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Soul Calibur Cheats

Soul Calibur cheats, and Codes for DC. Also see Codebreaker Codes for more Soul Calibur cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Oct 08 2000)

Art Card secrets

002 Art card category (Souls Guided by Destiny: CG Portraits) 
003 Mission: Silk Road Ruins
005 Mission: Harbor of Souls
006 Art card category (Symbols: Special CG)
010 Mission: Maze of the Dead
014 Art card category (The Chosen Ones: CG Characters)
015 New feature in Museum mode (Character Profiles)
018 Art card category (Portraits of Souls: Character Illustrations)
019 Mission: The Colosseum
021 Stage: Silk Road Ruins
026 Mission: Shrine of Eurydice
027 Mission: Palgaea Shrine
031 Mission: Kunpaetku Shrine
032 Stage: Takamatsu Castle (Winter)
034 Mission: Emperors Garden
037 Mission: Money Pit
039 Xiangua's SP costume
040 Mission: Takamatsu Castle
045 Art card category (Cursed Souls: Character Illustrations)
054 New feature in Museum mode (Exhibition Theater)
055 Art card category (Birth of a Soul: Character Concepts)
056 Mission: Hoko Temple
058 Sophitia’s SP costume 
060 Mission: The Adrian and the Fortress
065 Mission: City of Water
068 Stage: Proving grounds (Twilight)
070 Maxi’s SP costume
079 Stage: Maze of the Dead
081 Mission: Ostrheinsburg Castle
082 Mission: Valentine Mansion
083 Stage: Takamatsu Castle (Winter)
084 Mission: Water Labyrinth 2
090 Art card category (Profiles of Warriors)
093 Mission: Harbor of Souls
094 Voldo’s SP costume
101 Mission: Silk Road Ruins 3
103 Art card category (Profiles of Warriors 2)
104 Stage: Kunpaetku Shrine
106 Mission: Maze of the Dead 2
116 Mission: Shrine of Eurydice 2
117 Mission: Palgaea Shrine 2
122 Mission: Kunpaetku Shrine 2
123 Stage: Silk Road Ruins (Night)
126 Art card category (End of the Quest: Endings)
130 Stage: Chaos
132 Mission: Takamatsu Castle 2
134 Mission: Money Pit 2
137 Exhibition theatre: Taki’s martial arts demonstration
143 Mission: Emperor’s Garden 2
148 Mission: The Colosseum 2
149 Art card category (End of the Quest 2: Endings)
155 Exhibition theatre: Voldo’s martial arts demonstration
159 Art card category (The Vast World: Fan Art)
167 Extra Survival mode
169 Mission: Hoko Temple 2
177 Exhibition Theatre: Sophitia’s martial arts demonstration
178 Mission: Valentine Mansion 2
179 New feature in Museum mode (Opening Direction)
180 Mission: Adrian and the Fortress 2
182 Mission: City of Water 2
183 Exhibition Theatre: Nightmare’s martial arts demonstration
188 Mission: Water Labyrinth 2
189 Exhibition theatre: Astaroth’s martial arts demonstration
198 Exhibition theatre: Hwang Sung’s martial arts demonstration
199 Mission: Proving Grounds 2
203 Art card category (The Vast World 2: Fan Art)
207 Exhibition theatre: Yoshimitsu’s martial arts demonstration
215 Mission: Ostrheinsburg Castle 3
217 Art card category (The World of Souls and Swords: Posters)
224 Weapon Select mode
225 Exhibition theatre: Lizardman’s martial arts demonstration
229 Exhibition theatre: Siegfried’s martial arts demonstration
230 Exhibition theatre: Maxi’s martial arts demonstration (Dual Nunchaku)
233 Exhibition theatre: Rock’s martial arts demonstration
239 Exhibition theatre: Seung Mina’s martial arts demonstration 
251 Exhibition theatre: Cervantes’s martial arts demonstration
256 Exhibition theatre: Edge Master’s martial arts demonstration
265 Medal Model mode

Alternate costumes
Press Y when choosing a character at the character selection screen.

Character profiles in English (Japanese version)
1) Unlock all characters.
2) Remove the Profile window at the Character Profile screen.
3) Press A + B + X + Y to reset the game.
4) Press X + Start at the demo.
5) Return to the Character Profile screen.

Hidden characters and stages
Successfully complete Arcade mode to unlock a character or stage:

Completion   Character/Stage
01           Hwang Sung Kyung
02           Yoshimitsu
03           Lizardman
04           Water Labyrinth (stage)
05           Siegfried Schtauffen
06           City of Water (stage)
07           Rock
08           The Colesseum (stage)
09           Seung Mina
10           Cerventes de Leon
11           Edge Master

Unlock Edge Master
Complete the game with all standard and bonus characters (see above cheat that indicates order of unlocking bonus characters).

Exhibition Mode
Obtain all pictures in the first collection in the Museum to unlock exhibition mode, which allows you to see each characters' kata.

Extra Survival Mode
Obtain all pictures in the second collection in the Museum to unlock an alternative type of survival mode..

Fight as Inferno
Unlock all hidden characters and successfully complete Arcade mode using Xianguha’s third costume. To get the third costume, you have to purchase an Art Card (039) in Mission Battle mode.

Slow and Fast Replay
You can control the speed of action replays by holding L to slow down and holding R to speed up.

Transparent characters (Japanese version)
Unlock Edge Master. Then hold L while choosing a character at the character selection screen.

Unlock Arcade mode (Japanese version)
Complete the game with every character (including hidden ones).

Victory Poses
Each character has three different victory poses. When you win a battle, press on of X, Y, or B during the replay to select the pose.

Metallic characters
In Mission Battle mode, purchase the Art Card that unlocks Metal Model Mode . Then hold R while choosing a character at the character selection screen.

New title screens
Complete all missions in Mission Battle mode to unlock the gold Title screen. Unlock Inferno and purchase all 338 Art Cards to unlock the monochrome Title screen.

Full character profile screen
At the character profiles screen, press L + R to remove the window on that screen.

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