Brain Age Cheats

Brain Age cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Brain Age cheat codes.


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Awesome Stuff!!
After you play a game, go way to the bottom of the game selection screen to the last box with 3 question marks. If you tap it you can play a game called Germ Buster, which is really Dr. Mario.

When you want to do a Brain Age Check, hold in select before tapping to choose which activities you get checked on.

Here are 4 ways to get right answers.
1. Look at your question and shut the DS. When you know the answer, open your DS and write it in.
2. Play the game, and write down the answers to each question. Shut the DS off before it gives your score. Go back on the game and type in all of the right answers.
3. On the word memorize game, write down all of the words and then type them in.
4. When the game pauses for a while after you submit your answer, erase it and put in a different answer.
If you want to choose what you do for a brain age check hold select when you choose brain age check on the screen that says quick play, daily training, brain age check, and soduko.
Conversation w/ the doc.
Say these things in this order ( what he does is in parentheses)

hey doc i don't like this game
(evil eyes)
I dont think it works it stinks
It only tires my brain
I really dont think it works
I really dont
(evil eye)
For Fun!
Say 'Glasses Glasses' or 'Doctor' in the main menu and you will see something funny.
Get Answers Right
When the training involves you writing numbers (calculations, head count, time lapse etc.) the game 'expects' you to get the right answer. If you're not sure of the answer, write the answer you think it is. If you automatically get a correct response, no problem. If you don't, hit erase as fast as you can. The game has recognised you've given a wrong answer and has given you a small amount of time to correct yourself. The time taken to hit erase and write the correct answer will almost always be less than the time penalty added, so it's always worth doing for a higher score.
Head count game
If you do training for 3 days in a row you will have enough stamps to unlock the traing game: Head Count. Be careful though, it's challenging.
More Stamps In Future Dates
To get stamps for a future date in the training area you just turn your Nintendo DS off and change the date. Then you can get that dates stamp and not really loose the dates stamps you already have. You can also do this for past dates.
Stamp Number
for the Low to High activity on Training mode, you need 1 stamp.

for the Syllable Count activity, you need 2 stamps.

for the Head Count activity, you need 3 stamps.

for others, its not the same. you won't get a new one every day after that.
Well not really a cheat
When your at the main menu into the microphone say "doctor" or "glasses,glasses" HE will do a funny thing!!


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25 out of 25 number recalling result (easy mode)
1. You were given 2 minutes to memorize the number. Get a nearby camera and then take a photo on the numbers.
2. When the time runs out, copy the numbers from the camera to the system. You may not make any mistake to the writing.
3. When Dr. Ryuta finishes checking, the lower screen says: You remember 25 out of 25! That's the work of the handy camera!

Easter eggs

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Even more ways to make Dr. Kawashima laugh!!
These are 10 more things you can say to make Dr. Kawashima laugh on the main menu:

1. Guinea pig
2. Truck
3. Turtle
4. Bacon
5. Snap
6. Eggs
7. Tokyo
8. "Hello!"
9. "You've got mail!" (say it like the voice on AOL)
10. Wal-Mart
Also, a way to make him laugh is by flicking the mic with your finger. (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't)


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15 ways to make Dr. Kawashima laugh on the main menu!
These are things you can say to make Dr. Kawashima on the main menu laugh:

1. Sudoku
2. Pizza
3. Chicken
4. Nintendo
5. NIKOLI (pronounced nee-KOL-ee)
6. Soda
7. Pop
8. Soda Pop
9. Chocolate
10. Meat Loaf
11. Peanut Butter
12. Popcorn
13. Orange Juice
14. Gobstopper
15. Fiber


Also, if you laugh heavily, he will laugh too.
A lot of things!
Hold select while tapping Brain Age Check to pick the three activities you want!

If you say doctor into the mic on the title screen he will laugh!

If you say glasses glasses his glasses will fly off his face!

On the game where you have to unscramble the letters to make a word, this is an easy cheat! Just get a piece of paper and pencil and number 1 to 10. Pass on each one and write down the word for the number question. Then, right before it goes to the screen that tells you the results, shut off your Ds. get back on the game and just copy the words from the piece of paper to get them all right!
Different Things To Make Ryuta Do on the Front Screen
You can say "Mahawww" like an evil laugh into the mic and he will do the "look" or as so other people call it, mad eyes. Also you can say "heeees alive" and his glasses will flip up and he will act like he can't see or he will have mad eyes. and you can say "butt" and he will laugh and if you say piece of crud he will give you mad eyes and if you say you're weird he will give you mad eyes,too.
Easter eggs
NOTE: must change time in DS for cheat to work.

No.1: set the date to new year.

No.2: set the date to halloween.

No.3: set the date to christmas.

No.4: set the date to yor birthday.

Aaaahh, you get what i mean.

No. 5: turn back time in your DS.
Lower brain age
To get a lower brain age faster/easier press and hold select while clicking the brain age check button to activate the Brain age check selection menu, where you can choose any 3 activities.
Mad sceintist kawashima
righty, then......

when you turn the game on, and it comes up with the menu of quick play, daily training and so on, say the word 'glasses!' twice. this should make Dr. kawashima's glasses fly off his face.
this is too hard!
Once you are trying to rember words close your Ds grab a peice of paper write all the words down(but rember to look and then when you looked close your ds again and keep doing it).and you can aslo press start on some things to skip.
Unlimited Time Cheat for Brain Age
Its hard to cheat at a game like this.... however there's a trick that gives you effectively unlimited time to answer a question, plus it also lets you answer as if you go the answer immediately.

When asked a hard question close the DS to put the game into suspend mode, think about it than write your answer, its like you got it real fast. As long as your DS is closed the timer is paused and you have all the time in the world to come up with the answer.
Unlock voice calculation
Here it is, the final unlockable training programme:

To unlock voice calculation, you need a WHOPPING TWENTY (yes, twenty!!!) stamps on your game.

it\'s quite rewarding though. it\'s like
calculation X 20 but you say the answers instead.

It\'s a bit more challenging, though.