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   (last update - Oct 02 2000)

Unlock W.S.K. (World Speed King) Races
Complete all Official races and Event races to unlock the first ending sequence and the W.S.K. Races. The WSK Races are Front Drive Car Cup, Rear Drive Car Cup and 4 Wheel Drive Car Cup.

Money cheat
Like some other Dreamcast games, you can perform an infinite money cheat using two memory cards/VMUs. Just buy a car, and save your game on both VMUs. You can then send the car from one VMU to the other, and sell them. You can do this over and over again.

Sega GT Cheats

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An Awesome Cheat
Gameshark code:

Plenty of Cash
Submitted by: high_ranking_redeyes on May 27, 2003
GameShark Codes
Low Lap Time - 24D7ADEB00000000 F2E95A9500000000

Plenty of Cash - 1634D44405F5E0FF
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002