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Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Cheats

Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for 3DS.


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Game Mode
The hardest difficulty setting.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Citical ModeComplete one other Game Mode.
Secret Ending
To obtain the secret ending you need certain amounts of trophies and to have answered some questions.

During the epilogue you will be asked the three questions. The "correct" answers are:
1) "Losing something that's important."
2) "My close friends."
3) "To recover something important."
UnlockableHow to unlock
Beginner ModeClear the game + Obtain 13 or more trophies + Answer the 3 questions correctly
Standard ModeClear the game + Obtain 7 or more trophies + Answer the 3 questions correctly
Proud ModeClear the game + Obtain 5 or more trophies + Answer the 3 questions correctly
Critictal ModeClear the game
Unlockable Keyblades
A list of the available Keyblades and how to unlock them for Sora and Riku.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Skull NoiseComplete the first half of Traverse Town's story
Guardian BellComplete La Cite des Cloches
Ferris GearSora only. Complete Sora's Prankster's Paradise
Ocean's RageRiku only. Complete Riku's Prankster's Paradise
Dual DiskComplete The Grid
Knockout PunchComplete the second half of Traverse Town's story
All for OneComplete Country of the Musketeers
CounterpointComplete Symphony of Sorcery
Sweet DreamsComplete all Flick Rush Tournaments. If already done with one character, complete the final round of the last Flick Rush Tournament with the other character to unlock it for him
DivewingGet A Rank on all Diving courses for the character you want to unlock it for
Ultima WeaponDefeat Julius in the Fountain Plaza in Traverse Town after beating the game
UnboundComplete all Secret Portals. Secret Portals are unlocked after the you beat the game
End of PainComplete all Special Portals


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Alternate Ending
In order to unlock the Alternate Ending, you need to play through the game in either Standard or Proud mode, and get at least 7 trophies in Standard or 5 trophies in Proud mode.
Critical Mode
Critical Mode is a mode you can play on that is a step harder than Proud Mode. This mode can be unlocked by beating the game on every other difficulty setting.
Soft Reset
Press the L button, R button, START, and SELECT buttons together to perform a Soft Reset, returning the game to the Start menu. Pause and Soft Reset are disabled during certain scenes.

The 'Soft Reset' appears in most of the Kingdom Hearts games all the way back to the first game when it was made by SquareSoft, which is where the name probably comes from.
Unlock all AR card dream eaters with out AR cards
You can unlock all the dream earters that are only on AR cards. Just find the AR card online and hold your 3DS up your computer screen so the whole AR card art is on the screen. Then just wait and it should work. I have done this a few times already so I know it works. Just make sure that the AR card is for your region.

Easter eggs

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Hidden Glossary Message
After completing the game and viewing the credits, Sora will go into drop mode and "drop" through the credits; during this, certain letters will glow a yellow/gold. Pick up these letters to spell out message. You should see "Secret Message Unlocked", and an extra entry should appear in your glossary.
The Cat Wall
The Cat Wall from Shibuya in TWEWY has moved to Traverse Town. It can be found in Fountain Plaza.