Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Cheats

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Advance Wars: Days of Ruin cheat codes.


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Unit Cost(s)
Ground Units

*Infantry = 1,500
*Mech = 2,500
*Bike = 2,500
*Recon = 4,000
*Tank = 7,000
*Medium Tank = 12,000
*War Tank = 16,000
*Artillery = 6,000
*Anti-Air = 7,000
*Anti-Tank = 11,000
*Rockets = 15,000
*Missles = 12,000
*Flare = 5,000
*Rig = 5,000

Air Units

*Fighter = 20,000
*Bomber = 20,000
*Seaplane = 15,000
*Duster = 13,000
*Battle Copter = 9,000
*Transport Copter = 5,000

Naval Units

*Battleship = 25,000
*Carrier = 28,000
*Submarine = 20,000
*Cruiser = 16,000
*Gunboat = 6,000
*Lander = 10,000

Note: CO's cost half the amount the unit cost

ex//I pay 3,500 for my CO (Will) to be loaded into a "Tank", since normally it costs 7,000.
Unlocking COs
Tasha: Complete mission 12
Gage: Complete mission 13
Forthsythe: Complete mission 14
Waylon: Complete mission 20
Greyfield: Complete mission 21
Penny: Complete mission 24
Tabitha: Complete mission 25
Caulder: Complete mission 26


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Easy medals
Here's how to get those medals easy!

S rank+ maps cleared: play the first mission over and over until u got em!

Enemy medals+meteor medals: play as both teams and destroy one entire side by builiding a 10X10 map and placing 50 on one side and 50 on the other. do the same with meteors but make it bigger and with bombers only.

Talon gun: beat tabithas first level over and over by beating the talon gun.

Suprise Encounter: Turn fog on and do the meteor one with out the metors but lots of enemys.

Flares: Make alot of flares on a big stage 4 player map.

Silo: lots of silos and infantry on 4 player map.
Fast Time
If you hold down L during a battle animation time speeds up.
Fast Time
If you hold down L during a battle animation time speeds up.
Maps Cleared Medal: Clear 150 maps
Nests Medal: Destroy 10 nests
S Rank Medal: Obtain 50 S ranks on campaing mode
Wi-Fi Connection Medal: Clear 50 fights on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
More Medals
In addition to the medals Deathsythe listed, there are two more

Time Medal- Gain more than 50 hours of playtime.
Meteor Medal- Destroy 200 Meteors.
Slow-mo Battle Animation
If you hold R during a battle animation, it slows down time.