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Advance Wars Dual Strike Cheats

Advance Wars Dual Strike cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Codebreaker Codes for more Advance Wars Dual Strike cheat codes.

Advance Wars Dual Strike Tips

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3 Star Forces
Once you beat Normal Campaign once, you can use three of the 'Star' Forces with any character Rank 1 or higher. The three forces are Eagle Eye (+2 vison), Gear Head (+2 base repair), and Conquerer (+2 Capture).
Submitted by: knb on October 16, 2005
Easy Campaign medals in history
Just save when the last weak spot in the grand bolt is almost dead. On a different slot, save after the credits when you destroy the grand bolt. Load the almost dead slot and do the same thing.
Submitted by: Lyancia on March 07, 2008
Easy Ranks
When you make it to mission 18 (Muck Amok) save on day 1, and continue your game on a different save. Finish the mission many times to get easy points and exp. If you destroy the minicannon and pipe seam, you get a little extra points. If you route Koal, getting 40 points from each oozium, you can get 1,000 points and exp.
Submitted by: sum_dude on November 12, 2005
Extra CO Costumes
Reach Rank 10 with any CO to unlock an alternate costume for that CO. To use it, first obtain their extra colours from Hachi, then go into the CO Design Mode. Select the CO you want, and select the icon below the circular icons to select their alternate costume.
Submitted by: Galacticdramon on July 01, 2006
Extra COs In Combat Mode
Complete the Campaign Mode once. You can now purchase Flak, Adder, Lash and Hawke for use in the Combat Mode from Battle Maps.
Submitted by: Galacticdramon on August 20, 2006
Fast History Completion
to get all of the goals in the history thingie just go to the map maker and make a map thats easy to do that in. for example: one of the goals is "load 30 units", so you could just make a map with a line of units next to a line of apcs and just load them in (you could make your enemies base surrounded by a bunch of your guys or something so you easily win each time). I dont know if completeing all of the history thingies unlocks anything but o well
Submitted by: metalhead4105 on December 27, 2006
Final Force Ranks
To unlock the final two Force Ranks ("Soul Of Hachi" and "Mistwalker"), complete the Hard Campaign once. The final Force Ranks can then be used by any CO at Rank 1 or higher.
Submitted by: Galacticdramon on August 20, 2006
Second-to-Last Battle (Campaign)
The best thing to do here is to have Eagle as the CO for the Green Earth troops. Now you can simply sneak up the side with a few bombers (and fighters to protect them against other fighters) and take out the large crystal with ease. You won't get as good a ranking, but it gets the mission over with quickly.
Submitted by: Insanity Prevails on October 18, 2005
Special Design Map
In Map Design mode, hold L and R while selecting the mode to produce a special pre-made map, with "Advance Wars" spelled out in the terrain.
Submitted by: tidus04 on October 25, 2005
Unlockable Maps And Backrounds.
By having AW1 or AW2 in your DS at the same time as Duel Strike, you can unlock new stuff at the the Hatchi's Shop! With AW1 you get Advance Warpaper, Hatchi's Land, and Nell's Land. With AW2 you get Advance Warpaper 2, Lash's Land, and Sturm's Land. All can be bought for only 1 point.
Submitted by: Sage Of The Wise on September 05, 2005
Von Bolt
To get Von Bolt, you need to beat hard campaign, then you can buy him from Hachi.
Submitted by: shrimp rock on March 16, 2008

Advance Wars Dual Strike Cheats

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How To Get A Lot Of Points For The Shop
Here is a fast way to get tons of points to use at the shop.
Keep beating Mojo Island in the War Room.
Use Jesse and build a lot of tanks
Use Kanbei and build mechs infantry and a few machines
Submitted by: duker nuker on March 29, 2007