Fire Emblem: Awakening Cheats

Fire Emblem: Awakening cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for 3DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Fire Emblem: Awakening cheat codes.


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Renown Rewards
Earn Renown by completing a set number of battles from non-DLC missions (10 for Story/Skirmish, 50 for Spotpass/Streetpass, and varying for Double Duel). You can earn the following rewards depending on the amount of Renown you have. Note that while you can only obtain each reward once per playthrough, the Renown itself is never redeemed so you can carry them over to subsequent playthroughs, allowing you to accrue even more.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Glass Sword50 Renown
Second Seal100 Renown
Orsin's Hatchet150 Renown
Seed of Trust210 Renown
Levin Sword270 Renown
Energy Drop330 Renown
Beast Killer400 Renown
Spirit Dust470 Renown
Celica's Gale550 Renown
Secret Book630 Renown
Longbow720 Renown
Ephraim's Lnce810 Renown
Goddess Icon900 Renown
Bullion (L)1000 Renown
Speedwing1200 Renown
Leif's Blade1500 Renown
Bolt Axe1800 Renown
Seraph Robe2200 Renown
Innes's Bow2600 Renown
Mercurius3000 Renown
Dracoshield3500 Renown
Noble Rapier4000 Renown
Tiki's Tear4500 Renown
Parthia5000 Renown
Sigurd's Lance5750 Renown
Talisman6500 Renown
Hector's Axe7250 Renown
Alm's Blade8000 Renown
Micaiah's Pyre9000 Renown
Gradivus10000 Renown
Naga's Tear30000 Renown
Boots50000 Renown
Supreme Emblem99999 Renown
Unlockable Characters
This is a list of characters obtainable through normal gameplay. Not including DLC or Spotpass or Streetpass.
UnlockableHow to unlock
ChromAvailable from beginning.
LissaAvaialble from beginning.
FrederickAvailable from beginning.
SullyObtained by plot
VirionObtained by plot
StahlObtained by plot
VaikeObtained by plot
MirielObtained by plot
SumiaObtained by plot
KellamTalk to him with Chrom, in chapter 3
Lon'quObtained by plot
RickenObtained by plot
MaribelleObtained by plot
PanneObtained by plot
GaiusTalk to him with Chrom in Chapter 6
CordellaObtained by plot
GregorObtained by plot
NowiObtained by plot
LibraTalk to him with Chrom in Chapter 9
TharjaTalk to her with Chrom in Chapter 9
AnnaTalk to her with Chrom in Paralogue 4
OliviaObtained by plot
ChercheObtained by plot
HenryObtained by plot
Say'riObtained by plot
TikiComplete Paralogue 17
Basilio Obtained by plotundefined
Flavia Obtained by plotundefined
ChildrenChildren characters can be recruited when certain females marry.
LucinaObtained by plot
OwainLissa must get married, and talk to him with Chrom or Lissa in Paralogue 5.
InigoOlivia must get married, and talk to him with Chrom or Olivia in Paralogue 6.
BradyMaribelle must get married, and talk to him with Chrom or Maribelle in Paralogue 7.
KjelleSully must get married, and talk to her with Chrom or Sully in Paralogue 8.
CynthiaSumia must get married, and talk to her with Chrom or Sumia in Paralogue 9.
SeveraCoredelia must get married, and talk to her with Chrom or Cordelia in Paralogue 10.
GeromeCherche must get married, and talk to him with Chrom or Cherche in Paralogue 11.
Morgan (m)Have a Female Avatar and must get married, and talk to him with Chrom or yourself in Paralogue 12.
Morgan (f)Have a Male Avatar and must get married, and talk to her with Chrom or your character in Paralogue 12.
YarnePanne must get married, and talk to him with Chrom or Panne in Paralogue 13
LaurentMiriel must get married, and talk to him with Chrom or Miriel in Paralogue 14
NoireTharja must get married, and talk to her with Chrom or Tharja in Paralogue 15
NahNowi must get married, and talk to her with Chrom or Nowi in Paralogue 16.
Gangreltalk to him 3 times with avatar in the sea-king bonus paralouge
WalhartBeat him with Chrom in one of the bonus paralouges
Emmeryntalk to her and then protect her in one of the bonus paralouges
Yen`fayTalk to him with his sister or Chrom in one of the bonus paralouges
AversaJoins you in one of the bonus paralouges unless she dies


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Additional Extra Menu Options
Complete all the game's story missions on any difficulty level to unlock new options under the Extra menu, accessible from the title screen: Support Log, Theatre mode, Unit Gallery and Sound Test.
Golden Gaffe Strategy (Low Level)
If you've played the DLC (purchasable single for like $2.50, or part of a pack for like $5.00), you see all the gold that all those Risen carry, but the powerful ones carry around 5-7k. Unfortunately, they are capable of annihilating your group, especially if you're near the beginning of the game. However, I have devised a strategy for this situation. I use it myself, and on the start of a new game when the Outrealm Gate unlocks, I've amassed over half a mil in gold for upgrades and purchases.

<span class="wikilists">
  • Please note: If you are far enough in the game that you are destroying the other DLC episodes, or able to defeat the powerful teams that are available via StreetPass/SpotPass, this guide isn't that useful, but it does have tips. This assumes that you are not that high-level, and assumes that you are playing on Classic, where you lose people permanently if they die.***
</span><!-- wikilists -->

1) Purchase the DLC.
2) Prepare your Golden Gaffe starter team. The Avatar, Chrom, Frederick, and a few others who are decently levelled (8-10+ in base, even better if reclassed) work well.
3) Run through Golden Gaffe several times (I did this 6), only killing the ones worth 1k, or 3k. If you are lucky, kill one or so of the ones carrying 5k, if you can manage it without losing characters.
4) When you have enough, you want to start off by summoning the team from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War G1 or G2.

If you choose G1, you want to summon the team of Arvis.
If you choose G2, you want to summon the team of Julius.

Recruit the leader from the team you summoned. On my game, Arvis costs 41,800 Gold, and Julius costs 39,400 gold. Expensive, but these two sorcerers can make this task a lot easier.

5) After you've recruited one of them, go back to the Outrealm Gate, and run through the Golden Gaffe mission again. This time, make sure you take Arvis/Julius. Try to have a good Dark magic tome to equip them with. (Waste is a good choice, as both of them can attack 4 times, depending on the enemy). Use them to take out the enemies carrying 7k. If you're lucky to position properly, you can take out most of, if not all the ones carrying the big amounts before they escape.

6) When you have enough, recruit the other one you didn't take the first time. Now, you just use your team to beat down the Risen, and take their gold.

7) As you do this, and amass gold, you can add others to the team. The team I'm about to list is all SpotPass team people.
At the height of my efforts, I had a team of: King Marth, Prince Marth, Avatar, Chrom, Arvis, Julius, Seliph, Sigurd. This team allowed me to kill every one of the Risen by turn 3 or 4.

8) Wash, rinse, repeat, and cash the check. You now have enough gold to do whatever you want.

Question 1: Why did you choose the sorcerers?
Answer 1: They have the best range, and make the best use of their tomes without requiring use of more money to improve weapons or purchase others. They also tend to kill the enemies in one to two shots.

Question 2: The people you suggest are too expensive!
Answer 2: Not a question, but I'll answer it. Expensive, yes. However, proper use and equipping will make this a quick event.

Question 3: The game is boring now that I don't have to worry about money!
Answer 3: Again, not a question, but here's your answer: DON'T USE IT! Do it the old fashioned way.

Hope this tip helps.
Lunatic+ Mode.
Successfully complete Lunatic mode to unlock Lunatic+ mode.
Smart Supports
We all know that support between characters strengthens them, however there are efficient ways of grouping your characters. Whenever characters have support conversations, you get various stat increases based on which stats the supporting character excels in. For this reason it's smart to support slow characters with fast characters, mages with mages, slow characters with fast characters, etc to get the most out of your supports.
Tips on upgrading characters quickly
If you are having trouble upgrading the huge selection of characters in this game then these are the tips for you!

*Use reeking boxes.

Even though the DLC maps are an alright place to upgrade your characters, you might wan't to stay away from this, because even though it's effective, it's also very time consuming. I found the best way to upgrade your characters quickly is to buy about ten Reeking Boxes and place them in order from the first level onward.

After you do this, bring just the one character of interest to the maps and have him or her kill everything each map. Ensure you turn the battle sequences off and skip the enemy actions to make things go quickly.

If you are having trouble affording Reeking Boxes simply download the Golden Gaffe map. Doing this will allow you to make all the money you need to have success.

*Use the Champions of Yore 1 map for upgrading very weak characters.

If you are having trouble upgrading really weak characters (this can happen on harder modes) after chapter five then this is the map you want. There are few enemies plus you have support from allied units, I also bring a healer to help out the weak unit.

*Always pair up the unit you are upgrading.

Pairing up the unit you are upgrading through all the maps can also allow you to build support relationships with several characters very quickly.
Unlimited Weapons.
The DLC maps hold towns that never close up. Enter the Champions of Yore maps and visit the towns all you want for unlimited items.