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Unlockable Rooms
These are rooms that appear to be impossible to reach, and that are not unlocked during the storyline.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Autumn Road - swamp roomIn the Southern part of the Autumn Road area, there is a room with lots of trees where monsters don't spawn. Entering this room during a typhoon will give access to the swamp area directly below.
Autumn Road - hidden water roomDefeating all monsters in the unlocked swamp area will create a teleporter that leads to a hidden room with treasure chests.
Lakes - hidden water roomsThere are hidden rooms with treasure chests that can be accessed by using Ninja Shoes to walk over the lakes in Sercerezo Hill, Selphia Plains, Sechs Territory, and Autumn Road.


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Find Rare Fish
The first time you catch a valuable fish, do not ship it or use it in cooking. If the fish is used in the crafting (or upgrading, I haven't tested this) of a pole, it makes that fish easier to catch. This is especially helpful with throbby snapper, because it is sometimes given as festival rewards and is very hard to catch without upgrades. Also, exiting and reentering an area causes new fish to spawn. Usually, if the shadow of the fish is a big one, it is either a high level fish or a rare one. The bigger the shadow, the bigger the payoff.

I am still researching the best fishing spots.
Invisible Passages
In some parts of the game, particularly in cave areas, there are often places where what appears to be a wall is actually a passage. To figure out which walls are actually paths, look at the shadow around the room in the map. The shadow will be flat on the side where there is a pathway.
Leveling Forging Skill
After unlocking and buying a forge, it is fairly easy to quickly level up the forging skill. Making anything with the forge will give experience, with higher difficulty items giving more experience. The only factor that determines the experienced gained for each item forged is the required level of the item- thus making items that require fewer and less rare materials is the best way to level. One of the easiest ways to take advantage of this is to mass-produce hoes, which are made from only one item, an ore. Make sure that you have obtained the recipe for the Cheap Hoe, and check to see that you have a decent supply of Iron. Mass-produce Cheap Hoes by using the arrow at the lower right corner of the touch screen, watching the required RP to insure that you will not faint. Make as many as you can hold.
At lower levels, it is also a good idea to upgrade the hoes up to level ten using whatever useless items you have picked up to gain more experience.
The experience needed to level the forging skill increases with each level, so after a while, forging Cheap Hoes will become less effective for raising your forging skill. At this point, start making the next level of hoe, and continue to mass-produce the appropriate leveled hoes with your extra materials to quickly level your forging skill.


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Fight bosses multiple times per day
Right after defeating any boss, quickly use your Teleport spell and exit the boss chamber before the door barriers vanish. Any loot that drops will still be in the chamber when you return. This will trick the game into thinking you have not yet defeated that boss for the day, allowing you to refight it on the same day and farm its loot!
Margaret's Music From Hell
When Margaret's Going to the Beach To play Her Instrument,Talk to her,Then When She play's Her music It will Start Holding a note And staying like that