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Alien Front Online Cheats

Alien Front Online cheats, and Codes for DC.

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   (last update - Aug 29 2001)

Fog Filled Gamessubmitted by ACA - webmaster@cube99.com
When online, make a game called FOGFOGFOG. The game will be filled with fog.

Alien Front Online Cheats

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Fog Mode
Start a new game and enter 'FOGFOGFOG' as a name.
Submitted by: static_puzzle on December 04, 2004
GameShark Codes
[M] Must Be First - 9C5D88F8

Press L&R For Instant Win - A79D87710000FFFC CCFAE1EA00000063 A79D87710000FFFC 8CEC6CB500000063 A79D87710000FFFC 6A8DF07D00000063 A79D87710000FFFC ECE87F5900000063

[M] Must Be Last = 245EECA9
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Level Select
To be able to select a level to play on, this password much be typed at the password screen: %l2I?l
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002