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Phantasy Star Online Version 2 (DC) Cheats

Phantasy Star Online Version 2 cheats, and Codes for DC.


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Always find a rare weapon
Create a room called psoallstars.
Boost Your/A friend's Photon Gauge
Hold R and press Y, get to the techniques page and put resta at the top and Grants, Zonda...etc at the bottom.Then stand right next to the other player and press UP and A together.If done correctly you should cast Grants, Zonda...etc at the other player and it should boost your or your friend's Photon Gauge.Best to Practice on a Quest that gives you a partener like 'Battle training' and do it to KIREEK, Its funny when he dies .
Good Luck!
Change weapon name
Successfully complete challenge mode and achieve an S-Rank. The first name of any weapon in the name can be changed.
Control ending sequence
Press L or R when the last screen of the game appears after the final Boss is defeated to move the lines.
Control loading screen
Press the D-pad or Analog-stick to move the light ball during the loading screens.
Control view
Hold L on controller B during game play. While that button is held, use the Analog-stick on controller B to move the view, press A to zoom in, press Y to zoom out, and press R to keep the view over your character.
Hidden artwork
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find images in .BMP format from the game in the "Extra" folder.
Hidden message
The letters on the red weapons spell "HeathCliff" when they are put together in order:
    Red Saber: He
    Red Sword: a
    Red Dagger : t
    Red Partisan: h
    Red Slicer: Cl
    Red Handgun: i
    Red Mechgun: ff
Maximum stats
When you see one of your stats turn yellow, indicating you cannot raise it any more with materials, it may still go up depending on what you have equipped. Unequip everything you have on and usually the stat will go back to white, allowing you to raise it higher. This should also be done immediately before you level, since the game counts equipment that raises stats as your max stat -- if it is maxed even if the base stat is not, then it will not go higher if you level.
Serial number delete
This trick is best used when you want piece and quiet. Load the game, then click on "Dressing Room". Press the power button on your Dreamcast. When you turn the Dreamcast on again and load up your character, the game will ask you to re-enter your serial number and access key. This has a few advantages. Anyone with your card will not be able to find you. Your wins and disconnects in battle mode will be gone.
View ending sequence
Type uraending at the title screen.

Note: This trick requires a Dreamcast keyboard.