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Super Mario 3D Land Cheats

Super Mario 3D Land cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for 3DS.


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Photo Album
There's a Blue Mushroom house in World 3 that allows you view photos. The more you do in the game, the more photos you unlock.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Photo 4Beat World 3
Photo 5Beat World 4
Photo 6Beat World 5
Photo 7Beat World 6
Photo 8Beat World 7
Photo 9Beat the game as Mario
Photo 10Beat the game as Luigi
Photo 11Unlock Special World
Photo 12Beat Special World, then beat the game
Star Medal Unlockable Levels
Collect the following number of Star Medals to unlock new levels.
UnlockableHow to unlock
W1-43 Star Medals
W3-515 Star Medals
W4-330 Star Medals
W5-340 Star Medals
W5-Bowser50 Star Medals
W6-560 Star Medals
W7-370 Star Medals
W8-380 Star Medals
W8-Bowser 190 Star Medals
W8-Bowser 2100 Star Medals
S1-Bowser110 Star Medals
S2-Airship120 Star Medals
S3-Airship140 Star Medals
S4-Airship160 Star Medals
S5-Bowser180 Star Medals
S6-Airship200 Star Medals
S7-Bowser220 Star Medals
S8-1230 Star Medals
S8-2240 Star Medals
S8-3250 Star Medals
S8-4260 Star Medals
S8-5270 Star Medals
S8-Bowser290 Star Medals
The following requirements will have stars appearing on your save file.
UnlockableHow to unlock
First starDefeat Bowser in the second castle in World 8
Second starBeat all the stages from Worlds 1 to 8
Third starDefeat Bowser in the second castle in World 8 again after defeating him in Special World
Fourth starCollect all 285 Star Medals hidden throughout the levels
Fifth starBeat all stages with both Mario and Luigi and have gotten a golden flagpole on them
Glittering starsNever die five or more times in a row on any level
UnlockableHow to unlock
Luigi as Playable CharacterBeat Special World 1 Castle
Special World 8 Crown LevelCollect all Star Coins, beat every stage with both Mario and Luigi, and with a Gold Flag a least once.
Special WorldBeat World 8


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Infinite lives in World 4-1
Here is another way to easily get 1000+ lives.

Go to world 4-1, at the beginning go up the stairs that the two koopas walk down. At the top, there is one koopa walking back and forward in front of a small pond. When he is turning around on the left wall jump on his head, don't jump on him the second time just yet! When he is in his shell, kick him toward the small platform in the middle left of the pond (should be right in front of the shell you just hit). After this, he should be bouncing back and forward in between the two platforms. Wait for the goombas to get killed by him (They should walk toward you) and then jump on top of the shell! STAY STILL AFTER JUMPING ON IT! Your lives will now shoot through the roof! Do this until the time runs out and do it again until you have the max amount of lives!
Statue Mario
After you get the Statue Leaf try becoming Statue Mario during a boss battle. Mario will take no damage while in this form making the bosses crazy easy to beat. Their attacks become useless against you.
Unlimited Lives Trick
In World 1-2 it is possible to collect Unlimited Lives! Right after the Checkpoint Flag, in the area with the 3 Koopa Troopa's, collect the Super Mushroom/Fire Flower in the lone Item Box in between the Triple Item Boxes, as you will need to be Super Mario to pull this off correctly. After doing so, align Mario with the end of the last Triple Item Box, face it, and wait for the Koopa Troopa to walk towards you. When he has almost reached you, jump up high enough so you will jump on him, and do absolutely nothing.

If done correctly, the shell will hit the wall, and just as you are about to land, it will arrive at your feet, bouncing you back up, and you'll kick it again, continuously earning 1-ups until the time runs out, or you move.
Warp Zone!
In World 1-2, just as in the first Super Mario Bros., there is actually a Warp Zone!
To reach the Warp Pipe, normally traverse the level as you would, but before exiting through the pipe at the end, stand at the bottom the small ramp that leads to the Ink Piranha's, and you can see an opening in the ceiling! Wall jump, and you will be walking on the ceiling. Walk left to snag a 1-Up, and walk right to find an Orange Warp Pipe to Warp you to World 2!


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Reactivate Mystery Boxes Early
Normally once you've completed a mystery box it becomes dormant and unavailable until 24 hours later. There is a way around this though.

On the 3DS system settings set it to 1 day later than it currently is. Save settings and then go play this game. All Mystery Boxes will be available again.

Easter eggs

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2 Hidden 1-up mushrooms on world 1 level 1!
On world 1-1, if you go down as far as possible then right as far as possible, you will notice a cave blocked by a crate, if you smash the crate then go through the cave you will get a 1-up mushroom then exit the cave go up to the higher part and jump down and right onto the coloured blocks then run down and scare away the bird and another one will appear.
A Ghost in the System
Warning: this Easter Egg is uber creepy. Viewer discretion is advised.
At the end of any Ghost House level if you walk past the flagpole and stand in the upper corner facing the fence for a while you will see an eerie figure appear in the background.
If you see a field full of dandelions (try Level 1-1), blow into the microphone! Pretty!

Figured this out when I sneezed. <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Donkey Kong Reference
In the Final Battle at the end of World 8 with Bowser, one of his attack methods is to throw barrels at you, just as Donkey Kong does in the original Donkey Kong™ arcade game!
Hidden "Level"
If you wait around long enough at the starting screen, it will change to a mini 3D area. There are a few Toads and a structure in the middle. It appears to be for learning or practicing jumping, attacks, and using the 3D feature.
Hidden Super Leaf
While playing the first level, you will see two trees standing side by side after the mid way flag. Climb up the one to the left and a hidden Super Leaf will float out.
Interacting with in-game photos
While viewing an in-game photo using the photo album, shake the 3DS to make certain subjects in the photo move in reaction (e.g. Goombas jump, trees shake, etc.).
Invisible Mario/Luigi!
When you lose a power up when you're hit by an enemy you will start to flash, and if you press start at the right time, Mario/Luigi will be invisibe.
Legend of Zelda References in World 5-2
In World 5-2, the screen will be in a top view similar to LoZ. If you light the torches in the room to the right of the round room, you will also hear an LoZ medley play.
After you beat the game once, you receive a Star on your file in the file select screen. If you haven't died more than 5 times in a row on any level up to that point, the Star will sparkle.
Super Mario Sunshine Easter Egg
Remember Bianco Hills in Super Mario Sunshine, and how the second Shine Sprite had you battling Petey Piranha inside the windmill? Well an opening similar to this battle takes place in the Final Battle against Bowser.

When you first reach Bowser at the top of the castle, through the red doors, you'll run into the middle of the room, and Bowser will punch the ground in front of you. After this, he will roar, and the floor will crack, where Mario and Bowser's eyes will snap to the floor, and slowly rise to meet each others face-to-face, and the floor will crumble, where you will both free fall until landing at the site of battle, just like you did on the top of the windmill with Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine, albeit faster.
The Mario Drawing Song
Remember the Mario Drawing Song that premiered on Flipnote Studios? Well that very song can be found in Special World 8, as the Level Select Background Music!
The rock and the pipe
On a select few levels like 6-1, you can find a rock near a pipe. If you were to kick the rock into the pipe, you will get a 1-up.