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Vigilante 8: Second Offense Cheats

Vigilante 8: Second Offense cheats, and Codes for DC.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Oct 08 2000)

From the Options menua, highlight Game Status and press L + R to access the Password screen. Now enter the following passwords:

Can Pick the Same Car in MultiplayerMIXES_CARS
Disable all CodesNO_CODE
Disables Wheel Attachment IconsDRIVE_ONLY
Enemies Attack SimultaneouslyUNDER_FIRE
Higher SuspensionsJACK_IT_UP
Increases Car's Weight & Ramming AbilityGO_RAMMING
Instant ActionQUICK_PLAY
Lighter CarsHI_CEILING
Reduced GravityNO_GRAVITY
Slow MotionGO_SLOW_MO
Stronger MissilesBLAST_FIRE
View all Ending SequencesLONG_MOVIE

Bonus Characters
To unlock bonus characters, you have to complete all the objectives in Quest mode with one or more other characters, as per the below chart:

CharacterComplete Quest mode with...
CoyotesLord ClydeNina Loco, Molo, & Dallas 13
Obake Lord Clyde
Boogie* Obake
VigilantesHouston Sheila, John Torque, & the Flying All-Star Trio
Convoy Houston
Dave's Cultsmen* Convoy
DriftersChassey BlueAstronaunt Bob O, Garbage Man, & Agent R. Chase
Padre DestinoChassey Blue
Dusty Earth*Padre Destino
* You cannot play Quest Mode with these characters.

Change Vehicle View
Hold B and press Y.

Ghosts in Louisiana level
Destroy the graves in the cemetery. Ghosts will appear and begin attacking.

Flood Louisiana Level
Approach the bridge (or dam) and shoot at the nearby wheel. It will start to spin and the bridge will begin to raise. Keep shooting until the bridge is completely raised. Repeat this at the other bridge. In a few seconds, it will start to flood.

Triple Salvage Points
Destroy your opponents with a special weapon to get triple salvage points.

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