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Scribblenauts Unlimited (3DS) Cheats

Scribblenauts Unlimited cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for 3DS.


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Unlockable Avatars
UnlockableHow to unlock
LilyCollect 60 Starites
EdgarCollect 106 Starites
JulieCollect 106 Starites


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Fun words.
DNA: Makes an object Sentient or resurrects a Dead creature.
Cthulhu: Lovecraftian creature.
Vampire: Start a vampiric apocalypse!
God: High-Heart creature used to devastate armies.
Atheist: Fun to use to kill large amounts of gods.
Centaur: Ride it and give it a bow for an attacking mount!
Pegasus: Flying horse with cool wings.
Stake: Instantly kills Vampires.
Zanbato: 4 heart base damage sword. Combine with Epic for the highest damage non-Deadly weapon in the game.
Flameberge: A wavy sword that is on fire. A play on words of the sword Flamberge.
Gatling Gun: Regular gun in early games, actual Gatling Gun in Unlimited. Combine with Explosive for huge damage to entire crowds.
Potion: In pre-Unlimited games, if a creature holds a Potion, it gains all of the adjective the potion itself has.
Boomerang: Exactly what it is.
Grenade Launcher: Launches Grenades, which explode on contact.
Shuriken: Accurate throwing star. Combine with Green, Epic, and Boiling/Poison, and you are now an assassin!
Excalibur: The legendary sword of King Arthur. Deals 2 hearts of damage, just like a regular sword.
Jetpack: Sci-fi unlimited fuel wings.
Hell: Destroy with a deadly weapon, and it spawns a devil.
Rapier: Fencing sword that looks cool.
Mace: A morningstar.
Satyr: Half-man, half-goat.
Druid: A shaman in all but sprite.
Laser Beam/Wizard Staff: Long cool down projectile launchers, but damage to rival the Zanbato.
Freeze Ray: Instantly freezes a target.
Katana: 3 Heart damage samurai sword.
Bokken: Wooden practice katana-dagger. Add Metallic and Epic and pretend it's a wakizashi.
Dark Matter: An immovable atom that draws in anything and anybody nearby, and exploding shortly thereafter. Atoms cannot be destroyed by this effect.
Nuclear Physicist: Turns atoms into Nukes.
Zombie: Monster that spreads the zombie virus around.
T-Rex: Dinosaur that can shoot fireballs .
Hydra: Cool 3-headed dragon.
How to unlock all brothers.
This is very simple just do the brother's missions. Beat them and then you will get a message saying you have unlocked one of Maxwell's brothers as an avatar.

Easter eggs

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Internet Memes Cats.
Long Cat, Monorail Cat, Ceiling Cat, Nyan Cat, Business Cat, Ninja Cat and Piano Cat.
Internet Memes.
Om Nom Nom, Ur Mom, Post Two One Seven, I see what you did there, Giant Enemy Crab, Tentaquil,Philosoraptor,Developer Fairy Wings,Loituma Girl, and Cool Story Bro.