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Sniper Machine Gun

To start you will have to go to Multi-player and select Multi-Card Play. You can host or join some ones game it doesn't matter. If you host pick any game type and you have to pick the map called Street. Now make sure some one is the Wolf (This is the person that gets the Sniper Machine Gun) with any gun and make sure some one is a Bear/Scorpion and they have a Sniper. Now when the Bear/Scorpion dies the Wolf has to pick up the Sniper and you have to drop your primary gun. after u switch out your primary gun with the sniper it will say that you or your friend will have 1 bullet but really you have infinity bullets and it will shoot has fast as a Machine Gun with as much damage as a Sniper. The down side is you cant aim with the Machine Gun Sniper.
Verified by: roca707 Submitted by: wakon on July 31, 2011