Maken X Cheats

Maken X cheats, and Codes for DC.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Nov 27 2000)

Pause during a game, and then press Down, Left, Up, Right, L, A, X, Left, R, B, Y, Up, L, A, Down.

All weapons
Pause during a game, and then press Up, Right, Left, Down, B, L, R, A, Right, X, B, Left, R, Y, Up.

Select character
To select what character you want to be, complete the game 20 times and enter Left, Right, Up, Up, X, B, L, Y, A in three seconds.

Full pause screen
Pause during a game, and press X + Y. (same as many other Dreamcast titles)

Maken X Cheats

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Full Pause Screen
To do this, pause the game and press X + Y.
Submitted by: static_puzzle on January 01, 2005