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   (last update - Sep 03 2000)

Alternate Costumes
To unlock every costume in the game, you must place first in all courses and course variations two times.

Play as Hanamuizu
There are several reported ways to unlock Hanamuizu:

  1. Complete all races twice
  2. Earn at least a silver medal on every course.
  3. Complete every section found in all 4 levels.

Alternate introduction sequence
If you set a new record, the introduction sequence is changed to an alternate FMV.

The CD can be used in a PC compatible CD-ROM. There you should find wallpapers.


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Be Hinamazu

Finish all sections of all 4 levels to get Hinamazu.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002