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   (last update - Oct 01 2000)

Unlock All Tracks and Tripods
To unlock everything, start from the main menu, and highlight the Tripod Select option. Then, hold X + Y and press Up, Left, Down, Right (x2), Up, Down, Right.

Cheat Codes
To use the cheat codes, you have to place high enough in a race to enter your name in the High-Score screen. To activate a cheat, instead of entering your name, enter one of the following codes:

Triple missile powerupsAll powerups are triple missilesMISSI
Turbo Ram powerupsAll powerups are turbo ramsTURBO
Turbo Ram auto-pilotauto-pilot takes over during Turbo RamAUTOM
Invisibilitytripods and powerups become invisible, except for shadowsGHOST
8-bit sound effectsmake all sound effects sound 8-bitRETRO
Being John Malkovichall items and tripods renamed to MalkovichJOHNM


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All Tracks and Tripods

At the main menu, highlight the "Tripod Select" option. Then, hold X + Y and press Up, Left, Down, Right(2), Up, Down, Right.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: static_puzzle on January 01, 2005

Awesome Cheats

To input these codes you must first achieve a high score ranking. Instead of entering your name, input one of the codes.

Triple Missiles
Turbo Rams
Malkovich Debug
New Sounds
Turbo Auto-pilot
Invisible Tripods
CPU Controlled Pods
Verified by: high_ranking_redeyes Submitted by: high_ranking_redeyes on May 27, 2003