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Capcom vs. SNK cheats, and Codes for DC.

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Capcom vs. SNK Cheats

EX characters
Each time you complete arcade mode with a character you unlock their EX (or Extra) form in the secret shop (the "EX" form is the exact same character with new, different, or altered moves). To use a characters "EX" form, you must purchase it from the secret shop. Go to the character selection screen and hold Start while choosing your character to switch from the "Normal" to the "EX" character. While still holding Start, press A, B, X, or Y to select that character.

Unlock special stages
Each of the special stages is unlocked by defeating the character. The special stages or modes show up in the secret shop.

Special Stage, Mode or secretHow to UnlockCost
Gouki's (Akuma) stage (secret 69)Defeat Akuma in arcade mode/SNK Groove1,500 vs. points
Morrigan's stage (secret 67)Defeat morrigan in arcade mode1,200 vs. points
Nakoruru's stage (secret 68)Defeaut Nakoruru in arcade mode1,200 vs. points
Pair match mode (secret 71)Defeat Morrigan AND Nakoruru in arcade mode1,800 vs. points
Adjustable ratios in vs. mode (secret 72)Defeat Akuma in arcade mode1,500 vs. points

Play as "Evil" Ryu and "Evil" Iori
Complete both the Capcom and SNK grooves in arcade mode with "Normal" Ryu and "Normal" Iori. Secrets 34 ("Evil" Ryu) and 49 ("Evil" Iori) will now be available for purchase in the secret shop, and will cost 7,000 vs. points each.

Fight against Gouki (Akuma)
To fight Gouki(Akuma) in arcade and pair match modes, unlock and purchase Gouki's "Shadow" (secret 62) in the secret shop. It will cost 500 vs. points. You must have at least 80,000 GPS (groove points) before the start of the final match to get him to appear.

Fight against Morrigan and Nakoruru
To fight Morrigan and Nakoruru in arcade and pair match modes, unlock and purchase their "Shadows" in the secret shop. (Morrigan's "Shadow" is secret 63 and Nakoruru's is secret 64). Each of Morrigan and Nakoruru cost 700 vs. points each. To get them to appear, you must not continue and have at least 60,000 GPS (groove points) by the end of the third match (which is the third team you face). To fight Morrigan, choose the Capcom groove. To fight Nakoruru, choose the SNK groove.

Note: The easiest way to fight them is to go to the game options and set the difficulty to the lowest (easiest) setting, time to infinite, damage to the lowest (minimum) setting, and change gauge to max.

Get vs. points without playing
There's a secret workaround that lets you earn FREE vs. points for the secret shop. Go to training mode, choose your characters and opponent, then just leave the game on for around 2 to 2.5 hours at the battle screen. You earn points automatically up to 999 vs. points. Though 999 is the maximum number of vs. points that you can earn in one training match, you can exit the training mode, re-enter, and you can do this over and over again to get as many vs. points as you like.f

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Boss challenge mode!!!
Both hidden bosses, god Rugal and Shin Akuma/ Gouki must already be unlocked. Then hold x and y while selecting arcade mode.
Extra option!!!
Clear the boss challenge mode without using any continues to unlock the extra option in the game.
infinate custom groove.
Defeat all the characters in the survival mode.

Random groove!!!
At the groove selectionscreen, press start.