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Age of Empires: Mythologies Cheats

Age of Empires: Mythologies cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, and Codes for DS.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
AsgardianCreate one of all of the North Myth units to unlock Asgardian.
BerserkerFully complete all of the missions in the Norse Campaign on hard difficulty.
Blessed of AsgardComplete a multiplayer game with all of the Norse Core heroes.
Blessed of EgyptComplete a multiplayer game with all of the Egyptian Core heroes
Blessed of OlympusComplete a multiplayer game with all of the Greek Core heroes.
CartographerWin a four player game while having the map completely explored.
CryptozoologistCreate one of every type of Myth unit.
DemigodFully complete all of the mussions in the Greek Campaign on hard difficulty.
DevoutWin minimally ten games on Temple Control.
Egyptian ConquererEntirely complete the whole Egyptian Campaign.
EgyptologistCreate one of every type of Egyptian Myth unit.
Greek ConquererEntirely complete the whole Greek Campaign.
Greek StudiesCreate one of every type of Greek Myth unit.
HeroDefeat at least five skirmish games in each different culture.
High PriestUse all minor and major gods in a multiplayer skirmish game.
High WarlordDefeat a multiplayer game with all of the core heroes.
HuskariDefeat five multiplayer games as a Norse.
KhepeshDefeat five multiplayer games as an Egyptian.
KingslayerDefeat a hero enemy at least three times in a multiplayer game.
WarlordWin at least ten games by Conquest.
MyrmidonDefeat five multiplayer games as a Greek
Norse ConquererFull complete all of the missions in the Norse Campaign.
PacifistCompletely win a game without attacking any of the enemy units.
PharohFully complete all of the missions in the Egyptian Campaign on hard difficulty.
Sacraficial LambDamage an enemy with either an Egyptian Villager or Greek Architect
SpelunkerFully complete all of the Underworld Scenarios.
StudiousFully complete the tutorial campaign.
TouristFully complete all of the Egyptian Scenarios.
VacationerFully complete all of the Greek Scenarios.
WandererFully complete all of the Norse Scenarios.
Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Ladon the LamiaFully complete the Greek campaign.
SetekhFully complete the Egyptian campaign.


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Nakht's Epic Raven Stacking Glitch
When you pick up a relic with the Egyptian hero Nakht, you can use this glitch. By transforming him into a raven and back using his hero power, the effects of the relic that he is carrying are reapplied, without removing the previous application. This can be used to achieve anything from 95% defense on all units to infinite range for ranged units. It all depends on the relic being used. It is important to note that if another relic is picked up during this time, the effects of the previous one still remain, in addition to those of the new relic.