Sonic Adventure 2 (DC) Cheats

Sonic Adventure 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for DC.


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Behind the Door
Ever wonder what it's like to be behind the Mystic Door? First go to Aquatic Mine I assure you you've never heard this before unless you discovered it yourself. go to the "Ghost Room", jump onto the wieght and get on the beams. you should be right next to the cage like thing. Jump to the other side without gliding just be sure to get stuck on the side of it. Now climb sideways under the bars and up on the ledge I suggest turning the camera to see straight but before you can do that you see the tunnel up there. now once again jump across but this time trying to land on the wall above you now climb up and you are behind the door.
Black Market
To get to the Black Market, go to the Sonic Adventure 2 homepage on your DC and find the Black Market. When you do, you can get Jewel Chao! But you have to have a certain amount of emblems to get them!
Chaos Drives Colurs
here is what colour chaos drives do

Yellow: Swim
Purple: Fly
Green: Run
Red: Power

you can find these from the robots in the stages!
How to beat "eggman trough the floor" glitch
Sega had maded a few bad disks where is a glitch in cannon's core level when is eggman's turn because he miss the floor and fall to the infinite the only way to beat this glitch is: when eggman falls start hoovering and go straight head then eggman will appear in the space with a big pipe in front of him then just go in diagonal to the right until you see another pipe the start falling slowly until you see a green water then start shooting in the air and don't let the a button (hoovering)until eggman hits a switch that stops time then when switch desactivate go down slowly until you enter the level above the green water then just make your way trough the level.
How to have the secret character you want in 2-P mode!
Just collect all the A rankings for a character (anyone) (in Dreamcast version, by collecting A rankings you get secret characters in 2-P mode, not in kart mode, that is for Gamecube version). After getting all A rankings for Shadow (for example) just go to 2-P mode and select Shadow (for example), then press right (highlighting the character) twice and select the "Random" button. Press right twice and press A with the Random mode button highlighted and you will have any secret character because it's random, but only for that race. Just repeat as many times you want, to play with all secret characters. This works with the secret costumes too. Just make the same thing, but press only one time the button right in the character and in the random button.
immortal chao
There are three Chaos Chao. The Chaos Chao require a lot of time and patience to get.
The reason why they are so complex to create is because they are immortal and never die.
The three Chaos Chao are the Light Chao (Neutral Chaos Chao), the Angel Chao (Hero Chaos Chao), and the Devil Chao (Dark Chaos Chao). First of all you must reincarnate your Chao at least twice. When this is done, you must then give the Chao ONE of EVERY animal (Yes, all 21 animals - NO CHAOS DRIVES).

Note: When making a Light Chao, make sure it stays neutral for evolution by using a mixture of Hero and Dark characters to care for it.

Raise Chao Stats quickly!
To raise your chao's stats quickly, go to City Escape. Get all the Blue Animals (Raccoon, Skunk, and Sheep) that you can find. When you go to chao garden feed all the blue animals to your chao. Blue animals don't lower any stats, so your chao will keep it's current stats without losing any!

You can use black and gold animals instead of blue ones if you prefer. Black and gold animals don't lower any stats either!
Re-use chaos drives
First, collect a chaos drive (any color) and put in front of your chao.If you did this right, the chaos drive you used should fly back at you. Do this as many time desired.
Secret chao toys
You can unlock many different toys in the chao race.
Beginner race:
complete all swim races to earn a spade
complete all fly races to earn a watering can
complete all running races to earn a rattle
complete all strength races to earn a toy car
Hero race:
defeat the devil to earn a horse
Jewel race:
there is no particular type of race. completing a number of races is the key. You can win a 2 balls, a Jack in the box, and much more.
Ultimate race:
win the ultimate race to earn a television set.

I have not competed in the dark race yet

also, use the spade and the watering can and your chao will plant a seed(if you have one).
Sonic Adventure 2
Easy way to raise Chao skill's is unlock first Tails Level - Prison Lane Destroy all monster's and collect all chaos drives until you've got 10 chaos Drives 'EXIT' go to Chao World be Sonic Knuckles or Tails feed 1 chao all 10 it'll only take about 2 minutes every time! I got my Jolly's Skill's to Swim 'LV99 points 1881'Now I'm doing Run to win races So far LV63!Good luck Chaos Chao Tip's!!
The very first Chao you got Raise use cheat above (Leave Chao world on for about 10 hours then go back Take to doctor it could of transformed 1!{Warning:THIS COULD HARM YOUR CHAO'S LOVE FOR YOU!}There is a 50% percent chance this'll work. After it has reincinerated 2-3 times (Pink coocoon)Give it all 21 animals. Feed it Chao fruit to be an normal chaos Chao. Angel fruit for it to be an angel Chaos Chao and Dark fruit for Dark Chaos Chao!Hope it helped. Easy Breed!!
Hatch 2 egg's at the same time same way of hatching, Same Look/Appearence they'll sleep together hold hands Give them both a heart fruit (Not NEEDED) then they could breed and have an egg! Thanx for reading

Underworld Chao Glitch!!
be Sonic go to the Chao garden not Hero or Dark Garden, normal Go to the air part go to the air part walk on the first layer of rock to the weed not the bottom one. jump press A lots of time go wild their then you should go off you can go out the sky and see a glitch go behind the rocks then when your on land some will be underground

Walking on air Glitch!!
Make sure you've unlocked hero garden. Be Tails, go to the top jump and fly to the top of the first chao garden Very high then you'll drop and you'll be walking on air!

Raise 1 Chao and don't need to care Because of age!!
Unlock at least 1 garden unless you only have 3 chaosput all in the garden or school then raise the in the other garden I did with jolly then there age will never change take care of the 1 chao and it'll age slower!


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3D bonus stage.
Collect all 180 emblems and score an A rating across the board. Now you can play the green hills zone from the original sonic the hedgehog.
big the cat
big the cat will pop up many times in the story after knuckles and rouge fight in meteor herd just keep pressing a the b,a then b and he will come
Clone Rocket and Snowboard Code
SNOWBOARD CODE: In the Metal Harbor area, with a second controller push Y and you will be on an invisible snowboard. NOTE: You cannot finish the level like this. You must die if you want to get off.

CLONE ROCKET CODE: In Metal Harbor, go through the usual route until you are on the handle of the rocket. Do the snowboard code and soon you will see Sonic slip off. Instead of him falling into that tunnel, he will fall into the launching base again. But, a new rocket is launching and everything is repaired. Try and see if you can make it to the handle again. I have not...
New rouge in kart mode.
Finsh all of Rouges' stages and missions to unlock her in an alternative costume in kart mode.
Secret last stage.
Finish the hero or dark side stories, then go back into story mode and the last stage option will appear on the menu.
Super sonic and hyper shadow.
Finsih the last stage to reveal super sonic and Hyper shadow.
uside down infinite fall
on crazy gadget hard mode on the part when you change the gravity and the blocks get caught on the rails go under the 1st one and use the bounce bracelet and hold forward and you should go through.