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How to unlock...

UnlockableHow to unlock
Alice Dress/Alice Armor:Gain all pieces of the Magic Armor
Caterpillar Outfit:Have Absolem join your team
Cheshire Outfit:Have The Cheshire Cat join your team
Dormouse Coat:Enter "3676" at Password Screen
Hatter Outfit:Have the Hatter Join your team
Living Oraculum:Unlock every picture
Puzzle Master:Find EVERY map piece/explore all map locations
Red Guard Outfit:Defeat one of the tougher armed Red Guards for the first time
Rushed Rabbit:Defeat 50 enemies using McTwisp's SLOW DOWN Ability
Savior of Underland:Beat the Jabberwocky!
Stayne Eyepatch:Defeat Stayne Twice
Stayne Mantle:Defeat Stayne Once
Vorpal Sword:Find the Vorpal Sword
Weird, Wise, Malicious:Gain the remaining three characters in your party
White Rabbit Jacket:Complete Chapter One
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: jman173 on March 28, 2010