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the guns are multiplayer kills
to unlock the M4 thru M249 you need to be Coalition
to unlock the Skorpion thru Heckler-Koch HK MG4 you need to be Insurgency
UnlockableHow to unlock
M4 red dot50 Kills
AA12 Automatic Shotgun100 Kills
P90 Sub Machine Gun300 Kills
M249 SAW Machine Gun500 Kills
Skorpion Machine Pistol50 Kills
AN94 Assault Rifle100 Kills
Steyr AUG A3300 Kills
Heckler-Koch HK MG4500 Kills
Survival modebeat the game on hardened
Verified by: Tc572, dalton14x Submitted by: gunguy77 on December 10, 2009


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Scope on any weapon

Go to any mission that has the explosive tip crossbow and then after you pick it up, go into scope mode. While still in scope mode, switch to your other weapon quickly and then tap the scope button on the touch screen repeatedly as fast as you can. If you did it fast enough, the sights for whatever weapon you are using should appear over the scope of the crossbow. Pressing the scope button again will make the sights go away, however you will still be zoomed in as if you had the cross bow scope. This does not increase your accuracy though and you can only go back to normal view if you die or leave the mission.
Verified by: gunguy77, dalton14x Submitted by: Tc572 on December 04, 2009