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Bleach: Blade of Fate cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Bleach: Blade of Fate cheat codes.


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Easy combos
These are easy combos for people on auto
Soi Fon

Sl+Sm+Sh+J+Jl+Jm+Jh+repeat last 4 steps spA
(add flash syeps if desired)

SuA+J+Jl+Jm+Jh+repeat last 4 steps spa
(add flash steps if desired

This is the same thing with Momo for the first combo but u can feel free to choose the best move for the situation in the air



hope this helps
Massive damage with Renji
First, get 3 spirit pressure
then, use sp.A
notice how the third strike of sp.A hits 4 times.
on about the third hit of the third strike(7th total), press the direction
opposite to your enemy (so if he's on your left, you push right),and use bankai.

your enemy should fly across the field, right into your bankai, which will then stop him in his tracks and deal about a min of 135 dmg
(if you bankai too late, and enemy has reached the end of the screen)
and up to 170 dmg(3/4 of his health), if done perfectly.

you'd rather sacrifice one hit from sp.A, and bankai earlier, then later.
if you are too early, your bankai will hit him for 135, and let him roam free, then strike him again for another 30.

RECAP: use reinforced sp.A, and on the last strike, before it ends, bankai while holding the opposite direction.

FUN FACT: if you use +8 handicap, this will cause instant death, and do over 255(Max hp)dmg.
Neat tricks
Soaring with Kyoraku:
To fly with with Kyoraku; buy a bunch of lvl 4 Infinite S-Power spirit cards and put them in his deck[or lvl 1/2/3. It really doesn't matter but lvl 4 is better XD]Use them a lot and you can jump as many times as your heart wishes.

You can sort of fly but not really with other characters but you need the infinite double dash thing. Easy enough to figuire out

The great and powerful Kenpachi:
Play as Kenpachi and use "I love it!" A.K.A Sp.D
Use this alot. Then use "Is that it?" A.K.A SuperB. Now you are very fast and can attack from very far away. To be unfare to your enemys keep pressing the Y button from far away to stab your enmy over and over very fast and from far away

Renji, full powered bankai:
Ok, so, if to make sure you get the full effect of Renjis Bankai you must try to push your enemy as far as you can to the left or right of the arena and then face the same way as your enemy.
Not this:>_____<
Then use bankai. From the start of Bankai your enmy will receive damage until it ends

You need Infinate Double Dash.

This has been a few fun tips with Neatercheater
Renji bankai
First GRAB AND THROW your opponent, face the opposite direction and then use your BanKai your opponent will be hit by the whole bankai.(Use Bankai whn they're about to hit the edge of the screen)


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blade password
first draw the blade on the screen pointing sideways but make sure it is at least close to perfect and then press start and wala u got a new spirit card or u can get the november or december issue of shonen jump and go from there
Get Bonnie the Boar
In Order to get Bonnie the Boar, simply beat Ganju's story and once you finish it, you get the giant female Boar.
Unlock Kon
To unlock Kon, complete Rukia's story.
Unlock Kusajika Yachiru
To unlock Kusajika Yachiru, complete Zaraki Kenpachi's story.
Unlock Rukia
To unlock Rukia, complete Yoruichi's story.
Unlock Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai
To unlock Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai, complete Ichigo's story.
Unlock Soi Fon
To unlock Soi Fon, complete Ichigo's story.
Unlock Tatsuki
To unlock Tatsuki, complete Orhime's story.
Unlock Ukitake
To unlock Ukitake, complete Ichigo's story.
Unlock Yoruichi
To unlock Yoruichi, complete Ichigo's story.