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   (last update - Oct 09 2000)

Level select
From the new game screen, highlight the Options selection. First hold B for a few seconds (3 or more seconds should do it), then press Y, A, X, B. Hold X for a second or two, and finally then press B again.

Cheat mode
You can unlock a special cheats menu by doing the following:

Pause during a game. Hold L + R and press Left, B, X, Left, B, X, Left, B, X, A, X.

Restore health
Press and hold X, Y, B during a game.

Hidden artwork and sound files
You can find wallpapers and other misc. extras by using the gamedisc in a CD-ROM. You should be able to find the Kalisto movie intro as well there.


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Cheat Menu

Pause the game, then hold L + R and press Left, B, X, Left, B, X, Left, B, X, A, X to display a cheat menu.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: static_puzzle on January 30, 2005