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Catching the Legendary Bird Pokemon
After defeating the Kalos region's Elite 4, you will have a chance to encounter one of the three legendary birds from Pokemon Red and Blue throughout Kalos. Which bird will appear is based on the Pokemon you chose at the beginning of the game.

The legendary bird should appear in your Coastal Kalos Pokedex afterward, allowing you to track its location. Walk (don't fly) to the bird's location to challenge it again; it should flee. Repeat a few more times, after which the Pokemon should retreat to Sea Spirit's Den. There you will at last be able to catch it!
StarterLegendary Bird
easy max style: (
Want into that overpriced clothing shop?
Want to learn the last Hatching O-Power?
Want a discount on the taxi service? (which is pretty much needed to get around in this awful city)
Steps to get max style (if you have done all the steps in luminous)1. Go to the PokeBall Boutique in Lumiose City.2. Buy 1 x Premier Ball (ONE AT a time)3. Repeat Step 2 99 more times.4. Check the Stone Emporium, the guy in the back left corner should sell the Mega stones for 10k. That's how you know if you're at max style.
UnlockableHow to unlock
noteIt may not always work you may sometimes have to still do things at luminous..(it takes 2 minutes or more to buy 99 premier balls and time is key) lionpants from gamefaqs.com discovered it but I conformed it
Sundae Dress (Female Vers.)Kiloude City. An artist will want to see a "Feminine" outfit.
Bamboo Sprig Hat (Male Vers.)Kiloude City. An artist will want to see a "Colorful" outfit.
50% Discount CouponThis was a one-time use coupon available through PKMN-GL, it's NO longer available [at this time].
Global Link Medal Awards
UnlockableHow to unlock
Ace PilotUse Fly ability in the field repeatedly
Archeology LoverRevive a Pokemon from a fossil
Battle LearnerFight 100 battles
Battle Maison 20-Win Streak (Double)Win 20 Double Battles in a row at the Battle Maison
Battle Maison 20-Win Streak (Multi)Win 20 Multi Battles in a row at the Battle Maison
Battle Maison 20-Win Streak (Rotation)Win 20 Rotration Battles in a row at the Battle Maison
Battle Maison 20-Win Streak (Single)Win 20 Single Battles in a row at the Battle Maison
Battle Maison 20-Win Streak (Triple)Win 20 Triple Battles in a row at the Battle Maison
Battle TeacherFight 200 battles
Battle Test BeginnerGet Beginner rank in the Battle Test
Battle Test HyperGet Hyper Rank on the Battle Test
Battle Test MasterGet Master Rank on the Battle Test
Battle Test NormalGet Normal rank in the Battle Test
Battle VeteranFight 400 battles
Battle VirtusosoFight 2,000 battles
Beginning TraderUse Link Trade once
Berry GardenerPick 10 Berries from fields
Berry Picker FanComplete Berry Picker Unlimited
Berry ScientistCreate a mutated Berry
Born to BattleParticipate in 100 Link Battles
BP WealthyObtain 100 BP
Broad FriendshipRegister 30 Friend Codes
Bug-Type CatcherCatch all Bug-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Busy SaveSave 20 times
Capturing SpreeCatch 50 Pokemon within 24 hours
Central Kalos Pokedex CompletionistComplete the Central Kalos Pokedex
Coastal Kalos Pokedex CompletionistComplete the Coastal Kalos Pokedex
CountessAchieve Countess rank at Battle Maison
Dark-Type CatcherCatch all Dark-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Day-Care FaithfulRaise many Pokémon and leave them at the Pokémon Day Care
Dragon-Type CatcherCatch all Dragon-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
DuchessAchieve Duchess rank at the Battle Maison
DukeAchieve Duke rank at the Battle Maison
EarlAchieve Earl rank at the Battle Maison
Easy CyclingRide a Bicycle 30 times
Egg BeginnerHatch a Pokemon Egg
Egg BreederHatch 10 Pokemon Eggs
Egg EliteHatch 50 Pokemon Eggs
Evolution AuthorityEvolve Pokemon 100 times
Evolution ExpertEvolve 50 Pokemon
Evolution HopefulEvolve one Pokemon
Evolution TechEvolve 10 Pokemon
Exp. MillionaireEarn 1,000,000 EXP. within 24 hours
Experienced SaverSave 50 times
Extensive FriendshipRegister 10 Friend Codes
Fairy-Type CatcherCatch all Fairy-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Fashion LeaderAccumulate many clothing
Fighting-Type CatcherCatch all Fighting-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Fire-Type CatcherCatch all Fire-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
First EncounterMeet a real-life player in the game
First FriendRegister one Friend Code
Fledgling PhotographerSend one photo to the Pokemon Global Link
Flying-Type CatcherCatch all Flying-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Frequent TraderUse Link Trade 50 times
Friend Safari 10Have 10 encounters in the Pokemon Safari
Ghost-Type CatcherCatch all Ghost-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Good Rod FishermanFind 10 Pokemon when fishing
Grand DuchessAchieve Grand Duchess rank at the Battle Maison
Grand DukeAchieve Grand Duke rank at the Battle Maison
Grass-Type CatcherCatch all Grass-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
GratitudeTip people generously
Great CustomerSpend $100,000 at PokeMarts
Great Trade-UpUse Link Trade 100 times
Ground-Type CatcherCatch all Ground-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Hall of FameDefeat the Elite Four and Champion ten times
Happy BirthdayGet a birthday wish through the PSS
Hard CyclingRide a Bicycle 100 times
Hatching AficionadoHatch 100 Pokemon Eggs
Head It FanComplete Head It Unlimited
Heavy WalkerWalk 20,000 steps
Honored FootprintsWalk 100,000 steps
Ice-Type CatcherCatch all Ice-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Indulgent CustomerSpend $1,000,000 at PokeMarts
Kalos Pokedex CompletionistComplete the entire Kalos Pokedex!
Light WalkerWalk 5,000 steps
Link Battle AmateurParticipate in one Link Battle
Link Battle ExpertParticipate in 50 Link Battles
Link Battle PioneerParticipate in 10 Link Battles
LuminosianExplore all of Lumiose City and become extremely stylish
Lumiose ExplorerExplore much of Lumiose City and become very stylish
Lumiose LuminaryExplore all of Lumiose City and become well-known by everyone
Lumiose StarExplore all of Lumiose City and become extremely stylish
Lumiose TouristExplore some of Lumiose City and become a little stylish
Magikarp AwardUse Splash ability against all odds
MarchionessAchieve Marchioness rank at Battle Maison
MarquisAchieve Marquis rank at Battle Maison
Middle WalkerWalk 10,000 steps
Mighty FisherFind 100 Pokemon while fishing
Moderate CustomerSpend $10,000 at PokeMarts
Mountain Kalos Pokedex CompletionistComplete the Mountain Kalos Pokedex
Naming ChampGive 10 Pokemon nicknames
Never Give UpDon't quit in battle, no matter the odds
Noneffective ArtistContinually use moves that are NOT effective against opposing Pokemon
Normal-Type CatcherCatch all Normal-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
O-Power Lv. 1Use O-Powers once
O-Power Lv. 2Use O-Powers 10 times
O-Power Lv. 3Use O-Powers 50 times
O-Power MAXUse O-Powers 100 times
O-Power ProGet all O-Powers from Mr. Bonding
Occasional TraderUse Link Trade 10 times
Old Rod FishermanFind a Pokemon when fishing once
OutgoingMeet 10,000 real-life players in the game
Pedaling LegendRide a Bicycle 500 times
Poison-Type CatcherCatch all Poison-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
PokeMile HoarderGet 10,000 PokeMiles
Pokemon Center FanRepeatedly Rest your Pokemon at a Pokemon Center
Pokemon-Amie AficionadoPlay with a Pokemon in Pokemon-Amie 10 times
PokeRadar OperatorAcquire data on ten Pokemon using the PokeRadar
PR Video DebutMake one PR Video and show it off
Psychic-Type CatcherCatch all Psychic-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Regular CustomerFrequently shop at PokeMarts
Rock-Type CatcherCatch all Rock-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Smart ShopperGet a Premier Ball by buying 10+ Poke Balls
SociableMeet 100 real-life players in the game
Starter CyclingRide a Bicycle once
Steel-Type CatcherCatch all Steel-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Step-by-Step SaverSave 10 times
Successor in the MakingGet a Pokemon to Mega Evolve
Super Rod FishermanFind 50 Pokemon while fishing
Super-Training InstructorPlay with a Pokemon in Super Training 10 times
Supereffective SavantContinually use moves that SUPER effective against opposing Pokemon
Sweet HomeReturn to Vaniville Town
Television KidRepeatedly watch television
Tile Puzzle FanComplete Tile Puzzle Unlimited
Top Sky TrainerDefeat all Sky Trainers in the game
Trash MasterCheck empty trash cans
Trick MasterPerform many tricks on Roller Skates
ViscountAchieve Viscount rank at Battle Maison
ViscountessAchieve Viscountess rank at Battle Maison
Water-Type CatcherCatch all Water-Type Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Wonder WriterSave 100 times
World ConnectorRegister 100 Friends
Pokémon Diplomas
Speak with the Game Director in the Coumarine City hotel after meeting the following requirements to earn diplomas you can then view anytime in your home back in Vaniville.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Central Kalos Pokedex DiplomaCatch all Pokemon in the Central Kalos Pokedex
Coastal Kalos Pokedex DiplomaCatch all Pokemon in the Coastal Kalos Pokedex
Kalos Pokedex DiplomaCatch all Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex
Mountain Kalos Pokedex DiplomaCatch all Pokemon in the Mountain Kalos Pokedex
National Pokedex DiplomaCatch all Pokemon in the National Pokedex
Special Evolution Requirements
UnlockableHow to unlock
AmrorusEvolve Amaura at night after reaching Level 39+
GoodraEvolve Sliggoo anywhere that is raining after reaching Level 55+
MalamarHold 3DS upside-down while Inkay evolves after reaching Level 30+
PangoroEvolve Pancham after reaching Level 32+ and while another Dark-Type Pokemon in your party
SylveonEvolve Eevee after teaching it a Fairy-Type move and reaching maximum bond by playing with it in Pokemon Amie
TyrantrumEvolve Tyrunt during the day after reaching Level 39+
Mega KangaskhanStone found in Glittering Cave
Mega AggronStone found in Cyllage city gym (Exclusive to Y)
Mega CharizardObtained Once you get a Charmander starter in lumiose city, Stone Depends On Version
Mega GarchompLocated in victory road you need rock smash to reach the stone
Mega AlakazamStone Located In Reflection Cave
Mega BanneteStone found in Chamber of emptiness
Mega LucarioYou Get a lucario holding the Lucarionite in Tower of mastery
Mega GengarLaverre City (a Hex maniac gives you the stone)
Mega AmpharosYou get The Stone from an old man in azure bay
Mega HeracrossStone found in Santalune Forest (Near Entrance)(Exclusive to Y)
Mega AbsolFrom your rival after you beat her in Kiloude city
Mega Mewtwo X & YStone found in mewtwo's place after capturing mewtwo
Mega AerodactylStone obtained from scientist in fossil lab
Mega GyradosStone found in Couriway Town
Mega HoundoomStone located on Route 15 (Exclusive to Y)
Mega ManectricStone located on Route 15 (Exclusive to X)
Mega MawileStone located in Shabonneau Castle (Second Floor)
Mega MedichamStone located in front of well in Laverre City
Mega PinsirStone Located in Santalune Forest (Near Entrance)(Exclusive to X)
Mega ScizorStone located Behind Abomasnow in Ice Cavern
Mega AbomasnowStone recieved after helping Abomasnow
Mega TyranitarStone found in Cyllage city gym (Exclusive to X)
Trainer Card Updates
Meet the following requirements to change the color of your Trainer Card (Green by default).
UnlockableHow to unlock
Blue Trainer CardEnter the Hall of Fame by defeating Elite Four and Champion
Silver Trainer CardCapture all Pokemon in Kalos Pokedex
Gold Trainer CardAchieve 50-win streak in Battle Maison


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Catching Mewtwo in Pokemon Village
After defeating the Kalos region's Elite 4, the cave near the top of Pokemon Village should now be accessible. You can catch a Lvl 70 Mewtwo inside, if your team is up to the task!
Catching Zygarde
After defeating the Kalos region's Elite 4, you'll be able to access the lowest level of Terminus Cave. There you can find a few rare items, as well as the chance to encounter and catch the Level 70 Zygarde!
Easy Money and Training in Battle Chateau
Once you have finished trap the owner's Furfrou at Parfum Palace(you should get the Amulet Coin while your there) and wake up the Snorlax, you should be able to go the Battle Chateau. The place where the rich trainers are. Battle cash there ranges from 1800 to 20000 pokedollar. If you already beat the game just fight the Elite Four.
Friend Safari
After defeating the Kalos region's Elite 4, you'll be able to access the Friend Safari at Kiloude City. You must have Friend Codes from other players registered in order to go on a Friend Safari, where you can catch more Pokemon. The more Friend Codes you have registered, the more Friend Safaris you can embark on!
How to earn Celebi from Pokemon Bank
After using Pokemon Bank 2-3 times, the representative will tell you that after using Pokemon Bank, Celebi will automatically be in your PC box. She is correct. The next time you use Poke Transporter, Celebi will be "transferred" to your X or Y.
How to get through the Laverre City Gym
After entering the gym, go through it like this:
<span class="wikilists">
  • Top-left
  • Back-left
  • Back-left
  • Back-right
  • Top-left
</span><!-- wikilists -->

Now you should be looking at Valerie, the Gym Leader.
Joining the Looker Detective Agency
After defeating the Kalos Region's Elite 4 and unlocking Kiloude City, return to Lumiose City. A detective named Looker should get in contact you via Holo Caster. You can then go on new sidequests as Looker's detective assistant.
Mega Ring Upgrade
After defeating the Kalos region's Elite 4, travel to Kiloude City and defeat your rival. Then travel to Anister City and speak to Professor Sycamore at the sundial to receive an upgrade for your Mega Ring. This upgrade will allow you to find more evolutionary Mega Stones between 8 - 9 PM.
National Pokedex Upgrade
After defeating the Kalos region's Elite 4 find Professor Sycamore at the Lumiose City train station and speak with him to receive the final upgrade to your Pokedex that will expand its entries to include Pokemon outside of Kalos.
New Storage Box Wallpapers
After defeating the Kalos region's Elite 4, you will unlock a new set of wallpapers you can apply for your Storage Boxes. Simply check the Pokemon storage system after becoming the new Pokemon Champion.
Oval Charm
After completing all 3 Pokedexes for the Kalos region (Central, Coastal, and Mountain), return to Luminose City and speak with Professor Sycamore in his lab to receive the Oval Charm. This unique item increases your chance of finding an egg at the Day Care.
Pokemon X & Y save glitch fixes
If you found out the hard way about how saving your game just outside of a building in Lumiose City would "freeze" your save and prevent it from loading, fortunately there is a fix. Simply remove your SD card (with your save file) from the 3DS, then load up Pokemon again. Now you can re-insert your SD card and load your now unfrozen file.

Another way is to keep the SD card in your 3DS as normal, but keep hitting the Home button on the handheld while you load up your Pokemon X or Y file; start mashing the button as soon as you hear the in-game music start playing, while the screen is still black!
Pokemon-Amie hearts stats
In Pokemon-Amie, you can feed your pokemon Poke Puffs, pet it, etc. to level it up hearts of affection to make it a fully affectionate pokemon so it can do extra thing earn more exp, do critical hits more often, restore itself from a status condition, etc. Well this shows how many hearts it takes to make it's affection hearts to go up 1/5.
Heart 1: 50 hearts from poke puffs or petting, etc.
Heart 2: 50 hearts
Heart 3: 100 hearts
Heart 4: 150 hearts
Heart 5 Part 1: 200 hearts
Heart 5 Part 2: 250 hearts
When your pokemon has sparkles in its chest area and sends up 3 rows of hearts, it's fully affectionate! Have fun with your pokemon at max affection!
Rebattle Gym leaders
If you wait inside the battle chateu long enough battling trainers, eventually the gym leaders will appear as well to battle. Raise your rank to at least Duke an you can battle them when they are using level 60's, as well as the elite four will show up time to time for you to battle as well.
Unlocking the Poke Radar
After defeating the Kalos region's Elite 4, return to Professor Sycamore's lab in Lumiose City and speak with the scientist on the second floor to receive the Poke Radar. This handy tool allows you to detect Pokemon hidden in tall grass.

Easter eggs

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Bonus Sweet Hearts!
In Camphrier Town, inside the house behind the Pokemon Center (far left), the lady in the back gives you one Sweet Heart on a daily basis. However, when you visit her on Valentine's Day, she mentions it being a 'special day' and awards you with 5 Sweet Hearts! How romantic ...
Pokemon Center Birthday Greeting
Visit any Pokemon Center on the day you registered as your birthday for a nice little birthday greeting from the nurse, plus check out some of the special decorations!