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Super Monkey Ball 3D Cheats

Super Monkey Ball 3D cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for 3DS.


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Monkey Ball Collectables
These collectables consist of both special bananas found in certain Monkey Ball stages and different tasks to be completed in the stages.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Arabian BananaLocated in Stage 2-4.
Banana-phileObtain the Banana Medals for Worlds 1 through 7.
Banana-phobeFinish a stage without obtaining any bananas.
Buzzer BeaterFinish the stage with 00.00 left on the clock.
Cliff HangerSpend 25 seconds at the very edge of a stage before completing it.
Giga BananaLocated in Stage 8-4.
Haunted BananaLocated in Stage 4-2.
Holy BananaLocated in Stage 6-4.
Jungle BananaLocated in Stage 1-8.
Red Hot BananaLocated in Stage 5-10.
Space BananaLocated in Stage 7-3
Sticky BananaLocated in Stage 3-7
TimekeeperFinish each stage of a World with the same amount of seconds on the timer.
UntouchableFinish a World without making any shock crashes against the barriers.
World ChallengerFinish Worlds 1 through 7.
World MasterObtain C and M Medals for Worlds 1 through 7
Unlockable Cars
Extra cars can be unlocked in the Time Trial Mode of Monkey Race by beating a specific track's shortest time for each car or by spending Play Coins.
UnlockableHow to unlock
DragonDefeat Track 1's record in Monkey Park.
Flying CarpetDefeat Track 2's record in Mt. Tyrano.
G CatepillarDefeat Track 1's record in Mt. Tyrano.
Great SkullDefeat Track 3's record in Monkey Park.
KatanaDefeat Track 3's record in Sky-Way.
Magic EngineDefeat Track 2's record in Monkey Park.
Mini ShooterDefeat Track 2's record in Sky-Way.
RobotronDefeat Track 1's record in Sky-Way.
Super TopsDefeat Track 3's record in Mt. Tyrano.
Mr. MagicOn the Vehicle Select Screen, choose to spend 20 Play Coins to unlock.
Unlockable Characters
Certain characters can be unlocked in Monkey Fight mode by completing or winning various series or spending Play Coins.
UnlockableHow to unlock
A-BabyComplete Countdown Series.
B-JetIn Quick Match, win all three stages.
C-AiAI20 Play Coins must be spent on the character selection screen.
F-GonGonComplete Hidden Series.
N-JamCome first in Mashup Series.
P-YanYanComplete Super Fight Series.
R-DoctorCome first in Bomb Rush Series.
W-MeeMeeComplete Basic Series.
Unlockable Characters
During Gran Prix mode, certain characters can be unlocked by finishing the cups in specific places.
UnlockableHow to unlock
A-BabyComplete Sky-Way in 2nd place.
B-JetComplete Mt. Tyrano in 1st place.
C-AiAiComplete Monkey Park in 1st place.
F-GonGonComplete Mt. Tyrano in 3rd place.
N-JamComplete Sky-Way in 1st place.
P-YanYanComplete Mt. Tyrano in 2nd place.
R-DoctorComplete Sky-Way in 3rd place.
W-MeeMeeComplete Monkey Park in 2nd place.
Unlockable Medals
These Medals can be unlocked based on the players performance in Monkey Ball Mode.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Banana MedalCollect all the World's bananas without losing all lives.
C-MedalComplete a World using the Circle Pad.
M-MedalComplete a World using Motion Controls.