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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Cheats

Paper Mario: Sticker Star cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for 3DS.


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HP-Up Heart Locations
This has the locations of all 16 HP-Up Hearts. Each HP-Up Heart increases Mario's HP by 5.
UnlockableHow to unlock
HP-Up Heart 1In Surfshine Harbor, Fix the sideways door and enter it, then go around to the other side and climb the crates to the second floor
HP-Up Heart 2In Bouquet Gardens, Place Flower Stickers in the Toad's destroyed garden after you got the Fan
HP-Up Heart 3In Hither Thither Hill, Defeat the Big Buzzy Beatle.
HP-Up Heart 4In Drybake Desert, At the Pyramid.
HP-Up Heart 5In the Yoshi Sphinx, At the Comet Piece walk opposite of the stairs you climbed to slide off of the other side of the Sphinx to reach the HP-Up Heart.
HP-Up Heart 6In Sandshifter Ruins, Inside of a Coffin in one of the many doors inside the ruins
HP-Up Heart 7In Wiggler's House, Use a door sticker to enter the secret area with the HP-Up Heart in it.
HP-Up Heart 8In Gauntlet Pond, In the area with the Super Star. Easier to find entrance to the secret area after the poison is gone.
HP-Up Heart 9In Treebranch Trail, Secret area in the first tree in the second area, the entrance is across the poison on the right side of the tree.
HP-Up Heart 10In Leaflitter Path, Nearby the Comet Piece after the Poison is gone.
HP-Up Heart 11In Stump Glade, Beat Snifit or Whiffit again after getting the Royal Sticker and removing the Poison
HP-Up Heart 12At Ice Flow, on a ledge at the second ice path.
HP-Up Heart 13In the Enigmansion, after completing Whitevaley Lift, go back to the Enigmansion and go to the living room. The Lift Operator is the master again and the old master you helped is a butler again. Sit in the chair and the butler comes in, serves you and gives you the HP-Up Heart.
HP-Up Heart 14In Shy Guy Jungle, When going after the Spear Guy that ran off with the scrap to the right, go behind the first giant flower and head right, enter the Hidden area to find the HP-Up Heart.
HP-Up Heart 15In Rumble Volcano, It is nearby where Petey Piranha is sleeping.
HP-Up Heart 16In Decalburg. After saving the traveling Toad in all five Worlds, Read the last postcard in his house and his friend will give you the HP-Up Heart.
Luigi Locations
Find and peel Luigi off the background in the following levels by Paperizing. Peeling him off all 5 locations will make him appear in the credits sequence, plus unlock funny newspaper articles which can be read in the leftmost house in Decalburg's Residential Area.
UnlockableHow to unlock
World 1-6Check background while on bridge leading to central tower
World 2-5In window on far right of second outdoor walkway on fourth floor of tower
World 3-12On rock formation sticking out of ocean, in background visible from pier.
World 4-5Near end of chairlift after enemies stop spawning; must be done quickly
World 5-5In background left of hot springs
Super Flag Achievements
Meet the following requirements to earn Super Flag Achievements. You can check your progress for each after completing World 1-6 and getting the first Royal Sticker, which makes the eight Super Flags appear in the Sticker Fest area of Decalburg.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Super Flag AchievementFind all HP-Up Hearts
Super Flag AchievementCollect every sticker type
Super Flag AchievementUncover all secret doors
Super Flag AchievementCollect all Comet Pieces
Super Flag AchievementSpend 10,000+ Coins at shops
Super Flag AchievementGet Perfect Bonus in 500+ battles
Super Flag AchievementPerform 1,000+ "Excellent" Action Commands in battle
Super Flag AchievementMatch all three symbols in Battle Spinner Slots at least 50 times
Unlockable Museum Exhibition Rooms
Collect the following stickers to unlock new rooms in the Museum Exhibition.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Enemy Exhibition Room96 Battle Stickers
Music Exhibition Room64 Thing Stickers
Wiggler Diary Entries
As you explore World 3, Wiggler will lose all 4 of his body segments (eww). To gain access to the boss, you must find all 4 segments and bring them back to Wiggler. After finding a segment, it will follow you throughout World 3 until you return it Wiggler. However, bringing a segment to a specific location beforehand will cause it to write a page in Wiggler's Diary. Bring each segment to one of the following locations if you want to read them all! It doesn't matter which order you do them in, but each segment will only contribute one entry. Also be warned that you will miss your chance to read these entries if you return the segments to Wiggler before letting them visit one of these areas!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Surfshine HarborAutomatically acquired
World 3-6Let a segment follow you to the overlook to the left of the shop
World 3-8Let a segment follow you to the poisoned hot springs
World 3-2Let a segment follow you to the dandelion found in an area before the Comet Piece; walk through it to make the dandelion puffs scatter
World 3-10Replay game show while the segment watches (skipping bonus round is fine)


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Help with Yoshi Sphinx
I got stuck at the Yoshi Sphinx map a little while ago and in case anyone is having trouble getting to the Comet Piece here is a nice tip.

When you are in the large room inside the Sphinx (the one with the Pokey) check behind the pillars until you find a secret door. After this you should be on your merry way.
How to melt the snow cone.
If you find yourself wondering how to melt the snowcone in the first level of the Winter World use a Fire Flower.
The way past the bridge at Goomba Forttress
When you come across the area at Goomba Fortress where you can't cross the bridge because of the wind, go into paperize mode. You will be able to stick any sticker over the vents to pass.

Easter eggs

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Hidden Health Heart at Surfshine Harbor and Vacuum thing
After you enter Surfshine Harbor check the outside of the third building to the right of the screen. You will notice the door is on it's side and you can't enter. Go into paperize mode and you will be able to remove the door. Go into paperize mode again and stick the door back on and you will be able to enter. After you enter explore and you will find a vacuum item, and a health heart that adds five hit points to your health on the second floor.
Hidden Health Heart at Yoshi Sphinx
While at the Yoshi Sphinx map progress through the level until you reach the comet piece at the top of the sphinx. Next head to the top of the screen while on the sphinx, you will fall to a platform below with a Health Heart on it. Collect the heart to increase your max health by five.

Note: It is very important to stay on the purple mat while walking off the sphinx. Also to get an idea of where the heart is walk all around to the far side of the sphinx after you start the level. You will see the heart floating on the platform out of reach.
I-Up Sticker at Drybake Desert
While playing the Drybake Desert map progress through until you come to the big sand waterfall with all of the Pokeys to avoid. Progress up until you see a relatively small island with one single Spiky Pokey on it. Head here and investigate the rocks that look like the back of the screen (just the brown small ones on the island), and you should find a secret entrance. After going inside you will be in a secret area with coins and a ? Block. Hit the block to get the 1-UP sticker.

Note: The entrance is to the right so go right up against the rocks and head right along them.
Make secret ? Blocks appear
Sometimes after you make a circle of flowers pop up go into paperize mode. After this you can stick any sticker you wan't on the blank square to get a different sticker.
Secret Shiny Fire Flower Sticker
As soon as you enter the area Bouquet Gardens with all the wind, head behind the longest line of bushes to the left of the screen. You will enter a secret area with a Shiny Fire Flower for the taking.