3DS Hardware Cheats

3DS Hardware cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, and Codes for 3DS.

3DS Hardware Glitches

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PLAY COINS glitch!
if you go on system settings and go on current time put 23:59 and in 1 min you can walk another 1000 steps or just add a day forward and you can walk another 1000 steps this work with other time operated games WARNING : BEWARE THIS WILL MESS UP ACTIVITY LOG
Submitted by: ultimateyoshi1up on June 22, 2012
Unlimited Play Coins
Go to System Settings, then Other Settings, then Date & Time, then Date, and then change the date to 1 day ahead. Then go back to the Home Menu.
Submitted by: anonymous on February 13, 2012

3DS Hardware Easter eggs

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Hidden Game & Watch Mini-Game.
Open any file on 3DS Sound and scroll through the visualizers until the game appears.
Hit a soccer ball to earn points! This also records your top score.
Submitted by: ims2golfer on December 12, 2011
Internet Helper
If you gently blow into the microphone while hovering over the System Settings icon, you will be able to see the little Internet Settings Helper on the back of the icon as it spins.
Submitted by: Heibai on January 23, 2012
Speed Up Time (Streetpass Mii Plaza)
Simply hold R and the Streetpass games will go twice as fast!
Submitted by: NESRules on October 06, 2011
Spinning Icons
If you blow into the microphone, The icons on the home menu will spin faster depending on the force of your blowing.
Submitted by: NESRules on October 06, 2011