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Arcane Empires (Android) Cheats

Arcane Empires cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for Android.


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Change Weather
Enter Global or Alliance chat, then post one of the following phrases; exit the chat screen for the weather to take effect. Note that these codes will note work during the winter season in the real-world calendar.
Raining in your cityA storm is brewing
Stop raining in your cityNo more rain
Snowing in your cityLet it snow
Stop snowing in your cityNo more snow


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Building a solid base at the beginning
Your empire requires food, wood, crystals, iron and silver to help growth, so start building Farm, Crystal Mine, Saw Mill, Iron Works and upgrade them along the way as the game process. Another source of income is from taxes which you can levied from citizens or increase the density of the population by building more homesteads.