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Liberation Maiden (3DS) Cheats

Liberation Maiden cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for 3DS.


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Unlockable Gallery Honors
UnlockableHow to unlock
Honor 01Make preparations for war
Honor 02Maneuvered in strafing mode
Honor 03Reached edge of combat zone
Honor 04Attack with Liberator's blade
Honor 05Completed a Sub Mission
Honor 06Used all attack variations
Honor 07Clear Stage 1
Honor 08Clear Stage 2
Honor 09Clear Stage 3
Honor 10Clear Stage 4
Honor 11Clear Stage 5
Honor 12Destroy 300 tanks
Honor 13Destroy 50 battleships
Honor 14Destroy 50 cannons
Honor 15Destroy 30 submaries
Honor 16Destroy 100 walkers
Honor 17Destroy 50 supply trains
Honor 18Played a total of two hours
Honor 19Played a total of four hours
Honor 20Completed over 50 chains
Honor 21100% Purification in Stage 1
Honor 22100% Purification in Stage 2
Honor 23100% Purification in Stage 3
Honor 24100% Purification in Stage 4
Honor 25Complete over 100 chains
Honor 26Clear a stage without taking damage.
Honor 27Played Normal Mode 10+ times
Honor 28Played Hard Mode 10+ times
Honor 29Clear Stage 1 in Story Mode
Honor 30Obtain 100% Approval Rating


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Stage Attack Mode
Complete stages in Story Mode to unlock Stage Attack for that stage. Each stage has three versions to unlock, one for each of the three difficulty levels you can choose in Story Mode.