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Virtua Fighter 3tb Cheats

Virtua Fighter 3tb cheats, and Codes for DC.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Oct 06 2000)

Bonus Fighters
At the Character Selection Screen in Training Mode, enter the appropriate code:

Gold DuralStart + A + Y
Silver DuralStart + A + X

Play as Dural in any Mode
On the Character Selection Screen, press Down, Up, Right, Left, Start. Dural will appear and she may be selected normally. Press A for silver Dural, press Start + A to play as Gold Dural.

Play as Alphabet - Choose Akira on the character selection screen and press Start. Now highlight Lion and press Start. Then highlight Pai and press Start. Then select any character and press A to choose Alphabet. Play against Alphabet - Choose Akira on the character selection screen and press Start. Now highlight Lau and press Start. Then highlight Pai, hold Start, and press X to fight against Alphabet.

Arcade Backgrounds - In training, normal or team battle mode you can change the backgrounds to the original arcade versions by letting the time run out in the stage select screen. New Training Mode Backgrounds - Select training mode, then hold Start and press A at the Stage Selection Screen. Alternate stage backgrounds - At the Stage Selection Screen, hold Start + B.

Alternate Costumes
Hold Start while selecting a character to see their alternate costume.

Slow-Motion Replay
Press B before the instant replay begins.

Faster Replay
Hold X + Start during the instant replay.

Remixed Opening Sountrack
Press and hold Start on both the first and second player controls at the screen that shows the Sega logo. Keep holding both start buttons until you hear the music begin to play.

Full Pause Screen
Pause the game and press X + Y.

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