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Star Trek: Armada (DC) Cheats

Star Trek: Armada cheats, and Codes for DC.

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Armada Cheats

Infinite Lives

Press Start on controller 2 immediately after your last ship explodes to continue game play. Then, have player two quit the game and player one will be able to continue (this is more of a glitch rather than a cheat).

Get Extra credits

When you finish escorting a ship to its destination, stay with it after you are paid. The ship and the others will destroy enemies for you, leaving credits behind. You can receive up to 200-300 credits before returning home.

Starbase Locations:

-Allied: x:-78 y:99 -Terran: x:-3408 y:2400 -Nomad: x:2421 y:14343 -Eldred: x:13652 y:-5886 -Scarab: x:-128 y:-9822 -Drakken: x:12421 y:7476 -Vorgan: x:-12989 y:-5788 -Secret base: x:-17650 y:-16500 -Secret base: x:12340 y:14280 -Drakken Gas Mine: x:22460 y:6180 -Nomad secret base: x:-27250 y:30780

Planet Locations:

-Desert Planet: x:-22998 y:-5327 -Life World: x:-9330 y:6260 -Ice Planet: x:-14721 y:-20311 -Dead Planet: x:8710 y:-18060 -Gas Planet: x:27421 y:3284 -Volcanic Planet: x:22421 y:24511 -Infested Planet: x:-31250 y:34280