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Aparently money DOES grow on trees!
For this cheat you'll need.
1 axe, 2 or more shovels, 1000 coins, a tree close to your house.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bells on trees!Shake ALL the trees in your town and if you get stung by bees wait until you get stung 3 times 'cause Tom Nook only has 1 bottle of medicine!
Money rock EVERYDAY!There's a money rock EVERYDAY! Check EVERY rock in your town and you might wanna dig holes around you if you found the money rock. You might need to wait 3 days or so if you want LOTS of money!
Tom Nook selling prices!If you have fish, bugs, tools and junk you don't like anymore than just sell it to Tom Nook! This is the easiest scheme of all!
Getting stuff from neighbors!There will be contests and missions from your neighbors! DO THEM! You'll get one of these things: MONEY, clothes or furniture!
Donating to Boondox
UnlockableHow to unlock
Green FeatherDonate 10,000 Bells
Blue FeatherDonate 200,000 Bells
Yellow FeatherDonate 500,000 Bells
Red FeatherDonate 800,000 Bells
Purple FeatherDonate 1,100,000 Bells
White FeatherDonate 1,400,000 Bells
Rainbow FeatherDonate 6,400,000 Bells
Golden Tools
ToolHow To Obtain It
Golden Fishing RodCatch every type of fish once.
Golden NetCatch every type of insects once.
Golden ShovelGet two shovels. Bury one, and dig it up the next day. It will be golden.
Golden SlingshotShoot 15 ballons with gifts in the sky. When you shoot enough items, you will get the Golden Slingshot in a gift.
Golden Watering CanKeep the environment perfect for 2 weeks (14 days). You will receive the Golden Watering Can in a letter.
Golden AxeYou get the Golden Axe from Pascal. Buy a Red Turnip from Joan, and give that Red Turnip to Wendel when he comes to your town. Wendel will give you either a Turban or a Country Guitar. If you get the Turban, give it to Sahara when he comes to your town. Sahara will give you a Massage Chair or a Red Vase. You need the Massage Chair. Give it to Tortimer on a holiday and he will give you the Scallop. Wait until Pascal comes back and give him the Scallop. He will ask you a question and you simply have to select Golden Axe. Note that if you visit someone else's town over WiFi then you might get a letter from Nintendo with the message chair, letting you skip part of this trade chain.
HRA Bonus Items
UnlockableHow to unlock
One-Story ModelEarn 70,000 points
Two-Story ModelEarn 100,000 points
Mansion ModelEarn 150,000 points
List Of Fish And Nook's Buying Price For Them.
Angelfish3000 Bells
Arapaima10000 Bells
Arowana10000 Bells
Barbel Steed200 Bells
Barred Knifejaw5000 Bells
Bitterling900 Bells
Black Bass300 Bells
Blue Marlin10000 Bells
Bluegill120 Bells
Carp300 Bells
Catfish800 Bells
Char3800 Bells
Cherry Salmon1000 Bells
Clownfish650 Bells
Coelacanth15000 Bells
Crawfish250 Bells
Crucian Carp120 Bells
Dab300 Bells
Dace200 Bells
Dorado1500 Bells
Eel2000 Bells
Football Fish2500 Bells
Freshwater Goby300 Bells
Frog120 Bells
Gar6000 Bells
Giant Snakehead6500 Bells
Goldfish1300 Bells
Guppy1300 Bells
Hamerhead Shark8000 Bells
Horse Mackerel150 Bells
Jellyfish100 Bells
Killfish300 Bells
King Salmon1800 Bells
Koi2000 Bells
Loach300 Bells
Ocean Sunfish4000 Bells
Octopus500 Bells
Olive Flounder800 Bells
Pale Chub200 Bells
Piranha2500 Bells
Pond Smelt300 Bells
Popeyed Goldfish1300 Bells
Puffer Fish240 Bells
Rainbow Trout800 Bells
Red Snapper3000 Bells
Salmon700 Bells
Sea Bass160 Bells
Sea Butterfly1000 Bells
Seahorse1100 Bells
Shark15000 Bells
Squid400 Bells
Stringfish1500 Bells
Sweetfish900 Bells
Tuna7000 Bells
Yellow Perch240 Bells
Zebra Turkeyfish400 Bells
List Of Flowers And Nook's Buying Price For Them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Red Tulips40 Bells
White Tulips40 Bells
Yellow Tulips40 Bells
Pink Tulips80 Bells
Purple Tulips80 Bells
Black Tulips240 Bells
White Pansies40 Bells
Yellow Pansies40 Bells
Red Pansies40 Bells
Purple Pansies80 Bells
Orange Pansies80 Bells
Blue Pansies240 Bells
White Cosmos40 Bells
Red Cosmos40 Bells
Yellow Cosmos40 Bells
Pink Cosmos80 Bells
Orange Cosmos80 Bells
Black Cosmos240 Bells
Red Roses40 Bells
Lucky Clovers80 Bells
White Roses40 Bells
Yellow Roses40 Bells
Pink Roses80 Bells
Orange Roses80 Bells
Purple Roses240 Bells
Black Roses450 Bells
Blue Roses250 Bells
Gold Roses2500 Bells
Dandelions40 Bells
Dandelion Puffs50 Bells
Jacob's Ladder90 Bells
Top Notch150 bells
Mush Furniture
Cornimer will give you mush furniture for a specific amount of acorns. The only chance to get acorns is at the Acorn Festival.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mush Stool5 Acorns
Mush End Table10 Acorns
Mush Lamp25 Acorns
Mush Chair40 Acorns
Mush Dresser60 Acorns
Mush Closet80 Acorns
Mush Stand100 Acorns
Mush Table120 Acorns
Mush TV140 Acorns
Mush Bed170 Acorns
Forest Floor230 Acorns
Forest Wall200 Acorns
Post Office Savings Acount Rewards
When you put money in your bank account at the town hall's post office, you can get rewards! leave the money you earn in there for each month to get interest (money earned from saving). But also if you leave certain amounts of money in your account you can earn actual items, like:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Box of TissuesSave 1,000,000 bells.
Piggy BankSave 10,000,000 bells.
Pelly's PicSave 100,000,000 bells.
Phyllis's PicSave 500,000,000 bells.
Town Hall ModelSave 999,999,999 bells.


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!!! KK sliders pic !!!
If you want kk sliders pic you have to see wendal (the hungry walrus) and give him a turnip. He will give you a country guitar, or turbin.

If he gives you a country guitar, give it to kk slider...and TA DA!!! KK sliders pic!!xx
"How to Save a Life" town tune!!!
^=high note


note: this is the part that goes, "where did I go wrong, i lost a friend"
- Pill bugs and Mole crickets etc.-
If you see one of your neighbours looking at a rock, a pill bug in on it. Hit it with a shovel, and quickly catch it with a net.

If you see one of your neighbours looking at the ground (and you hear a mole cricket noise) dig around with a shovel, and find the mole cricket. Catch it.

Holly <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
.:Animal hotel ratings:.
Do you notice when you invite an animal over to your house, they talk to you, then rate you by stars? Well I'm here to help you get 5 stars!!
1 star: You've either got random things everywhere or you just don't have any furniture at all!! If you have things everywhere, I advise you take some stuff out and pretend it never existed (in other words, clean up). If you got things no where, then get some stuff that look good together!
2 stars: You've got stuff facing the wrong way!! For example, you might have a chair facing the wall. Don't worry! Just get the stuff you put the wrong way the right way!!
3 star: You've done OK. Your furniture is OK and your walls are OK and your carpet is OK. All you got to do is collect some sets! Here are some ideas: green furniture, lovely furniture, music furniture.
4 stars: This means your doing ASOME! You might just be stuck here for a bit because the only way you can go up from here is to collect all the sets!
.:Flea Market Special:.
Want to know how to get cash fast. Wel all you have to do is wait for the flea market. Here are some ways on getting cash fast!
1. Sell some stuff that cost cash and sell it a little more that Tom Nook (that means if he were to buy it for $300 then sell yours for 320.).
2. *You must have at least sold something for this!
Go to the town hall's recycling bin and you'll find some great stuff. Some might be the stuff you sold to a customer
3. Buy something from somebody else and remember the price! Then go back home and place the object you bought on to the floor. When the animal wants to buy the thing you bought, sell it for double the price and they should pay it!!
I hope this helped
Ok so I've seen sooo many posts from people wanting hybrids well I'm going to tell you have to make your own and here is how:

To produce hybrid flowers, you must buy flowers at Tom Nook's shop and plant the flowers in groups. For example, if you put a red rose and another red rose together the hybird produced would be a black rose, normaly it will take about three days for the hybird to be produced or longer but if you have a perfect town it shouldnt take as long.

Hybrid Parent Flowers
Black Red and Red
Blue Black and Purple
Orange Red and Yellow
Pink Red and White
Purple White and White
Gold Black Rose watered with Gold Watering Can

Hybrid Parent Flowers
Black Red and Red
Pink Red and White
Purple Red and Yellow

Hybrid Parent Flowers
Blue White and White
Orange Red and Yellow
Purple Red and Red

Hybrid Parent Flowers
Black Red and Red
Orange Red and Yellow
Pink Red and White

I hope this helped
10 Trees, very much bugs.
This cheat is used to have 100.000 bells in no-time.
Time travelling: About 5-10 hours.

3-5 Axes, 1 Shovel, and a Net.

How to:
Chop down all trees in your town except 10. It's very nice if you have those 10 trees near Tom Nook. Buy one axe, chop down some trees, remove the tree roots, buy another axe another day and repeat. Once you have only 10 trees near Tom Nook, wait, and go to the trees. Almost all of them have bugs on it! And now just catch, and sell.

Tip: Before 8 a.m, there are more rare bugs. This is very handy with time travelling!

But remember, if you do this it will be very hard to ever attain perfect status on your town again. Because it will be hard to grow all the trees you need etc.

Good luck, Rash.
1st guide to making your town beautiful.
1.plant flowers around everyones house and yours.and plant some around the musem and the entrance where the main gate is.
2.plant lots of fruit trees, you don't need any watering just space.
3.always talk to your friends and do tasks.
4.collect fossils,bugs and fish.
5.always get the best upgrades.
6.never forget to water your flowers.

eventualy this makes your town perfect and making
more people move in and earning you loads of cash
i'm a animal crossing master so i should
3 times a day!
Everyday there is a random picking of the three trees that have bees in them! I would go around aand check for those trees! Then after you checked every tree ( you would have been stung 3 times) save the game and restart. Your face would then be perfect!

Your Birthday!!!

On your birthday (which they ask you at the start of the game).........

There will be one of your villages near your house, they will run up 2 u, and give you a birthday cake(which is really cute) which will also give you HUGE points on your HRA. All your villages will give you a letter, saying happy birthday too!!!
[x] Free Songs For You [x]
This is the way how to get a KK Slider song:

1. Go to the cafe at the mueasem on saturday night 8:00pm - 12:00

2. Talk to the man sitting on the stage with the guitar in his hands.

3. First he will ask you do you want to hear a song or something like that. Pick the fist one.

4. Then he will ask you something different but this time pick the second one.

5. He will tell you to go sit down. Don't just sit down on any chair sit on the wooden one facing towards the stage.

6. He will play you a song and give you it.

7. Go to your music player in your house and click on a symbol that looks like a music symbol and an add sign.

8. It will now take you to your pocket's. Click on the one you have just got and you can listen to your music.
^~*Tips for your problems*~^
-if you can't get fruit from your trees, remove your equipment and touch the tree trunk
-open your town gate if you want a resident to cure them from sickness
-put gyroids in your room to get higher HRA points
-if you want your person to eat fruit, go to your pockets and drag it to them
-talking to people makes a better relationship and if you say the right things, they might give you something
-what hairstyle you want and how you want it colored!!!!!

To get the one which the girls usually end up with at first you have to choose:
Grin and say Hi!

To get shortish hair that is kind of frizzy you have o give these answers:
ignore em!

To get a bun choose these answers
Oh, yeah

To get shortish flat hair (this looks a bit like the beetles hair cuts) choose these answers

To get long hair with a flick at the end and a side fringe choose these answers
Big nights
Well, Duh!
Power Ballad

To get a ponytail with a straight fringe choose these answers
Big nights
Well, Duh!

To get bunches with a spiky fringe choose these answers
Big nights
I'd rather not

To get hair with one spike on top of head and one either side choose these answers
Big nights
I'm embarrassed


Warm colours
light hearted-blond

Cold colours
Mysterious-Dark brown
-plant foreign fruit in your town to have them grow in your town
A few things I know..
Animal houses-You know how you get those signs written by Tom Nook placed about the town that say stuff like "We buy fish! Any size, any type, NOT any price!" Those signs are there so when an animal moves away one of those signs will go in that place, it's quite cool though so you can count how many people you can get in your town all together.

Birthday-On your birthday in your mail you will get a cake off one of your neighbors on your birthday and if you put that cake in your room then you will get more HRA points.

Pitifal seeds-To make sure you don't dig up any pitiful seeds I run around neighbours until they want to talk to me, run over to the crack in the ground and see if they fall in it, if it's too far a distance for them just walk over it, or dig it up and plant it in front of an animals house! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Lyle-When Lyle comes to your town, ALWAYS carry less than 2,000 bells in case you accidentally press A or touch him so you can't get his insurance, don't get it, it's a rip off...

Back ground-When you press x to open all your items, you have a background of dots, get a top or pattern and slide it to the bottom left corner, you should then see a green circle or square (depends on if it's a top or pattern). Drop it in it and then that's you, and you got a free big dot top!

Money-When you want money, go in a wardrobe that you have at your home and sell everything you don't need or want, catch bugs, if you catch one not in the museum then donate it, catch fish, it's the same with fish, if there is one in your museum you don't have then donate it, hit rocks quickly (you may want to dig holes behind you), shake tree's for money and furniture and if bee's come out either run to a house or building or quickly swing your net out and catch them, sell shells, flowers, old clothes and go to lost and found, if you find something sell it! Another thing is digging, fossils give you loads of money. If you have 50,000 bells or over skip 99 years (make sure the year is at 2000 first) and then with the money in the bank you will get 99,999 after that and you can repeat it.

Thank you, hope I helped you or told you something! If you have any questions about anything then just email me at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I will answer ALL emails, questions and I'll help you with things
A good town tune!
I have a good town tune!:

F F F (high)G F (Low) C (low) D (Low C
F F F (high)G F

A lot of Money! (fish/bugs)

if tom nook is expanding, u must go fish at sea/river.
release all the worthless fish and keep all the pricy fish (donate all the fish u havent donated yet)
iff you go to tom nooks store (the next day offcourse) and sell all the fish u have.
(ehm... all the fish must worth atleast lets say... 2,500 bells each)
i did that 3 times and i got the last time i did this like 150.000 bells for only 15 fish!


Every night in the summer, the beetles will be in town. (no i'm not talking about the band)
Get your net ready and catch them all!
these beetles wont make any noise (not like other innoing creatures...)
they worth like arround 2,000 bells each. (sometimes more and sometimes less... it depends on what beetle you got) iff you catch arround 10 (and its verry easy because there are allot of beetles) you will get arround the 20.000 bells.

Bugs 2.

Every summerday night u must watch out...
because u can get sting by an tarantula or a scorpion...
and let me tell you... its not funny being chased by one...
if you are chased by one just keep running away from him (because u run faster then him) untill he stops..
iff you know the exact spot where he stop, take out you net and run towards him and swing you net at the right time.

you can sell a scorpion or a tarantula for 8.000 bells each.

(some kinda glitch....)
when you have captured 1 tarantula and 1 scorpion you got to put them in to the museum.
if you have putted only 1 of them into the museum they will keep looking at you when you are in the room where they are. (left room, bugs)

(the glitch...)
if you donated 1 tarantula and 1 scorpion, they will keep fightingas long as u keep looking at them.

they wont walk arround like a cockroach of fly arround like a butterfly but they will stay in thier cage.
Everyone Are you tired of reading pointless cheats that a not good? I have been playing for one year and I have put this together very simple:

Steps to creating a perfect world

1. Sell Fruit, furniture, and seashells. These will earn you cash after doing it on a daily basis.
2. Save. Saving is the winning key. Save half you're money every week than put it in savings.
3. Check the lost and found and recycling for items.
4. Be prepared some people have interests for different things be ready.
5. Tidy and Weed. This is very important for a perfect town. Every week clean your dresser every week and clean the ground.
6. Talk to Booker. You never know whose in you're town. Booker does. Talk too him to see whom it may be.
7. Interact with locals. Find someone you LOVE to talk to. That's the locals. Interact with them.
8. Check Tom Nook's shop. He may have something that is not in your catalog! Buy it!
9. Fish and catch bugs. That is one of the fastest ways to earn money! And some are rare!

This is what I do every day and I am very far! It is a must to advance!


A thing that might help
You know when you make a new character you have to do all that boring... boring... BORING stuff for tom nook? You might of noticed, but he pays of 4,000 of your mortgage (that doesn't help at all, but keep listening) if you make three more characters you've paid off 16,000 bells, and that's a good start. Now when someone asks you whats your date of birth on your extra characters, say about a close date e.g today is august 4th I write down august 6th. Do a different date of birth for each character and come back those dates. You will get lots of birthday cards but your only looking for the cake. Put the cake in your room. Do this for each of your extra characters until you've got three cakes in your room. Delete your extra three characters and return to your original character. You've now got THOUSANDS of HRA points!!!!
A way to keep villagers from moving.
Is one of your favorite villagers moving? No problem! Just buy some stationary (if you don't have one already) and send them a letter! Instead of moving they will reply and stay! But make sure that when they reply that their furniture is back in their original order OR see if they are outside taking a stroll. If they are not doing neither of those send them another letter. Make sure you treat your villagers nicely! Hope I helped y'all!

ABC's or twinkle twinkle litle star
ok. go 2 the civic center in town hall and
click on town tunes.
+ means high ♫♪
- means low ♪♫
= means hold

-c -c +g +g +a +a +g =
+f +f -e -e -d -d -c =

if u have problems email me at♪♫
All the Insects and Spiders
Common Butterfly
Tiger Butterfly
Agrias Butterfly
Oak Slik Moth
Honey Bee
Long Locust
Migratory Locust
Orchid Mantis
Brown Cicada
Robust Cicada
Walker Cicada
Evening Cicad
Lantern Fly
Rd DragonFly
Darner DragonFly
Banded DragonFly
Bell Cricket
Mole Cricket
Scarb Beetle
Dung Beetle
Goliath Beetle
Jewel Beetle
LongHorn Beetle
Saw Stag Beetle
Stag Beetle
Giant Beetle
Rain Stag
Dynastid Beetle
Atlas Beetle
Hercules Beetle
All the Paintings and the Price for them
Amazing Painting

Basic Painting

Calm Painting

Common Painting

Dainty Painting

Famous Painting

Fine Painting

Flowery Painting

Lovely Painting

Moving Painting

Nice Painting

Opulent Painting

Perfect Painting

Quaint Painting

Rare Painting

Scary Painting

Solemn Painting

Strange Painting

Warm Painting

Worthy Painting

They are all the same Price of 39,20

But only the Famous Painting and Fine Painting are not they are 1,960

And theres one other Picture you can get from the Lost Kitten and thats the Portrait it has a Picture of a Person on it and its free so don't worry.
All Types of fish
The following is a complete list of fish, their location, times to catch them, and their selling price:

Angelfish: 3,000 Bells; river (rare) May to October, morning, evening, night.

Arapaima: 10,000 Bells; river (rare) July to September, morning, evening, night.

Arowana: 10,000 Bells; river (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.

Barbel Steed: 200 Bells; river all year, all day.

Barred Knifejaw: 5,000 Bells; ocean (rare) March to November, all day.

Bitterling: 900 Bells; river November to February, all day.

Black Bass: 300 Bells; river all year, all day.

Blue Gill: 120 Bells; river all year, noon.

Blue Marlin: 10,000 Bells; ocean (rare) July to Sept, all day.

Carp: 300 Bells; river all year, all day.

Cat Fish: 800 Bells; pond May to October, morning, evening, night.

Char: 3,800 Bells; waterfall Mar to June and September to November, morning, evening.

Cherry Salmon: 1,000 Bells; river March to June and September to November, morning, evening.

Clownfish: 650 Bells; ocean April to September, all day and May to August, noon.

Coelacanth: 15,000 Bells; ocean during rain or snow (rare) all year, morning , evening, night.

Craw Fish: 250 Bells; holding pond April to Sept, all day.

Crucian Carp: 120 Bells; river all year, all day.

Dab: 300 Bells; ocean October to April, all day.

Dace: 200 Bells; river all year, morning, evening, night.

Dorado: 15,000 Bells; river (rare) June to September, morning, noon, evening.

Eel: 2,000 Bells; river June to Sept, morning, evening, night.

Football Fish: 2,500 Bells; ocean (rare) November to March, morning, evening, night.

Freshwater Goby: 300 Bells; river (rare) all year, morning, evening, night.

Frog: 120 Bells; holding pond May to August, all day.

Gar: 6,000 Bells; pond (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.

Giant Snakehead: 5,500 Bells; pond July to August, noon.

Gold Fish: 1,300 Bells; river (rare) all year, all day.

Guppy: 1,300 Bells; river (rare) April to November, noon.

Hammerhead Shark: 8,000 Bells; ocean (rare) June to September, all day.

Horse Mackeral: 150 Bells; ocean all year, all day.

Jelly Fish: 100 Bells; ocean August, all day.

Killifish: 300 Bells; holding pond (rare) April to August, all day.

King Salmon: 1,800 Bells; river (rare) September, all day.

Koi: 2,000 Bells; river (rare) all year, morning, evening, night.

Loach: 300 Bells; river March to May, all day.

Ocean Sunfish: 4,000 Bells; ocean (rare) April to September, morning noon, evening.

Octopus: 500 Bells; Ocean September to January and March to July, all day.

Olive Flounder: 800 Bells; Ocean (rare) all year, all day.

Pale Chub: 200 Bells; river all year, noon.

Piranha: 2,500 Bells; river (rare) June to September, noon, night.

Pond Smelt: 300 Bells; pond December to February, all day.

Popeyed Goldfish: 1,300 Bells; river (rare) all year, all day.

Puffer Fish: 240 Bells; ocean July to September, all day and August, all day.

Rainbow Trout: 800 Bells; river March to June and September to November, morning, evening.

Red Snapper: 3,000 Bells; ocean all year, all day.

Salmon: 700 Bells; river September, all day.

Sea Bass: 160 Bells; ocean all year, all day.

Sea Butterfly: 1,000 Bells; ocean December to February, all day.

Seahorse: 1,100 Bells; ocean April to November, all day and May to September, noon.

Shark: 15,000 Bells; ocean (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.

Squid: 400 Bells; Ocean December to Aug, all day.

Stringfish: 15,000 Bells; river (rare) December to February, morning, evening, night.

Sweetfish: 900 Bells; river July to September, all day.

Tuna: 7,000 Bells; ocean (rare) November to March, all day.

Yellow Perch: 240 Bells; river October to March or November to February, all day.

Zebra Turkey Fish: 400 Bells; ocean April to November, all day and May to September, noon.

An easier way to time travel without cockroaches
if you want to time travel without getting cockroaches its easy. you could either time travel backwards but when you go back to your normal time you get cockroaches or if your skipping 1 day this is how you do it: your game (if your playing)
2.go to the clock and choose reset clock
3. then choose the time 23.59 pm
4. then play on your game and wait a minute
5. if you want 2 or more days repeat this as many times you want
An EASY Checklist
There are loads of 'checklist' cheats on this website;I've seen them all!But,my checklist is simple and you can do it right from the very start of the game!Also, most checklists are about making money, mine isn't.Remember to do this daily,though.So here it is:

1.Water EVERY SINGLE flower in your town.
2.Plant a tree and a flower every day.
3.Acomplish three favours for different neighbours.
4.Ctach and donate to the museum, five different fish.
5.Catch and donate five different bugs.
6.Dig up and donate five different fossils.
7.Donate one painting a week to the museum.
8.Pay of 1.000 bells of your mortgage.
9.Rearrange your furniture, but don't change it.
10.Make 3.000 bells a day by selling shells and NOTHING ELSE!(This way you save your fruit)

Carry on doing this for six months and your town will flourish.Your enviroment comments will go through the roof,you will have the mansion house,your HRA ratings will be extremely high,your museum will be full and everyone in your town will be your best friend.PLUS(for those of you who are obsessed with having tons of bells)you will have around 100.000 bells to spend when you're done!Believe me,it worked on my town and now everyone envies my little Animal Crossing village when they come to visit! PS: Copy and past this,then print it out,you'll remember what to do more easily!
An easy way to win the Bug off!
The point of the bug off is to catch the biggest bug, so, set the time to late at night, usually around 10:00pm-3:00 am, (there are usually larger bugs at that time)

once youve found a large bug, save and set the time to the day of the bug off, usually just a few minutes before it ends. then give your bug to the mayor, and he will say that you currently hold the record for the largest bug.
you'll know you have won usually the next day. when you check your mail the next day there should be a letter from town hall or the mayor , with a present attached. the present will be a trophy.
Animal Crossing DS Visitors
K.K. Slider: 8:00pm-11:00pm Sat. (coffee shop)
Redd: 6:00am and stays for 24 hours
Cornimer: 24 hours acorn festival
Pascal: 6:00am-12:00am random day
Sahara: 6:00am-12:00am random day
Gracie: 6:00am-12:00am random day
Lost Kitten: must visit another town
Wendell: 6:00am-12:00am random day
Gulliver: 6:00am-12:00am random day
Joan: 6:00am-12:00pm Sunday
Dr. Shrunk: 6:00am-12:00am random day
Katrina: 6:00am-12:00am random day
Snowman: December-Mid February
Lyle: 6:00am-6:00pm Sat.

PS: don't take Lyle's insurance, it is a rip off!!
Animal holes
You know its really annoying when you fall in holes? Well, if you go to the front gate and talk to booker, say "somethin lost", usually, he has pitfall seeds, get some of those and plant them near an animal and if he/she doesnt fall in, u can push 'em in! Then talk to them and they will get all upset

try it! its real funny.
Animals Clapping for you
If you wait long enough the Animals will Clap for you when you catched a Fish or Catch a Bug or Dig up a Fossil or something your Animal with Appluad you or Smile.
Annoying Timpanoids
Timpanoids are annoying when you search for fossils, right? They always end up in the holes. However, for some reason Tom Nook
(Nook's Cranny/Nook 'n' Go/Nookway/Nookingtons)
pays a really good price for them. Try to vary their types.
Awesome town :)))
So you want a good town, huh? Just follow these easy tips to have a great [not perfect, but awesome] town!

1. Make sure you have NO WEEDS. Weeds suck, they make life like mad miserable. They also make your town look extremely ugly.
2. Plant flowers around your house and the gate. If you want, you can plant it around town hall, the museum or other animal's houses.
3. Chop down all the plain tree. Please note that you wont get money from trees. Leave the pine trees if you still want money and furniture. It might also be bees. Then replace them with fruit trees. Its best if they're from not from your town. For example, if you first fruit was apple [like mine], you should get pears or oranges.
4. [Note: This step may not be possible for some people]. Chop down all of your first fruit trees and replace them with other fruit. For example, if your first fruit was pears, then replace them with apples or cherries. Plant more in every space possible.
5. Pay all the mortgages up to the second floor. Then put all your leftover money in your bank account. It adds up interest. I get interest of 8,156. It will add up over time.
6. Give all your fossils, paintings, bugs and fish to the museum. I know it sounds kinda bad and stuff, but its good. Why? For one thing, your museum will look EPIC. My museum is missing one or two paintings and fossils, and it looks AWESOME.

I followed these tips, and my town, Echo, is awesome and very close to perfect town status. GOOD LUCK <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />DD
Back to the past
Before you start your game, go to the options, chage it to one (or more) day(s) ahed. Play your game, get items do what ever you want. If you were upgrading Nook's place it will be open. Take what ever you need. Then set it back to normal time. Go back and you will have the items, Nook's will be open, and any coll items you alredy bought in the store will be on sale AGAIN!
Bank Account
Every ounce of money you get put in your saving account and don't spend it and after 30 days you will gain intrest depending on how much bells are in the account.
Be Cautious!
During the Fireworks Show, the fireworks scare many insects. This causes them to come out of hiding, which is good if you are a good bug catcher and you want to catch a rare bug. But if you are not very good at catching bugs, I must warn you. Sometimes, the boom of the fireworks scares scorpions and tarantulas and causes them to appear. You may not hear the rustle because the fireworks drown out the noise. When you are running near one, you will see it, but by then it will be too late. You will get stung. You have been warned! Now heed my words and be careful!

(This happened once in my town, Briar. My girl Iris was running along the beach during the Fireworks Show and got bitten by a tarantula. It was 8:00 PM, so the tarantulas and scorpions weren't due for another hour!)
Be Happy For Trees!
What you need: Alot of trees, insurance, and patience. ALWAYS SHAKE TREES!!!! Money bags can fall out. 100 extra bells! Furnature can fall out. (Get a cool room or sell it to Nook.) Also bees can fall out. Grab your net. (They won't attack you when you are going through your inventory.) Get the net and quickly swing it. If you catch the bees you can donate them to the musuem or sell them for big bells. If you don't catch them you will always get 100 bells from Lyle.
Be the big guy, Be Mario.
What you need to do to dress like Mario is to answer these questions on Harriets hair questionnaire: Big Nights, Well Duh, RAWK, and Safe. You will also need a Big bro Mustache, hat, and a Big Bro Shirt. (If you want to be more accurate and give Mario the overalls than you can design your own)
Become "Blind Faith"
On AC:WW you can use clothes and other things to become people.Would you like to become blind faith?Purchase a "Nile Shirt", a "halo", and a "Eye Mask" or "Pilot Shades" (the eye mask works better) You are now blind faith!Voila!And you look Fabulous!
Become friends with Brewster
Become friends with Brewster
Once a day you can buy coffee at the cafe'. At first he just gives you coffe and says "Thanks...". But If you buy some from him coffee every day he will start asking you questions, treating you like a friend, asking you if he can put special ingrediants in your coffee, and thanking you for coming by.
Become friends with Sable
Become friends with Sable
Whenever you enter the Able Sisters store and try to talk to Sable (the hedgehog sitting behind the sewing machine in the back left corner), she usually just ignores you, or tries to tell you talk to her sister because she's busy. To develop a "friendship" with Sable, you must talk to her at least once every day for a number of days. Eventually, she will start having conversations with you, and even thank you for stopping by.

Becoming friends with.....
Become friends with Sable
Whenever you enter the Able Sisters store and try to talk to Sable (the hedgehog sitting behind the sewing machine in the back left corner), she usually just ignores you, or tries to tell you talk to her sister because she's busy. To develop a "friendship" with Sable, you must talk to her at least once every day for a number of days. Eventually, she will start having conversations with you, and even thank you for stopping by.

Become friends with Brewster
Once a day you can buy coffee at the cafe'. At first he just gives you coffe and says "Thanks...". But If you buy some from him coffee every day he will start asking you questions, treating you like a friend, asking you if he can put special ingrediants in your coffee, and thanking you for coming by.

Become Friends with Blathers
If you talk to Blathers when he is depressed looking, he will say that he detests bugs. Eventually, if you keep talking to him every day for a few days, he will explain how he is trying to overcome his fear, then how he finally gives up.
Bee Courageous!
You've done it before -- you've shaken a couple of trees to find some cash, and out comes a whole swarm of bees and they do a "remodeling" job on your face... painful. But did you know that you can actually catch the bees and make some money? It's a bit tricky as the bees move fast, but after you've shaken a tree and a bee's hive has fallen out, immediately switch to the butterfly net and turn towards the hive. Time it right and hit the button and you will catch a single bee, worth 4,500 bells. There are three swarms of bees hidden on the map every day, so you can make some big bells if you go bee hunting.
If you shake a tree that's not close to a home, there will be a chance that bees will show up. You can't make it in time to go inside a house or a store, so try not to shake trees that are not close by a house or store! You will just waste your money buying medicine or waste your time restarting the game and Resetti talking to you. I always get money if I am close by a home or store.
Dont go around shaking plain trees.They might have money in em but some dont.If you have around 300 bells to buy medicine to heal your bee sting your in good hands.
bells for fossils
you have probably already tried selling a fossil to tom nook and he has probably told you that he does not except these kinds of items, well if you go to the museum tap on blathers and instead of tapping donation tap on check fossil he will check the fossil and if its not in the museum he will ask if he can keep it tap give it back then go back to nooks shop(nooks cranny, nook'n' go , nook way ,nookingtons)tap on tom nook and tap sell drag the fossil and he will give up to four thousand bells!
Bells, Bells, Bells.
To get alot of bells there are many different ways ill be telling you about a few that i know about and that i use or used to use.
to get alot of money fast and easy you can pant forin fruit in your town and they still sell for 500 bells a piece (they mature in 7 days and the fruit re-grows in about 3 days i think) there are a couple ways to get different fruit you can send an animal in your town a fruit via mail and they may send you a different fruit back. you can also get coconuts from the beach (no town has these as native fruit so they always sell for 500 bells(Hint: coconuts only grow on the space between the grass and the beach)) you can also get them in the mail from your mom you can also get fruit from friends that also own a copy of AC:WW.
if you have 50,000 Bells in the bank or more save and turn off the DS then go to the DS options and change the date to the lowest year possible and restart AC:WW load up a character (doesn't matter which one if you have multiples) save and quit again then go to the options and change the year to the highest year possible and then restart AC:WW again this time there should be a letter in the mail from the town hall saying that you got 99,999 bells intrest from the last 30 days (WARNING THIS GLITCH COMES AT A PRICE AND THAT PRICE IS THAT YOUR TOWN IS NOW FULL OF WEEDS(but if you keep doing this you can just pay people to come and pluck your weeds for you)) thats all i know bb
Best way and some town tunes
Best way to hit a balloon:

The best way to hit a balloon in the sky is to go close right? Well, go up to the wall(like where the gate is but don`t go into it) when the balloon is heading your way. This will give you a better chance of hitting the balloon. -Tested-

Some Town tunes:

Bolero Of Fire from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: f d f d A f A f

Come As You Are by Nirvana: a a b c _ f c f c c b a G a a z

Epona's Song from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: D B A _ D B A

Imperial March from Star Wars: e e e cge cge

In The End by Linkin Park: d A _ A _ f _ e _ e _ e _ e f d

Jingle Bells: e e e z e e e z e g c d e _

Jurassic Park theme: C B C _ g _ f _ C B C _ g _ f _

Mary Had A Little Lamb: E D C D E E E [little screaming face] D D D [srceaming face] E G G Z

Minuet Of Forest from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d D B _ A B A or d D B A B A

Mortal Kombat theme: a a c a d a e d _ c c e c f c g f

Nocturne Of Shadow from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: C _ B B d B A f

Prelude Of Light from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: D A _ D A B D

Requiem Of Spirit from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d _ f _ d _ A f d

Saria's Song from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: f A B _ f A B

Serenade Of Water from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d _ f _ A _ A _ B or d f A A B

Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple: g _ a _ b _ _ g _ a _ c b _ _

Song Of Storms from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d f D _ d f D

Song Of Time from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: A e f _ A e f

Sun's Song from from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: A f D _ A f D
Super Mario Bros: E E _ E _ C E ^G _ _ Z G ZZZ

Super Mario Bros. theme: e e _ e _ c e _ G _ _ z g z z z

The Exorcist theme: d _ e _ c d _ f _ G _ e f _ d

The Legend Of Zelda theme: A _ e _ _ A A B C D E _ _ z z z

The Simpsons: ^f _ _ ^A _ ^G _ ^D ^C _ _ ^A _ ^F _ ^D
The Simpsons theme: F_ _ A _ G _ D C _ _ A_ F_ D

YMCA by The Village People: e _ _ d _ e d z z d _ _ c _ d c

Zelda Forest song: F A B _ F A B E D _ B C B G e _

Zelda's Lullaby from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: B D A _ B D A
^ is high note, _ means hold note, the spaces mean next note.
Best way to get best friends!
1: when they have first moved in or you have just met them wave at them then talk to them.

2: Every time you see them wave to them and walk over to them and talk to them.

3: Before you turn off the game to go to bed or something quickly write a letter (that is easy to understand) to them and add a gift.

4 the next day go and find them wave to them and talk to them.

Keep doing this for a few days and you should have a best friend!
BFFs!!! :-D
Do you want a picture of your friend? If you do, then all you have to do is talk to them whenever they walk by and wave and the more you do this the bigger chance you have of getting someone's pic. I've tried it before. It really works! I have all my villagers' pics except for 3! Try it!:-D
Big $ for fossils!
I haven't found this on any tip website yet.

Step 1: Dig up fossils and get them apprasied by Blathers, but ask for them back.
Step 2: Make sure that everthing is out of your house, and place the appriased fossils in your room.
Step 3: Set the date to a flea market day, and when someone comes to your house, sell the fossils to them for 9,000 to 12,000 bells each. Accept no less, and if they won't pay that much for them, kick them out of your house, and wait for someone else to come and buy them.

ALSO: People will buy Red Snappers for 8,000 bells each.
big bells
you will need a net for this cheat.

first of all you walk around and try to find a butterfly called a birdwing. its wings are huge and the are an aqua/green colour. anyway, go to nooks and sell it. it will be about 3,000 bells.
Big bells from DS to DS.
All you need is:

1. Wifi or DS to DS
2. Empty pockets
3. Golden Shovel
4. Make sure your friend doesn't have your native fruit!

First go to your friends town and take some of his fruit (fill your pockets). Then after that, go back to your town. Plant all the fruits you picked up. Do this with the Golden Shovel to have 100% chance of growing. Go to about a month later to see your town invaded by different native fruit trees! Sell the fruit to Tom Nook for 500 bells each!
Birthday Biggy
I recently discovered that if you get a birthday cake (you can get one on your birthday), and put it in your house, it scores MAJOR points of the H.R.A and you get loads of cool stuff on your birthday from your neighbors
Birthday Gifts
once you have put in your b-day date go to it and you'll get presents from everybody(first meet everyone)and you can repeat this every year.
Bug Hunting
During July, there are many rare bugs crawling about your town. Here's what you need to make thousands of bells fast:

-a net
-many coconut trees
-fruit trees
-lots of houseroom
-empty Inventory

Time travel to 1:00am during July using the phone before you start playing. Go to the ocean (have your fishing net out) and walk along the water's edge. All of the bugs found on coconut trees go for at least 8,000 bells, and they are very common at 1:00am. After you haven't found any bugs on the coconut trees for a few minutes, walk around your town. Tarantulas, giant beetles, scorpions, and most other beetles will fetch you a lot of money. Go back to the ocean after awhile and your rare bug stock will be restored. Repeat this pattern a few times until your Inventory is full. Go back to you house and drop off the bugs if you don't feel like time traveling to a time when Tom nook's shop is open.

Bugs and Shells Hints
You probably already know that when an animal is looking at something, it is usually looking at a fish or bug. When that happens, you should try to catch it. And you probably already know that when you see a rock and hit it with a shovel or an axe, bells or a pill bug might come out, or when you shake a tree, you get furniture, bells, bees, or a spider. (I'm not sure if this includes bees.) Here's the hint: when animals are looking at a tree or a rock, you might see a spider or a pill bug come out if you shake the tree or hit the rock. Then, get your net out quickly and catch the bugs before they disappear.

When there are shells on the beach, you can pick them up and sell them to Tom Nook. If you're lucky, you'll get a pearl oyster, which is worth 1,200 bells. You probably knew that already. If you save and quit, then play again, there will be more shells, about eight of them. You can sell them as well, and continue doing this until you have enough money. (Or until you get bored.)
Busy bees
Ok when you shake a tree and a bees nest comes out dont panic. Run to the side of the tree where you shook it. So if you shook it on the north run to the northern side like 5 steps, pause, get your net out, hit b than SMASH a. you have three tries a day and you can oly catch 1 per day.
Cafe visitors
You may have seen phylis in the cafe before, but after 11pm you can find Harriet in there aswel!
During the day you may also found Rover, but you can also find Kappn who if you talk to him enough he'll mention things from the original animal crossing!
Can't wait for your items you ordered to arrive????
1.order your items duh
2. save & turn off your ds
3. change time on you ds forward 1 day and open animal crossing
4. go to mailbox (you should hjave your stuff byt now)
5. save and turn off ds
6. turn your ds on and change time to normal time
7. open animal crossing and welah you still have your items but you got em quicker
Cancelling Neighbor Events
When you bring a friend over from DS to DS or by WiFi, all emotions and changes to neighbors are cancelled, and the neighbors are sent back to their homes. This may seem annoying, but it can help a lot if you don't feel like buying medicine for your sick friend!
Catch Fish Easier
As you know, it\'s easy to pull up the fishing rod too early, and loose the fish. I\'ve found that if you hold it up to your ear, then there\'s less chance of missing it. You should hear a \'plop\' noise.
Catch those annoying bees!!!
Place your net in your pockets, then go around shaking trees. One of four things will happen; a bag of bells will fall, a bee hive will fall, furniature, or nothing will happen. The second a bee hive falls, press Y and whip out your net. press B twice then imediately A quickly to catch a bee!

Once i started doing this, i have caught 17 bees, and found a TON of bells.

Hope this helps!
Catching Bees (In 6 easy steps)
Do you find it really hard to catch bees? Well here is your answer...

1. Shake all the plain trees in your town
2. If a bees nest comes out of a tree, don't panic
3. Press the 'Y' button quickly
4. equip your net (if you don't have a net you can buy one from the second upgrade of Tom Nook's store)
5. When you have equipped your net hit the 'A' button quickly, then...
6. Ta-da, you have caught a bee
Catching hard to get insects
The best way to get hese rare bugs is too search at night near trees or strems. Listen for a ticking sound. When you hear it, walk slowly and swing your net. This technique will greatly imporve your chances of getting these rare creatures.
Catchy Town Tune!!!!!
Here is the town tune that I always have ( i made it my self)
*=high up


P.S it doesn't really work with wolves or foxes.
change form name in ur letter that u write
Tap on your name at the bottom of the letter you write and change it!
Changing Backgrounds On The Menu.
Remember how you could change the background with a shirt in the original AC? You can in this game except it's a little different. All you have to do is grab a shirt or a custom made pattern and drag it to the empty space in the bottom left corner. Your background will be changed to whatever you dragged there.
Changing your bed in the attic
In your house, go up into the attic with a bed of your choice in your pocket. Touch the end of the bed that you have at the moment and it will ask you if you want to change it! Press yes and it will go to your pockets. Then click on the chosen bed and press this one and Hey presto! No more boring basic bed!
Cheap n easy pressies
Who wants to spend their hard earned money on animals birthdays? Well all ur wories r solved find somethin on the ground like a flower give it to them. they will b seriously impressed n give u some rare furniture or clothing. (thats da good part)Tada. You got a b-day pressie for ur frend. You didnt pay ANYTHING! Wah-oooo! I found a moldy shirt n gave it to octavious. He woz really impressed! Some animals hav no taste...They need to see Gracie URGENTLY!!! Lol

p.s. If you hav been frends wif dat animal 4 a long time and u r da best of frends then splash out on their b-day.
Choosing Redd's Day.
You can select when Redd will come when Lyle asks you "which day you prefer to see Redd?" Then just select the day you want.
Christmas Trees
If you change the date to December 31st, walk around the town at around 11:50 and you will find that the pointy evergreen trees have Christmas tree lights on them.
Coconut / Palm Trees.
When you find a coconut, plant it near the beach. You may notice that a coconut tree doesn't grow if it's not near the beach even if you use the cheat that gives trees a 100% chance of growing. So you can either plant the coconut tree near the beach, by cutting a tree nearby or plant it yourself without cutting a tree before. The tree has to be near the beach, but it's not necessary for it to be on the beach sand, it just has to be nearby the ocean.
Coconuts are one of the hardest fruits to grow. To make them grow better, you need to plant them near the beach.
Cool Bug
To catch a Dung Beetle, make sure it is snowing, then, quietly look around for snowballs, and on rare occasions, a Dung Beetle willbe rolling a snowball!
cool town tune
at skool i learned dis song called blak note march on the piano, and on animal crossing it sounds kool

it goes:

c f ^g ^a ^g f ^c ^a

c f ^g ^a ^g f c z

^=high note E.G ^a
z=No note.

it sounds kinda kool.
Couple of unsaid tricks
No.1: If you run about on a wet day for a while, you can trip over. I don't see the use in this but it is kinda cute!

No.2: If Bees are chasing after you,Don't bother going to speak to another person, because they will just scream and run away.You can run to the nearest building.If you don't make it in time. And you get a sore eye.Instead of wasting money on stupid medicine,go home and save the game and come back on it.Then, you will be as good as new.

I don't see the use in this either, but, it gives you something to do. So, get shakin' those trees!
Covering Holes
If you dig a hole and change equipment (Or hold no equipment at all.) then press B you kick the soil back into the hole.
Crazy Redd's passwords

Use the indicated responses to access Crazy Redd's tent:

Ask and you shall: Be charged
An open wallet: Is often empty
Bottom dollar: Top dog
Crazy Redd: Is 35
Even robbers: Have safes
Fan in one hand: Cash in other
Foot in the door: Eye on prize
For my fans: Shop here again
Get an education: Or win it big
Give 2 cents: Ask for change
Head in the sand: Find something
Hot and cold: Money makes it
I'm all alone: But I have cash
Life expectancy: Redd is 35
Look at people: Wallets full
Look back: What did you miss
No money: Means no fun
Roses have: High prices
Rough childhood: Lax adulthood
Spoiled rotten: Bean curd
Talk is cheap: So is Redd
The grass is greener: On my side
The pen: Is cheaper
Tom Nook: One ugly fellow
What smells?: Bean curd.
What's inside: Is fabulous
When the cat's gone: Mice shop
Why buy the cow: Buy milk here!
Cross Breeding Flowers
to crossbreed,you have to have the same kind of flower side by side. like,red rose with red a day,you have to care for them.later,you might see a all new hybrid flower next to your to parents.
Crushing on...ME!!!^o^ *blush*
Sometimes if you'll notice in town that your animal friends are talking and of course you easdropping!They'll include you and one of the animals will say to the other hey *so and so* " Don't you have to tell *your name here* something", and then they will get all nervous and stuff!I'ts funny/cute! One time Dewey (a duck) had this done to me , I was like"No way Dewey likes me"! lol ^0^
Cute Tøwn Tune..!!
I Used This Tune In My Town And Everybody Loves It..!!

Try It Out And Reply Your Reaction To Me..=]


The First Line Is Yellow B+G's With Green D+C's
The Second Line Is Yello B+G's Again With Orange D+E'S..!!

Hope You Like It..=D
Daily Checklist (It's long too...)
If you're new in AC:WW here's a check list to get you cash and get you happy!

1.Run around and get all of your fruit to sell to nook, or shake trees but warning, BEWARE OF BEES.
2.Check the shops for rare or cool items/clothes/accessories that you need.
3.Fish, bug catch and dig up fossils and gyroids.
4.Check you recycle bin, it might be a bin but some people have no brains, i found a retro-stereo and its so cool!
5.Mail your friends and give a gift,(use simple words like, hello, good, happy, pretend you're speaking to a toddler!)
6.Wave and run over to you're friends and do whatever chore that they need...
7.Pay at least 2,500 bells to the savings account, instead of paying off the mortgage bit by bit, so save up!
8.Re-Decorate your house, this is fun
9.Do some gardening, its fun to have your own plot to make nice
Well I found out that you can blow dandelions everywhere! I'ts kinda cute when they do it and it plants more of them.

1ST you pick a dandylion,then you equip it like you would as an item(shovel fishing-rod EXT.)

2NT you close your iteam menu and press A.
(then as you can see it blows everywhere.)

within a few days dandylions should start growing in your town.

Dates to change to!
Here are some dates that are like holidays!

October 10th-Acorn Festival
July 11th-La-Di-Day
Any day-Your Birthday
January 1st-Get 10,000 dollars from the mom.
December 31st-New Years Eve
Near July 4th-Get a fire cracker from Mayor!
There are problably more but these are the One I KNOW!
Detecting Crazy Redd's forged items
Go up to an item and press A. Crazy Redd will tell you how much it costs. If there is a thought bubble over his head, and he says it "is a very nice item", "it took ol' Redd a long time to get his hands on that!", "a lot of wheeling and dealing", "when it comes to items for Crazy Redd's family, I won't stop 'til I get it!", or "I'm gonna offer it to you for only [number] Bells!", then the item is fake. Pay attention, because after he says these lines he will only say he had another cousin eyeing it. If an item seems very cheap, such as a few thousand Bells (for example, 2,800), then the item is probably fake. Note: This may not work if you do not buy the membership, because Crazy Redd only calls you family if you buy it. The membership is worth the 3,000 Bells.

Buy a painting from Crazy Redd, then immediately check the catalog at Nook's shop. If the painting is listed in it, give it to Blathers to be appraised. If the painting is not listed in the catalog, it is a forgery. Sell it to Tom Nook instead of getting it appraised first, which will lower the selling price.
Did you know...?
This isn't really a cheat, but I thought you might like to know these things.
1) When you first start the game, whenever you help someone out they will either give you a prize, or 500 bells. But as the game goes on, and you make friends and improve the environment and stuff, the amount will go up. (from 500 to 510, 520, etc.)

2) If you befriend Sabel and talk to her everyday, she will start talking about growing up with Tom Nook, and how he always dreamed of running the biggest store ever. Also, if you hear a "hoo" sound afterward, talk to Mabel and she will say something about Nook's obsession with money. Then, sooner or later, Nook will start talking about how the city is a hrash place and, in the end, money means everything. (I actually don't know if you have to talk with Sable to talk with Nook, but I think so)
Different Fruits
Instead of going to other people's towns to get different kinds of fruit, just send a lot of letters to all of your neighbors. Attach one of your fruits to it. Make sure you write something in the letter, like, "Send back fruit," or, "How are you doing?" The next day, you should get a letter back from the person, and a present will be attached. You might recieve a shirt or wallpaper, but you should recieve some different fruit eventually. I've gotton pears, apples, oranges, and cherries doing this.
Don't Wanna Wait?
Now I'm seeing people telling yau'll to do many different things to get items you ordered from Tom Nook without the wait. Well here's how to do it easily:

Write ten letters to whoever you want and go mail them. Then write one extra letter and mail that as well. Go to your mailbox and hey! There's your items!
Dont run near bugs on trees or fish in water.
if you run near a tree with a bug on it the bug will fly away and wont come back, and if you see a fish in the water and you run to get it the fish will swim away and disappear!!
Double Anything
How would you like to double your money or your stuff? Make millions, even billions? Well then read on.

For this to work you need two ds's, two game cards and a bit of patience. First you need to get anything you want to make a copy of and attach it to a letter, then save this letter in the town hall. You can fill all 75 slots with anything you like (golden tools, money, rare furniture even flowers!). Make sure you don't have anything in your closets because you will lose it. Next you need to move the person with all the stuff in their saved letters to another town. Talk to Pelly or Phyllis and say 'I'm moving!' and make sure the other game is in 'Immigration' mode, you'll find that in the start up menu in 'Other Things'.

When your person is in the other town you need to make another person in the same save slot in your game so they should end up in the same bed as the person who left. With your new person, go to your house and talk to Nook, then go talk to Pelly or Phyllis at the town hall - you don't have to work. Go to 'Save a letter' and you should have all the same stuff that your other person saved and so will the original person.

Once you get all the stuff out then you can delete that person and move your original person back. Your friend who has graciously let you stay in their town can also benefit from this by making another person in the slot where your person stayed.

You can repeat this as many times as you like. I have personally used this to make millions, the best thing to make copies of is the crown. As there are 75 slots to save letters you can fill them with crowns (they sell for 250,000 bells) sell them and make up to 18,750,000 bells!!

Dozing off!
This is not a cheat but it is dead funny, sorry if some else has put this on i havn't checked but anyway, if you are playing ds to ds with a friend and you close your ds screen, on the other persons ds it will show you dozing of half asleep! It is really funny, plz try this!
Dr Shrunk
When a strange creature comes to your town that is pink and has whiskers go upto him and he is actually Dr Shrunk. If you keep talking to him and tap on the emotion you want then on the talk board you can have emotions like the rest of your town. You can choose Sad where you bend down and have a purple spiral above your head and you can even blush! How cute is that! He comes randomly every week so watch out for him!
Drunken sailor tune
High A x3 Lower D F High A
Higher G x3 Lower C Middle E Higher G
Higher A x3

And that should he all you can fit!!
Easy Bells
1. Set the date to 1/1/2000.
2. Travel forwards one year exactly.
3. Check your post.
4. You should receive a letter from Mom saying happy new year, and 10,000 bells.
5. Travel forwards another year, and you will get another letter.
6. Keep repeating step 5 until 2099, and you will end up with about a million Bells.

Note: You can only get a million Bells once, next time you won't receive the letter.
Easy Flea Market Money
Save any rare fish you catch until flea market day (usually the first Saturday of every month). At Nook's the rarest fish will sell for 15000 bells, but if a neighbor buys one of your rare fish on flea market day, they will buy it even if you sell it to them for a whopping 30000 bells!
Easy Furniture from Tortimer
Here's an easy way to get furniture on contest days (it has to be the Bug-Off or Fishing Tourney). Turn your game on in the morning before noon and catch small bugs or fish that are each bigger than the last one. A good bug order is Ladybug, Honeybee, Common Butterfly, Yellow Butterfly, Tiger Butterfly, and Emperor Butterfly. Give the bugs or fish to Tortimer at noon, but give him the smallest first, and keep going up. This way you'll always be beating the record and you will get furniture for each bug.
Easy hybrids
An easy way to get hybrids is to plant the correct colored plants side-by-side like normal, but put them in front of your neighbors, and let them water you plants until the hybrids grow.
easy money
you need a friend to do this
& make sure its sunday

wait until tom nook is buying turnip for about 360or more (keep time traveling forwards one day until you get this price then ask your friend to open thier gate.
then buy 1500 turnips from Joan(u will need about 100000) then go to ur friends town and sell ur turnips to tom nook each time i sold them to him i got 500000 keep doing this till ur rich!

& make sure ur friend keeps it to the same day or this will not work

hope it helps!
Easy Money
This tip is to get quick cash. Ya know how Tom Nook will pay 500 bells for a fruit not native to your town? Well, when you visit a friend Wi-Fi or DS to DS, you can get that person's fruit ( Assuming they have fruit left on their trees), plant that fruit in your town, and keep on growing that fruit until you're satisfied. Then shake down all of the fruit from those trees, and sell them to Nook. Hope this'll help!
Easy Money
everybody on animal crossing starts with a certain fruit like mines apple and if you go to tom nook its always worth 100 bells but if you get some other fruit say peach from some1 elses village and sell it its 500 bells becuase its a friut you didnt start out with and remeber plat loads of the other friut in your village and make money. ENJOY!!!
Easy money on fossils
Each time you go to see Blathers with a fossil, don't say "donation", select "check a fossil", that way you don't have to give it to the museum. Now go to Nook and sell your fossil.

Usually, Nook gives lots of money for fossils.
Easy Money!
This is not really a cheat, but it is a quick way to get some extra bells.

Write a letter to each of your residents in your town. Now get some junk and send it with the letter.
Fast-forward to the next day and in the mail, your residents will send you some items (usually it's furniture, wallpaper or flooring). You can keep some of this stuff for your house and sell the rest at Tom Nook's shop.

Don't forget to set the time right again.
easy money$!$ (may take a while but well worth it)
Theres a few things u need

1.) Fishing rod

2.) Bug net

3.) be able to stay up for a few hours(not joking)

4.) many coconut trees (i have about 10, and it works well)

5.) most importantly, good fish and bug catching skills.

Ok this has gotten me about 100,000 bells a day. This my take a while (few hours) but well worth as the title says. This works only at night (7:00 pm-5:00 am( or somthing like that)and have time during the months of July and August). Alright, start at one end of beach and walk the beach, back and forth a few times. Eventully you'll get bettles worth 6,000 bells at the least and 12,000 bells at the most. You'll also be able to catchs tarautulas, scorpion, and fish. You should only cath the large fish with the sail sticking out of the water or a large fish. The cheapest fish u can cath like that during the night is 4,00 bells and the most amout is a whopping 15,000 bells! If you get this right you can make over 100,00 a night!
Hope this works for you!!!

Easy way to catch Tarantulas/Scorpians.
Wait in your town at about 9:00 PM. You will hear a ticking noice,this means one of these insects is near by. To catch them. Sneak up behind it slowly and carefully. Then, quickly swing your net at it. Now you have a very rare insect, which can be usefull to make loads of money.
easy way to find rare bugs
i can get rare bugs in the summertime by planting a cocoanut tree. i dont know if you need to plant it near the ocean but i did. you can almost always find a goliath beetle, atlas beetle, or elephant beatle, worth from 1,000 to 8,000
Eliminating the Cockroaches of your house.
When you don't play in a while or time travel, you will see cockroaches in your house.
To eliminate them, step on all the cockroaches and get out of your house and get inside again to repeat the same process.
Repeat until you eliminate them.
I'll tell you all the Events.

1. Fishing Tournament you can fish and get the biggest Fish and win a Trophy.

2. Bug off about the same as the Fishing Tournament but you have to catch thebiggest Bug and you can win a Trophy from this to.

3. Flower Fest where you plant the most flowers and beautiful ones to lol and you can win a Trophy

4.Fireworks Event I think this happens somewhere in July

5. Acorn Festival You collect Acorns and give them to Tormintor(if thats how you spell his name) But he changed into Cornimer in this event and you can give him your collected Acorns to get a gift but you can't give him Rotton Acorns or you can sell them to Tom Nook for 100 Bells per Acorn.

I hope I got them all.
Everything you should keep away from before the attack
1) If you see a little black object run at you, (this is for only those who are playing in summer) RUN AWAY!

2) If you see a brown thing, its a scorpion! get your net out and hack it!

its the same with the tarantula too.

down let them get you! you will fall to the ground and end up outside your place on the floor!
Evil Redd
If Redd has an item and he says,
"It took me a while to get that" or somthing like that, its fake.
Don't buy it.
Exchanging presents
If you send a letter to another character in the game, they will most likely send back a present. If you don't like what you got in return, turn off your game without saving and check your mail. There should be a letter from the same person, but the letter will say something different. The present will be different too.

Warning: Do not do this too much. Mr. Resetti will come if you don't save before you quit. Mr. Resetti can do some crazy things.
Extra Money !
When It Comes To The 'Flea Market', Keep All The Old Junk That You Dont Want And Sell For Higher Prices, Than What Tom Nook Would Sell For! If You Find A Fossil, Get It Cheaked Out The Say That You Want It Back, Put It In Your House And Sell Them/It For 8.000 - 12.000 Bells! This Has Worked For Me Many Times!
{Tip:- Some People Might Want The Price Reduced!}
FAQ Animal Crossing:Wild World
Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for Animal Crossing DS.

Q:Why won't Tom Nook upgrade? His store is Nookway, and everyone says there is one more upgrade?

A:Nook won't upgrade from Nookway because in order to get Nookington's, Nook's last store upgrade, you must spend 24,000 bells, and have a friend come over and buy something from Nookway.

Q:How come Sable won't talk to me?

A:Each day, talk to him, and you will slowy become friends.

Q:Why does Gracie keep giving me a moldy shirt?

A:In order to get something other than a moldy shirt, aanswer her fashion survey with the FIRST answer, no matter how crazy.

Q:My friend is moving away!!! HELP!!!!!

A:You can convince your friend to stay in your town. If you keep talking to him and answer something like 'Don't go!' until your friend says 'Gosh, maybe I'll reconcider', than your friend will stay.

Q:My mortgage is WAY too high!

A:You can earn Bells in many ways. Like:
-New Years, your Mother sends you 10,000 Bells.
-Putting your money in the bank.
-Using your Golden Shovel to hit money rocks.
-Catching and buying fish.
Those are good ways to earn Bells without time traeling and getting weeds.

Those are some FAQs, and I hope I helped.
Fasion Freak
If you want everyone to be wearing YOUR designs well design 8 outfits and out them all up in Able Siisters. In about a Month every person in town will be wearing your design!
faster NOOK UPGRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when you are trying to get nooks store upgraded

1. make a lot of bells

2. go buy everything at nooks store

3. then sell it to him

you'll lose some money but the store will upgrade quicker
Find out tomorrows weather
Find out tomorrows weather
If you have a TV, make sure you pay attention when the weather show is on. It'll tell you, in pictures, how the weather will be the next day. It'll either show a picture with the sun for a clear day, or clouds with snowflakes for snow, or rain etc. This is important if you want to catch a Coelacanth.

Fine-Art Paintings
This is the list of all the Fine-Art Paintings.

Amazing Painting
Basic Painting
Calm Painting
Common Painting
Dainty Painting
Famous Painting
Fine Painting
Flowery Painting
Lovely Painting
Moving Painting
Nice Painting
Opulent Painting
Perfect Painting
Quaint Painting
Rare Painting
Scary Painting
Solemn Painting
Strange Painting
Warm Painting
Worthy Painting
Paper Mario Painting (Just Kidding)
Finish the fossil exhibition.
Can't find those last few fossils? Collect 15 fossils but don't identify them. Save your game and start again. Go directly to your main gate and say you want to go out using wifi (if you don't have a friend code find anyone's code of the internet). You don't have to actually go out, you just need to get to the point where you would select a town. Cancel out of the wifi settings. Go to the museum and let Blathers identify your fossils, once he finds one you don't have donate it and save. If he doesn't find a new one turn off the DS, because you went to the wifi settings Resetti won't come. When you turn it back on the fossils won't be identified and will be completely different when Blathers identifies them the next time around. You have to go to the wifi before you identify anything beause the wifi access will save your game.
First Roof Color
First Roof Color
Your first house's roof color can be customized, believe it or not. Simply change your DS's menu color from the DS setup screen and your house will have that same roof color. NOTE: this only works with the color you have set when you first move into a house.

Fish Trophy
The Day after the fishing tourney time travel back to the day it was and submit any fish. Time travel back to the right day and you will recieve a letter from the mayor to say you have won. I have done this twice and it worked both times =]
Hope it works for you!
Fix a Bee Sting!
Ok, we all hate getting stung by bees 'cus it ruins your face. Here's how you get rid of a bee sting! Fast forward one day and voila! The bee sting is no more!

I hope this helps you!
flea maket: fishy ca$h
When the flea market comes to your town, let people come over to your house, making sure there is a fish on the floor and you may sell it for DOUBLE the amount that Tom Nook buys it from you. A useful cheat for grabbing extra cash!
Flea market
one thing to do for the flea market is put random shells, flowers and fruit and other people pay a lot in your town
Flea Market Payout
This is really easy, as helped me make more than 2 million bells in about 2 days.

WARNING:If you don't want weeds then don't do this.

Get a net.
Plant a load of coconut trees. If you can't get coconuts, other trees work but not nearly as well.
Ok, time travel to a summer night (10:15, 3rd July 2008).
Go the trees (Coconut or whatever).
Catch valuble bugs. Stags, Saw Stags, Dynastid, Giant beetles and Rainbow Stags are good, but Coconut trees get Goliath, Atlas, Hercules, and Elephant Beetles which are the ones you want.
(Only Coconut trees get Goliath, Atlas, Hercules, and Elephant Beetles)
Fill you inventory, and put them in your house.
Keep doing this until you have a full house. KEEP YOU INVENTORY EMPTY AFTER FILLING YOUR HOUSE.
Time travel to a flea market day.
Wait for someone to come in.

Stags 3000 Saw Stags 2500 Dynastids 2500 Giant Beetles 10000
Rainbow Stags 10000 Goliath 15000 Atlas 12500 Hercules 20000
Elephant 25000-28000
Fleas and Scorpions
Here is a good way to confirm the fact that you are a pro bugcatcher.

Fleas: If you can find and catch a flee, u r a pretty good Bugcatcher. to catch a Flea, find a townsperson with litlle black dots bouncing off their head. wait until the person stops and get in range. swing ur net down on the persons head as if u were going to hit them. instead u will catch a flea.

Scorpions:If u can Catch a scorpion u r a Champion bugcatcher and u really do deserve the bug trophy that you earned from catching some little butterfly (most likely). Scorpions are usually found around 11PM-Midnight during June of July, Preferably July. They are sumwere by the beach dont get too close until he puts his tail down. catch him and put him next to ur well deserved trophy. Happy catching!
flower fest
ok to win the flower fest there are 4 easy things to do
1.first empty all your stuff in your house

2.pick as much of the flowers around other peoples houses and put them around the concrete and behind the dont have to put them behind the house over other peoples flowers or pick them and put them somewhere else

4.if plants die pick them and get seeds from tom nook at the shop and get a watering can to water the flowers.
flowers in ur hair!!
ok,get some flowers and drag them 2 ur person in ur they should b in ur hair or mouth!(this may only work with girl ppl.)
After you plant flowers around your town, you'll be able to pick them up and place them in your house like an item. They'll actually look like a pot of flowers, not a bag. You can also pick them up and drag them onto the character icon and your charcter will have a flower in his/her mouth. Having the flower in your mouth however takes up the spot for any accessories you have on your character.
Fool The HRA
On the floor in your town you might find clovers. Pick ALL of them until you get about 6 four leaf clovers. Put them in your house, Then put loads of tops down. You will soon get 20,000 points. I did.
Foot Shovel
Wanna dig up a hole without having to use a shovel? thats possible ya know, just follow these directions:

First, dig a hole or find a hole that is already dug up

Next, take your shovel out of your hands if it's not

Finally, press the "B" button while by the hole and then your character will dig up the hole with his foot ...Ta-Dah!
Forest life
When your playing ACWW go to The Roost @ 8:00 p.m. Saturday and meet K.K. Slider there then request a song called "Forest Life" some of you may know this but Forest Life is the theme song on Animal Crossing for GC.
Forest Life town tune!
Yes, you can actually get the main part of Forest Life (sort of the animal crossing theme song for game cube)for your town tune.

_ = hold note
"" = high version of note. without this, it is low note

Here it is:
"D" "B" "C" "D" _ D "C" _
next line:
"B" "G" "A" "B" _ D "A" _

thats it
Ok well everyone might know this already and im just a moron but make sure you have your fossils checked with the museum owl before you sell them to nook. you get alot more money if you sell them after.
Fossils for money
As you know when you try to sell the fossils to Tom Nook he's going to say that he doesn't buy fossils. Ask the Owl in the museum. Tell him to check the fossil and tell him to give it back once his done. Sell it to Tom Nook and you'll get 1,000 bells or higher depending on the fossils rareness.
Free bug net
Free bug net
While the bug contest is going on, talk to tortimer and and he will give you a free bug net. This only works if you don't have a bug net on you already.

Free Fishing Rod from Tortimer
Free Fishing Rod from Tortimer
If you go up and talk to Tortimer at the Fishing Tourney and you don't have a fishing rod with you, he should give you his. It's just a normal fishing rod, but hey, it's free.

Free floors and Carpets
Make a design that you wish to see as a carpet or floor. Go to you home and press select. Go to the pencil tab and touch a design on your screen. You'll see a rolled rug or wall. Choose any of your designs and touch the wall or floor. You will see paste all around as an option. Choose that option and tah duh!
Free items easily!
Go to the place wear you can get out of the gate to other towns and talk to the guy on the left (the dumb one!) when he asks you what you want click on 'Something lost?' then he should say he has some lost items then he will show you them. You can drag them in to your pockets and keep them for yourself!!! go try it!!!
Free items! (without time travelling)
On monday or thursday your neighbors or other animals will put things in the recycling bin (usually good items) then you can just drag the items into your pockets!

ps. i dont know if it's already on here i didn't really look properly)
Free Mario Furniture for Animal Crossing
If you live in Japan and have a copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World then head on over to a Nintendo DS Touch! Try! kiosk for some free in-game furniture.

To get the digital schwag you need to put a letter and a present in a message bottle and throw it into the sea or river. If done correctly, the Mayor of AC gives you the Mario themed furniture. I, of course, won't be participating… and that has nothing to do with the fact that I live in Denver.
free money!!!
shake all the trees in yor town and sometimes money will fall out. run away from bees.
Free Pack of Flowers
Free Pack of Flowers
Talk to Tortimer during the Flower Fest for a free pack of flowers!

Free Stuff
If u want a load of free items, when you first wake up, click on the phone and click reset clock. Put it forward 10 years. Now when you finish click on your person and go to the Main Gate. Click on Booker and click on 'Something Lost?' There should be at least 10 items there so you can take them all and do wot u want with them!!!
Free stuff from houses
want free stuff get something cheap (or free) and then send it to someone they will send you something cool back. Want something from there house then send them a shell it is often used to replace a item in there house so you get the item which was replaced
free stuff!
On Monday and Thursday some of your neighbours will put something into the recycling bin, but you can take it for free! once i got a throne, and i sold it at tom nooks shop for 100,000 bells!
Friend Code
After you finish all of your tasks with Tom Nook, you are able to access Wi-Fi. To find your friend code, you need to talk to Copper. Select the WFC Connection option, and then ask him what your friend code is.
Friend Moving?
Are you really good friends with one of your neighbors? Are they about to move? Well, when you talk to them and they tell you they're moving, say the one that tells them NOT to move. They'll be sad, but they probably won't stop moving. If you send them a letter with a present attached, they will most likely stay.

My neighbor was Portia (said: por-sha), and she had boxes around her house, and she told me that she was moving, so I told her not to go and I sent her a 'Pep Squad Shirt'. After a day, I went back to her house and she had no more boxes, she had new furniture, and the shirt I had given her was in her house on display!

So, if one of your real good friends is about to move, send them a gift!!

(ilacww= i love animal crossing wild world)
Friends fall in holes
Bury Pitfall Seeds around your friend's house and in the Main Menu, you might see your friend fall in the hole even when you are playing!
Friends forever near of far
If your animal friends move away don't panic. There are 106 animals to be friends with. But that doesn't mean that they will never come back
sometimes they move back to your town. Like for example I had a friend named Buck and I missed him when he moved away eventually one day he moved back. He also came back to visit me for my birthday. You will see everyone at least twice because when all of the 106 animals move away some of them have to come back and you may even see them three times! So don't worry.
Friends with Brewster
While you're playing your game, go to The Roost in the Museum and ask for coffee. When you ask him, all he will say is 'Thanks...', but if you go to The Roost EVRY SINGLE DAY, he'll say more than 'Thanks...'. He'll even ask to put special ingrediants in your coffee. And after sometime, not only will he ask if you want coffee, he'll ask if you you want Jave or Joe,and even more. Right now, I'm only at the part where he's asking me for Joe, but if I go long enough I'll probably get more!!!

I hope this helped, ^.^
friends with nook
to become friends with nook u have to talk to him when hes depressed and he'll tell u about how hes having problems with timmy and tommy and then sometimes he gives u better deals and other stuffs!!!!!

**** I have only tried this with nookingtons i dunno about the rest of them!!!!!
Frolic through a million flowers!!!
Okay, ya want to get the golden watering can and good comments then here's what ya do.....
First pretend all the weeds are clovers (don't ya wanna get a four leafed one??)then pick all of 'em,replace them with flowers, if Nooks sold out fast forward to the next day and buy 'em. water 'em when they wither. Plant fruit where you didn't plant flowers.Soon you'll have that sweet watering can and the comments will be great.Note: I'm 96% percent sure this works.
Fruit Market
This is sort of an alternative to the new years day 10000 bell cheat, but you dont have to weed your town after.

First, you need a lot of forein fruit trees planted around your town. Then shake all the fruit down but dont pick it yet. go save and quit then change the date to 4 days later. all the fruit will grow back. shake it all down again and leave it. then go 4 more days ahead. but dont shake the fruit down yet. empty your pockets and pick up and sell all of it to nook at 500 each. then go back and pick all the rest of the fruit and sell it. repeat until you have the desired amount of money.
Fruits for sale
Rite i know this works so just read this

1.Go to a friends town and get as many there fruits wich will sell for 500 but you dont sell em.

2.Go back to your town and chop down a tree and dig the stump up plant the fruit so it has a 100% chance of growing (do this with all the fruits)

3.Wait or time travel(I recomend time travel if you need the money)and if the fruits are on the trees those fruits will sell for still 500.

fruits galore!
if u go to another town and it has different types of fruit make sure ur pockets are empty before u go and u can get all da fruit, take it to ur own town and plant em, sell em get loadsa bells for em!!!
Fruity Tooty
there are loads of trees around the village game, and you may have noticed, that many of them have fruits on. If you click on the tree trunk, the fruits will fall of. You pick up the fruits by clicking on them, then selling them at nooks. You get about 500 bells for about 3/4.

Fruits you can collect:

& Coconuts.

so give it a go, if you do it nearly all day, you may get ALOT of money!
Furniture Exchange
Okay most of the time this works. You have to have a villager collecting a set of furniture e.g. lovely (you can tell if they are collecting it if they talk about it alot e.g. "You know, I really want lovely furniture. That kind of furniture would make my place feel like a superhero's lair!") The next time you talk to them with furniture in your pockets instead of 'How're you doing?' it's 'Take this.' When you give them a piece of furniture they give you a wallpaper or carpet or a piece of furniture and rush off to their house.

You're probably wanting to buy some of that set but here's the catch: you can give them something outside the set they want. e.g. giving them a globe when they want blue furniture.

So here's a normal swap: Blue wardrobe-Your character to Agent S who gives you--illusion wall

A swap with the cheat: Mama Bear-your character to Bones who gives you-ball return

Get it?

Hope I helped.
First send a letter to everyone in your town saying you love fruit. attach a shell as a present. time travel to the next day and they would have sent you fruit from a different town! cut down all your nature trees and replace them wiht the fruit you got. water them 3 times then time travel a week and they would have been fully grown. collect the fruit from them to plant more. once all of the aer planted collect them and sell them totom nook. a hole town full of these will give you about 200,000 bells. do this once everyday for a week and you will have 1 million dollars!
1. First save your game before you do anything!
2. Go to New Resident to create new player.
3. After all the new player stuff is done, go in to your house, then come right back out, Tom Nook will be waiting for you.
4. Next go to his shop, and he is gonna want you to do these task, complete them, and when your finished with all of them, Nook will say " your Done! Your Done, and then say you still have to pay off your mortgage, so for all those task you did..then he'll say " I'll deduct 1,400 bells off of "..." amount of bells!
5. When done with all of that save game again, then go to erase immigrant. Then your Done!
Get a bunch of free songs 4 free from k.k.
ok alls you do is time travel to sat. then chane the time 2 (7:30 pm) then if you did it right K.K. should be there type in the song listen then go and put the request up then save andend the game change the date back to the regular date then repeat if it dosent work wait a day then do again then repeat everyday so cool huh so now i have like 40 K.K songs
Get A Free Fishing Rod
Set The date to the 25th of February. make sure yyou have no fishing rod or it isn't in your inventory. Talk to the mayor and he'll give you a hand-me-down rod
Get a new bed! (not an orrible one at the beginning!)
All you have to do is walk up to your bed in the attic and stand infront of it. Then click it and it says "Want a new bed?" but you must have a bed in your pocket. Then you choose the option "Switch!" and click on the bed you want.
Get better fruit!
Follow these steps to get betta fruit...

1 Send a peice of fruit whenever you write a letter.

2 When they send you a reply, you either get a fruit or an item.

3 If you get a fruit, plant it imediately where no one will tread on it and don't go near it when its growin.

4 When it is finally finnished growing, take the fruit and sell it, or take the fruit and plant it again, your choice
get country gutiar
1:buy a red turnip
2:give it to wendell next time you see him

now you have the country guitar
Get Different Types Of Fruit
Sick and Tired of your boring old native fruit? Well, to get different fruit (EG: Apples, Peaches, Oranges, Pears etc.) Write a letter to a friend in your town and attach a piece of your native fruit (The fruit that was growing there when you first started playing the game). Send about 4 letters with pieces of fruit. They should send back a totally different kind of fruit. So for example, if you started of with apples, attach apples and they should send back cherries or oranges etc.

Hope I Helped!!
Get every K.K Slider's Song faster.
Make sure you've got four housemates. Time travel to Saturday 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM if it's not already. Request if you want and you'll get that song. Change to the other housemate and get that song. Do this until all four housemates have their songs. When the four finishes their turns, time travel to next Saturday night, and do the same. You have to do this 17 times, but if you're not bothered, try just 5 a day, for 3 days then finish it off with the last two.
(Phew.....2nd hint submitted)
Get every K.K. Slider Song at once!
(Note, you must have less than 4 residents)
Firstly, go to the list of songs here:
Ok, wait until Saturday at 8:00 PM (Or Time travel if you're lazy), then go see K.K. Slider in the roost. Request a song off the list, get it and put it in your music player. Repeat this for all your residents.
Now, create a new resident. As soon as you're out of the town hall, head straight for the roost and request another song off the list. Take it to your house and put it in your music player. Come outside. you'll have to listen to Tom Nook, but as soon as he's finished talking, save and quit. then at the main menu, go to "Other things" and select "Erase Resident". Erase the resident you just made. Once they're erased, create a new resident, and repeat it!
It's actually a pretty quick way to do it. When it gets past 12:00, just reset the clock to 8:00 again, and keep doing it!

I suggest printing the list of songs, and marking them off as you get them. That way you wont accidentally request something twice.
Get Fishing Trophy!!!!!
Ok... you probably don't really want a tropyh but some of you do..... anywho..... If you want to get the fishing trophy:

First: Talk to Tortimer to see the longest fish
Second: Go fishing until you get a Sea Bass
Third: Bring it to Tortimer and he will say something about you having a large fish and you breaking the record and then he will give you a present.
Fourth: Wait about 10min. later and in the mail there will be a not from Tortimer and your Trophy!!!

( It worked for me so it should work for you!!)
Get Loadsa Tunes For Your House!
You Know When KK Comes To Brewsters (the Cafe At 8:00 Every Saturday) Once Youve Got One Cd Of Him You Cant Get Any More So Keep Making Loadsa New Charecters And Keep Asking Him For CDs It REally Easy And Cool Listening To All The Tunes! HAVE FUN!
Get mail quicker
If someone comes to your town when they leave no matter what time it is your mail will come. Hope this helped you!
when you've planted lots of fruit trees shake them and dont take them ,save and end go froward in time 1 day and than save and end and go back 1 day and ill have the fruit on the trees and on on the ground double fruits and double bells!!!

plus only 1 or 2 weeds!

do not send any emails to me!
Get rare fruit
Here are some ways to get rare fruit:

1. Visit a friends town and shake their town's fruit off their trees.

2. Mail someone in your town. Put your own town's fruit in it. The first time you do this, they may give you a rare fruit in return!

3. Coconuts on the beach are found often!
Get rid of annoying villages!!!
To get rid of a villager, you cant ignore them!!
Also hitting them with nets and pitfalls do not work either.

This is because the villager has to finished there talent (eg. clothes, furniture, bugs, fish)
So when they say something like ''what should i do next'' they are ready to leave.

You have to talk to them all the the time, but dont do favors for them, or let them over your house.... just keep talking to them so they finish their talent and they will leave

(this may take some time though..=])
Just dont ignore them!! I tried it with gaston, and ive had him for 2 and a half weeks!!!!
Get rid of neighbors quicker.
It's simple. Just make thier time at town as bad as possible. Example would be to plant pitfall seeds in thier area. And to generally just ignore them. It may make your town a bit worse. But it's perfect to get rid of the neighbores you dislike.
Get rid of your work clothes
If you hate wearing your work clothes, do this.
1) Once you first get it put it on.
2) When you go outside to do a job take it off.
3) Once done, go to Tom with the clothes you like and he will say you can wear what you want.
get the gold watering can !!
pick all the weeds then place a design everywhere in the town, then fast forward the game until 16 days later then go to the town hall and you will get the gold watering can.
Getting furniture from your neighbors houses
Getting furniture from your neighbors houses
If an animal in your town has furniture in his or her house that you want, send them seashells, unwanted furniture, or fossils to them in the mail. They'll usually put these gifts in their house, displacing whatever was there before. Check the recycle bin at your Town Hall and the item you wanted from their house may be in there.

Getting People Mad
Have you ever had an animal move into your town that you just hate? Well here are some ways to get that animal out of your town:

Things you will need:
pitfall seed

1. The Pitfall to another town
First find the person that you want to fall into the pitfall. Close them into a corner or if you can't do that, just dig a bunch of holes with them in the middle. Then bury the pitfall seed right in front of a whole that you used to close the person in. Put more holes around the pitfall seed. Then close the hole that is in front of the pitfall, and the person should start walking out. They will fall right into the pitfall and since you put more holes in, they can't get out once they fall in the pitfall. If you talk to them when their in the pitfall, they will be mad and start yelling. It's fun to watch!!
Getting The Present And The Reward For Delivary
Let's say that you were sent by Nan (my animal) to deliver a present to Bella (another one of my townsfolk). When The Receiving animal opens the present lets say it's an item you want. Like a Blue Tye-Die. But Bella Says She Hates It. So Of Course You Tell The Nan What they said and they give you an item or bells. That's the first reward. Well The Next Thing Is. Either Wait till the next day (doesn't have to be a full day just the next day) or time travel to the next day. When you Go to the Recycle Bin That Item Should Be In There. There's Your Two Rewards From A Simple Task.

If You Hate Both Items Sell Them For Bells.

NOTE: This is NOT a repeating cheat this only happens if lucky. 50/50 Chance Of Getting The Items. But You Are Garunteed The First Reward.

Hope THis Helped In Someway!
Girl hair cuts
This isn't really a cheat but if your finding it hard to find the right haircut I can help.
When you have Nookingtons go to the Hair dressers and get your hair changed here are the ones you can get and how to get them:
First she will ask you questions and here are the answers for them

To get the one which the girls usually end up with at first you have to choose:
Grin and say Hi!

To get shortish hair that is kind of frizzy you have o give these answers:
ignore em!

To get a bun choose these answers
Oh, yeah

To get shortish flat hair (this looks a bit like the beetles hair cuts) choose these answers

To get long hair with a flick at the end and a side fringe choose these answers
Big nights
Well, Duh!
Power Ballad

To get a ponytail with a straight fringe choose these answers
Big nights
Well, Duh!

To get bunches with a spiky fringe choose these answers
Big nights
I'd rather not

To get hair with one spike on top of head and one either side choose these answers
Big nights
I'm embarrassed


Warm colours
light hearted-blond

Cold colours
Mysterious-Dark brown

Hope this is useful!!
Good night!
When you are connecting with a friend stand by each other. Have one person close their DS and you will see their person about to fall asleep!
Gracie's Certificate
If you want to get a good Certificate from Gracie, pick the answers that snobs and preps would pick. ^_~
Great gifts from fruit
Send everyone in your town mail saying ''hi have this!'' with a piece of fruit aswell. Go to the next day and you'll have mail from some of the townsfolk with fruit, furniture, clothes, or fruit that's not in your town attached with the letter!
Green Day town tune
To get a tune that sounds like the beginning of Wake Me up When September Ends, go to the town hall and select town tunes, then put in:
F, F, A, F, F, A, No Note, No Note, F, F, A, F , F, A, C, G

Note: this sounds best on guitar!
Greenday-She's a rebel, town tune
(use the low notes 4 this town tune)

B,B,C,-,B,-,-, ,B,B,C,-,E,D, , .
You can dig many gyroids in your town during the whole year. Put them in your house or sell them for many bells.

Gyroid list:

Mini Alloid
Mega Alloid
Tall Alloid
Mega Bovoid
Tall Bovoid
Mini Bowtoid
Mega Bowtoid
Tall Bowtoid
Mini Buzzoid
Mega Buzzoid
Tall Buzzoid
Mini Clankoid
Mega Clankoid
Tall Clankoid
Mini Croakoid
Mega Croakoid
Tall Croakoid
Mini Dekkoid
Mega Dekkoid
Wee Dingloid
Mini Dingloid
Mega Dingloid
Squat Dingloid
Tall Dingloid
Mini Dinkoid
Maga Dinkoid
Mini Drilloid
Mega Drilloid
Tall Droploid
Mini Echoid
Mega Echoid
Tall Echoid
Mini Fizzoid
Mega Fizzoid
Mini Freakoid
Mega Freakoid
Mini Gargloid
Tall Gargloid
Mini Gongoid
Mega Gongoid
Tall Gongoid
Mini Harmonoid
Mega Harmonoid
Tall Harmonoid
Mini Howloid
Mega Howloid
Mini Lamentoid
Mega Lamentoid
Tall Lamentoid
Mini Lullaboid
Mega Lullaboid
Tall Lullaboid
Mini Metatoid
Mini Nebuloid
Mega Nebuloid
Squat Nebuloid
Tall Nebuloid
Slim Nebuloid
Mega Oboid
Tall Oboid
Mini Oombloid
Mega Oombloid
Tall Oombloid
Mega Percoloid
Tall Percoloid
Mini Plinkoid
Mega Plinkoid
Mini Poltergoid
Mega Poltergoid
Tall Poltergoid
Mini Puffoid
Mega Puffoid
Tall Puffoid
Mini Quazoid
Mega Quazoid
Tall Quazoid
Slim Quazoid
Mini Rythmoid
Mini Rustoid
Mega Rustoid
Mini Sproid
Mega Sproid
Tall Sproid
Mini Sputnoid
Mega Sputnoid
Tall Sputnoid
Mini Squelchoid
Mega Squelchoid
Mini Strumboid
Mega Strumboid
Tall Strumboid
Mini Timpanoid
Mega Timpanoid
Tall Timpanoid
Mini Tootoid
Mega Tootoid
Mini Warbloid
Tall Warbloid

Hair Styles
Colours -

Flirty - Pink
Safe - Brown
Fiery - Reddy Orange
Lighthearted - Blonde

Mysterious - Ugly Brown
Young - Blue
Lush - Pale Green
Radiant - White


Two Piggy Tails - Big nights, unfortually, I'd Rather Not

Three Piggy Tails - Big nights, Unfortually, I'm Embaressed

Piggy Tail with Fringe - Big nights, Well Duh!, RAWK

Straight hair with fringe and ears sticking out - Big nights, Well duh!, Power Ballad

Flames - Everyday, Warm, Ignore 'em

3 Points - Everyday, warm, grin 'n' say hi

Short with fringe - Everyday, Sweaty, Nah

Bun with fringe - Everyday, Sweaty, Oh yeah


Normal short - Everyday, warm, ignore 'em

Flat on head - Everyday, warm, grin and say hi

Poofy Short hair - Everyday, Sweaty, nah

Spiked Up at front and back - Everyday, sweaty, oh yeah

Spiked up the top - Big nights unfortually, I'm embarresed

Chunky bit up the front - Big nights, Unfortually, I'd rather not

Comb over - Bignights, well duh, RAWK

One big point up front - Big nights, Well duh, power ballad

I hope this helped you!!
Hannah Montana - Nobodys Perfect
Town Tune:

D D D D Zz E Zz B
D D D D Zz e ZZ -

(Its the green D's & E's, and the blue/green B)

Hope this helps,

cocopops x

Happy Room Acadamy
If your year on your DS is 2006, save and turn off your game and turn the year to 2099. Put your game back on and if you have joined the HRA, then they will rate you over 9,000 points. Your mom will also send you a letter with a fact on it. Except for all the weeds and eyour neighbors moving away, everyhting is good!
Harry Potter Theme Song
Here is the Harry Potter theme song for ACWW
"note"=High note
_=hold note for 1 beat

AD_ _ "F"E_D
_ _ "A" G_ _E_
Have lots of fruit
First, if you want lots of money, you know to get native fruit and all that stuff. Well, if you know you're not going to be playing AC for a while, shake all the fruit trees and leave the fruit on the ground. If you don't play for 3 days, the fruit will be on the ground and you will have more fruit on the trees, which means you have double fruit!
Heaps of cheats
Four leaved clovers get lots of points so fill up those extra spaces with weeds!

K.K Slider
When you talk to K.K Slider never and I repeat NEVER request a song because he says he's pulling your chain and he doesn't have a bootleg but if you want to hear a certain song and don't want a bootleg then requesting a song would be better.

Decide where you live!!!
Yes it's true you can decide where you live! WHen your first making your town in the taxi Kappn' asks you "why are you moving?" then these are the choices you have

The beach
The town hall
The boarder
The mueseum

If you click the beach your house will reside near the beach. If you chose shopping then you will reside near nooks. So you can see where I'm getting at. Town hall = Town hall ect.

Hit Pete!!! (fun fun fun)
Make sure your sound is down so u r not freaked out. At 9 AM and 5 PM, go to the top of your town. You will hear constant shuffling. It is Pete above. Shoot him down, and he will scream and go to the right (or left, i only did this once). Go in that direction to find him on the ground, seeming dead. This is actually like Gulliver in the GC version. Talk to him. He will tell you a bit about himself. Then, clueless, he will say, "I mean, what moron would shoot me down suddenly?" Keep talking to him after he starts walking. He will say somebody is bothering him and urging him to work.
Hold 10 extra items
Hold 10 extra items
This is a really easy trick. Just buy 10 letters, leave them blank, than pull an item onto it so that it becomes a present. Tada, 10 extra slots.

Homemade Town Tunes by Me!!
Here are some Town Tunes I made and that YOU can use too!Here is the key: Z=Rest

Here are some I made up:





Hope you enjoy these Homemade Town Tunes I made!
Hotel Rating Animal.
You know when an animal comes over your house and he/she then talks then rates your house? Well here's to help you get a better score!
1 star: This means you've got things that are either everywhere or nowhere!If you have it everywhere, it means you got random stuff and just put it everywhere. If you have no furniture what so ever, then GET SOME!! 2 star: This means you've put some furniture the wrong way! For example, you might of put a chair facing the wall by accident. Don't worry! Just get it and face it the right way.
3 star: You've done OK. You got OK furniture and an OK wall and OK carpet. Try get some sets.
4 star: You've got a great house with the basics that just make it look great. You've got most of the sets! The only way to go up from here is to get a complete set!
5 star: Well Done!! You have got a complete set making your house the perfect place to be. Be Happy!!
House Expansion and there costs and there Location
1st Floor: You get this is the Beginning of the Game.

1st Expansion: A little bigger then the 1st Floor.

2nd Expansion: A little bigger then the 1st Expansion and has a better Window up top.

2nd Floor 3rd Expansion: Even better then the 2nd Expansion!! you get an other floor up top!! the 2nd Floor!!

2nd Room Expansion: 4th Expansion: Its starting to get bigger and it has a New Room!!

3rd Room 5th Expansion: The Expansion right before the last one!! you get a Third Room!!

4th Room Final Expansion: The last House its compeleted the Mansion! and you also get a 4th and final Room!!!

1st Expansion: 19,800.

2nd expansion: 120,000

2nd Floor 3rd expansion: 298,000

2nd room 4th Expansion: 598,000

3rd Room 5th Expansion: 728,000

4th Room Expansion: 848,000

5th Room Final Expansion: 948,000

1st Expansion: Its the bigger version of the 1st Floor.

2nd Expansion: Its a bigger Version of the 1st Expansion.

2nd Floor 3rd Expansion: Its Located upstairs.

2nd Room 4th Expansion: Its Located left of the Room.

3rd Room 5th Expansion: Its Located right of the Room.

4th Room Final Expansion: Its Located in the front of the house or the back whatever you wanna call it.
How to Annoy an animal without touching them!
If u wanna annoy an animal without touchin him just talk 2 him loadz and he will say things like "You again!?!?" or "What do you want!?!?"
The speek 2 him a couple more times then he will get annoyed and shout at u. Then there will be smoke out of his hed! LOL!

I did it 2 every1 and talked to them they were totally angry with me :-)
how to anoy animals on animal crossing
if you hit a animal whith a net a few times then they will get angry and smoke will cme out of there head.

but if you walk into tthe animal in the correct way then they will do the same thing.

but on ds to ds if youdo thoses 2 things in the same way the same things will happen
how to aviod being seeded!
If someone asks to save, wait. Often, if someone has stolen something or seeded, they'll ask you to save so the damage will be permanent. Before you save, run inside and come back out: this will "activate" any seeds that have been dropped, making them visible. Now run to every square inch of your town and check it out. If something is gone or if something is in a weird place, turn off the power.
I caught Arowanas (worth $10,000) and other rare expensive fish by doing this!

First you need to find someone in your town who always has their fishing rod with them and loves fishing. Talk to them and they might ask you if you want to have a contest of who can catch the rarest fish ACCEPT! Keep talking to them if they don't ask.

Go to the river and catch heaps of fish, there will be quite a few rare ones. Catch a really common fish then go back to the animal and give them the really common fish NOT the rare one. They might ask you to have another contest again so accept. Keep doing this for as long as you can and you will catch many rare fish! Good luck!
How to complete the musem
Its hard but hey nobody said a continuos game would be easy.Swap fossils with your friends,or the easy way to catch bugs and fish is to either get your friend to catch one and show you how to identify the fish and to catch the fish or just tell you.Bugs, you might want to try it with another character first!
How to dodge lyle
Well when lyle is in your town and(you know when you walk near him theres a time that you might just press A well there are two ways to dodge him one is 2 if you know hes in your town have only 2000 bells in your bag at one time.

Or he asks you to do the qustionair and all you have to do is say im busy then he well say some stuff then let u go.

(sorry if this tip is already on here i havent scrolled down to the bottem yet)
How to earn big HRA points
Ever wondered how to get big bucks and get rid of your weeds? Well heres how. You know all those lucky four leaved clovers well they can add heaps of points to your total ok

I had a candle on a box and a stereo. I got 475 Hra points ok. I added 5 four leaf clovers and when I got my next HRA letter I had received 8,970 points!

If you go looking you elimanate some of your weeds. I hope this cheat helps you
how to get FRUIT more easily =-)
Get every type of fruit off friends or out of letters from animals in your town then shake every tree (it's worth it!)then save and end reset your clock for 3 days forward then the fruit will have reappeared after that shake all your fruit trees then you will have lots of fruit on the ground repeat it lot of times but make sure not too mny as the fruit will disappear, so you can just time travel 3 days instead and if you don't like weeds pick them up as you go along so you don't get tons of them (if you don't like them that is) Hope this helps to get money quicker- emmie
How to get a "Cosy" themed room
To get a "cosy" themed room, you'll need: chic wallpaper, and cabin rug floor. You'll also need furniture like the red bed in the attic (you can get it downstairs if you switch beds) or the clothes closet....Hope this helps you.
<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Ok you konw when you go to Nook's shop alot you get an upgrad well if you have Nookway as a shop and buy/sell mini. of 24000 and a friend comes in your shop and buys something then the next day or two you will have the final Nook upgrade and a BARBER SHOP!!!!!!!
How to get a girlfriend/ boyfriend
1: Treat them differently and keep talking to them.

2: always wave at them and talk to them when you see them.

3: Send a letter telling them how you feel about them and attach a gift.

4: They will start treating you as though you are a couple.

5: make sure that you are together by sending another letter telling them how you feel.

6: keep talking to them.

7: put the now and then message of how you feel about them on the bulletin board.

You should have a Girlfriend/ Boyfriend!
How to get a Purple Rose!!!
Its so easy!!
All you need to do is plant a few white roses together and in a short while you'll have a purple one!!
(i found this out by accident)
How to Get Animals to stay at your town if they are moving!
I am a 3-year experienced Animal Crossing DS player and I know a cheat that many don't. If one of your villagers are moving and you don't want them to, go to there house and talk to the animal. When he announces that he is moving, click DON'T GO! or whatever comes up that is similar to that. After he finishes talking to you, repeat the process again and again until he says, "Do you really not want me to go? Hmm, maybe I should stay." (I am pretty sure he says that it might be something different) And then that person stays. CAUTION: MOST OF THE TIME, IT WORKS, BUT SOMETIMES IT MAY NOT WORK!! It has worked every time for me but I think it might not work for some people. If it doesn't, keep trying! Hope this helps!
How To Get Free Flowers
To get free flowers and win the Flower Fest, go to your neighbor's house and take their flowers. You will be able to just pick the flowers up. To get more, go to your neighbors' houses every day. You can do this every day and win the Flower Fest.
How to get good stuff
Send worthless stuff to people. Time travel to the next day and send more worthless stuff. If you do this enough, You might get soooooooo much stuff. You can time travel to a flea market day and sell it, or just sell it at Tom Nook's shop. If you run out of room, don't open the presents. I don't know what happens when you run out of room for letters. My friend does this not me.
How to get Gracie's certificate
on a Gracie day, go to Gracie and take the quiz to get the "Fashionista badge". you cannot actually get a badge! To get the certificate to say that you are a total fashionista, (that's a good thing) just choose all the answers that a total fashion snob or Gracie would say!
How to get the scallop
The scallop is used to get the golden axe from Pascal. Pascal walks around by the beach at a random time, once a week. First, you need to buy a red turnip from Joan. Next, give it to Wendel the next time he comes to town. Wendel should give you the Turban or Country Guitar. If you get the Turban, take it to Sahara when she comes to town. Sahara should give you either the Massage Chair or Red Vase. If you get the Massage Chair, let Tortimer have it the next holiday and he should give you the scallop. Then just wait for Pascal to sho wup and give him the scallop.
But if you got the Country Guitar, give it to K.K. Slider to get K.K.'s Pic
And if you got the Red Vase, give it to Crazy Redd in exchange for the Safe. Give the safe to Tom Nook for the Tom Nook Pic.

How to get the spider
Right - so if you're out hunting for money/bees by shaking trees, well, then you might see a spider coming down from a net. Grab your net and catch it. And if the spider goes back up in the tree - don't worry, all you have to do is shake the tree again and the spider will come back down. Enjoy!
How to make Bff's
Ok if you want a best friend you talk to them everyday and alot or most of the day for a very long time then they will start talking about having a best friend in your town keep talking for a few mor weeks or days and they will send u a portrait of them self and will say Moppina+watever the friends name was= BFF and now u have a best friend!! (Still talk to them everyday though)
how to rebuild your town and still have all your stuff:
1. Give all of your stuff to your friend on the game.

2. Save and end and turn off your power.

3. Turn your power on again and chose "Rebuild town". go and rebuild your town.

4. When you have finished all of your jods for Tom Nook, have your friend give all of your stuff back.
How to reduce the time with Ressetti.
This is easy to do. I mean, REALLY EASY!.

When he asks you "how sorry are you?", Put the green ball of the answer in the option above. When he asks you the same thing again, leave the green ball in the middle and you will reduce the time with Ressetti.

If you have troubles, you can alwayssend me a Private Message.
how to tell if one of the animals have a crush on you
if 2 animals are aving a conversation and you join in by talking to both of them the way you always do somtimes one might say that that animal has somthing to say to you and then the other animal that has the crushon you will say that he does not have anything to say to you and so on.....
How to use Flowers!
Ok, you know how you can plant flowers around town,(Or they just grow) If you pick one up, take it out of your inventory, and drag it up to your character, she/he will wear it in their Hair!(this also works with clovers,) (clovers found in spring/summer)
Thanks 4 using my tip!
How To Win A Contest Easily
This may involve a little bit of labor. First, catch a fish (or bug, ect.)that is bigger than the one that Tortimer says is winning. Give it to him, shut off the game, and wait until the contest is over (or time travel if you're too lazy to wait. Lump!). You will have won the contest!
How to wish on a star!!
Sometimes when you start the game at night, a shooting star will fly over your head, as it flys over your character will bend down and wish (he/she will put its hands together like he/she is praying) then, the next day, you will recive a letter from the star and it will have a present attached to it! And the present was what your person wished for! (sometimes the presents can be worth alot of bells, so it could be a good idea to sell it if you dont want it! I got a covered wagon, which was worth something around 1,000 bells!)
HRA Points-- Just when you thought it couldn't be done
Your in-game animal friends might have mentioned Feng Shui to you. Well, boy, are you going to feel stupid if you went on Wikipedia and looked it up... I know someone who did. Feng shui in AC:WW is all about color and placement (sorry guys. You don't get more money by placing stuff in certain areas.)

Your three basic colors are Yellow, Green, and Red. Yellow goes to the west side of your room (left), Green goes to the south side of your room (bottom), Red goes to the east side of the screen (right).

I know, I know. There should be a fourth color for the top of your room, but whatever. Pay attention to this though:

What you SHOULD know is that the three colors and your furniture usually go hand in hand. For example, plants? Green. Lovely furniture? Red. Csah Register? yellow. In other words, if your furiniture is BLATANTLY one of the three basic colors, then relax, because you have nothing to worry about. Except for placement.

How you place things affects how OTHER people feel about your house. You just want points (and you really don't feel any vibes from a pixelated apartment... no offense.). So keep this in mind...

When you first get your house, don't bother Feng Shui. One, it's pointless. Two, you're NEVER going to get 70,000 points from that. Three, you're going to feel ridiculous when you expand your house. Seriously.however, in your first house, you are introduced to the EXTREMELY HELPFUL two colored spaces!

There are four yellow/green squares and four red/green squares. they're ALWAYS going to be in the bottom left and right corners, and there are only FOUR spaces of each type. You can put items that are either color onto each of these squares, and they will ALWAYS come out with full points!

As your house expands, you'll learn the following: One, there's always going to be a big whitespace without color in your room. My advice? Take advantage of it. Two, the colors only extend two squares out, sad to say. Three, if you don't know what color something is, it probably has no color.

That's all you need to know about Feng Shui.

To go further, you can also get special house items. They always bring you "good luck" in other words, you get a LOT more points for having these chilling out in your room. The Lovely phone, the trophies, the festive tree, the birthday cake... the big festive tree, I guess, also... all those things are special items. After some experimentation, I've also learned that the washer/dryer are also special items. Why? Who knows.

Next thing that you need to know is... furniture sets are supposed to be finished. Period. It's kinda funny when you visit someone else's town and they've got a chaos control whirling around in their house, you know what I mean? If you're doing the pirate theme, FINISH IT. don't decide midway through that you'd like to stick in some Japanese stuff (although it IS tempting...) because that deducts points... and you want points.

Don't leave paper, clothing, wall paper or flooring that isn't applied to your house, letters, fruit, turnips etc. out on your floor. That deducts points.

Face everything the right way: forward. I don't know who thinks it's really THAT FUNNY to have pictures facing backwards when half the time you can't even see the picture right... but you lose points for that too.

Kill cockroaches. If you REALLY like them there... for some odd reason... then enjoy, but you're losing points, buddy.

Match your wall paper and your flooring. I normally ignore this if I think something looks good. You don't lose points for it, but you don't gain anything either.

If you completely finish a furniture series, you get 48,000 points. And that's a GOOD bonus! And if your wallpaper and flooring match, that's 10,000 more points. And if you finish a mini series (like the bonsais) you get 3,000 points for every piece that you have. So what do have all together from just doing that? 61,000 points. Only 5,000 more to got to get 70,000.

How do you do that? Easy... the Necessities of Life (I'm just going to use NoL).

What do you NEED to have in your room? A bed, a table, a chair, a wardrobe, and a dresser (bureau, dresser... same difference). If you don't have these, that's cool, but you're not going to be getting points for it.

There are some furniture sets that DON'T have these in them (again, the bonsais... it's not like you're going to get a bonsai bed.) So use them to decorate the room that you're putting them in.

If you have the NoL and they're all from different sets (like... a modern lamp, an exotic chair, a regal dresser, a lovely table... yada yada) then you'll only get like... 4,800 points. Lovely, but not enough for you to get up to that 70,000. If you have NoL and they're all from the SAME set (exotic bed, exotic lamp, exotice table... you get my drift) then you earn like... 16,000 points. And guess what...? You've got a One Story model in the mail!

Now, you might be digging up those weird little whatevers... gyroids? Those things that make noise in your house? They're about 450 bells each,and it's pointless to collect them because NOBODY has that space in their house. Seriously, you CAN'T collect them. There's too many. but you can keep some around your house, and you get points for that.

Gifts from people, special presents, spotlight items, store models, special furniture... these all get you more points in big numbers (we're talking hundreds to thousands of points here). Baby points are like... umbrellas, accessories... clothing things that you can buy from Mable and Sable. Gracies clothing only gets you maybe ten or twenty more points than the other clothing does (I didn't check this out, but since Gracie's special, her things WILL probably go for more points). Insects and fish obviously don't get you that many points, but if you like them, keep them!

By the way... you have 6 expansions in all. The last expansion is about... 948,000? So make sure you check out how to SAVE money so that you don't die out after the third expansion.

And finally, no... the color of your roof does nothing for your feng shui.
HRA Scores
Animal Picture 3,200
A picture you receive from an animal for being good friends with them.

Bank Gifts 912
A gift you receive from town hall for reaching a certain amount of bells in your bank account.

Bugs and Fish 3
Any of the bugs or fish you catch around town.

Clothing 3
Shirts, umbrellas, hats, masks, glasses, etc.

Cornimer Gift 412
An item received from Cornimer for bringing him acorns.

Festive Items 151
Festive Tree, Festive Flag and Festive Candle

Flowers 5
A flower that you find outside.

Fossils 300
Fossils that have been checked by Blathers, and are not skeletons.

Fossils (Identified) 1,000
A fossil that has been checked by Blathers, and is a skeleton-type fossil.

Gulliver Items 412
Any item received from Gulliver.

Gyroids 828
The items that you occasionally dig up.

Katie and Kaitlin 1,280
Any item received for reuniting Katie and Kaitlin

Nintendo Item 210
An item from the Nintendo/Mario Theme.

Nook Spotlight Item 151
An item that is one of Nook's 'Spotlight Items.'

Normal Furniture 51
A piece of furniture that does not belong to any series, theme or set.

Pascal Items 1,543
An item you receive from Pascal.

Patterns 3
A pattern that is placed inside your house.

Redd-Only Items 412
Any item that is available only from Redd's tent.

Saharah Items 3
A carpet or wallpaper received from Sahara.

Sea Shells 3
Any shell that is found along the beach.

Snowman Items 888
An item received for making a perfect snowman.

Special Trade Items 325
Items that are received by trading with special visitors.

Trophies 800
The bug, fishing, and/or flower trophies

Town Models 1,111
Models of a building in your town.

Villagers' Gifts 1,000
A gift given to you by a villager in your town.

Hybrid Flowers
If you plant two flowers together, eventually you'll get a flower of that type with the mixed color of the two flowers you planted!

I'm not sure but I think red and white roses produce purple roses, I had them planted and it just appeared the next day!
Improve your town!
This isn't a cheat, but a tip. It'll make your town better! You got a friend nearby who has Animal Crossing? If so, look at this: get fruit from your friend's town (one piece will do!) and plant it in your town. You know that part. Shake fruit off that tree when it's grown. Only plant two pieces; I've found that if you plant three pieces of fruit in one day, only two will make it, even if you water all three the same amount! Once you have a lot of your friend's fruit's trees, shake it off, along with your native fruit. Sell all that. Your friend's fruit costs 500 Bells apiece and your native fruit is only 100!

Anyway, moving on...

Collect shells on the beach to sell (or keep in your house for extra flair). Catch fish and bugs. Dig up fossils, have Blathers check them, sell them if they're already at the museum, EXTRA BELLS. Most of this you know, but it's a reminder. Oh yeah, THIS is big! READ THIS!!

OK, you got that stupid mortgage to pay off. Here's a tip: use your savings account! When you get lots of Bells, at least over 10,000, save all the Bells you have EXCEPT for 2,000 in case you want to buy something. When you have enough Bells to pay off that mortgage, take everything out of your account and PAY IT OFF!!

Flowers make your town SO much prettier, right? Buy all the flowers Nook has out! Come on! They're only 80 Bells per pack! Plant them around town. Do that every day and try not to run through flowers to ruin them. Your town will bloom like crazy! Also, plant lots of fruit for more trees -- that bear fruit! Trees make your town so much better. Ask Pelly. Even ask Phyllis. It's true.

Doing all this and your town will improve. You will be rich. You'll have a big house in no time. I hope this tip helps you improve!
In your friend\'s town, someone has moved. How do they know where they are????
Your friend (e.g. My friend\'s called Mary) has just found out their animal friend is moving (e.g. Mary\'s friend Aurora). Well, in order for yur friend to know where their mate has gone, you both must go to each other\'s towns and chat to every animal in that town. When that animal is all packed up and ready, they will consider going to the other person\'s town to see what life there will be like. Sure enough, when they have moved (I found out Aurora had moved to my town), you go and greet them. They will tell you what town they have come from, and later on they will tell you memories of the residents in their old town (your friends). Aurora said to me, \"I have moved here from Walton.\" Then later on she said, \"You know what? I have this little song in my head. The exact one Mary taught me.\" I was like OMIGOSH!!! Its Mary\'s friend!!!
P.S. it doesn\'t always work, but mostly, it does.
Instantly Cure Sick Villagers
When one of your villagers is sick, you'll have to give him/her some Medicine every day for about a week to cure him/her, but an easier way to cure him/her is to get on WiFi or multiplayer, then the villager will be immediately cured when someone visits your town.
Interested in Interest?
This a is a a cheat that will take a while and will leave you with a bunch of weeds, but it's the best way to become a Millionaire. First put all, and I mean ALL, your money in the bank. The more money you put in, the faster this cheat goes. Once you've put all your money in, save, turn off your game, go to the DS main screen, and change the year to 2000. Then turn on your game, save, change the date 2010, turn on your game, read your mail and you will receive a letter from Town Hall that says you've gained interest. Each time you change the date and read your letter you will see that the interest rate raises each time. Do this about 20 times and for sure you'll have a million dollars or more!!!
Itchin' to see you

Sometimes your neighbour has a black dot jumping around their heads THIS IS A FLEA. So get out your Bug-Nets and press yourself with the stylus (Don't press A because you'll just talk to that person) and catch it.The neighbour will clap and then talk to him/her, she/he will say something like "Me have fleas? I wash regulary.

L.O.L (Lots of laughs ha ha ha!!!) :')

P.S Anyone please verify it I'm begging you.

Joan's Red Turnip Secret
Ok, when Joan comes to your town, shes sells turnips both white and red. Buy about 50 of the white ones and sell 2 Nook. Also be sure to buy a package of RED TURNIP seeds. You plant them and water them every day (every day or they WILL die)and after a week, dig the turnip up and sell 2 Nook. You will get 16,000 bells!!!!
K.K. Music!
Have you ever wondered how the other people in your town get music? Well change the time and date to 9:30pm on a Saterday, then go to your museum and go to the coffee shop. The lights will be dimmed and a stage light will be focused on a dog named K.K. Talk to him and he will ask u if u came to hear a song. Select the top one. The he will say he is doing requests. Select "Not this time." Then he will say a few things then tell you to sit down. sit in the chair facing the stage. He will play a song and it will show the credits. Then when the song is over he will give it to you and u can sell it or put it in your record or CD player and your house. Then you can listen to it whenever you want.

I hove this helps you, i have not tried this on game cube so gl!
K.K. Slider Songs fast!
All you gotta do is go into the mueseum on a saturday night in the cafe to find K.K. Slider the guy who plays songs, make sure the time is
8:00pm - 8:15pm. He will ask you to request a song. Then request a song and he will give you it to play on ur tapedeck at home(or Robo Stereo or watever you have got in your house that plays music)
Then you have to have some money, take all your stuff home whats in your hands and drop them in your house, or put in pear or storage or draws
If you havent no room just drop your stuff outside, Then go to the able sisters and buy a new top and wear it, then go back to the mueseum cafe and talk to K.K. Slider. Then he will think you are someone else, request another song and youll get that song at the end of his playing, repeat getting a new top at the able sisters and dropping all of ur stuff and youll get all the songs in one night intead of practiclly having to waitlots of weeks to get the songs!

Easy as that(H)(yn)

note: K.K. Slider (the dog) has a lot of songs so it may take up to an hour to get all the songs.

here is some songs to request, K.K. Love song , K.K. Metal , K.K. Tango , Two Days Ago

Note: you have to type them like i have typed them will all the capital letters and spaces, if you dont then K.K. slider will say that the song you have requested isnt on his song list,

Keep your town pretty! Part 1
Themed towns give a personal touch.
I am here to share some tips on Tree patters, patters on the ground, and more!
NOTE: Trees may not grow on first try.
Some places in your town may not let you lay down patterns.

1. Personal garden
Plant trees in your fav pattern (square is easiest) With a place cut out for you to walk in. Plant flowers inside your garden, and WAMMO! Your own personal garden!
Note: Laying a green pattern on the floor will add great sass!
More to come!
Keeping animals in their homes
Go to the gate then ask Copper to open them for DS to DS visitors. After the gates are open, all animals in your town will be in their homes, making deliveries and looking inside their houses easier.
Kick someone out of your town!
so there's someone that's REALLY BUSTIN' YOUR CHOPS and all you want in your average little life is for them to move away. If they aren't moving away any time soon, here are a few ways to say bye bye to your enemy!
In my case, I'm kicking Friga the Penguin out, SHE'S SO MEAN!! So what you do is:

-Push them, they get very annoyed very quickly. A bit everyday should do the trick
-By a net (it might work with an axe too) and hit them with it! After 3 times, they'll give you a small lecture about not hitting people but keep going untill you've had enough. A bit everyday should do the job

Still here? No fret!

-Plant pitfall seeds outside their house and pull up all their flowers. The flowers bit might not affect them though (I pulled up Melba the Deer 's whole garden and were still good friends.)
-Don't send them harmful messages! They cannot read your insults and they will take everything you write as a compliment! It wastes money too.

Hope this helped <3 <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> xxxxxxxx
Killer Weeds!!!
Ever noticed those big flowers that are on the ground that you can't get rid of? Those are Killer Weeds. They come when your town has too many weeds. To get rid of them get rid of all your weeds. The next day it should lose some colour then it disapears. Though the weeds do attract many bugs mostly flys.
Kinda fast money
Get some paper and write letters to everyone in your town(not yourself or people who live with you) and type in "This is a fruit present" and give them your regular fruit. Most Likey they will give you different fruits. Then chop down any tree and dig up the stump. If you got different fruit then plant it there. It will have 100% chance of growing. then when it grows get the fuit and do it with more trees. do it until u can get about 50,000 bells a day. if you have example oranges and send letters and get cherry you can sell the cherry for 500 bells or grow more and keep getting cherrys.
know if Resetti's there!
don't have time to talk to resetti? Well heres a way of knowing he is there!!
1. You will not be able to enter your house again
2. You won't be able to press the blue box on the top-right hand corner
3. You won't be able to check your mail
I hope this helps you at least a bit.
Largo from the new world symphony

Greenish E, then 2 yellow G's (2nd held (smiley frog)),Greenish E,Green D,Green C(Held/Sustained), Green D, Greenish E,Yellow G, Greenish E,Green D (Held), two rests.
you know that thing where you go to new year's day, and you get $10,000? then you go to the next year and do the same thing? you get a lot of weeds don't you? i have the solution!!! go to january 1st, and your mom gives you $10,000 bells in a letter. then save and change it to either the day before, or after. save. then change it back to january 1st. and in the mail there should be a letter from your mom, and it should have $10,000 in it. keep doing this for as long as you want.
hope this helped!!!
Lucky Clovers!
1.Get lots of weeds
You will find clover patches
2.Go Through the Clover Patches
3.Find A lucky Clover
4.Put it in Your house
You will have more HRA points!
Not much,though
lucky hair
when you get a four leaf clover drag it up to your guy and press A then he will put in in his hair
Make animals cry and scream!
Sometimes you may find something called a pitfall seed.If you bury it in front of an animal it will fall down a hole!Speak to it and it will scream!LOL!!!!
Make animals stay in their houses
Make animals stay in their houses
To make animals stay in their houses, simply go to the gate, and ask Copper to open the gates for DS to DS visitors. After the gates are open, your animals will stay in their houses. This makes deliverys VERY easy if you are having trouble finding certain animals, or if you are trying to look at a certain animal's house and they don't stay inside much.

Make Good money
Ok what you need is 8 peices of paper. Write a letter to every one in your town. Then put presents in them 2 pitfalls 2 of your fruit and 2 shells.then make time pass about a day or 2 then cut down a tree and plant the apple one of the villagers might of sent you but dig up stump and then plant. keep doing so until you think you have enough. then pick all of them untill your pack is full then go sell them to tom nook. Once you picked all of the fruit and sold them skip to a week later keep doing it over and over. Now im pretty rich.I make about 100,000 in about 30 min
make money easily
go back about a month and shake all of the trees with fruit on sell them all then go to the town hall get your full amount of money and divide it by three (you may need to use a calculator) then put one third of it in your bank one third of it to pay off your mortgage and one third for you to spend then go forward a day by changing settings and do the same again until you have got back to the original date you should have lots of money in your bank and in your hand kerching!!!! $$$
make money fast
To make money fast get all of your towns flowers and sell them. Go get all of your fruits sell them. Then go to the beach, collect all your shells and sell them. Then go around hitting rocks with a shovel and shaking trees. When you find the rock that gives you money keep hitting it until it is out of money. If you have a USB connector, empty your pockets and connect with someone. Get all there fruit, go back to your town and sell the fruit. Put all your money in your BANK ACCOUNT. Save and go to the beach and get all the seashells and turn the power of. Repeat again until you have enough money to pay of your mortgage. Each time put your money in your BANK ACCOUNT. Also, always use the same character. If you have more characters with money take all the money and put it in your house. The person paying the mortgage should then get the money. I hope I helped
Make Someone Angry!
Youll need-

-your person (Obviously)
-anybody outside

Go the closest as you can to a neighbour and move around with them, they'll say something and they'll go angry (great if you hate you hate your neighbours! Like I hate Eloise)
Ok set your clock to the 1st of JAN like say it's 2007 change it to 2008. You will get 10,000 bells from Mom. Keep doing this and you'll be rich. Trust me!!!
Make your fish worth twice as much!!!!!!
Catch a fish in Winter or Summer (dosen\'t really mater which). DO NOT SELL IT TO TOM NOOK STRAIGHT AWAY!!! Whatcha gotta do is travvel BACK in time (that way you won\'t get weeds) to winter if you were on Summer and Summer if you were on winter. Sell it to Tom Nook and TA-DA!!! You get twice as much because the fish arn\'t in season!!!!!!!!!!!!
Makin' Money
First,get a storage case. Next, fill anyone of the symbols full of fossils. Finally, put your tools in letters or other places and put the fossils in your suitcase and sell.
making money
Wait up in the middle of the night i.e 3am in the morning. and wait for a shooting star then it says make a wish but don't say clothes or anything say a billion pounds and you get it!!!
Making your friend mad
Okay get a net from Tom Nook then if your friend is outside don\'t stand too close, start hitting them with the net, once you hit them, they look bothways, do it about 3 times amd they\'ll get angry at you or they get sad.
Maximum money (very important)
What you need:
.fishing rod

Go by a river or ocean(rivers are better) and look for huge fish. There are more big fish in the rivers, not including a stupid sea bass. Then fish for a bunch of huge fish, then sell them when your pockets are full. If you try to make at least 100,000 bells a day and save up money, you could be rich in 10 days! I hope this helps. It might take about 3-5 hours, or more.
Meow-Meow Lullaby Town Tune
Here's a town tune remarkably similar to Meow-Meow Lullaby, the opening music for the game Catz.


First Line: E G B D A Rest A rest
Last Line: E G B D B Rest F rest

Good luck giving your town musical flavor!
save up your bells and buy as many white turnips as possible and put them in your house on your table, that way theyll never spoil. to do this put tools like nets or shovels around the table and then drop the items and they should go on the tables. then keep them there until the turnip prices spike aroind the 500's. thats the highest i ever got, 511. when you see that they are that high, sell them. duh. and if its taking forever to get that high and you dont want ur hra score to be super low, put a bunch of gyroids in you extra spaces. then with the extra money go and pay of your dept or get your shop on....or whatever
Money & No Weeds
Money -
Are You Poor??Wanna Be Rich?? Sell Loads Of Fruit To Tom Nook If Yu Go To Ur Mates Town & They Have A Differnt Fruit Pick It Up & Sell It To Nook For 500 Bells Each!!

No Weeds -
Get A Pattern That Will Never Get Old & Put It Over Your Town & Ta-da No More Weeds! It SOunds Like A Pain But If You Make Differnt Designs Make Ur Dream World!! & Get No Weeds!!
Money Making Tips
Are you such a poor person? That is because you are using too much money! So read this about how to get money...

-sell stuff you don't need
-sell your fossils
-hit rocks
-shake trees (some have bees)
-sell fruits from other towns
-steal money from your friends
-if you are Lyle's member, get stung by a bee

Thats all for now so don't be lazy you person that spends money on stuff. Get up lazy bum!
Money Rock.
In your town, dig holes around each rock.

O = rock
o = holes

o o o
o o

Like that ^
You have to be standing in the middle spot, hit each rock with a shovel until it drops money. Keep hitting it over and over until it stops giving money. With that formation you can get around 8500 bells per day easily!
Money Trees!
You need the Golden Shovel for this.

Dig a hole and plant 10000 Bells. When it's fully grown, shake it, you should get 3 money bags with around 10000 Bells. Sometimes the money tree can die and you can lose all the Bells you planted or only get a few in return. Be careful with how much you plant!
Mononoke Town Tune
I'm not really sure what the name of the song is, the music I have, the title is in Japanese.
They are all high register, the lowest note is the F.
monthly millionair
I know there is a ton of million dollor cheets here but most of them requier time traveling. But what if you dont want people to move away or get so many weeds? Well here is a tip that i use all the time. All you got to do is put 30,000+ bells in your bank acount each day. (get the bells by fishing,selling fossils, bug catching, selling shells or just talking to villegers around town)
By the end of the month you will have 1,000,000+ bells to use for what you wish.
More For Your Fruit!
If you go into a different town you can sell your fruit for even more if that town doesn't normally sell that fruit.
More Happy Room Acadamy points
When you read the bulletin board sometimes nook
puts stuff up like...."spotlight product instore"
go to his store and get it whatever it is he will tell ya if its spotlight or not.put it in ur house and you will get loadsa hra points.
its great with the christmas tree. i got tons ov points with this product.
More Mula With Flea Market ! ! !
When the flea market comes to town everyone sells their things very cheap. You can also sell your things. What you do is sell the stuff for a good amount (if it is too high they will say NO!) Then when the flea market is over you put the money in your bank and then fast forward it to the next day. Then rewind it to yesterday (just before the flea market starts and you should have your money from yesterday in your bank. You can keep on getting money from the flea market over and over again until you have all the money you need! HAVE GREAT FUN!
Mosquitoes & fishing
Before fishing, you should always check if there are any mosquitoes nearby, as they can still bite you while you have your rod in the water. Before throwing the bait thing in, you should catch the mosquitoes or let them bite you so you do not miss the chance to catch a rare fish. If they bite you whilst you are fishing, the bait thing will retract automatically and this will scare the fish away.
Music Town All Around!!!
This Cheat will transform your silent town into a musical fiesta! Give your neighbors something that plays music through the mail. The next day they will put up the item and play one of K.K.'s songs on it! I've only tried this 4 times but so far it has worked perfectly! (If you don't already know, K.K. Slider goes to the roost every Saturday night! if you're lucky he will give you a CD of one of his his songs to play back at your house!) I sure hope you spice up your town with my helpful tip! :-)
musum /money
So you want fish to go in your musum right? well let me give you a tip ;

To get sharks , hammerheadsharks and ocean sunfish(not found anything else yet!) as well as other fish if your lucky! in your mumsem to admire. Going fishing quite early in the morning or whatever time you fancy ,, catch loads of fish sell them at Tom Nooks store then when you came back (needed a full set of fish) there should be this really big fish with a white/silver fin try and catch it mite take qutie a lot of time! and if your unlucky then this shart type thing comes back later (about 3 times!)
i hope you like this tip !

Nasty Weeds
When skipping ahead for many reasons, here's some tips to make things go just a bit faster:

1. The touch screen slows things down, stick to the A,B,X,Y, and Arrow Buttons.

2. Have nothing equipped. One acception is an Umbrella.

3. If you have a friend with the game, have them help, in return for an item or bells, or just because they're your friend.

4. Items getting clogged up with Lucky Clovers? Just replant them, and quickly take your shovel out to dig them up. Bye bye!

Hopefully these Non-Cheat tips can help you! ^-^

Native Fruits!
Are you tired of growing and collecting the SAME fruit everyday in your town? (Cherries,apples,etc....) Well, send one of these fruits in bottle mail (attach to your letter) and send it out to the OCEAN. I only say this because you know how there's coconuts on the beach once a week or so? Well they only arrive on the beach. So if you send fruit out, there's a 50% chance you'll get fruit from other towns!
Like cherries or apples or coconuts....
Thanks! Enjoy the fruit.
Need Money?
Have you sold all your fruit? Have you sold all your flowers? Have you sold all your shells? Well, in order to get more and more shells, all you have to do is save and end your game, and then start again, then your beach will have a fresh new supply of shells to sell. About 8 of them. It's a great way to get more money.
Need More Money & Furniture...
Shake all the trees in your town then forward you date to one day after then go back onto the game and shake them again. Then just simply change your date back.. Simple!!
Neighbor's Picture
In order to get your neighbor's picture, you'll have to do several things for them. These include talking to them regularly, bringing them medicine when they're sick, and basically interacting in a kind way to them constantly. Be careful, though: they give you a question that you have to answer before you get the picture! Be cautious about which answer you choose!
New RARE stuff
If you go the extra mile in decorating your house and get over 100,000 points from the happy room academy and sustain it. You will get completly new items from tom nook that are only available 4 your current character.
Nice to meet you pete
At 9:00am and 5:00Pm Have your sling shot out and look at the sky you will see the third peliican flying shot him down and he'll talk to you!!
No More Full Pockets
When Tom Nook's closes for remodling you can......

1) Put everthing you wanna sell to Nook in your house if u have room

2) Bury your stuff but NOT FRUIT! That way you'll just plant a fruit tree.
No Random Mail from the HRA!
For this to work, you will need the following:

  • A house
  • A light in your house

    Switch off EVERY single light in your house, and then wait a day (but you can't fast forward). You should notice that you won't recieve any mail from the HRA.
  • No resetti!
    In wi-fi when you lose your connection it will bring up a message which will turn off the ds.Resseti will not show up when you turn it on this time so if you want too turn off your game if you have something wrong.Do this too avoid resetti!
    No Resseti, and Animals in their home!
    I think that is how you spell it... well anyway, if you made a HORRIBLE mistake (like at Able Sisters) and need to turn the power off, or if you want the town to yourself, no stress! Just finish whatever you are doing, and go talk to Copper at the gate. Say "Invite guests" and choose DS to DS (well, you can do WFC if you want, but DS to DS is a lot easier). He will open the gate and all animals will be sent to their homes! And if you made that horrible mistake, shut the power off (ONLY if the gate is open). Turn the ds back on and when you get to the actual game... NO RESSETI! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

    Hope this worked! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Nook's Store
    Right you know when Nook remodels for a day, he actully can have some good things in there, but how do you get it! Well on the days hes closed for remodeling, go foward by one day, save and go back to the normal date and Nooks is open with the new store! I tried this myself it can help if he has something rare in stock!
    One Reason not to have weeds
    If you shoot down a balloon and it lands on a weed or clover patch, the present will disappear.
    Ouick Pitfall
    Falling in pitfall seeds are annoying right. Especialy if your trying to get somewhere fast. Toget out of them as fast as possible when you fall in one get your stylus and move it in quick circles around your character you should be out in a couple seconds.
    Paintings From Redd Fake Or Not Fake
    If You Buy A Paiintiing From Crazy Redd If Yoo Want To Check If Its Fake Or Note Before You Sell It Or Donate It Go To Nooks / Nookingtons
    And Go On To My Cataloque And If The Painting Yoo Bought From Redd Is On It Its NOT FAKE
    Pascals Picture
    Some people tell you its immpossible to get
    Pascals Pic, but trust me you dont have to lift a finger(exept to hold the stylus).Once every week(not Saturday or Sunday or Crazy Redd Day)
    Pascal is seen on the cost of the beach not on the sand,on the bits of land near the end of the river.When you talk to him hell ask could he give you advice.At the end hell give you a gift.It ill be his picture or some pirate furniture.I know I have 2 of his pictures!
    Put patterns down to stop weeds from growing where the pattern is! But remember, you can't shoot down gifts, shake fruit or dig up fossils, so this Tip might mess up your town.
    1.1st buy a shovel if you already don\'t have one , find some fossels.
    2.go and get you fossils checked at the mueseam
    3.go to tom nook\'s shop , say you would like to sell you fossil and wen he tells you how much he will buy it for DO NOT SELL IT TO HIM CLICK THE OPTION \" NO THANKS \" you game then , go on again click on the phone and set the date to 3rd of feb .
    5.the 3rd of feb will be the FLEA MARKET put your fossils in your house and someone will come in and wnt to buy your fossil
    Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast And Easy
    Everybody knows it's a pain paying off your mortgage but heres an easy way of doing it:

    1. Write a letter to EVERYONE in your town sayin i love fruit.

    2. As a present put 1 of these shells in each letter: porceletta, dalls top, conch, white scallop, coral,
    sand dollar or venus comb but whatever u do dont send a pearl oyster!!!!!!

    3. When u have sent the letters fastforward to the next day and in the replys u will either recieve fruit or clothes and the fruit should be fruit that is not in ur town.

    4. Now go and chop down a tree and then where the tree was plant the fruit and continue to do that with all the fruit u have got!

    5. After u have done that fastforward 4 days and the trees should be fully grown if not then keep fastforwardin till they r!!

    6. Now empty ur pockets completely and collect all the fruit fae the trees with the native fruit and sell them at nooks and u will get
    7.500 bells for the native fruit if u fill ur pockets wif it!

    7. When you've sold all the native fruit fastforward three days and shake down the fruit but dont pick it up!!!!!!!!! then do it again 4 more times. When youve dun that then u can pick the fruit up and sell it 4 big bells then wif da muney u make put it in yer bank account and when u have saved up enough pay off yer mortgage oh and by the way u should have mad 200.000 bells in bout and hour or so!

    Paying off your house
    Sometimes you get a huge house which require you to save lots of money. A quick and easier way to do this is store your money in the bank. You'll get some bells every month depending on the amount you have, and once you have enough, you can pay of your debt. It's a good idea to store around 20,000-30,000g exra before you pay of your debt because you'll probably want to have some money to buy more items for your new upgraded house!
    Perfect Snowman!
    You may already know that if you roll 2 snowballs together, you make a snowman. Perhaps you know that if you make a perfect snowman, you receive some rare snowman furniture, wallpaper, or carpet.
    But to make a perfect snowman exactly:

    make the bigger snowball as tall as your character

    make the smaller snowball about as tall as your character's nose
    To get someones picture you have to be nice to them and give them presents, and do jobs for them, and send them letters, and more!
    Pill Bug Trick
    If you wish to catch "a pill bug" you need to have this equipment:
    A net and a shovel (can be simple or the golden). First find a stone on the ground, when you're ready, equip shovel, hit the stone and expect to see the "pill bug" appear (it will jump off the stone). Now you got to catch it before it runs away! Be prepared to equip the net fast or you will miss it! You get 250 bells for it Its just so fun to catch them

    NOTE THAT, you can get ONLY ONE of these bugs each day, also not all of the stones, you find, will make bugs to appear. HAVE FUN!
    Pill Bugz
    if you see an animal staring at a rock, there's probably a pill bug hiding in it. to catch it, take out your shovel and hit the rock, a little black dot should fly off it. take out your net and catch it.*it moves, so don't let it get away!
    Places to Shoot Flying Balloons.
    Hey, you know those flying balloons? Well, yo can't just go shooting them down all Willy-Nilly, or wherever they are in the sky! Even if you shoot
    them down, you may lose the present. I once shot down a present, but i didn't look where I was shooting and,- PLOP! The present fell in the lake and drifted away with the current. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Here are a few places NOT to be when shooting down a balloon: On a bridge, Near water, by a building, (I haven't tried it, but I wouldn't reccomend it.)
    Here's where TO shoot down a balloon: In a clear area, by the walls, On Resseti (Of course!) LOL.
    Present on baloon
    Do you ever see a present on a baloon?

    When you do, when you are buy the beach, the baloon seems small and hard to catch but when you are buy the town hall, it is very big and you will be able to hit the baloon better. Hurry up though, it will soon be gone.
    Present Paluza
    You know how people send you letters telling you to get them a present for their birthday? In case you didnt know, you can get them an apple and they will give you either a piece of furniture or something good!
    Prevent your neighbors from leaving!!!
    When your neighbor tells you that they're going to move out, send them a letter! Whenever you send an animal a letter, they have to respond the next day. This prevents them from leaving because they usually move out the next day, so they can't move if they have to respond to your letter!
    Price for fish in the fleamarket
    It took a while to figure out the prices ,but I did it and it works.

    Crucian Carp-240 bells

    Bluegill-240 bells

    Octopus-1000 bells

    Goldfish-2600 bells

    Cherry Salmon-2000 bells

    Black Bass-600 bells

    Pale Chub-400 bells

    Horse Mackeral-300 bells

    Sea Bass-320 bells

    Red Snapper-6000 bells

    Zebra Turkeyfish-800 bells

    Pond Smelt-600 bells

    Koi-4000 bells

    Olive Flounder-1600 bells

    Dab-600 bells

    Bitterling-1800 bells

    Squid-800 bells

    Yellow Perch-480 bells

    Carp-600 bells

    Sea Butterfly-2000 bells

    Barbel Steed-400 bells

    Dace-400 bells

    Football Fish-5000 bells

    String Fish-30000 bells

    Popeyed Goldfish-2600 bells

    Coelacanth-30000 bells

    Sorry but I haven't caught all the fish. I'm also working on bug prices. Please try the cheat and verify it.
    Quick 10000 bells
    Are you ever in need of a quick couple of thousand bells well heres your chance.Every year on january first your mom sends you a letter and give you 10000 bells.So its easy just simply go to start your game.Then change the day of your game to january first.Then last just keep on switching your years and you will keep on getting the mail from your mom.WARNING this will give you weeds so if your not that despirit dont do it.

    Quick Cash
    The best way to get cash actually is through fossils. You can donate fossils to the musuem and view them, but other than that it is best to sell them. Fossils are easy to find, just have a shovel and look for little star shaped things in the ground. You can dig them up and they can be fossils. You take them to the museum and ask Blathers to identify them, then sell them to tom Nook. You can also get money off fish and bugs. Some bugs can be sold for 8,000g but are very hard to catch and can attack you. Some fish can sell for 15,000g but you must be very quick at responding because you don't even get half a second when they bite the bait. They also bite when you're not expecting it, they can bite it quickly or can just wait a few seconds before actually biting the bait.
    Sometimes, if you've neglected your town, you'll notice a large, reddish brown flower with a lot of flies surrounding it. This shows your town is in very poor condition. Remove all the weeds in your town, and after a while, the flower will die, and disappear on its own. You are not able to dig this flower up, though!
    Rare Beetles
    First, you must plant a few palm trees in your town. Dig a hole, half on land, the other half on sand. During the Fireworks Show, look on the palm trees carefully. Make sure to be cautious since you do not have a load of room.
    During the Fireworks in the summer night, look for beetles, like Elephant Beetles and Atlas beetles. Here is the key point:
    1. Most bugs and fish can be caught during the Fireworks Show.
    2. Bugs are attracted to a sweet coconut.

    Hope this helped, and please rate and verify my tip!
    Rare snowman!
    You can get Rare snowman items like snowman clock, snowman carpet, snowman bed, and MUCH more. to do this, You must create a snowman when there is a snowball. You have to make it perfect and the snowman would say "I'M PERFECT!" then he would send you a letter. Try it!
    p.s you cannot buy this from catalogue

    Green E, Green E, - , Green E, - , Green C, Green E, - , Yellow G, -, -, - , Blue G, - , - , -.

    - = hold
    Recycling Rox.
    Go to the town hall and go towards the green and yellow box. Its the recycling bin. Either put stuff in, or take stuff out to sell.

    Redds passwords
    Redd says: You say:
    An open wallet

    is often empty
    Ask and you shall

    be charged
    Bottom dollar

    top dog
    Cat's away

    mice shop
    Courage is nice

    cash is freedom
    Crazy Redd

    is 35
    Even robbers

    have safes
    Fan in one hand

    cash in other
    Foot in the door

    eye on prize
    For Redd's fans

    shop here again
    Get an education

    or win it big
    Give 2 cents

    ask for change
    Golden ingots?

    Redd bells
    Head in sand

    find something
    Honest souls

    can be bought
    Hot and cold

    money makes it
    I'm all alone

    but I have cash
    Life expectancy

    Redd is 35
    Look at people

    wallets full
    Neighbor Raccoon

    one ugly fellow
    No flowers

    just cash
    No money

    means no fun
    Roses have

    high prices
    Rough childhood

    lax adulthood
    Someone to wed

    no way Nook
    Spoiled rotten

    bean curd
    Talk is cheap

    so is Redd
    Thankless task

    goes unpaid
    The grass is greener

    on my side
    The pen is mightier

    and cheaper
    Turn back

    what'd you miss
    What's fabulous

    is inside
    What's inside

    is fabulous
    Why buy the cow

    get milk here
    Resetti messege
    To get Resetti messege on your screen you need to do this. First have people come to your town. Then the person who is visiting your town turns their Nintendo DS off. If you have done this correctly their should be a picture of Resetti on you screen saying some thing like "If you didn't save bad things will happen to."
    Residents will stay in your town!
    Do you hate it when you are really good friends with someone in your town and one day you go into their house and they are packing?

    Well, here are some cheats to help you keep them in your town!

    1. Go over to them when they are in their house packing. They will soon say they are leaving. When its your turn to speak, tell them to stay. Keep doing this until they say something like, "Maybye I should stay!" Hopefully, the next day, the should still be there!

    2. Or, I think this works but not sure, plant a tree. I think they like it when you do this so they might stay. I would advise you to Cheat 1 just to make sure.
    On flea market day if you have a 3 story hous store all the wanted furniture upstairs and all the unwanted furniture downstairs this way when the animals come they don't get annoying asking for your wanted furniture!!!!!!!!!!!
    Scamming the scammer
    We all know lyle, the guy who sells insurance.Well to scam the scammer you need to buy his 3k thing, and a king tut wig/mask. than put it on and run around outsiide you will fall at one point take it off than shake trees and get stung do this every day for 200 a day and you run him out f his buissness
    Sell Everything At The Flea Market
    You can sell everything you want to at the Flea Market.For this to work you need another room.

    So when who ever is in your house is done buying(you will know because they will stand there and just talk to you) go either up stairs or in another room. Go back to the main room and the animal will be running around wanting to buy more items.
    Sell Turnips for Big Money
    You need 2 Nintendo DS's and 2 copies of the game. You can do this DS to DS or WI-FI. What you need is Person #1 to go through their days and find out when Tom Nook is buying turnips for a high price. When you find a day that you are turning a good profit off of the turnips, have Person #2 with the other DS go to a Sunday morning at 6 am. Find Joan and then buy as many turnips as you can. Then connect either of the two ways (DS to DS or WI-FI). Person #2 go to Nook and sell turnips for the profit. If you do this enough, you should be able to pay off both Person #1 and Person #2's houses in no time.

    My fiance actually figured this out and we were able to make over 10 million bells in a little more than 3 hours. Nook was actually buying turnips on his game for a whopping ***533 bells per turnip***!!!!
    The way to get a shark is to wait until the weather is really bad, when it's raining and stormy go to the sea and a shark should appear. You'll know it's a shark because you'll see it's dorsal fin poking out of the water.
    shark money!
    step one catch a shark DONT sell it 2 Nook for 15000 bells wait until a flea market comes along (where animals come in your house to buy stuff!) put your shark out and they will buy the shark for 30000 bells then say no and then when the next animal comes along sell the shark for 32000 bells have fun!
    Shell Prices
    Porceletta = 30 bells
    Sand Dollar = 60 bells
    Dall's Top = 90 bells
    Venus Comb = 150 bells
    Coral = 250 bells
    Conch = 350 bells
    White Scallop = 450 bells
    Pearl Oyster = 1,200 bells
    shirts before there even there tommorow
    If you go into the Able sisters shop look at Sable she is sewing right??? well what she is sewing is a shirt that shirt is going to be there tomorow. If you really like that shirt time travel to the next day!!!have fun with the shirts!!!!!!!!
    shking trees
    There are 2 non-fruit bearing trees in your town that have furniture in them! It might be a risk with the bees but its a easy way to get furniture you might want.
    Shop Upgrades
    There are 4 types of shops these r their names:
    .Nooks cranny, 2 tools, 1 paper, 1 plant, 1 wall, 1 floor, 2 furniture, medicine, note in bottle.
    .nook 'n go: can't remember but it's got 3 furniture.
    .nookways: 4 furniture, 3 paper, 3 tools, note in bottle, medicine,
    nookingtons, hair dressers(cool), 1 whole floor of furniture and walls/floors, 1 floor of tools and flowers.
    You know those signs scattered around town? (they say things like apple-100bells, other fruit 500 bells, etc) that means that when a new animal moves in, that's where they'll make their home. (on one of them)
    Sleep Tight
    If you are connected with a friend on the DS to DS, be standing by each other and have one person close the Nintendo. The person that closed the Nintendo will start to fall asleep. It is sooooo funny if you have the yawn emotion. You can't have the menu open when you close it though.
    Slingshot Present
    Log on and wait for the time to be a number ending in 4 eg:12:04 12:14, etc then you will see a balloon with a present hope this helped!
    snow man
    when it is winter in december you can see the snow alls on the floor. roll then up into a but snow ball and make a snow man sometimes he or she can offer you money but sometimes they don;'t they just go on about how the flowers grow and how fat they look.
    snow queen/jack frost
    if you want to look like some random snow queen, or jack frost here's what you need:
    -all of the snow furniture
    -a white/blue shirt or design
    -go to harriet and get your hair white or blue
    (the spiky white hair looks the best on guys)
    Snowman Furniture
    During winter, you usually find snowballs laying on the ground. If you roll two together, and the shape is commendable, you can get furniture from the Snowman. He will tell you how amazing he looks and thanks you for your artistic talent. Later, you will get a letter in the mail with a piece of Snowman furniture attached to it. Note: what you get is random.
    Someone Has A Crush On You
    This happened to me while I was talking to Pango and Egbert.This should happen to you if you are listening to a girl and boy's conversation.The girl will say the boy needs to tell you something.The boy will deny it.The girl will ask him if he's sure.The boy will say,"... I have nothing to admit to...I mean say to (your name here)"The conversation ends and then he will have little clouds floating around his head.I don't know if this will happen to boys.
    something lost ?!?
    If you just want something or want to play a trick on a fellow town-ee go to booker and say something lost and then he will give you a number of items - they are yours to take and no one cares yay free things.
    Sound of Music Town Tune
    My friend helped me with this. You know the song "so, do, la, fa, mi, do, re...." form the Sound of Music. well heres how to make it your town tune!


    yeah hope you use it or w|e! =]
    Sparkley Eyes every time
    (especially for girls) Sparkley eyes are the cutest look. Follow these steps to get sparkley eyes every time...
    the turtle in the cab(Kapp'n)asks you a series of questions to clarify your gender and look here are the correct answers for sparkley eyes.
    Question 1- he talks about the rain and you tell him "Yeah, it stinks"
    Question 2- your name doesn't matter and neither does your gender so cute or burly, it's up to you
    Question 3- he asks if you're learning about interior decorating, you say "Butt out!"
    Question 4- He asks if you have enough money to start you off, you say "yup"

    Bonus Question (he doesn't always ask)- he says so why are you planning to move? and you say "border"

    and you hop out of the car with cute Sparkley eyes!
    Sparkly Dress!
    Basically, all you need to do is choose a random colour (I chose dark blue) and then do small white dots all over it! Remember to space them out. Save it and buy it. Now when you walk, the dress will sparkle!
    Special paper
    Special paper
    Some paper in the game you can not buy from Nook or find lying around, you have to do certain things.

    Academy paper Sign up with the HRA, and your scores shall arrive on academy paper

    Bottle paper Purchase a bottle with paper from Tom Nook, write a letter and drop it into the ocean. You shall receive a note back and can now use the bottle paper

    Formal paper Win an event during the year such as the fishing tourney and your prize shall come with a note written on formal paper

    Fox paper Become a member at Crazy Redd's tent, and you shall receive the password to enter his tent every week, written on fox paper

    Insurance paper Sign up for accident insurance with Lyle. Get stung from bees or buy a forged painting to get a settlement in the post with a note on insurance paper

    Nook paper Order something from your catalogue from Tom Nook. When your order arrives a letter written on Nook paper shall be attached

    Snowman paper Roll up snowballs large enough to make snowmen. When completed the snowman will send you a gift and a note in the post written on snowman paper

    Town Hall paper Deposit some money into your bank account at the Post Office, and when you recieve monthly statements they shall be on Town Hall paper
    Spendaholic neighbours.
    On a flea market day when your neighbour buys 3 items, go to a next room and back again. Your neighbours will continue their shopping spree. When they buy 3 more items go next door and back again until all items are sold.
    Star Wars Theme Song
    *LG=Low G
    HG=High G
    Regular F=F
    ND(Normal D)=D
    Normal E=E
    HC=High C
    #=Hold note

    Starships town tune!!! :D
    Ok, so for anyone who looooves nicki minaj, boy do I have a town tune for you!
    _= run on
    ×= pause
    °= high notes
    ~= low notes

    ok this is the combination for starship!

    Hope you read the symbols key and can understand it! Bai!
    Start new game with old player.
    Ok, so your planning to move aye?
    Want to keep your old player and have all his/her items and loads of money to start off a new town?
    First take all your stuff out of your house and attach it to letters, then save the letters at the town hall. THIS DOES SAVE YOUR STUFF.
    Keep doing that until all your items are in the townhall letter save.

    Next to get a heap of money, you need to save at least 50,000 bells. Once done, put them in your bank account. Save the game turn it off. Make sure the date on DS is 1 Jan 2000. Then change your AC settings to 1 Jan 2000.
    In the DS settings skip 10 years (you will get weeds but your deleteing your game anyway). Turn off and start Animal Crossing again. Check mail there should be one from the town hall saying you've recieved 50,000-99,999 bells.
    Save and go to your DS settings again. Skip 9 years or 10. Start Animal crossing again, check mail. Repeat until you have over 2 million bells.
    Or as much as you want .

    Then get a friend to start immagration mode on their DS, move your player. Re-build your town.
    Start new game. As soon as you can save, Save and go to main menu. Kick-out that new character, and go to immagration. Get your friend to move your player back to your Game in your new town! You will have all your stuff in the letter holder and you will also have over 2 million bells to pay off your loan.

    I have done this multiple times. And sometimes a few of your old game residents will move into your new town.

    Have fun. I discovered this tip/cheat on my own. So its my work... Feel free to spread it around

    Hope it helps. Thanks, Liam.S

    P.S Feel free to email me.

    Still Alive
    This tip is for anyone who either doesn't like their present town song or people who love the game Portal. If you want the Portal song, "Still Alive", as your town song type in:

    Keep in mind, this is only part of the song.
    If you want to talk to someone,but their busy talking to someone else,make your person walk between the person you want to talk to and the person their talking to.

    In example,if Yuka is talking to Puddles and you want to talk to Yuka walk in between Yuka and Puddles and they will stop talking.
    SWEET $ FAST~~~
    Well first you plant a native fruit tree then u wait a few days or fast forward(doesn\'t matter) then u take 2 of the fruits and plant them and then the other one you sell so u still make $$ and have the fruit in ur town and it doubles so u can do it OVER AND OVER!!!

    To catch a tarantula on animal crossing, it needs to be the right time, night time-ish. DON'T walk around with your net, because if you do, the tarantula/scorpion will attack you, and, when you DO se one, wait for it to stop, then sneak behind it, then carefully take out your net, and BANG! You donate it!
    Tarantulas, Scorpions, and Fleas!
    Tarantulas and Scorpions come out in the summer and they are found running on the ground. You are going to have to listen for them, or you will get attacked and will wake up in front of your house!!!

    Now Fleas!
    You should notice on your neighbor little black things jumping around them, those are fleas!!! You should notice their catchphrase changes to "arrack" or "screechy" and all that. Well get out your net and stand kinda far away and catch the flea and talk to that neighbor. They will be SOOOO Freaked out!
    The easiest way to get Nookingtons!
    The first thing you have to do is get 240,000 bells out of the bank. (if you are rich) Then you have to go to Nookway and but the most expensive thing in the catalog (which is the miniture car) Keep on buying them until Nook has gotten no more room for orders.

    Now fast forward one day and drop all your stuff on te floor keep on doing this until you have
    gotten no more money.

    The next thing you have to do is connect with afriend who has animal crossing and get them to buy something from the shop.

    Fast forward two days and volia!!!! You will have two furniture stores with assistants Tommy and Timmy and a barber shop!!!!

    Email me at if you have any problems!!!!! :-)
    The Secrets behind Shaking Trees...
    Well, when you think about it, there's really no downside to shaking trees. Here's a list of all of the good things that can happen to you.
    1) You get fruit. (Duh)
    2) Bells fall out.
    3) Furniture falls out.
    4) A Bees' nest falls out?!
    That's right folks! Bees are a good thing, great actually. Have you ever caught a bee? It sells for a whopping 4,500 bells! It takes some practice and some serious skills, but bee catching is possible. Getting stung isn't a big deal. Buy some medicine. You'll most likely make more than enough to cover your medical expenses. Just be sure to use it after you FINISH bee hunting. There's always the possibility you'll get stung more than once. But when all is said and done, you've ended up with bees in your wallet, cash on hand, free stuff, and fruit. Like I said before, there's really no downside to shaking trees.
    The Star
    On a clear night when it is NOT raining. You may see a shooting star. Click the A button and you will get to make a wish or get an awesome present the next day!

    I hope this works. My friends said it would.
    The Ultimate Check list for AC
    I have had AC on the DS for a few months now and have the ultimate check list to do daily to get a perfect town and a whole lot of money!!

    1. Go on AC at 8am and fish for at least five fish.
    2. And also catch at least five bugs.
    3. Then collect all the shells on the beach.
    4. Once you have done that, sell all your fish and bugs to Nook.
    5. If you have any rare ones, donate to the museum instead of selling them.
    6. Then put at least half the money you have earned into your savings.
    7. Then buy all of the flowers in Nook's.
    8. Plant the flowers and water any others.
    9. Then shake a few trees and plant the fruit.
    10. Try to do as many tasks as possible for you neighbours.
    11. Then repeat tasks one and two at midday then again at 8pm.
    12. Save half the money you make into your account and spend the rest! =]

    Use this cheecklist everyday as well as your usual doings on AC and within three months you will have the perfect town, a ton of money and a large collection of fish and bugs in your museum! Good Luck!
    time traveling
    Ya i no a lot of people thank time traveling is SO BAD but come on i mean if you want alot of money and do not care abut weeds you will love it!!!

    first put 50k in the bank and save than go to the ds clock and set it to 2070 and go to your town and look in your mail box look for a letter from town hall it will say sum sum and 99,999 HAS BE ADDED TO YOUR BANKACCOUNT! and keep doing it until
    your happy. hope i helped you
    time changes
    their are 2 things you can do if you want to change the time.

    1.change the time in the internal clock of the DS

    2. or befor you touch your person go to the phone and go to change clock and change the clock
    Time Travel
    You know when you start the game after you have quit for a bit: when you continue, then it shows the screen with your character? At the top of that screen is the telephone, tap that, and reset the clock to the day ahead. You basically time travel, and you can go through the game like that!

    Anytime you finish anything interesting for the day, just "time travel" to the next day and keep playing.
    Time travel with very little weeds
    First, get a pattern you really like because what you do is you put it all over the ground. This stops the weeds from growing there. So now just leave it there then time travel and if you have the pattern all over the ground... MOLAH! no weeds!


    Just to warn you it takes along time to put the pattern everywhere!

    Also if you can't FIND a pattern you like, why not make a plain green one so it looks like grass?
    Tip for catching shark
    This may seem kinda obvious, but try not to hesitate when trying to catch a shark. if you tap/ press A (whichever you prefer) right when you hear the plop and see the bobber go down, it will help.
    Here is how to get Nookingtons, keep your pockets sorted and get rid of weeds. You have to have nookway

    1. Make sure that the time and date on the game are the real time and date.

    2. Do that cheat where you plant un-native fruit.

    3. Sort out your pockets eg. put you tools in your house, wear that new T-shirt. Do this until nothing is in your pockets.

    4. Get rid of all your letters. (you might want to keep a couple to hold your net in in case you see a rare bug or summat...)

    5. Get rid of all your money, put it in your house, savings acount or something. But remember how much you had. (don't use the money to pay of your mortgage.

    6. Pick 15 un-native fruit, sell to Nook, repeat. When all that fruit is gone. Fast forward 5 days.

    7. Everytime you see a weed, pick it.

    8. Keep selling until you have 240,000 bells. (if you have 10,000 bells already, see step 5, you only have to sell 230,000 bells of fruit.)

    9. Have a friend shop at your store.


    1. I do not know for sure if this works. I am 75% sure

    2. If you have sold lots of stuff to nook before he may say that he is expanding before you have sold 240,000 bells.
    to get money
    Step One. Gather 50k or above and put it in bank.
    Step Two. Save and reset clock in game to Jan 1 2000
    Step Three. Save, turn off power.
    Step Four. Change date on DS to 2000
    Step Five. Start Game. Save. then turn off power
    Step Six. reset DS clock to 2011
    Step Seven. start game, open mail, around what ever you put into the bank at the begininng between 100k is what you earned.
    Step Eight. Save turn off power
    Step Nine. Change DS to 2022
    Step Ten. Start game, this time in mail you should recieve 99,999

    Repeat steps Eight - Ten to get 99,999 everytime. dont go by 10, go from 2000 to 2011 to 2022 to 2033 etc.

    Once get to year 2099, Start from Step one all over again. The money earned prior, will STILL be in your Bank pockets or w/e.
    When starting back from step one the process of changing the clock from 2000 to 2011 might not give you any money, not to worry, after that you should be makin your 99,999 after that.
    To get or not to get Lyle's insurance
    I know that paying 3,000 bells for a lousy insurance could be a waste if the person selling was a salesman. But it could benefit especially if you accidentally bought a forged picture from Crazy Redd since Lyle should cover the money lost.

    You decide if you want to lose money by buying a fake painting or get it back by Lyle's insurance.
    Town Tune
    This tune is the intro to "James Blunt: Youre Beautiful". Here is the key, the example note is "A".

    A: high
    a: low
    a- : continue
    Zz: Rest
    ?: The screaming note at the top.

    g, e, d, e-,g, e, d
    e, f-, e, d, e-, g

    This is as close as i could get. Sorry if it doesn't sound right to you.
    Town Tune- Music and Lyrics
    This is the tune to "A way back into love" from Music and Lyrics: C A C A C A E_ D A_ C A C (rest) (rest)
    Town Tunes
    Bolero Of Fire from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: f d f d A f A f

    Come As You Are by Nirvana: a a b c _ f c f c c b a G a a z

    Epona's Song from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: D B A _ D B A

    Imperial March from Star Wars: e e e cge cge

    In The End by Linkin Park: d A _ A _ f _ e _ e _ e _ e f d

    Jingle Bells: e e e z e e e z e g c d e _

    Jurassic Park theme: C B C _ g _ f _ C B C _ g _ f _

    Mary Had A Little Lamb: E D C D E E E [little screaming face] D D D [srceaming face] E G G Z

    Minuet Of Forest from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d D B _ A B A or d D B A B A

    Mortal Kombat theme: a a c a d a e d _ c c e c f c g f

    Nocturne Of Shadow from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: C _ B B d B A f

    Prelude Of Light from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: D A _ D A B D

    Requiem Of Spirit from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d _ f _ d _ A f d

    Saria's Song from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: f A B _ f A B

    Serenade Of Water from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d _ f _ A _ A _ B or d f A A B

    Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple: g _ a _ b _ _ g _ a _ c b _ _

    Song Of Storms from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d f D _ d f D

    Song Of Time from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: A e f _ A e f

    Sun's Song from from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: A f D _ A f D
    Super Mario Bros: E E _ E _ C E ^G _ _ Z G ZZZ

    Super Mario Bros.
    Town Tunes - but better than others!
    High School Musical 2 ~ Fabulous

    Low G, Low G, hold note (bottom pink), Low B, hold note, Low D, High G, hold note, low G, low G, low G, low B, low A, low G, low G, hold note.

    Hannah Montana ~ Best of Both Worlds

    Low G, Low G, Low G, Low D, hold note, hold note, hold note, hold note, hold note, low B, low B, low A, Low A, hold note, hold note, hold note.

    High School Musical 2 ~ Everyday

    Low G, Low A, Low B, hold note, hold note, hold note, Low G, Low A, Low B, hold note, hold note, hold note, low A, low B, low C, hold note.

    One Republic ~ Stop and Stare

    Low G, hold note, Low A, hold note, low B, hold note, hold note, hold note, hold note, low G, low G, low A, low B, low A, low G, low G.

    Fall Out Boy ~ Sugar, We're Going Down

    Low G, low G, low G, low D, hold note, hold note, low B, hold note, hold note, low A, low G, low A, low B, low A, low G, hold note.
    Town Tunes!
    Some catchy ones (I think).

    (rest)low B(hold)(hold)low B /low C/low B (hold)
    low B/ low E/ low C/ low A (rest) low C/low G (hold)

    Random/ high D/ high F/ low B/Random/ low B/ high F/ high D (hold) low D/ high F/ high B (hold) high B/ high F/ low D

    I hope you like them...
    Town Tunez

    Harry Potter: A D_ F E D_ A G__ E__

    Zelda; Sariah's Song: F A B_ F A B_ F A B E D___
    Trantulas, Scorpions, and Sharks
    When catching big fish, approach it slowly because if you get excited and run towards it, it'll swim away. Once you get it approaching your fishing rod, be alert. It can bite and leave anytime! As soon as you hear the little sound the game makes when fishes bite the bait, press A or tap the screen! If you wait too long, it'll get away.

    Trantulas and scorpions are a pain to catch. Approach them slowly, and have your net out before you approach them. You only get one or two shots at this, so be careful! Make sure you have your aim dead on it, and swing your net. If you miss, it'll come after you and sting you. You'll wake up dazed in front of your house, and it'll be gone.

    Sharks sell for 15,000g - trantulas and scorpions sell for 8,000g. Catching them is really worth it!
    Traveling Along The Prarie Town Tune
    1. Go to Pelly/ Phyllis and enter GC- ED- CA- CG- GC--

    - means rest
    Treasure from the earth?!?
    Did you know that if you have a bunch of stuff that you don't want to sell, you could bury in the ground near your house? But the next day, don't think that there are a bunch of fossils right next to your house and no one else's.
    Trees not growing?
    Are your trees not growing where you want them to grow? For one thing, you can only plant two trees per day and they don't need watering (three trees or more WITH watering won't do any good either). For another, they need to have at least one space away from everything else solid (which are things you walk through like other trees, buildings or rocks).

    Before you plant your tree, mark it with a pattern and then straight in front of it, directly down. If there is another tree in front no matter how far down the path, then chop it down or don't plant the sapling at all. Saplings cannot have anything in front of it to grow. Unfortunately, I don't know much about the buildings blocking the way, but you can always try it out!

    Hopefully this tip will help blossom your town with a forest (unless you don't want a forest) and happy planting!
    Unspoiled Turnips
    I'm not taking credit for this, as a friend read it online somewhere, and I don't know who first discovered it, but it works, I've tried.

    Stand in front of an empty table in your house and place either the shovel or fishing rod in the room (it will land on the floor in front of the table). Stand in front of the table on top of the rod or shovel and place your turnips in the room. The turnips will land on the table instead of the floor. For some reason, this prevents them from spoiling. You can even change the date to go back in time and they still won't spoil.

    Now you can wait forever until the price is right to sell!
    Upgrade Nook's Shop at certain intervals
    These is the list of all the bells and requirements needed to upgrade Nook's shop. These are buy and sell transactions overtime.

    Nook 'n Go: 25,000 bells
    Nookway: 90,000 bells
    Nookington's: 240,000 bells and you must have a friend come over to your town and buy something from his store. He will close down for a day to remodel and he will open the next day with a new store. When you get to Nookington's, he will have a barber shop and a second floor with is nephews Tommy and Timmy.
    Upgrading Nook Shops (while earning money)
    When you are trying to upgrade his shop, just sell things. I don't really know how to say it but, the money you get is counted as the money you spent at his shop.

    sold fruit from other place : 500 bells (gained)
    bought shovel : 500 bells (lost)

    They both count as money so if you do both, you have 1000 less bells to "spend" before you upgrade.
    Want Really Cool Hair?
    You have came to the right place,
    first you need a Salon in (Nookingtons).

    Get to the point where you are sitting
    in the Orange chair. When she asks you
    when you want your hair to come alive, you
    answer "Every Day".

    Question: Do you like the sun? How does....
    Answer: Sweaty

    Question: Are Clothes important to you?
    Answer: Oh, Yeah!

    Question: How do you envision you dream color?
    Answer: Cold and fosty!

    Question: What direction speaks to you?
    Answer: ->Somthing else : Fiery!

    Then you will have really cool hair
    that is like Spikey and Pointy but orange!
    Waving and Fleas
    If you want to say Hi! to one of your neighbours, you don't always have to talk to them. You can stand a distance away from them and click on them, you will then wave at them. Depending on what mood they are in they will wave back, give you and evil glare, or simply ignore you.

    The way to catch fleas is very simple, when you are walking around, if you see one of your villagers with small black dots jumping of them, THEY HAVE FLEAS! You must stand a bit away from them, then swing your net (if you stand to close you will end up talking to them). You will catch a flea. If you then talk to the villager, they may try and blame it on somebody else. claiming they went to there house and got them, however the snooty villagers may say the Mrs.Nintendique magazine said they are in season. Fleas can be sold at Tom Nooks shop for 70 bells, so you may as well give it to the Museum
    Ways of claiming Insurance from Lyle
    Firstly, you need to accept the insurance offer from Lyle. He's the otter looking guy in a suit and carries a briefcase, and he hangs around your house on Saturdays. Once you've accepted his offer and paid him the(rip off) 3000 bells, you will get money when you are injured. When you-

    1. Trip up(this can be done by constantly running around on a wet day, or wearing the King Tut wig and running around)
    2. Get stung by bees when you shake a tree

    -you will receive 100 bells in the mail. It is a total rip off, admittedly, but it's money...oh, and if you accept the second insurance from Lyle, you can get money from him by giving him forged paintings and the like. You'll get those sorts of items from Crazy Redd. You just need to check the paintings out with Blathers, but I'll give you a tip-if it's forged he'll give it back, but if it's legit he'll take it from you. You don't want that, so go to Tom Nook and select it as the only thing to be sold, but don't sell it to him. Any forged paintings he will only buy for a very low price, so that's how you will know if it's forged without taking the risk of going to Blathers.

    Wear Plants
    To do this you got to find a 4-leaf clover and when you have it in your inventory drag it to your charecter's head and whala!!!
    what to do and what NOT to do
    you know the cheat to get 99,999 bells
    don't do it

    all you will get is friends gone and weeds


    chop down all your normal trees and replace them with non native fruit trees

    then sell them to nook
    and you'll get a lot of meoney every three days
    win fish torny
    At the first time you login go forword to augest 28th. Thengo down to the shore and get 4 sharks.
    1. Donate to the museam.
    2. Sell to the store.
    3. Keep at house for a pet.
    4. Give to tortimer at 5:50 pm.
    Then he will give you the trophie.

    In the bug off go to summer.
    Then catch 3 bird butterflies.
    1. Donate to the museam.
    2. Keep in house.
    3. Give to tortimer at 5:50 pm.
    Then he will give you the trophie.

    The flower fest.
    Steal other peoples flowers and put them on the lawn around the cement or run through others flowers till they are gone.
    Then at 6:00 tortimer will give you the trophie
    win the flower fest easy
    This is pretty easy but it works. It works best on the day before the competition ends.

    1. Make sure your pockets are empty.
    2. Steal the flowers from everyone else's house.
    3. Plant them around your house.

    Just wait (or time travel) to the day after the competition ends then you will get a cool new trophy.
    x_king tut gives more insurance_x
    well as you know when you have insurance you get bells every 30 days i think? im not 100% sure but if you get the king tut headwear and start running outside, you will fall and the next time you withdraw bells from your account you will see an increase in bells! yay more money!
    x_what is crazy redds password_x
    To get crazy redd's password, you need to find out from one of the residents in your town, they will tell you.They might not tell you straight away but just keep asking until they tell you
    Yoshi's theme song~!?
    Oh yes,
    You read it correctly.

    Yoshi's theme:

    G( (low)), G ((low)), G ((low)), G ((low)), G ((high)), silent, G ((low)), G ((low)), silent, E ((high)), silent, G ((low)), A ((low)), hold, hold, hold.

    Have fun with your new, totally pimped out town tune. ;P
    8D 8D 8D
    Zelda Songs(orcarina of time)
    Ok.No offense to the other guy if he finds this offensive some how

    Saria's song(Most of it) from The Legend of Zelda:

    fabfabfabe(High)d(High)bcbge(That's all you can fit)

    Song of time():

    Epona's song:

    Bolero of fire:

    Zelda Theme as town tune
    Here's the Zelda Theme as the Town Tune (transposed into the correct key and the rhythm fixed from xfollowthereaperx's FAQ)

    _ hold out the note
    z silence
    ^ the note after it is an octave higher than normal

    ^G_ _ D _ _ _ _
    ^G _ ^G ^A ^B ^c ^D _
    Zelda town tunes!!!!!!!!!
    the zelda theme song!!!!

    z=no note

    ~- How to get your friend code -~
    When you talk to Copper in the main gate and he asks what he can help you with, tap 'Friend Code!' It will search for a Wi-Fi access point. It will say it can't find one, and it will let you change the Wi-Fi settings. Search for an access point, and when you find one (i.e. phone lines, broadband, wireless internet) tap it and test the connection. Go back on the game and talk to Copper again and he will search for one again and he will find one! Then he will tell you your new friend code!


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    An Easy Way to Double Your Money
    you will need-
    1 table
    2 bag of bells
    3 1 thing of 100 bells

    how to-
    go to you inventory and get a thing of 100 bells and drop them by your feet in the picture. then drop the table followed by the bag of bells quickly and you will have doubled your money.
    Double Your Money with NO EFFORT!!!!!
    1. get a cardboard box or a table that takes up one square
    2. get a bag of 99,000 bells or however much you want to double in your pockets
    3. get something you can walk through when dropped that you don't care about, like a pitfall seed, get 2
    4. find an empty space in your house and pull up your pockets
    5. drop 1 of the items u don't care about, stay in your pockets
    6. as fast as possible, drop the other crap item, and drop the box as it is falling
    7. put the bag of bells(or any walk-through item you want to double) on the box
    8. pick up the bells on the table from the corner
    9. move the table one space
    10. pick the bells up again, (if this doesn't work, leave your house and re-enter) you can pick up the other stuff now.
    11. TA-DA!!!
    Duplicate Bells By Yourself
    This is a tutorial on how to duplicate bells quickly & without needing anybody else's help. c:

    -a couple thousand bells in your wallet
    -whatever amount you want to duplicate in your pockets
    -a cardboard box (any 1x1 table would work, but I recommend the cardboard box.

    1. where you're standing, place 100 bells on the floor inside your house.
    2. VERY QUICKLY, put another 100 bells on the floor and then the cardboard box very quickly afterwards. it should show a coin levitating on the box.
    3. without closing your inventory, set down the amount of bells you want to duplicate. The bells should go on top of the box.
    4. Close your inventory. Pick up the 100 bells off of the ground. After that, try to pick up the bells on top of the box. You'll have to try to pick it up from all angles. Then push or pull the box to another part of the room. Then, the bag of bells will still be on the box. Ba-bam. You now have duplicated bells. However, the coin shown levitating will be gone. It doesn't matter though, since you've duplicated a larger amount of money.
    If I've described this badly, just youtube "acww bell duplication glitch"
    enjoy your bells ^-^ I've been doing this, and I now have over 3 million bells. If this goes wrong for you, it happens. It's made me lose all of my bells before. Just don't leave your house. Push the box around until you can pick up the bells and the box.
    How to duplicate your money.
    Not taking credit found on different site, but it works.
    Found on if not understood type in How to duplicate your money in animal crossing ww

    Go buy a table and go to your house.
    Then drop 100 bells twice into your pockets and drop one of them and then drop 100 bells and drop table as fast as possible and then drop your moneybag on the tables. Next go to a corner of the table and press the B button then move the table and pick up money.
    K.K. Music glitch!
    You need two stereos in two different rooms.

    have a song (any song) playing in a room now go to another room and click on your other stereo.

    Have two different songs playing in two different rooms, then in one of the stereos remove the song that is playing in the other room.

    Go back to the room that is playing the song you removed in the other room and it will be playing!

    It's not an interesting glitch, but it's interesting nevertheless.
    See Your Roomies Gone!!
    If you want to see your roomies gone go to copper and ask him to open the
    gate then go to the attic of your house and you can see that your roomies
    are gone.


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    10 letters 10 seconds
    To receive mail send 10 letters to anybody (Another person in your house) anyone then send one more letter and all your mail shall come. Sometimes none comes because no-one has sent you anything
    A little cheat 4 people who hate weeds, but love time traveling!
    Well, first design a pattern that you won't get bored of. now put it all over your town.

    The bad side is that when you shake a tree or shoot down a present, it disapears. Thats not a problem

    Just don't put the pattern at the very back of your town. Leave a line all the way across the top.

    Also, leave space all the way around the tree for the fruit or other stuff.

    Then when you time travel, pluck the weeds in the spaces. And when you don't want the pattern there any more, just pick 'em all up!

    So there. Time traveling and no weeds! But is does take time to do this.

    Hope I helped u!

    Holly - Lil' AC
    A way to win the Flower Fest
    After you have pulled up or destroyed your neighbours flowers, put a pattern all around their house (about 3 spaces from the sides, and fill it in) then, they cannot plant anymore flowers because there is no room. Just do this to everyone, and use their flowers in your garden. You now will win.

    Just go back in time and then you can win the trophy again... and again... and again. Your friends will wonder how you managed to win so many times!


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    All Unlockables!
    These are ALL the unlockables I know -
    Unlock Golden Tools
    Perform various tasks around your town to unlock the following.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Golden Fishing Rod Catch every type of fish once.
    Golden Bug Net Catch every type of bug once.
    Golden Slingshot Shoot 15 items out of the sky, then you get it if you shoot it down.
    Golden Shovel Bury a regular shovel in the ground, and then dig it up a full day later. It will then be golden.
    Golden Watering Can Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. Pelly or Phyllis will reward you with the golden can.
    Golden Axe Trade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the golden axe.

    Nook Store Upgrades
    Spend or sell the said amount of money at nooks store and he will remodel and make the store larger.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Nook 'n' Go (lvl 2) Spend 25000 bells
    Nookway (lvl 3) Spend 90000 bells
    Nookingtons (final upgrade) Spend 240000 bells and have a friend shop at the store

    Post Office Savings Acount Rewards.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Box of Tissues Save 1,000,000 bells.
    Piggy Bank Save 10,000,000 bells.
    Pelly's Pic Save 100,000,000 bells.
    Phyllis's Pic Save 500,000,000 bells.
    Town Hall Model Save 999,999,999 bells.

    How to get the scallop
    The scallop is used to get the golden axe from Pascal. Pascal walks around by the beach at a random time, once a week. First, you need to buy a red turnip from Joan. Next, give it to Wendel the next time he comes to town. Wendel should give you the Turban or Country Guitar. If you get the Turban, take it to Sahara when she comes to town. Sahara should give you either the Massage Chair or Red Vase. If you get the Massage Chair, let Tortimer have it the next holiday and he should give you the scallop. Then just wait for Pascal to sho wup and give him the scallop.
    But if you got the Country Guitar, give it to K.K. Slider to get K.K.'s Pic
    And if you got the Red Vase, give it to Crazy Redd in exchange for the Safe. Give the safe to Tom Nook for the Tom Nook Pic.

    There are certain trophies that can be obtained only after you've done well in certain community activities. The Fishing Tourney takes place on every third Sunday of January, March, May, November and December, from 12-6PM. The Bug-Off takes place every third Sunday of June-September, from 12-6PM. The Flower Fest takes place on the second week of April. Do well in these competitions to win these rare items.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    The Fish Trophy Catch the biggest fish in The Fishing Tourney
    The Bug Trophy Catch the biggest bug during The Bug-Off
    The Flower Trophy Create the best garden during The Flower Fest

    Fireworks Show Items
    These items can only be obtained during the Fireworks Show. The Fireworks Show takes place every Saturday in Augest, from 7-12PM. Speak to Tortimer during that time to obtain these items. To use them, equip them like you would a tool, and press A.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Sparklers Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show
    Roman Candles Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show

    Party Poppers
    Speak to Tortimer any time during New Year's Eve. He'll give you Party Poppers to help celebrate the occasion. To use them, just equip them like you would a tool, and then press A.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Party Poppers Speak to Tortimer during New Year's Eve

    Receive Birthday Cake Item
    Log into your town on your birthday and get a Birthday Cake item from one of your neighbors.
    PTM Rewards
    When you buy things at Nook's shop, your PTM point total goes up. When you reach a specific point total, it will result in a new level of membership. Later Nook will send you a letter with a present congradulating you on reaching the new status.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Nook's Cranny Model Reach Membership Status (300 Points)
    Nookington's Model / 20% Store Discount Earn 20,000 Store Points
    Nookway Model / 10% Store Discount Earn 10,000 Store Points
    Nook' n Go Model / 5% Store Discount Earn 5,000 Store Points

    HRA Bonus Items
    Once you have reached enough points, the HRA will send you a letter saying you have earned a pirze, which is a model of your house.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    One-Story Model Earn 70,000 points
    Two-Story Model Earn 100,000 points
    Mansion Model Earn 150,000 points

    Special paper
    Some paper in the game you can not buy from Nook or find lying around, you have to do certain things.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Bottle paper Purchase a bottle with paper from Tom Nook, write a letter and drop it into the ocean. You shall receive a note back and can now use the bottle paper
    Nook paper Order something from your catalogue from Tom Nook. When your order arrives a letter written on Nook paper shall be attached
    Town Hall paper Deposit some money into your bank account at the Post Office, and when you recieve monthly statements they shall be on Town Hall paper
    Fox paper Become a member at Crazy Redd's tent, and you shall receive the password to enter his tent every week, written on fox paper
    Insurance paper Sign up for accident insurance with Lyle. Get stung from bees or buy a forged painting to get a settlement in the post with a note on insurance paper
    Snowman paper Roll up snowballs large enough to make snowmen. When completed the snowman will send you a gift and a note in the post written on snowman paper
    Formal paper Win an event during the year such as the fishing tourney and your prize shall come with a note written on formal paper
    Academy paper Sign up with the HRA, and your scores shall arrive on academy paper

    Special clothing patterns
    Two items of clothing you can not buy or get given directly from Gracie.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Work uniform Keep the work uniform that Tom Nook gives you until you have completed all chores, at the beginning of the game
    Moldy shirt Sometimes Gracie will attach a moldy shirt to her evaluation of your fashion trend

    Mush Furniture
    Cornimer will give you mush furniture for a specific amount of acorns. The only chance to get acorns is at the Acorn Festival.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Mush Stool 5 Acorns
    Mush End Table 10 Acorns
    Mush Lamp 25 Acorns
    Mush Chair 40 Acorns
    Mush Dresser 60 Acorns
    Mush Closet 80 Acorns
    Mush Stand 100 Acorns
    Mush Table 120 Acorns
    Mush TV 140 Acorns
    Mush Bed 170 Acorns
    Forest Floor 230 acorns
    Forest Wall 200 acorns

    Here are some of the Upgrades for your house

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    First house expansion Pay off 19,800 Bells in the Town hall
    Second house expansion Pay off 120,000 Bells in the Town hall
    Left room Pay off 598,000 Bells in the Town hall
    Upstairs room Pay off 298,000 Bells in the Town hall
    Right room Pay off 728,000 Bells in the Town hall
    Back room Pay off 848,000 Bells in the Town hall


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    Alot of things!
    Drag a red rose to yourself on the pockets page and it would appear in your mouth!!

    Go to the beach every day and there will be sheels along the coast, sell them at nooks shop along with anything that you can find in th erecycle bin and lost property(talk to booker).

    Talk to sable (hedgehog in the corner with the sewing machine in the 'able sisters' store) alot every day and your conversations grow ALOT!!!

    Send a really bad item (not worth anything) to a local, they give you things worth selling or even keeping!!

    Dont put all bells straight to mortgage! Put all the bells you get in your bank account! When you have enough bells, withdraw them nad pay it all off in one go!
    Animal Crossing Glitches
    Here are the only two glitches I've experienced in this game:

    Turnips that never spoil:
    First, I got a table and placed it in my house. Then I took my fishing pole, and set it down in front of the table, then I stood directly on the fishing pole. Next, I placed one of my turnips on the ground. Instead of the turnips falling on the ground they went onto the table. This stopped the turnips from spoiling, whereas if you were to place them on the ground, they would spoil.

    Cause all the mail to be sent:
    Normally, the mail will only come at 9am and 5pm daily. However, there is a way to make the mail come whenever you want. When you order an item from the catalog, or when you or one of your villagers sends a letter, it'll stay in the Post Office, until 9am and 5pm, then the mail will be sent out. However, the post office can only hold ten letters at a time. If more than ten letters' are sent, all the mail will come. So, in order to cause the mail to come whenever you want, simply send letters to one of your villagers or another character in your house until there are more than ten total letters waiting to be sent.

    Become friends with Blathers
    If you talk to Blathers when he is depressed looking, he will say that he detests bugs. Eventually, if you keep talking to him every day for a few days, he will explain how he is trying to overcome his fear, then how he finally gives up.
    Become friends with sable

    Whenever you enter the Able Sisters store and try to talk to Sable (the hedgehog sitting behind the sewing machine in the back left corner), she usually just ignores you, or tries to tell you talk to her sister because she's busy. To develop a "friendship" with Sable, you must talk to her at least once every day for a number of days. Eventually, she will start having conversations with you, and even thank you for stopping by.
    Bee happy 4 bees
    as you all know sometimes when you shake a tree you get a beehive falling well when the bees start chasing you hit the Y button and take out a net then when you exit the menu quickly hit the A button and if you catch the bee sell it @ nook's for 4500 if u don't catch it then you get 100 bells from lyle any way u can't lose (but u can get stung if u don't catch it) :-)
    To get more bells quicker, go to the end of the year, December 31st, then go to the next year on January 1st, and your Mum will have sent you 10,000 bells, keep doing the process for as long as you wish.
    CAUTION: Weeds are included, you'll see what I mean if you do this cheat.
    Big dot shirt
    Go to the pattern page, then select a design and drag it to the bottom left hand corner. Look at your pockets and a Big Dot Shirt will be there.

    to get loads of money go into your house and empty all your pockets then go and collect fruit from your town and fill up your pockets then go into someone elses town who has diffrent fruit and go and sell it in their town and you get 7.500 and then fill your pockets with their fruit sell it at your shop and he pays you 7.500 too.
    on the bug off look around your town at like 12:00 and see if you can find a birdwing (a big butterfly) and then give it to the mayor and you should win
    Chagne Your Bed
    Simply go to the end of your bed and click \"A\" and an option will come up to change which bed you have.
    cheating at the Flower Fest!!
    At the flower fest there's a way to most deffinetly win. There's 2 ways the first one i found was picking the flowers of someone elses garden! and puting them in my garden. the second one is running through the flowers! i suggest doing the running on the day of the judgeing. if u win u get a cool trofee and a letter from the mayor.
    cutting down trees
    you all no when you cut down a tree there is a stump but if you have a shovel dig it up and no one will no it was even there
    dandielion puffs!!!!!
    well when u find dandelions on the ground u think there as useless like any other flowers but pick them up anyway and go into your pockets. drag the dandelions up to your persons body and they'll appear holding them, BORING!! but then press A and then they'll blow the dandelion away into the wind! it's so fun!!!

    (i discovered this by accident!)
    Easy Gifts
    To get an easy gift in the mail from any one of your town residents, write them a letter and include a cheap gift, even a pitfall seed or something you can't sell for money. The next day, you will receive a dorky letter and some form a gift. Sometimes it's an apple, or a peice of really cool furnature! Try it out!


    Back to top
    Easy Trees!
    Chop down a tree, and dig up the stump but DO NOT fill in the hole. Now plant a tree there, and it will have a 100% chance of growing!

    With this cheat, you can plant any kind of trees: fruit, normal trees, etc.. And it will be guaranteed they will grow. Note that money trees will grow, but they may not give money at all.


    Back to top
    Extra Storage Space
    Make another character. They will live in your house and have another draw you can put your items in.
    Feed Wendall
    Wendall comes by your town during the week saying he is hungry when you feed him [first thing that comes to mind is] fruit he gives you a design or pattern, but what most people didn't think of was fish. Give him fresh or salt water fish and he will give you different patterns also in the fruit catagory acorns and turnips.
    Find out when visitors come
    Katrina the fortune teller:
    someone in your town will talk about her or immatate her. Then she will come the next day or the day after

    You will either fish a Tire from the ocean or river or someone will say how mean she is
    Flea market money
    Ok, on the day of the Flea Mraket, when someone is in your house, they will buy some stuff and then just stand around to get them to buy more, go upstairs to your attic and then come back down.Then your customer will walk around again and ask to buy stuff.
    Flea Markets!
    At the flea market, but a whole load of unwanted stuff for dirt. Then sell them back at twice the original price and........CHA-CHING! Big money!

    if you pick up a flower, go to your inventory, drag the flower to your person and it will appear in your hair, if you have a rose and drag it to your person it will appear in their mouth
    Four-Leafed Clover Guarantee
    Have you always wanted a four-leafed clover? well, here's a way to get one(you will have a lot of weeds so brace yourself!).
    1. start your DS and go to the options where you can change time.
    2. Go and put your year to 2099(if you have interest you'll also get some money).
    3. Now enter animal crossing and stare at all the weeds you got! A lot of plucking!
    4. pluck all clovers and you have about 99.9% this will work(unless your unlucky)
    5. enjoy the four-leaf clover!
    Free Items
    Look in your Lost and Found in the town hall, or talk to Booker and you might get some free items.
    Free items off Tortimer
    In the Fishing tourney, start off by giving him small fish. Every time you go back with a bigger one, he gives you another item. Start off small and then give him bigger and bigger fish.
    Free Paper!!
    when you are working for tom nook get to the part where he tells you to write a letter and take the paper and drop it outside then come back in and keep talking to him say you need mor paper and drop it outside and repete as much as you want
    Free stuff
    go to booker the guard and ask him if something is lost
    then he should show you many things! take them for free! i hav only done this once
    Furniture Trees
    Sometimes when you shake a tree you get money bags, a beehive, but sometimes a piece of free furniture will fall. I've gotten a UFO and Lovely LoveSeat, a blue lava lamp and more!
    Get 4 Trophies
    Create 4 characters, doesn't matter what gender, and run over everybody's flowers at the Flower Fest (Of course not yours)! Plant a bunch of flowers, and either wait or time travel to the day after the last day of the Flower Fest. The winner's name will be posted on the board. If one of your names are on there, congrats! Now check your mail on every account, and you SHOULD have 4 trophies! Well, depends on how many accounts you created. I only have 2 accounts, one for my sister and one for me, but we still got 2 trophies!

    Hope this works for ya!
    When the little kittin comes to your town tell her to follow you take her to your House let her stay there untill you go to the town where her mom is. The kitten will tell you the town. You have to talk to the kitten before letting her in your house.The kitten will give you a totally cool present in a thank you letter.!!!!!!!!!
    Ok so you make a new character. Work for Tom Nook. before you go into his shop, shake every tree. You won't get stung by a single bee, and you'll find a lot of bells and stuff!
    Get BIG bells from Fruit!!!
    What you will need:
    A friend and their DS system
    your DS system
    (make sure each town has a different native fruit! this is a must!!)

    1. Empty out your pockets IN YOUR HOUSE.
    2. Fill your pockets with YOUR native fruit before going to another town.
    3. Start DS communnication(Make sure YOU are going to another town, not vice versa).
    4. After you are in your friend's town, go to Tom Nook's shop.
    5. Sell ALL of the fruit that you brought with you.
    6.fill your pockets(Again) with your friend's native fruit.
    7. Go back to your town.
    8. Sell all the fruit you got from your friend's town.
    Cha-ching!!! BIG BELLS!!!
    Get big bells with fruit!!!!
    Supplies you'll need:
    watering can
    A way to get to a friend's town

    Step 1.Go to your friend's town
    Step 2.Pick up all the fruit that doesn't come from your town
    Step 3.Go back to your town
    Step 4.Take your axe and cut down some of the trees (this step is optional)
    Step 5.Dig up the stump and bury the fruit (or just dig a hole into the ground and bury the fruit)
    Step 6.Water all the new fruit tree saplings
    Step 7.Save and end your game
    Step 8.Reset your clock (ds or ac) to 5 days later and your fruit trees shall be fully grown!
    Step 9. go back in time 5 days
    Step 10.Shake the fruit that you got from your friend's town out of the trees and repeat steps 4-9 until you have all the fruit trees you want
    Step 11.After you have all of this completed go and sell all your fruit at Nook's Then keep going back and forth 5 days until you have loads of bells!!!!
    Get interest
    Instead of paying your money gradually into your mortgage, you can save it in your account. This way, you will earn some interest at the end of each month, until you've saved enough to pay off your dept in one go.
    Get items FAST
    To get items quicker, look in Nook's Shop, and if he has nothing you want, save your game, turn it off, and increase the date by 1 day. Then look again. This helped me get 7/10 robo items and the Moon!
    Get rich quick
    Turnips are the best way to get rich, without downright cheating. Invest loads of money in white turnips (At least 100 000 bells). Put the turnips on tables, by dropping 2D items at the base of the table, then dropping the turnip. This stops the turnips from rotting. Finally wait for Nook's Turnip-prices to skyrocket, then sell them. This simple method is probably the quickest way to make loads of money, without Time Traveling or using cheat hardware.
    Get Sparkly Clothing
    When you design a shirt in Able Sisters you can make Sparkly Clothing by adding little white dots all over a plain coloured shirt. When you wear it, the shirt will seem to sparkle as you move.

    If you want to make a good angel outfit use a white shirt and put little gold coloured dots over it. You can also use white shirts with different coloured dots over to make it seem extra sparkly!


    White Shirt + Blue, Red and Purple dots
    Get thrones FAST!
    Well if you are lucky enough to have Elvis or other people with thrones in there house then this is a way to "Get thrones FAST" (I've had Elvis 3 times so he must be easy to get) send them presents everyday and look in the recycling bin everyday and soon you will have a throne which sells for ove 200.000 bells too Nook and double at the frlea market!

    Give Gifts, Get Gifts
    You can give someone a dumb gift you don't like and get a better one back! it's easy just mail someone a letter in your town put the gift in. Mail. wait full day then you will get a letter back with a better gift in it (do this as many times as you like I like to do it to all my peoples!)
    Gracie Quiz
    When Gracie comes to your town, talk to her and she'll say something about a fashionista badge. She'll give you a quiz about fashion. To get your certificate, just choose the first answer, no matter how crazy. Also, if you keep talking to her, she'll give you a make-over.
    Great Way In Earning Money
    Here's a great, easy way to make quick cash. This will only work in the Summer and Spring however, as the bugs won't be out in the Winter or Fall.

    The first thing to do is get ahold of a coconut (as many as you can get) and plant them along your beach. Plant as many as you possibly can. Plant them all the way up and down your beach.

    Every night, bring only your bugnet, and walk along your beach, back and forth. You will find any of four rare and valuable types of Beetles: the Goliath Beetle, the Elephant Beetle, the Hercules Beetle, and the Atlas Beetle. They range in prices from about 2,500 to 8,000 bells a piece!

    Hope this helps everyone who is having money troubles ;-)
    Grow golden roses
    Water dying black roses with the golden watering can, and they will return as golden roses the next day.
    I know these creature are somethimes both pointless and annoying but actually they score 828 points for the HRA. So stock up on them until you get the models of your house then sell them for big bells.
    Hair colors and how to get them
    Mysterious! =Dark Brown Cool
    Young!= Blue Cool
    Lush! =Green Cool
    Radiant! = White Cool
    Safe. = Light Brown Warm
    Lighthearted= Blonde Warm
    Fiery! =Orange/RedWarm
    Flirty... =Pink Warm
    Harriet's Hair Styles!
    At nookingtons there is a barbour shop.
    it costs 3000 bells, and u can only do it 1 time.
    naturaly u want to get the right style + colour.
    this only works for a girl!!

    fiery: orangey red
    radient: white
    lush: green
    young: blue
    mysterious: dark brown
    safe: light brown
    flirty: pink
    light hearted: blonde

    1) a. bignights
    b. everyday
    if A) a. well duh!
    b. unfortunatly
    if B) a. warm...
    b. sweaty
    if A.A)a. RAWK
    b. Powerballad
    if A.B)a. i'd rather not
    b. i'm embarrased
    if B.A)a. grin, say hi
    b. keep going
    if B.B)a. yh!
    b. nah!

    if A.A.A) a pony tail, straight fringe
    if A.A.B) long hair, side partin
    if A.B.A) pigtails spiky fringe
    if A.B.B) three ponytails, front left and right
    if B.A.A) The sticky out tufts
    if B.A.B) sticky out and wavy at the sides
    if B.B.A) bun and side partin
    if B.B.B) short, straight fringe + curves in

    I've done this so you don't have to...

    Have a clean town!!!
    If you want to get the golden watering can keep your town clean with nothing on the floor. How do you do that whent your pokets are full and you don't have anymore place for anything?? Just bury everthing!! It works!!!
    Have a fossil exhibit in your room
    Here's how to do it take a fossil and place it in your room take its other pieces and put them in the way they should be. It depends what size and shape it is. {Note:Its only worked for me barely.} That's how you do it. You can also place the small fossils in your room.
    hidden bugs
    spiders:these guys are RARE, but keep shaking trees (watch for bees!) until you see a little yellow thing come down like a yo-yo. Getcha net out quick! They hang around for a few seconds, but are really really hard to catch. If it does go up, don't worry. Shake it again and it will come back down, but this only works about 8 times.

    Mole cricket: is it winter, and you can hear the chirping but cant see the cricket? Get your shovel out and keep digging around till you see a bug spring out. Catch it before it commits suicide (literally!)

    Ants: if you leave a turnip on the ground, and leave it to rot, you will eventually see loads of black dots around it. Guess who?

    Peacock: these butterflies can only be obtained through crossbred flowers. Have some violet roses and it should flap around in summer.
    how to catch a pill bug
    You know the rock bell cheat? This is the same thing except instead of bells, there will be a little blue dot. Take out your net and TADA, you have a pill bug.
    How to get an ant or a fly
    With spoiled turnips put them on the ground and wait a day now there should be ants on it and sometimes flies and you can catch them.
    how to get free gifts
    when it is someones birthday it will say on the bulitin bord who's birthday it is. when you find out go to teh person's house and keep talking to them. when they say do u have a gift for me (or something lke that) say yes and give them anything, they don't care. then as a thank you they give you a gift back. there you go your free gift.
    If you(just like me) are desperate to get nookingtons then just fast-forward one year say you are in 2007 fast-forward to 2008 and the day should be January 1st until you have gotten 240,000 (two hundred forty thousand dollars) I know I know it sounds like a lot but it`s worth it! then spend it all by ordering the most expensive thing in the catolog over and over again but when he`s all booked up with orders fast forward one day and dump all of the furniture on the ground and toss the letters and the last thing you do is get a friend who has animal crossing wild world too and get them to visit your town by using DS-to-DS and get them to buy something from your store and voila! (WARNING: this process will get you lots of weeds!) and this only takes about 4 hours then you have 2 furniture stores and a barber shop! (just trust me that it`s worth it iv`e done it before!)
    How To Look Like Some Potter Puppet Pals
    How to look like:

    Ron*: Change hair to orange, Hogwarts uniform (x).

    Hermione: Change hair to long and LIGHT brown, Hogwarts uniform (x).

    Oompa Loompa Ron*: Change hair to green, get an orange tan, Hogwarts uniform (x).

    Oompa Loompa Hermione: Change hair to long and green, get an orange tan, Hogwarts uniform (x).

    Oompa Loompa Harry*: Make yourself Oompa Loompa Ron and add glasses.

    (Note: You can only do Harry in Oompa Loompa version. There is no black hair that I know of.)

    *: You can do this with a girl if you get your hair done really short (Yes, that is possible, my cousin did it.)

    (x): Must design.

    Hope you like my cheat!!! yay P.P.P.!!!
    To get over 38,000 points with the HRA. You need as many rooms as you can and get the same kind of furniture in one room. Then you do that to the other rooms with different furniture you used for the other rooms.

    I did this and I got over 51,000 because I got snowman furniture in one room, lovely in another, random in two other rooms and clothes in the other room.
    How to Talk to Lyle without paying!
    Uh-oh.. there WILL be a time when you accidentally talk to Lyle, the Insurance Hoard. If you do not want to spend 3,000 or 6,000 or whatever, take some bells out form your ''collection'' and put some in a letter (Dont mail!!!) and dont carry more than 2,000 bells out, keep the bells in your account or letters. This way if you accidentally press 'a' infront of lyle then your wont have to pay. Cuz he won't take 'no' for an answer!!!
    First you have to save some of the fruit and start planting them all around be sure to save the game then change the day 5 days later. then kaboom you have more fruit(keep doing this and get more fruit)
    I did this and now im a billionare.
    I Wish Upon A Star
    When you wish on a star does it come true? Well it might in Animal Crossing! At night when you see a shooting star in the sky press A and your character will go on her knees and put her hands together. Wish for an item and it will be in your mail the next day!
    If you have Nookingtons this WOULD be helpful!
    These are the hairstyles for girls and boys, first I'm going to do the colours.


    Pink - Flirty
    Brown - Safe
    Reddy Orange - Fiery
    Blonde - Lighthearted


    Brown - Mysterious
    Blue - Young
    Pale Green - Lush
    White - Radiant
    IMPRESS THE h.r.a
    Why isn't your room getting enough points to make the HRA happy?
    you probly dont have the right furniture requirments!

    If you want to earn more points for your room, just make sure you have these basic pieces of furniture (in any theme or set):

    Easy as! but make sure they are all one set or you can get points ruduced if they are different!

    Hope you get good scores!
    K.K. Music
    This cheat helps you get more than 1 K.K. CD a week. All you need to do is make more than 1 person and each person gets a CD. So if you have 4 people that's 4 CD's every week!!!!!
    K.K. come to the cafe in the museum every Saturday night from 8pm-12pm.
    kk slider song
    if kk comes to your coffee shop he'll ask would you like to type a song to sing sat yes and heres a couple rare songs two days ago and i love you kk get it kk ok hehe!
    Lazy types answer
    If the lazy type start going "You love me, you love me not..." etc etc first rudely say "Not!"
    Then say "I love you" then finally "I love you?"
    The lazy person will laugh and say they always knew it. You will be rewarded with a present.
    learn diffrent expression
    when dr, shrunk has come to your town, talk to him and say that you feel bad (just not the "good good!" thing) then tell him what expression you want to learn then tap him when he does that expression then viola! you have learned that expression (you can do this only one time each visit)
    Loads of Cash AND K.K. Tunes!!!!
    OK, you know K.K, the dog that apperers in the coffee shop from 8-11pm. As some of the other cheats say, you need to create a new character, talk to K.K, have him play a song for you, delete the character, yada yada yada... Well, I found a way to get all of the tunes, plus loads of money. Make sure you have ONE main file! Here are the steps:
    1)Set your DS clock to 8pm.
    2)Create a new character.
    3)Go straight to the COFFE SHOP (in the museum).
    4)Talk to K.K. and DON"T reccomed a song.
    5)Listen to the song and watch the credits.
    6)Place the new song to your music player.
    OK, that's the song part. Here's when the money comes in:
    7)Take a design and wear it.
    8)Take your clothes (now in your items) and place them on the floor.
    9)Go outside and talk to Nook.
    10)If you didn't have room in your house, place your clothes out here.
    11)Save and quit.
    12)Keep repeating until you get all the songs.
    13)After you get all the songs, go to your main file and sell ALL the clothes! CA-CHING!

    *Whew*... I know it's alot, but you get really rich! Try it!
    Look Good and Get 100 free bells
    First of all, you need to get insurance from Lyle.

    Then, shake trees to get bells and if bees come out, let them sting you. Then, save and end the game and log back in and check your mail. And your face! You will get 100 bells worth of insurance money from Lyle plus your face will look sting-free. You can keep doing this WITHOUT having to pay 400 bells for medicine.
    Lots of Gracie Clothes
    To do this,
    1. Time Travel to a Gracie day
    2. Make a new resident
    3. Talk to Gracie and do the quiz
    4 put the item in your house.
    5 Remove that person.
    6 Repte until done.
    lots of money on the flea market!!!
    if you dig up a fossil and it stands already in the museum dont sell them to tom nook, but sell it on the flea market!!
    i had a fossil that the museum already had.
    on flea market day i put it in my house and sell it for 8.000 bells!!
    Lotsa Fireworks
    go to any Saturday in august and talk to the mayor 2 times he should give u a sparkler the first time and a roman candle the second (or the other way around) then drop both on the ground then keep repeting this and drop them both on the ground ever 2 times until he says he is all out then stop.
    Make your design popular!!!
    People can wear your design all over the town! To do this its easy just follow the instruction:

    Go to able sister store

    Make a design

    Trade the design you make with the design on the middle

    Wait...or reset the time

    Finally most of the animal will be wearing your design!
    Make your neighbors feel instantly better!(sad, mad, etc.)
    Forgot to go to your house to hang out with your best friend and their sad/mad? Now you don't have to worry! Just wave at them by tapping at them from a far distance to wave. Then after they wave/bow, they feel better! Now you don't have to wait minutes or someone else to talk to them to make them feel better!
    Making Millions
    Make Loads Of Money By Selling Turnips And With The Money You Make From Selling Them Buy More!
    Making Tommy or Timmy run around in Circles
    If you go to an item that may cover your face but ONLY that Timmy or Tommy can see you, one of them will not be able to see you, and he will turn around and run around in circles, like, "I can't see him/her! Where is he/she?????"

    Trust me, I saw this sometimes! It's really funny!

    (Tip: This is only for the people who have Nookington's.)
    Step One. Gather 50k or above and put it in bank.
    Step Two. Save and reset clock in game to Jan 1 2000
    Step Three. Save, turn off power.
    Step Four. Change date on DS to 2000
    Step Five. Start Game. Save. then turn off power
    Step Six. reset DS clock to 2011
    Step Seven. start game, open mail, around what ever you put into the bank at the begininng between 100k is what you earned.
    Step Eight. Save turn off power
    Step Nine. Change DS to 2022
    Step Ten. Start game, this time in mail you should recieve 99,999

    Repeat steps Eight - Ten to get 99,999 everytime. dont go by 10, go from 2000 to 2011 to 2022 to 2033 etc.

    Once get to year 2099, Start from Step one all over again. The money earned prior, will STILL be in your Bank pockets or w/e.
    When starting back from step one the process of changing the clock from 2000 to 2011 might not give you any money, not to worry, after that you should be makin your 99,999 after that.

    Never EVER use the AC WW reset clock unless doing Step one.
    Always use DS Clock

    So what theres weeds big whoop
    Money nd Bugz!
    Note: Only do this cheat if you have coconut trees planted outside and they are fully grown. And you have a net.

    At midnight there are some +6000 bells bugs.
    The bugs are:
    The Atlas beetle: 6000 bells ( i think.. i cant memba)
    The Goliath Beetle: 8000 bells
    The Hercules Beetle: 12 000 bells
    And yer!

    Ther r probably mor but i forget..
    more ds to ds things
    1. When togther you can push a friend without your friend moveing at all.

    2. You and your friend charge at the same time at each other and you will go right through each other.

    3. You can hit each other with axes and nets.

    4. You can hit ur friends with a net alot untill they say to you :"OW STOP IT THAT HURTS." and then they will be sad.
    More Fireworks!
    On the firework show, if you go talk to the mayor two times, he will give you a Japanese Candle and a Sparkler. After that he won't give you any more. If you want more, first you need a cabnit or some kind of drawer to store stuff in. Then go home, put the fireworks in the drawer, and then go back to the mayor. He will give you these again. But after a while he runs out of fireworks, so watch out...
    More Free Space!!!
    Are you fed up of havin full pockets? No? Ok Bye! Only Joking! Go to Copper (at the gate) and keep going to lost and found for free paper. Don't write anything on it but put a present in it. Take it to Pelly (at the post office) and save your letters, I think you can save up to something like 75. Gud Luk! Happy Gaming!
    more tricks
    1.An apploseing croud
    Go to a pond and catch a craw fish and close the ds for 10 minutes and open it again and people will be clapping and relece the fish and people will talk to each other.

    2.Free equiptment
    Talk to tortimer on the fishing torny and bug off to get a free fishing rod and a bug net!
    Morphing Glitch
    One person digs a hole while your running into that spot and you both are Morphed!!. You can do a 3 or 4 person Morph to.
    Need more space in ur pockets.
    if you have any old letters dn't TOSS them away!
    You can collect all the fruits you can fit in your pocket (15) then put them all in your old letter's they will magicly turn into presents and then collect twice as many fruits and then when your in tom nooks store you can open them and sell them quicker!
    Neighborhood on lockdown!
    Go to Copper in the town gate and tell him to open the gate useing "invite guest".
    then go outside and everyone will be in their homes.

    This makes it easier for deliveries or if a resident is never home and you desperatly want to get in their house. ~Good Luck!
    New season fashions
    in different seasons you can buy different clothes i have written some down

    spring collection: Lightweight clothing made available to mark the end of winter.

    summer collection: beach type clothing made available to mark the end of spring.

    Autumn collection: thicker and heavier clothing made available to mark the end of summer.

    winter collection: warm clothing to protect you from the cold weather as winter sets in.
    No more fake paintings.
    When Crazy Redd visits save your game.
    Then go inside and buy a painting.
    If it is a fake, turn the power off.
    ( be careful, Mr. Resetti comes)
    Ocarina of time as your town tune
    Im sure most nintendo fans are familliar with the awesome game legend of zelda ocarina of time, right? well, for those fans that have beaten it, i have some cool songs from it to use as your town tune.
    Nocturne of shadow
    B_A_ADBAF_ _ _ rest rest rest
    Prelude of light
    DA_restDABD_ _ _
    Serenade of water
    D_F_A_A_B_ _ _ _
    Minuet of forest
    DDB_ _ _ABA_ _ _ _
    Bolero of fire
    FDFDAFAF_ _ _ _
    Requiem of spirit
    D_FDA_F_D_ _ _
    Eponas song
    DBA_ _ _ rest DBA_ _ _
    Song of time
    A_D_ _ _F_A_D_ _ _F
    Zeldas lullaby
    B_ _D_A_ _B_ _D_A_ _
    Suns song
    AFD_ _ _AFD_ _ _
    Song of storms
    DFD_ _ _DFD_ _ _
    Sarias song
    other town animals
    if you go to another town. speak to one of the animals inside their houses and when you get back to your town you might even get mail from the person you spoke to.

    Over 1 Millon bells in 30 mins or less!

    Free pockets

    First, Chop down all your Native fruit trees and Replace them with Outside Fruit. Whenever you chop down a native tree, in the same hole, Put in an outside fruit.

    Now, Travle 4 days forward.

    Pluck all your trees and take the fruit untill there is no more left.

    travle forward 3 days.

    Pluck them..Repeat this to have over a Millon bells in half an hour.
    over a million bells!!!!!
    how to get that? you have a friend that has over a million bells. and the girl/boy comes to your town. when the girlboy are in the town, you just save. after that the girl/boy ho brought the money, gives it to you. her comes the hard part. after that you save, but your friend has to shout down after 5 sec.( from when it is black screen.) then when the friend has shouted down a picture of resetti and a common butterfly appears. don`t worry, resetti won't come.

    i have tried this and now i have over 10.00.000.
    P.S. i saw this on youtube! ;-)
    pay morgage faster
    get all of the snowman furniture, wait for the flea market, then sell them for the highest amount you can get.
    Pictures of the Rich (well mabey not) and Famous
    Here's how to get pics of normal towns folk:
    Sometimes an animal will tell you it's their family's tradition to give away a pic of themselves. (ex. monique, alli)Then be a perfect neighbor to them to get their pic.

    This is for famous people:
    K.K. Slider-give Wendell a red turnip. He may give you a country guitar. If so, talk to K.K. next Saturday and have him sing. Talk to him again and he'll give you his pic in return for the guitar.
    Pascal-give Wendell a red turnip and he may give you a turban. Give the turban to Sahara and she may give you a massage chair. Give the chair to Tortimin @ a town event. He'll give you a scallop. Give the scallop to Pascal who'll give you his pic or the golden axe.
    Tom Nook-give Wendell the turnip and Sahara the the turban. Sahara may give you a red vase. Give that to Redd, who'll give you a safe. Give that to Nook and he'll give you his pic. It really works!
    P.S.:Go up to those pics and press A to see a quote from that person!
    Post office savers accont reward
    Box of Tissues Save 1,000,000 bells.
    Piggy Bank Save 10,000,000 bells.
    Pelly's Pic Save 100,000,000 bells.
    Phyllis's Pic Save 500,000,000 bells.
    Town Hall Model Save 999,999,999 bells.
    Prevent someone from leaving
    This is kind of a "bad" cheat (it's not really a cheat, I guess) , but if you don't want someone to leave, and they're talking to Copper, just rapidly scroll through your menus. Copper should say that there's an error.

    Do this at the risk of knowing that people might get annoyed and angry with you.
    Quick and Easy Cash!
    1. Fish until your pockets are full. Then go sell the fish to Tom Nook.
    2. Do the same thing but with bugs.
    3. Do the same thing but with shells.

    Olivia (a cat) told me this a while ago.
    If you find a coconut on a beach or visit another town with different fruit collect it then plant them. These cost 500 each. Wait for the trees to grow then pick the fruit and plant more. Sell a full inventory and you get 7.500 bells instead of 1.500. If you get enough trees you can make loads in only 1 day!
    quick friends
    Ok to get some friends fast just keep talking to them if they tell you to stop talking to them start talking to someone eles then after a bit go back to number 1 also if they ever ask you to do something like bring a gift or a letter to some one say yes and if if they are sick bring them some medicen if they give you there picture it means that you are there best friend. I hope this helps:)
    Quick New house!!!!
    Just payed of your mortgage and cant wait for better house?? well u dont have to wait!!

    first pay of mortgage and then save and turn off game
    turn back on and go to date settings and move up one day (if u on last day of month move up month and set date to the 1st
    now turn on game and house be complete!! the save turn off and set back to normal setting turn back on and yahoo u have your new house!!
    quick passing day
    If you want/need to start a new day quickly for growing trees, ect,ect. Tap the phone icon before you select your character and alter the time to 5:59am then tap ok. Select your character, and wait until it chime 6:00 am. The Game will think a day has passed and the trees will be a day older, there will a new money rock, and fossils. Do this to get fruit to return on your trees sooner than before.
    Quick Shop Upgrade
    OK... so nook says that his shop is remodeling and it will be closed tomorrow. Right? Wrong. Wait until he's closed then go to the next day and into the shop. come out and save, then go back a day, and nooks shop will be remodled!
    Hope this helps!
    Random Cheats
    how to get fast money:

    to get fast money you can sell fruit or fruit from another town for more money. sell bugs or fish and even fossils(hint: they have to be checked)

    how to look like mario or luigi:

    if u want to look like mario or luigi, u have to hav a big bro nose for both mario and luigi. (because there is no luigi nose)If u r mario, u need the big bro hat and luigi needs li'l bro hat. the last thing they need is mario needs a big bros shirt and luigi needs a li'l bros shirt.
    wola!! Your Mario/Luigi.

    How to make a perfect snowman:

    to make a perfect snowman make a snowball that is about as wide as a tree trunk but a little wider and about as tall as your person. then make ur second snowball a tiny bit shorter and less wide. SNOWMAN FURNITURE TIME!!!

    Games to play on wi-fi or ds-to-ds:

    you can play hide-and-seek (a classic)
    you can play capture the flag:
    place a shirt in a location u want ur base to be at, then dig a maze so the person trying to get your flag has a troubling time! now have fun!
    you can play dress-up (fun for boys 2!)
    you can play tag (another classic)
    you can play house (just thinking)
    you can play a mario story that u make up as u go

    THE END! PS. Does any1 know how to do wi-fi? if so email me. email:
    Random town tune
    This is really easy but in the town change the town tune to all (?). And then it will make the song for you!
    Sable's mysterious past
    You know Sable. She's the shy hedghog who's always busy. When you first start out, she won't talk to you, but over time she warms up to you. If you befriend her, she tell you stories of her past.
    Sending letter for someone
    If you are sending a letter for one of your characters in your town and you have a time limit if you are in a rush the animal you are sending a letter for will always be near the place they asked you to deliver the letter.
    Silent Song
    You know how annoying it is, when evertime you talk to them, the town song goes off? If you go to the town Hall, You can turn the song off, by changing all the notes to the lowest setting. No more music!
    It\'s not very useful, but it\'s funny. If you hold on b and one of the arrow buttons you\'ll run. But if you suddenly change to the opposite arrow, you\'ll skid!!!!
    Small amount of money from beds.
    Okay, first you need a bed.
    Go upstairs and replace that bed with the one already there by selecting it and choosing 'switch!'
    There should be a bed in your inventory.
    Now, go to Tom Nooks and sell it for 50 bells. (not a lot, I know)
    Since you can only get 50 bells-a-bed, the most you can get is 200 bells, by making four accounts and selling all of them.
    smoke on the water theme
    first go to pelly and change the town tune start
    with the following :
    (the dash is hold)
    snow men
    when its winter some time after december you will start to see little snow balls on the growned and if you walk into them they will eventually get bigger knock one into another and their is yor snow man
    Snowball Smashing
    CAREFUL! If you smash a snowball or push it into water in winter, you will have to wait a long time for it to appear again. By pushing snowballs together you can make snowmen, and get valuable items!!!
    Some Costumes
    Here are some costumes:

    Crown or Royal Crown
    Royal shirt
    If King,buy King's beard,if Queen,don't buy the beard

    Girl Scout:
    Girl Scout Vest (Must design)

    Big Bros hat
    Big Bros mustache
    Big bros shirt

    Lil bros hat
    Lil bros shirt

    Beach girl:
    Bikini (must design)
    Beach Towel (must design)
    Golden tool or regular for beach bag

    Beach boy:
    Swimming Trunks (must design)
    Beach Towel (must design)
    golden tool or regular tool for beach bag

    50's Person:
    Afro Wig
    50's shirt (must design)

    Cake shirt

    Hannah Montana:
    Your fave Hannah Montana outfit (must design)
    Change hair to long and Blonde

    Sailor's hat
    Sailor's uniform

    Caption's Hat
    Sailor's uniform

    King Tut:
    King Tut wig
    Gold Armor suit

    Hawaiian Dancer:
    Luau Bikini (must design)
    Any flower from outside

    White Veil
    Wedding Dress (must design)

    Groom of Bride:
    Tuxedo (if not in stock just design)
    Top Hat

    That is all for now!!!
    Special Cafe Vistiors.

    11:00pm - 12:00am, Mon - Fri.

    12:00pm - 1:30pm and 2:30 - 4:00pm, all week.

    12:00pm - 1:30pm , Sun.

    6:00am - 6:55am, all week.

    9:00pm - 9:55pm, Sun - Fri.

    2:30pm - 4:00pm, Sun.

    12:00pm - 1:30pm and 2:30 - 4:00pm, all week.
    *Harriet only appears after the Nookington's upgrade.

    Speed Gifting
    In order to obtain 4 gifts from special visitors instead of one go to the special visitor like Pascal. All you have to do is make cetain that you have 4 characters in your house. When you see Pascal, play each character one after another, saving your game each time and then starting again with a new character. (Do not change the clock!)
    Having trouble catching spiders?
    You could go around shaking random trees (risking getting stung by bees, but you could also find money and furniture) OR...
    If you see any of your neighbors looking up at any of the trees, either there is a bug on the tree, you should catch it, and if there isn't, shake the tree, and look at the sides of the tree, you'll see a yellow-ish thing yoyo-ing down, take your net out and swing at it! Don't worry, if you don't catch it, just simply shake the tree again! It probably will be there, but if not... repeat this process over and over again (sorry if it doesn't work for you... It's worked for me millions of times!)
    Start of the job
    When Nook asks you to plant the trees and flowers, instead of planting them just put them in the recycling bin and Nook won't know you did it!
    Stay in at Mabel and Sable's after 11:00
    If you want to stay at Mable and Sable's shop after it closes, at 10:59, tell Mable you want to design, and when the store closes, you can quit design mode and you can stay in and shop and talk to Sable for as long as you want.
    Super Mario: The Town Tune
    u=high note

    d=low note

    .=no note

    ?=the random question mark thing0


    ,=next note

    1st line

    2nd line

    I have a friend code and im giving it to u peeps


    e-mail me yours friend code at:
    /O O
    | ~ |
    | " |
    Talking in Sentences When Sitting.
    If you think I'm talking about when you sit during wifi and and press the A, B, X, and Y buttons and you can say things like "phew" or "very nice", you're wrong. I'm talking about when you are sitting and you can actually type what you want to say.

    You need to be on Internet wifi with at least one person in your town. The place where this works the most is at the Cafe. Sit down in the chair against the wall, and have your friend stand in front of you. You will notice that you cannot move. Start pressing the button that normally makes you say, "Outta My Way!".

    The first unusual thing that will happen is that the text will change to "I can't move". Then after about one minute, the pocket menu will come up and you will be able to select the word bubble and talk! It's really fun, but it doesn't work all the time.
    If you stay outside for long enough you can get a tan. You can get a very light tan, or a very dark one, depending on how long you stay outside for.
    The original mario tune as the town tune
    wan't your town tune to be classic? well follow these steps to get urself into BALAP, BAP, BA,BA,BAA!,BUP

    1: first line: E on green,E,rest,E,rest,B on turquose,E on green,rest,

    2: second line:G on yellow,rest,rest,rest
    Titanic Tune.... Xx
    If you know how to change the town tune,, this is the titanic theme...:

    FFFFEFzFEFzGAzG.... hope it works xxx
    To do list
    1.Make at least 10,000 bells a day. 2.Catch 5 to 10 fish and bugs a day and sell them. 3.Plant 2 to 4 flowers a day. 4.Pick 10 to 15 weeds a day. 5.Do chores for the other people 5 times a day. 6.Pay off 5,000 bells (or more) from the 1st thing to do.
    Do these every day and you will get a lot of things done!
    To get Guiliver's UFO down if you miss
    Guiliver's UFO goes pretty quick and may be you don't have time to get him here's a way to get him down if you miss. First take out your slingshot. Then press (Start) and Save and end your game. You'll see the menu screen. Then go to Continue. Go to the phone and press reset clock. Then change the time so it will be one half earlier from when you saw him for example it's 10:48 A.M. then you change the time to 10:24A.M. Do that because sometimes he will come one half earlier. Then take out your slingshot. And remember he won't come in the dark hours.
    Tom Nook's Spotlight Product
    Always buy TN spotlight product because:

    1. Loads of HRA points
    2. Sell 4 loads of $$$ at Flea Market
    3. Give 2 a animal for loads of friendship points!
    Town Trades and money help
    This is a trick to easy cash!When you fish you won't always catch a rare or priceful fish... If you want to trade it for something better like a piece of to some town people they'll trade you alot of different items that'll come in use. If you are patient to get a lot of money collect different items that you don't want and wait till the SECOND SATURDAY of the month(flea market) the town animals will pay more than when you sell to tom nook. REMEMBER: the meaning of 'flea market' is 'money day'
    Bring on the bells
    Town tunes
    Old McDonald Had a Farm!!!!!!!!

    Old MacDonald Had A Farm:

    Tree Madness - Free Trees
    This is the ultimate cheat to get loads of trees planted in days,plus that means better comments at the Town Hall for the enviroment.

    In any way get as many four leaf clovers as possible.Then get as much fruit from your town as you can.Then plant the fruit by digging holes and burying it and putting the clovers in front.

    Trust me it works!

    Tress Bees trouble!
    Are u having trouble with bees that alwayst stings your face and waste alot of times restarting the game or buying medicines? no worry! because this is a easy tips for you to survive!

    -You can make money by catching the bees and selling them, to do this follow these instruction:

    -When the bees come, tap y to go in your item list
    -choose the net
    -then catch the bees
    -sell them and taa-daa! u get 4,500bells!

    -OR you can escape:

    -run as fast as you can to the NEAREST house and go in

    TT Interest
    This cheat is the same as Time Travelling except it is to cash in on interest. Deposit all your money into the bank and then Time Travel 30 years (change the year on your DS sytem settings), take all that money out of your bank and deposit it again increasing the interest and repeat the process to your desire.
    Turnips that never spoil.
    First get a table and place it in your house. Now take any item preferred item is fishing pole or shovel and set it down in front of the table, now stand directly on that item and try to place your turnips on the ground. Instead of the turnips falling on the ground they go onto the table. This prevents any spoiling as opposed to setting them on the ground.
    Tutankamen Cheat
    Buy the Tutankamen helemt, and when you try it on it will make a different noise to other helmets.

    This is because when you run around, you trip over. It's a sure way to get lots of insurance!!!!
    Twice the Bells
    This only works on the day of the flea market, what you do is catch a fish, DO NOT sell it to Tom Nook, put it in the room where you sell things to your neighbors, then a animal comes in, wanting to buy your stuff (duh). He/she notices the fish, they ask "how much is it" you double the price. For example:

    Aripama: usually 10,000 bells
    Aripama sold at flea market: 20,000 bells!

    I got almost 200,000 bells from this!
    Walk via main menu
    Okay, this glitch/cheat is a variation of typing on a chair, which I have submitted. Please read that if you want to do this.

    Do the glitch mentioned above. Instead of using the stylus, you should use the control pad. Now you will have a fixed camera and you can move from your menu screen. You press "A", you can move and activate stuff. You move a direction on the pad, you move in the house. You can't leave rooms, though, and using the stylus won't move you. To exit, press "B".
    want to win every contest?
    to win every contest there is coming your way, here is how to win any.

    Flower Fest
    when you wake up, go to nooks, buy all the flowers and plant em outside YOUR PLACE then, run through all your neibours work or take your neibours plants and plant em round yours.

    Fish tourney
    to win the fish tourney AND het pressies, catch lil fish, give em to the mayor and for every fish (keep giving bigger sizes) you will get a prezzy. the best fish to get for it is a SHARK!

    again, keep catching mini bugs and get bigger and bigger in sizes, youll get a prezzy for each one, to win this, you need either a birdwing, their out at midday or an oak-silk-mith, their out at night.

    Do them things for any contest and youll have no room for all your trophies soon!
    hope this helps you, e-mail me if it doesnt.
    Wave at neighbors
    If your neighbors are outside, go not too close to them without talking to them and tap on them with your stylus and you will wave at the friend.
    Weed free Bank Interest.
    1. Make sure that the time on your DS and game are the same.
    2. Turn calendar back to the last day of the last month.
    3. Change time to 11: 56 pm
    4. Play game.
    5. When it chimes 12 O'clock, save.
    6. Start game again, and you will receive a letter from the bank saying you got interest.

    PS: Never to this cheat going forward in time. Time traveling forwards = weeds
    Win the Flower Fest and make money
    When the flower fest is on pull up everyone's flowers until the judging day and make sure you have more than one person. Keep one flower near your house and make sure no-one else has any. Sell all the extra flowers and when you get more than one trophy you can sell one for laods of money.
    Wishing Star
    I wish I may I wish I Might...

    At night when there is a shooting star overhead press the A button.
    Your character will put his hands together, the next day you will have mail with a rare item from the star.
    Well go to your friends town and make sure u go der wiv empty pockets then collect all the fruit there from the trees. if your friends towns fruit is different, go to tom nook and sell and few pieces of fruit (he gives u 500 for eAACH!) then plant sum and hoora u get different fruit trees! keep sellin the fruit and TADA! say u have peaches in ur town and u started off wiv them, tom will give u 100 for each and say ur friend had cherries, hell give u 500 for each cherry cause its a different fruit from what u started wiv! Im a billionare now. i go to my friends town evry day!
    Wrong snowball
    Sometimes you are rowling your snowball and it gets TO big. NO PROBLEM. all you have to do is:
    Rowl your snowball in the sand and it will be smaller every second!
    WWE Tatanka
    The way you dress up like Tatanka off the WWE it is very easy.
    1-The Idian Head Dress
    2- The Dutch Skirt
    and hold the Axe for the oure Tatanka look
    Ye ye ye ye!
    You need rarer fruit?
    If you need rarer fruit just send a letter to someone in your town with a piece of fruit in it...
    The next day they shouldn send you a piece of fruit or clothes or furniture.