), after that, you can choose to start a new game + on that file in wither Normal or Hard difficulties.
Hard to find Souls
Yeti ... Take the Waiter Skeleton Soul and go to the start of the game where Julius and Yoko were seen at. A small figure may be seen in the backdrop. If the WS soul is used, the Yeti will spring forward to attack.

Mothman ... Go to the Pinnacle area and locate a hallway with two Final Guards. Use the Rycuda soul on the spotlight's generator between the two Final Guards and nab your enemy.

Flying Humanoid ... Go to the area between the Clock Tower boss and the save point. A figure may be seen in the backdrop. Using the Mandragora soul will lure out this enemy.
Healing in Julius Mode
In Julius Mode, there are only three ways to heal (save point, boss orb, attacking with Yoko). It's the latter of the three ways that are at the focus of this hint.

To heal with Yoko easily, find an Imp. If an Imp pokes you with its pitchfork, your character will begin attacking uncontrollably (berserking). But if Yoko grabs onto the Imp after attacking uncontrollably, she'll swing and hit the enemy, restoring a little life each time. Using this technique, it'll only take thirty seconds max to restore all of your life.
Hell Flame Soul
Complete Hard Mode with Soma and you will get the Hell Flame Soul.(Dracula's Favourite Move.The Triple Fireball.)
How to finish Dawn of sorrow in less than 4 hours
This tip is just common sense for all those castlevania fans out there who've finished this already and who've already know the game's glitches

Ok, here how it goes:
If you already finishes the game,do the abyss or the normal succubus glitch until you have in your inventory a glitched soul (NULL)that takes up 5 per second of your MP. It's Alucard bat. Unlike the Bat co. soul, this soul will not be taken if you chose new game (whether normal of hard mode).
Chose new game and you will be taken back to the beginning. When you start, equip the Claimh Solais, Dracula tunic and Satan's ring (actually, you can use any accesories you like. And the good items can also be obtained using the glitch) for the item equipment, and equip Alucard's bat (NULL) and any soul for the last 2. Ok, once you've gotten into the lost village, you can use the alucard's bat soul to go to other places [like Demon Guest House] and skip bosses. And to get the other souls (balore, malphas and others) without fighting them, use the glitch again.

P.S. You can also leave Yoko in front of the castle, but she is also in her shop when you check on her.
Iron Golem
The Iron Golem is a tough enemy to take down since it usually only takes one damage per hit. Use the Mjollnjr Hammer weapon which will hit several hits instead of just one. If you cleared the game and unlocked the Boss Rush, use the Terror Bear's soul item for a slightly easier attack on the Iron Golem.
Money for Blood
Equip the Mimic Soul and head to the clock tower save point. With this soul equipped, you can get hurt on the spikes to gain money, then use the save point to regain health when needed.
Persephone power!
There are some special things the Persephone soul can attack that don't deal damage to yoiur enemy, but still heal you. Use the Persephone soul on the following and see:
1)Balore's punching fist
2)Bat Company while changing form
3)Dead Crusader while blocking
4)Alura Une tentacles
5)Abaddon's locusts

Try it! It really works!
Rare Ring
Start a new game in Dawn of Sorrow with Castlevania: Aria of sorrow in the gba slot. Your new file will have the rare ring, which ups look by 5 and makes enemies drop rare stuff more often!
Special Combos
By equipping certain sets of souls, you can unlock special abilities that combine the powers of each soul. These are the combinations:
  • Amalaric Sniper, Skull Archer
  • Guillotiner, Mini Devil
  • Fish Head, Needles
  • Flame Demon, Bat Company
  • Fleaman, Bat Company
  • Slogra, Gaibon
  • Une, Alura Une
ultamite ax
up grade the ax to golden ax, you will have to sacrfice the death soul and you will get Death Scyth, this will have no affect on soma but it will almost double your attack.
Sound Test Mode Complete the game with the best ending and the Sound Test Mode will appear on the Main Menu.
Julius Mode Finish the game with the bad ending
Boss Rush Beat the game with best ending (All bosses)
New Game + Beat the game with best ending (All bosses)
Weapon Synthesis
Weapon Synthesis is a very worthwhile portion of the game. Try to collect the souls that meet the requirements to upgrade your weapons over and over until you get the very best kind of your weapon. This new and super powerful weapon usually has side effects, such as poisoning, paralyzing, or electrocuting. I suggest upgrading Polearms, because they are long range and very powerful, yet they are not too slow.


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Get Alucard stuck! (Funny)
Avoid this unless you want funny results. Use his Y special in a room with a door (the ones that go to zone link screens, not boss doors). Use his special so that he stops moving and attacks directly on the door.He will instead walk through it as if he had walked into it. He will then try to return to his original position which will send him off screen and spiraling upward. You will get all areas of your map revealed directly above and below you as you continue to go up and loop back down.

Reset the game. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Easter eggs

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Mina Doll in Yoko's Shop
To view this Easter Egg, your DS handheld needs to have a GBA backward compatibility slot. Start a new game with a copy of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow in the GBA cartridge slot of the DS. When you step into Yoko's shop, you should see a special Mina doll in the background!


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Castlevania Coolness
There are a few left-overs from the 8-bit Castlevania in Dawn of Sorrow. Go to the Demon Guest House and locate the room with a chair and bed. Sit in the chair and a crown (doesn't do anything) will appear.

In the Chapel, employ Hippogryph to reach the bell on the farthest left and a bell will appear. Both of these items were point bonus items in the original NES Castlevania.
Completion Bonuses
Successfully complete the game with the best ending to unlock Boss Rush mode, Sound Test mode, and New Game +. Successfully complete the game with Soma on the hard difficulty setting to get the Hell Flame Soul (triple fireball) move. Successfully complete the game with any ending to unlock Julius mode.
Early Cursed Clock Tower
Usually, getting to the Cursed Clock Tower requires you to go through the Condemned tower and defeat Gergoth. However, to be able to get there early, here's how:

In the Garden of Madness, there's a room in the upper right of the area with a Skeleton Ape and a wall that can be opened via switch behind it. Equip the Cutall or the Ciquendia. The Cutall/Ciquendia's special (A button) attack is teleporting behind an enemy and stabbing it. Utilise this by positioning yourself so that you teleport through the wall and on the switch, which is on the other side of the wall, to open the wall, continue from there to get to the Cursed Clock Tower.
Final Guards
Final Guard enemies are a hard to kill. Use the Bat Company soul to attack them from behind. This bags you free hits while evading their attacks.
How to get all 3 endings
Bad ending = Simply beat Dario the second time you face him.

Good ending = When you fight Dario, jump into the mirror and fight that boss. Beat it and go left for the Magic Seal 5. Return to the Garden of Madness and go to the room with a sealed door that you couldn't enter. Don't equip Mina's Talisman for this ending. Once the door is open, watch the ending.

Best ending = Repeat the same thing as for the good ending except equip Mina's Talisman before entering the sealed door. Now you can explore the castle's final area and beat the true boss. Go to the Condemned Tower and go to the room with the black smoke on the floor. Julius should open it and you just keeping going down till you fight death. After he's gone, you'll fight Abaddon a few rooms later. After he's gone, go through a few more rooms and you'll fight Menace. Beat him and you'll get the best ending.
Konami Man
Locate the room with ceiling spikes in the Cursed Clock Tower. Use Bat Company to get on the small platform and have Soma crouch to cause the Konami Man to appear. Konami Man is a mascot known only to 8-bit Konami game fans (like Goonies II).
Play as Alucard in Boss Rush Mode
Successfully complete the game with Soma with a 100% completion and complete Julius mode. Then at the Konami logo, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Remain idle until the Konami logo appears again, then press Up, Down, then hold Up until the sound of a door opening is heard. Select Boss Rush mode to play as Alucard with his Alucard Set.
Successfully complete Boss Rush mode to unlock the Potion.
Unlockable: Chaos Ring
The Chaos Ring makes your MP regenerate much more quickly. To earn it, collect 100% of enemy souls.
Unlockable: Death's Robe
You must complete Boss Rush Mode in under 6 minutes.
Unlockable: Hard Mode
You must complete the game with the good ending.