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Sonic Adventure Cheats

Play as Super Sonic
Beat the game with all six starting characters to unlock Super Sonic. Sonic will transform into Super Sonic after some time into the next game.

Play as Tails
Controller two may be used to control Tails after he is obtained in the game. Most power ups like shields, extra life, and invincibility have no effect on Tails, so don't collect them!

Full pause screen
Pause the game and press Y + X.

Alternate Twinkle Park Race views
Press Up during the Twinkle Park Race level to change views.

Drive with Anyone in Twinkle Circuit
After completing the game with all six characters, you will be able to race in Twinkle Circuit with anyone. To do so, select the character you want and go to station square. One there, go to the small patch of grass and weeds by the speed highway entrance to find a spinning ticket. Now you can goto the Twinkle Park building, but enter through the Twinkle Circuit. You should hear a chime to tell you the cheat has been unlocked. You have to repeat this with all characters.

Hidden artwork
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find several rendered images from the game.

Get All Characters
Miles"Tails"Powers -- Beat the EggHornet in the Mystic Ruins
Knuckles the Enchanda -- Beat the Icegap (action stage) and walk up to the lake in the Mystic Ruins you will have to beat Knuckles (and maybe Chaos4 as well?)
102Gamma -- Beat the SkyDeck and you will have to beat him you get Amy too
Big the cat -- Beat Chaos 6
Super Sonic -- Beat game with all characters
Super Knuckles -- Get all the characters(including Super Sonic), then complete the game again with Knuckles. At the character selection screen, hold X+B. (thanks to Sam Adock)
submitted by Alex V. with notes by alex (

Sonic The Armadillo
Go to the past when the Master Emerald alter is on fire. Move the camera so sonic is facing the screen head on. In the red light, sonic looks just like the mighty armadillo from the knuckles Chaotics game on the Sega 32X
submitted by Alex V.

Get A Gold Chao
Go to the Station Square. Go to city hall (NOT THE LEVEL), pick up the rock in the corner and go to the office. Pick up the yellow rock. set it to the side. Put the other rock from city hall and put it over were the origional rock went. Take that yellow rock to Chao Garden.Hatch it and there you go.
submitted by alex (

Underground Emblem
Using Knuckles, go where Sonic fought Chaos 0. To your right there is four trees and dig in the middle of them and there is a emblem.
submitted by alex (

Tips for defeating Chaos0, Chaos4 and Chaos7
Chaos 0
To defeat chaos 0 avoid his shockwave attacks and punches when you have the chance jump on him or use a homing attack 3 to 4 times to defeat, collect rings when you have the chance so if he hits you you just lose your rings.

Chaos 4
To defeat chaos 4 avoid his splashes and shockwave attacks do not stand on the green pads for to long he will nock you off when ever he peacks his head out of the water its your chance to use a homing attack repeat 3 to 5 times to defeat then again collect rings to protect you from attacks

Chaos 7
To defeat chaos seven avoid his tail attacks mouth attacks and jump attacks throw the small bombs at him to freeze him when he is frozen use jump attacks or homing attacks, i dont know how many times but i'm sure its between 2 to 6 collect rings to protect your self
submitted by William (

Go where you can't
Do you know where you the cars go in SS where you can't? You can go in there! First get Sonic. Now go where there is the boat that takes you to the eggcarrier. You have to stand on top of the train station. To do that, face it. Now hold spindash for about 3seconds and go up the stairs and jump. Get a lot of air. Hold forward. When you are going against the limitation of the trainstation do a homing attack to get through it and land in the middle of the first platform (the one right before the blue platform). Now hop to the right of the blue platform. This is extremely hard to do. Face the hotel and do a spindash up the blue platform and jump towards the hotel and try to land onit.when you do walk forward to get in it. Hop on a car & stay on it and it will take you through.
submitted by Andrew Adkins


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Chaclon Enters the Races
In order to have Chaclon appear in your races you have to win all the Jewel Races with one chao. Chaclon will then appear in the Beginner Races in the #1 slot. He's a black chao that lays down at the beginning and end of the races. When the race starts he will remain laying down. Don't get too comfortable, though. He will shoot out like a bullet and quickly catch up in each race. I'm guessing he has over 3000 points in all of his stats, so he's almost impossible to beat.
Clear Pause
When at the pause menu hold down X and Y. The menu will dissapear. You'll still be on pause when doing this.
Kill Knuckles in the Chao Race Entry
As Knuckles, go to the Chao Race Entry area. From where the game puts you when you enter the room, jump forward a little bit, then glide into the wall above and between the 4th and 5th gate. If done right, Knuckles will go through the wall! Now, if you let go of the action button here, Knuckles will fall to his death. If you don't want to lose a life, simply turn around and glide back into the entry area.
Tails in Sonic's Speed Highway!
As Tails, go into Speed Highway. Go on the path the you'd normally take with Sonic. Once you get to the ramp that's above where Sonic would enter the building, get launched off the ramp and immediately start flying over towards the building that Sonic would enter to get to the next part of the level. Once you're in the building you should be able to see the ceiling for the part Sonic walks into. once you walk on a certain spot, you'll be taken to the 2nd part of Speed Highway where you're running down the building, except Tails will just fall down and eventually fall into the 3rd Area.

Now, notice that you still have the bar at the bottom of the screen that shows where you and Robotnik are with progression of the map. You'll be at the very start of the bar. You can get rid of that bar and give yourself unlimited time to explore the 3rd area as Tail if you die in the part where you fall down the building. To do this you simply need to get hit by a helicopter, then with out getting any more rings, get hit by another helicopter. You'll lose a lose, but then will appear at the beginning of the 2nd part of the level without a time limit!

Have fun exploring the higher areas of part 3 of Speed Highway as Tails!
When you beat the game and see the credits
When you beat the game and you don't want to look at the credits hold a + b + start at the same time and don't let go!


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Black Eggs in the Ship
In order to accomplish this cheat properly, you will have to do the following. First, select Amy on the character select screen (You have to complete her story first). Once you select her, you should appear in Station Square. Go to the boat straight ahead and take it to the Egg Carrier. Once there, take the monorail to get into the inside of the Egg Carrier. Then go to the three doors and go through the right one after using your hammer to open it. You should be in the Hedgehog Hammer room (If not, you went through the wrong door). Once there, go through the other door. You should see three cells (Note: In order to do this cheat, you either have to do two things. Don't take the egg the first time you're there or take it, not hatch it in the garden, pause, and select exit. If you do the second option another egg will appear in the second cell, then you can hatch the one in your garden. Do this with any egg for as much eggs as you want. You can only do this with the gold, silver, or black egg). Open the second cell and take the egg into the Hedgehog Hammer room. As soon as you enter, put down the egg and go back into the cell room. If you did this correctly you should see two eggs, the original one, and one in Amy's cell. Repeat this to get up to five (or probably more) eggs in the cells. If you want, take one to your garden (You can't take all of them). When you exit the Hedgehog Hammer room, go near the monorail station. You should see at least one black egg if you performed the cheat correctly. I reccomend not switching eggs for they dissapear quite quickly, so get there fast. You can't do this with the gold or silver egg, sadly. You can only do this in the SEGA version of Sonic Adventure.
Sound Test Glitch
Go onto Sound Test Mode and Select Action Stages. Once you are in Action Stages Go down to the music called ENEMY: Chaos and Play It. It doesn't matter how long you play it. When you're done listening to it go back. Select Jingle from the Menu. The Menu will not Appear. IMPORTANT NOTE: You can't exit from the blank screen so you will have to reset your Dreamcast.
This seems to be Fixed in the PC and Gamecube Versions.

Easter eggs

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Billboard Screw-Up
I just noticed something wrong with the 'Chaos In Space' billboard by Casinopolis. It seems that the creators of Sonic Adventure have made a spelling error when they made it. If you wanna see proof for yourself, though, follow these simple steps. First, select Knuckles to play as. Once at Station Square, head to the Casino area (I recommend beating Knuckles story first so you can go during the day. This way, you can see the mistake clearer). Then, climb up the building the billboard is posted on and look at the top of the billboard. You should see this: 'The future is in THERE hands'. Do you see it? Do you see the error? I hope you can see that is not the correct word to use. The right word is 'their', not 'there'. It's pretty sad they made that mistake (It's also pretty sad that I noticed that).


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Make Amy walk on air.
To make Amy walk or run on the air.Go to a high place.Now do a Hammer jump attack and start running,Amy will be walking on the air.(This looks really cool!)
Play as Super Sonic

Play as Super Sonic:
Finish the game using all the characters

Repeatedly hit X
Play as Tails

Play as Tails:
Use CONTROLLER 2 to control him after you get him.

Speedy Sonic Spins

Speedy Sonic Spins:
Repeatedly hit X
Ultimate chao!
There is a chao known as the light "chaos" chao. There is also only one way to get it without cheating. 1. take and hatch any chao (note: do NOT give it any animals until you are told to). Evolve that chao by giving it LOTS of coconuts. Wait for a whitish-yellow shield to appear around it. Next, get another adult chao and put it in the VMU(standard memory card). Once inside the VMU, play the chao adventures memory game for 3 to 8 lifenuts. Take the adult out and feed the lifenuts one at a time to your light-chao-to-be. Every time your chao makes flowers, put the adult by it to make eggs. When they make an egg, move the egg to another garden or destroy it so you don't get confused.after 5 to 8 eggs, your chao will make another yellow-white shield, but this time there will be an egg in it. If you hatch this egg, feed the chao immediatley or it will die(and ruin your light chao)! After you safely hatch and feed it, repeat these steps one more time. When you hatch it the second time, you have to NOT evolve it with coconuts. Instead, you go collect EACH of the animals and give it to your light chao. You only give it ONE of each animal. ONE!
The easiest way to do this is:
go to the sky deck and get the skunk.
go to red mountain and get the mole.
go to the casino and get the koala.
use these three animals on your light chao.
go back to the casino and get the parrot, bluebird, and peacock.
use these three on your light chao.
go to emerald coast and get the otter, seal, and penguin.
go to twinkle park and get the kangaroo, deer, and bunny.
use these six animals.
finally, go to red mountain and get the lion, elephant, and gorilla.
use these three.

Once you use all 15 animals
(count them) wait for your chao to evolve the last time. Giving it coconuts speeds this up. If the shield starts shooting sparks, Congrats, if not, try it again.I am not lying!

The chao will not look right in the memory card. To fix this, change the text to japanese in the options, then put your chao in the mem. card. Take the card out, start it up so you can see your chao, then turn the card back off. Take your chao out, save the game, change the text back to english, put your chao back in, and it will be fixed.

Unlock emerald course in chao race.
Beat the remaining four courses note: do not delete your chao data for the ones you have won or you will have to do them again