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Jet Set Radio (DC) Cheats

Jet Set Radio cheats, and Codes for DC.


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Love Shockers gang
Successfully complete all Shibuya-cho levels with a "Jet" rank to unlock the Love Shockers gang.

Noise Tank gang
Successfully complete all Benten-cho levels with a "Jet" rank to unlock the Noise Tank gang.

Poison Jam gang
Successfully complete all Kogane-cho levels with a "Jet" rank to unlock the Poison Jam gang.
Secret Characters
Goji Rokkaku
Unlock the Love Shockers, Noise Tank, and Poison Jam gangs, then successfully complete all the Grind City levels with a "Jet" rank to unlock Goji Rokkaku.

Pots (the Dog)
First, unlock all the bonus characters (Love Shockers, Noise Tank, Poison Jam, and Goji). After completing the game, play the "Monster of Kogane" level before "Benten Boogie". After completing those levels, a Noise Tank will challenge you after Chapter 2. Defeat the Noise Tank Challenge to unlock Pots.
Skate Backwards
While skating, press Down, Up to skate backwards.
tag quicker
when your doing an large/extra large tag.
press the spray button 2 times and you will start at the beggining of your tag.
if your really fast you can do an xl tag in a few secs. note: not reccomended if your going for jet rating