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Unlockable Characters

UnlockableHow to unlock
Crimson Homura (Hebijo)Complete the Hebijo story, then select Homura using the L or R button
Daidoji (Hanzo)Complete the Hanzo story, then complete the "Daidoji Appears!" mission
Rin (Hebijo)Complete the Hebijo story, then complete the "Strongest Shinobi" mission
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on November 18, 2013

Unlockable Titles - Hanzou

UnlockableHow to unlock
"Wow, Over 1000!"Defeat 1,000 enemies
Asuka 100%Complete all missions with Asuka
BibliophileUnlock all gallery art
Crush the SeniorComplete Mission 5-08
Equipment CollectorUnlock all outfits and accessories
FlawlessGet all Hanzou characters to Level 50
Full-Fledged ShinobiComplete all Chapter 3 missions
Godlike ComboScore a 300-hit combo in one mission
Greater ShinobiComplete all Chapter 4 missions
Hibari 100%Complete all missions with Hibari
Ikaruga 100%Complete all missions with Ikaruga
Katsuragi 100%Complete all missions with Katsuragi
Master AsukaLearn all of Asuka's techs
Master HibariLearn all of Hibari's techs
Master IkarugaLearn all of Ikaruga's techs
Master KatsuragiLearn all of Katsuragi's techs
Master YagyuuLearn all of Yagyuu's techs
Model ShinobiComplete Mission 5-07
Ninja Art EnthusiastPerform 100 secret ninja arts
Novice ShinobiComplete all Chapter 2 missions
Prodigious BloomingSee all bosses' secret ninja arts
Risk Your LifeComplete all missions in Frantic Mode
Shinobi-in-TrainingComplete all Chapter 1 missions
Spectacular BeautyDefeat all bosses with a secret ninja art
Unparalleled GraceComplete a boss mission without being damaged
ValedictorianScore "A" grade on all missions
Yagyuu 100%Complete all missions with Yagyuu
Yang MasterEarn Max Yang for all six characters
Yin MasterEarn Max Yin for all six characters
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on November 27, 2013