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Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Cheats

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings cheat codes.


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Campaign levels (First Two)
Joan of Arc (tutorial)
1.Escort to Chinon
2.Sword of the Saint
3.From Peasent to General
4.Breakthough to Orleans
5.Lifting the Seige of Orleans
6.Crowning of King Charles

Minamoto Yoshitsune (easy)
1.Battle of the River Crossings
2.Taira Conquest
3.The Battle of Ichi no Tani
5.Mongol Invasion

Genghis Khan (Medium)
1.The Tatars
2.Uniting the Tribes
3.Supreme Ruler
4.Empire Expansion
5.Japan Invasion
Easy Way To Get Empire Points
All you have to do is go to single player and then to an empire map. Choose a 3 on 1 match (You and 2 other teams vs. 1 team) and the game should be over soon. Then after the game is over you will get empire points!
Easy Way To Switch Units
While in a game, an easy way to switch units on the battle field is by using the R button. It will save a bit of time if you use this method.
Easy win-Mongol Steppes
this only works for 3 player mode in the mongol steppes map with starting age 4 and no blackmap or fog of war. In this map, the players start very close to each other. so close, in fact, that by simply moving your two-handed swordsmen toward another civilization, you can attack their villagers as they build their town center, and stop them from making it. Now,they can\'t build anything. Get your hero to the third civilization and attack their villagers on the second turn as well. Now neither enemy can build anything, and all they have is two-handed swordsmen and a hero, who should be able to fall after you build a small army. ( This is best done with the mongols. Also, the three civilizations start in an upside-down trinagle shape. make sure you are in the top-left. )
Unlockable Maps
Unlockable Maps
This is a list of all the unlockable maps. You can unlock these for use in Empire Map mode by buying them with your empire points in "Bonus Items."
Unlockable How to Unlock
Agincourt- 250 empire points
Archipelago Large- 200 empire points
Asia Majo-r 300 empire points
Bridges Large- 100 empire points
Castles- 150 empire points
Swamplands- 150 empire points
France- 100 empire points
Hannibal's Crossing- 250 empire points
Hastings- 250 empire points
Khyber Pass- 250 empire points
King of the Mountain- 300 empire points
Outremer- 150 empire points
Skirmish- Plains 250 empire points
Skirmish- Desert 250 empire points
Valley- 100 empire points
Unlockable units
Here are all of the unlockable units. You use empire points that you earn in matches to purchase them. To purchase them, just go to "bonus items" in the main menu.
Unlockable How to Unlock

Mons Meg - 150 empire points
Knights of the Round Table - 200 empire points
Genoese Crossbowmen - 100 empire points
Swiss Pikemen - 100 empire points
Dark Ram - 150 empire points
War Wolf - 150 empire points
Welsh Bowmen - 100 empire points
Dopple- handers - 100 empire points